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  3. @Legate of Mineta: Can any details about that be shared?
  4. Perfect couple, tapping into both the illoyalities of each other. It was nice knowing them. But in honesty, while we have seen dodge Belfast the religious bullet once or twice, I think you imperialist capitalists should cut P-K some slack on her allegiance and attitude. Hers is one of the most tragic fates I know of any Belle. And when I really think about it.... naming her P-K is.... actually a subtly back firing name change....
  5. Rhi; No, although the Team has said two things: 1) Search 2) More interactive maps That's what they've made public, anyway.
  6. @Legate of Mineta: Can you people reveal what changes/improvements to the GUI have been made for Y2?
  7. Big Dreams of the Small Familiar, stage 3: Just for the record I haven't actually finished the back half of this adventure yet, at least to the extent that I usually do before I start posting stages, so if updates suddenly stop showing up chances are it's because I'm working on it. And yes, those latter stages at barren indeed. Lots of work to do...
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  9. calqueraas

    KS Update 204

    STILL NO INTERVIEW To be fair though, the read was quite chilling...
  10. True. And even if not it's not like the adventure doesn't have a pretty clear hint of it's own, anyway.
  11. Well, the team can give a new name to it if they accept it.
  12. Big Dreams of the Small Familiar, stage 2: I've only just now realized that the adventure title might give away what Astrid is a little bit, huh? Whoops...
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  14. @Legate of Mineta: Would students at the Academagia get in trouble if, in efforts to locate secret practitioners of gates magic for exposure, they were to pretend to be interested in gates magic in an effort to lure suspected aspiring gates mages into the open?
  15. The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante has been released.
  16. Posting this here now in the hopes that it will maybe, possibly, potentially, probably not convince me to actually finish it. Big Dreams of the Small Familiar, stage 0: And Stage 1: This is one of those ideas that ended up picking up speed here and there until it shot off the rails and started flying off into the sunset. So...basically like all the others, really.
  17. Since I basically settled for bi-weekly updates, let's give you a treat regarding Parishkaya Kommunas team:
  18. Generally, yes, they would be in trouble. "If Honors wrote a story like that, passed it around the Durand dorm, and didn't dwell in great depth on actual Gates practice... "Oh, Reynaldo! I shall summon a spirit to see thee safe, though it be my end!" ... it would be pretty much fine. Briardi might feel obligated to confiscate it, but Honors wouldn't be in trouble and Briardi might even share it with Sido and Orso when nobody was looking. If Girars (as an example of a kid with a more fractious relationship with authority figures) wrote the same story and Professor Storey got a hold of it, Girars might be stuck "volunteering" to clean a local temple for a few weeks. Not so much because he was seen as a threat as because Storey would fear that if he did something like that in the outside world, he could end up in real trouble. Which brings us to worse-case scenarios: if an Academy student tried to sell a story outside the school that seemed to be justifying Gates use, the Guard might well be called in. And if a student tried to sell a story outside the school that not only seemed to be justifying Gates use but which also seemed to demonstrate real knowledge of Gates practices and phemes (even if it was just convincingly invented from scratch), the Guards, at the very least, would be involved- and probably more than that. It would certainly raise questions about how a Student might have learned such things..."
  19. @Legate of Mineta: If a student at the Academagia were to be known to have written a work whose tragic twist would be that a sympathetic and otherwise virtuous character, in order to avert friends' deaths, had engaged in Gates Magic in a successful effort to save friends, would such a student get in trouble?
  20. @Legate of Mineta: I just thought that you should know that in my writing about Uliva, I have been guided by the thought that she engages in behaviour which would not be out of place for an evil or creepy character - but for completely innocent (even cute) reasons. Is this a good approach to writing her?
  21. @Legate of Mineta: Do any teachers or other staff ever consult with the quiet girl about students whom they want to know about?
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  23. @Legate of Mineta: As I write more content for Y2 which reflects a PC with the trait "Prodigy: On the Prowl", I wonder whether Y2, like Y1, will have adventure(s) which require the trait "Prodigy: On the Prowl".
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