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  2. Will we see more about the "ego" of the Venalicium and probably some other parts of Academagia in year 2?
  3. when I asked "Is there a public count how many Library are at the Academagia grounds? And if so how many of them can be visited with the right donation?" I got this nice answer: There was also a lot about the Venalicium in the recent answers that I also should save over here:
  4. Wow, it has been quite some time since I've touched this, but I do suppose reworking her into something of a crusading lawyer type would make more sense, even if I know that suggestions are probably being put on hold for the game and all that. And rather than being a direct Alesfan immigrant or ambassador of Alesfa, it might make more sense, if Simone were to remain of Alesfan descent, that her family has simply immigrated to Mineta two or three generations prior, leaving her primarily Minetan in terms of cultural upbringing. But who knows! Alternatively, she can be something of a fair-weather activist: energetic and highly passionate about a given cause...although she changes causes every other week. Her concerns range from the frustratingly broad to the strangely specific, but the one constant is her dedication. And her flightiness. To go with that, her upbringing in that character route would likely being her being the descendants of Alesfan artists/pilgrims who came to Mineta in search of divine inspiration, and as such stand at odds with Simone's activism. Even if that activism is ineffectual at best, and actively distracting at worst.
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  6. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Can I write that Pelia wanted a job in Morvidus's library but was prohibited due to her Y1 efforts to steal a book about dangerous and poorly understood magic? 2. Are there plans for the PC to be able to work in a library in order to earn money and skills?
  7. Wow I just asked for numbers and you actual gave me a big list of names (and it even included the library I have added). I really hope we will see some of the mentioned library that are not in the game so far in year 2 then.
  8. The reply. "Okay, known to the wider public and fairly easily available to the public by donation, appointment, or institutional whim: The Venalicium (with previously discussed limitations) The Academy Infirmary Library The Calomantia Gymnasium Library (such as it is) The Menagerie Library Collection (aka Professor Pachait's Reading Room) The Dimmae Theatre Collection The Spavia Theatre Collection The Library of Illusions (if you can find your way) The Library of Matilda (Morvidus's botanical and alchemical library) The Library of Orthographical Curiosity & Insight (technically an Aranaz library, though von Rupprecht scorns it) The Library of the Mantle of Stars (the most famous Avila collection) Known to the wider public but harder to access: The Fairwell Collection (Hedi's private archive, including the donated papers of a great many famous alumni) The Grand Alchemical Library (Godina's old crown jewel, sealed off to the student body when finances wouldn't permit round-the-clock staffing; with donations, visitors can come and be served by upperclassmen) The Sestani Archive (Aranaz's historical collection) The Silent Library (Durand's collection, secured against pirate attack) The Vernin College Library New Collection (scheduled to open in the near future, when its tower is complete) Forgotten by the wider public, but available by donation or appointment: The Library of Longshade The Library of Mantele Known to the wider public and totally inaccessible: The Legate's Library This list isn't definitive. There are things that are both forgotten and forbidden. But it's a fairly good start. As for senior librarians of magical libraries: there isn't a fixed rule. Some institutions prefer to hire trained librarians who don't have the skills to make use of the collections for their own purposes; others see magical training as a necessity. Regardless, the standard practice is almost invariably to hire someone personally recommended by library trustees, library patrons, or - in the case of the Venalicium - by the library itself. Given the nature of the job, character is almost seen as the most important quality in a major appointment."
  9. Is there a public count how many Library are at the Academagia grounds? And if so how many of them can be visited with the right donation? Edit: Is librarian at a library for books about magic a job exclusive for people that know magic and if so what level of education is needed?
  10. Schwarzbart; Phew, that's a hard question to answer- I don't know that I have access to a total. But the Academagia team is small, and not 100% dedicated, so it's a few each week.
  11. Around how many man hours did BCS manage to put into the code part in the last 5 years?
  12. Has any major progress been made in coding within the past three months?
  13. It looks similar because I believe that they made your character another "Chosen One". After all what do you call someone who has a unique ability that can help solve the current issue which coincidentally matches your ability. Regardless I hope that its actually decent. I would be very happy if they made it that the four houses has unique friends that are locked if you are not part of them and that they appear as antagonists if you weren't during the school days. I doubt that though.
  14. I did editing to Sima's Gift - replacing "gates' mages downfalls" with "gates mages' downfalls".
  15. David J

    KS Update 187

    I am also voting Aoba next
  16. @Legate of Mineta: I have removed from my adventure "Zoe Melis and Eliana Carosi" the second use of the memory "Roxan Captured". I hope that the Team will do likewise.
  17. So, in 2001 was published a book named "Secret in the Stones" (Tales of the Nine Charms #2) by Erica Farber and John R. Sansevere with a character named Zoe. Their Zoe was approximately the same age as Zoe Melis, also sought to be popular and wealthy, and found herself in a place where much magic was practised and many people were richer, more powerful, and more beautiful than she was. The two Zoes were both willing to ignore social norm associated with virtue in order to get ahead in life. Their Zoe was also evil, working with evil beings in order to get what she wanted, interested in jewels, and willing to use mind-control in order to help her evil allies (these later three traits I associate with Zoe Melis's fellow Hedi student Sima Venesico). I am aware that "Secret in the Stones" is a very obscure book, and I would be not surprized if I were to learn that Black Chicken Studios has never heard of it. But I find the similarities to be inspiring and depressing. Inspiring because they have encouraged me to write Zoe Melis in a slightly darker, amoral light - as a character whose story could, in theory, lead her to making the sorts of deals which Zoe in "Secret in the Stones" made. I do not write Zoe Melis's lack of interest in serving gods as a manifestation of this amorality, though. Depressing because "Secret in the Stones" came out in 2001 and ended with a cliff-hanger ending, and the series has yet to be completed - nor will it be, apparently. So, I hope that Academagia will not be similarly unfinished.
  18. Well known? No. But I think she's saying it more for fun. "Quality of Life"...well, I still can't get my auto-repair. But I understand why.
  19. Hmm... is the concept of radioactivity already that well known in 1939? Or is it, because they actually are radioactive?? And Wichita slowly gets on Mahan levels in what she has to endure. Btw, I like Calamares frito if anyone asks. I appreciate base investments and quality of life will be issues in the game.
  20. lazarusdw

    KS Update 187

    if that's the case i'd like to see Aoba please
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