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  2. Well, Battle Engine integrated and Done would be pretty triumphant. Recorded!
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  4. Legate got a raise. As a patriotic american captain, I would choose #3, natürlich. However, luckily I'm far from such a delirious state of mind. So I choose Option #1, because I like the money in my fleet to stay in my fleet. And as a German I can think of a lot of nice places money is kept warm and safe. How about a Dutch Pancake, with Swiss cheese and a double Liechtensteiner Luxemburg Sandwich? Naming loopholes is nearly as much fun as finding them. And if that doesn't help I'll convert my money into Sloty, which will make the IRS think I spend it all on a certain kind of women, but I don't care what they think. I care about the Money in Germoney. And can that Béarn bit please, please, please result in an eternal grudge against Belfast ingame, of which Belfast has no idea where it's coming from?
  5. Well your list brings up some interesting questions: A: How deep is the Potomac-River in Washington D.C.? And which state parliaments are near a reachable body of water? B: Can a Walküre ask for "retirement"? I think at a time of need, like now, not. But generally speaking. Gut dass wir uns um so etwas keine Gedanken machen müssen.....
  6. In the United States at least, I can answer that from a nuts and bolts real world perspective. Might be different in the lore due to author fiat, but past you know, the entire premise, history hasn't changed all that much in the VB timeline. As I understand it Belles basically got hammered out into comparable legal status to commissioned naval officers in the United States Navy. This is important for a variety of reasons including giving them prisoner of war status in the event of capture by a foreign terrestrial power and placing them in the chain of command aboard themselves, and thus able to give lawful orders. The Articles of War and Articles of Governance of the Navy, what would eventually become the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), along with Federal law and War Department/Department of Defense directives restrict the political activities of commissioned officers and enlisted men of the United States Armed Forces, especially as a member of the active component of the military. (There's a little more stretch for National Guard and Reservists). So if the Belles are citizens they could indeed run for office provided that... A. They can actually get to their appointed place of duty, be it a state seat of government or the US Congress building in Washington D.C. B. They have been either struck from the Naval List and decommissioned or possibly transferred to the Naval Reserve. C. They have the explicit permission of the Secretary of War.
  7. Triumphant reveal eh? That sounds promising.
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  9. Also don't forget that the last battles against the dragons all happened at the wall so the people see no reason to protect their homes from the dragons.
  10. Commoners does not mean poor just not noble or clergy for one. Second not a lot of civilian in these times could afford the leisure of preparing for a dragon invasion let alone afford the means of stocking a huge amount of unperishable food and/or weaponry so the point is moot anyway. As for where to preserve it a mill or a barn seems like your best bet. Isolated and relatively protective of humidity. For availablity I thought it was not that rare in Staade and got more difficult the further you are from it. So depends where you are I guess. In any case what dyrhet said. Preparing against Dragon's invasion is akin to preparing again Alien's invasion, chances are whatever you do is kinda useless unless you are some kind of magician prodigy. (ergo not 99.99 % of the Elumnian population)
  11. In fairness, how practical are modern preppers either, really? What the heck good would their 10,000 cans of beans and 6 assault rifles do in an actual nuclear war situation. Prepping doesn't have any actual realistic purpose or use, it's just to make people feel better.
  12. A wagon load of food to keep the dragon from eating you ^^
  13. Would commoners have access to bulk amounts of that stuff? I mean it is pretty much the cutting edge of military tech, other than a mage army anyway, so I imagine it'd be too expensive if nothing else...
  14. I can't imagine old black powder holding up too well in the conditions people would bulk store it in. I suppose magic can solve that, but we're talking commoners here.
  15. Gunpowders ? Barrels of them ?
  16. What kind of weapon supply would even be useful for a Dragon invasion? Tthe kind a civilian could reasonably keep several crates worth in their basement "just in case", I mean?
  17. After all, all those supplies and weapons can be used to fuel an insurrection. To be fair, mild prepping for an individual for a couple weapons and maybe a month's worth of food could probably be obtained easily enough as long as you kept your head down..
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  19. Got'em all! v_L; It was held as usual on Wednesday, but they're waiting on a few algorithm streamlines before the triumphant reveal. If that takes a longer time, I think they'll publish the status.
  20. Rhi; Yes, and usually it is illegal by local law.
  21. #3 please Let’s try to avoid unnecessary run ins with IRS. For the captain’s sake.
  22. For an uber player char it could be an interesting early end that (s)he become the new Legate even before finishing all 5 years. (I.e. because the current Legate died protecting the Academagia and the player is the important "chess piece" that saved the day)
  23. @Legate of Mineta: Are there or were there ever people who, in a way analogous to contemporary terrestrial "doomsday preppers" constantly strive to prepare for a draconic invasion? Would such activity be legal in the Empire of Man, or would it be seen as a pretext for rebellious elements to gather?
  24. Lore question if United States government has decided that they’re close enough to American citizens that any money they make can be taxed. Can they run for public office i.e. could we have congresswoman or senator Boise.
  25. Lore question if United States government has decided that they’re close enough to American citizens that any money they make can be taxed. Can they run for public office i.e. could we have congresswoman or senator Boise. If anyone wants to make fanart of the us belles on the campaign trail that would be awosome
  26. Nice, I do hope VB gets more interest.
  27. @David J i have uploaded the water marked version to facebook 22hours ago and as of now its Reached 2,138 People I've also put into the azur lane english facebook group hopefully that will drum up more intrest in VB
  28. Lore question if United States government has decided that they’re close enough to American citizens that any money they make can be taxed. Can they run for public office i.e. could we have congresswoman or senator Boise
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