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  2. "As far as the professors are concerned, Uliva's... well, eccentric, certainly, but not unusually so for a young Morvidus student. Sure, Regent Storey has given her a few lectures about the dangers of obsessive behavior over the course of Y1, but there hasn't been a lot of worry behind them; as far as he's concerned, having a passion that keeps you from being as disruptive as Philippe - or even Girars - isn't the worst thing in the world. But, obviously, a lot can change in later years if habits continue to intensify. It should also be said that Storey and company know about Uliva's [Redacted] background."
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  4. @Legate of Mineta: Due to certain fictional and allegedly real stories, it is easy for readers/players from Earth to understand Uliva as creepy and a budding Dark Lady type of mage (not that I understand her in this way. She is, I think, one of the kindest characters in the game - but only to serpents). Are such sentiments surrounding her at any level in the Academagia? Are there plans to give to her a stern warning about proper studies for her?
  5. @Legate of Mineta: Are any of the story arcs for any characters involving the possibility of either encouraging or discouraging characters from becoming evil?
  6. Schwarzbart; It's compiled, but the mod tool is what you use to look into it; so you'd be able to see the Y2 data if we released that tool early. Likely, it will come a few months after Y2 launches. Or so I would assume.
  7. ohh so the game use a uncompiled db? I found it actual a good idea to have to "compile" the db before it can use in the game not to bad although it took quite the time to do so. By going with a different db format between edit and use for the game one can use one optimized for edit and search while the other for fast execution and reduced space use.
  8. Schwarzbart; Well, the DB comes with the game, so you couldn't release the tool and not be able to view the content, alas.
  9. you can just withhold the DB and release the tool with the game it self if it is just about Year 2 spoiler. This way projects for y1 could be worked on again earlier.
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  11. M; Yep, we'll give it a few months and then release, so you can have the joy of discovery.
  12. Released separately, yes, I believe at least some amount of time after Y2's release?
  13. All the more reason for Y2 to be released. Will Y2's tools be sold separately?
  14. Metis; Y2 Tools, but nonetheless, it's a difficult problem given the volume.
  15. With what tools, though? The current mod tools can't open any DLCs past DLC 15, and can't change certain text fields unless ran on Windows XP besides.
  16. Fans are certainly more than able to translate, but we're unlikely to commission any translation due to the sheer volume of the writing.
  17. I'm interested in localizing the game into Italian, can we talk via email? Here is my portfolio: https://www.upwork.com/fl/giovannicollu1995
  18. Draven001; Thanks! We appreciate that. We're not the type to go dark. We'll see this ship to port.
  19. Rhi; Alas, the answer has been returned as: [Redacted]
  20. I would like to say ive been following since day one, have not been the most active poster nor have i joined in on the discord, guess im more a lurker type when it comes to fourms. But I im looking forward to what becomes of this game. after all the issues that have come up over the years. I have backed some projects which have just gone dark and nothing has come of them, Im glad to see the interaction with the community management and the fans. kinda echo what is said above, happy to wait for the finished product, and happy to have at lest some feed back from BCS to keep me going.
  21. Is there an equivalent of Vikramshila or Nalanda - a school openly teaching magic dealing with other universes whose students are not insane?
  22. @Legate of Mineta: It would be very funny if a future installment (Y3 on) could have a romance option whom it would be revealed was actually a student at the Schohanwicht School. Speaking of the Schohanwicht School, I hope that it will not be revealed in the end to be as bad as the Scholomance - although I would not want to make it as virtuous as Vikramshila or Nalanda.
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  24. The link above no longer works and I find myself all alone against a street thug with no way to bring Thumper and Thurvik to bear. Any chance we could get a new link to this combat table so I can continue my quest to reclaim my ancestral home?
  25. Rhi; I can't comment, but the suggestion is to create a new character, or use an incoming 1st year.
  26. Rhi; The claims are non-specific...;)
  27. Many thanks for the prompt response. I will, I hope deal well with them. Will the Vernin student girl who cannot walk (whose name I wish I could remember) appear in Y2? I would like to write her into an adventure (but cannot remember her name) set at a hospital, but would not want to insert a character who has graduated.
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