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  2. The INPF 2 League now has 20 clubs and is full.
  3. Several of us are following this story with great interest- personally, I love the characterization of Derfflinger.
  4. @Legate of Mineta: Are there any plans for Y2 adventures or random events in which the PC has the option to betray major secrets gained from other students' adventures to the Triplets? I would think that Tabin would be very unnerved, for example, by Montague Ruffo's allegedly mysterious origins.
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  6. A Matter of Honor, stage 3: This stage, naturally, was brought to you by Google Translate.
  7. A Matter of Honor, stage 2: This stage is a bit awkward if the PC doesn't know about the Durand Prayer Grove, once again it's an actual ingame location: But I figured, it's Y2, the PC could have heard tell of some of these locations by now even if s/he doesn't know exactly where it is and all of that.
  8. Ships with clubs, but not on a table: Wait what? How did that happen? Well for one of two reasons: 1. I have overlooked a club or have no way of following its results. Tell me. 2. The club ranks below a national level. The moment a league level gets divided from "whole country" to "South Division/North Division" or something like that, the club is out. That's too low for my taste, standards and managing skills. That's the line I draw. 1. Surcouf - US Saint Malo Chosen for: First case of "associating a region with a namesake". Robert Surcouf was born and died in Saint Malo and reportedly called in whenever he could. They also built him a statue, so the love was/is mutual. Brief history until Sep. 1939: The club was founded in 1902. Founded on initiative of a former French player of the english Blackpool FC, so he could continue at home I suppose. They won their first Bretagne Cup in 1905, after the opponent refused to play extra time to decide the drawn match. They dominate the Bretagne league thereafter until 1914. The first World War brings football* in France to a stop. After the matches are resumed, USSM has lost its dominant role and enters professional, nationalised football in the first season of the Division 2 (2nd league) in 1933-34. They have it rough, achieve nothing and even have to fold from the competition. With the outbreak of hostilities in Sep 1939 all football activities are halted in France. Achievements until Sep 1939: Bretagne Champion 1905-1907 and 1910-1914. (8 titles) 2. Duca d'Aosta - Valle d'Aosta Calcio Chosen for: In case it isn't obvious, one is the Duke of the Aosta Valley (at least by name) and the other is the football* club of the Aosta Valley. It fits, ja? Brief history until Sep. 1939: The club was founded in 1997, so none. Achievements until Sep 1939: see above. 3. Киров - Dynamo Kirov Chosen for: Dynamo Kirov is the club of the city of Kirov after which the ship Kirov is named. Brief history until Sep. 1939: Dynamo Kirov was founded in 1923 as Dynamo Vyatka, since the city of Yatka was renamed to Kirov only in 1934. Dynamo Vyatka played only on amateur level, but Dynamo Kirov managed to play in the lowest professional level in 1937. Next season they were back to amateur level, where they remain in 1939. Achievements until Sep 1939: none
  9. Clubs of the INPF2 table: 1. Arizona - Phoenix Rising FC Chosen for: Well Arizona is a state, so I chose the highest playing soccer* club in the state. And that's PRFC. Brief history until Sep. 1939: It was founded in 2014, so none. Achievements until Sep 1939: see above. 2. 長門 - Renofa Yamaguchi FC Chosen for: 長門 (Nagato, the ship) was named after the old province of 長門国 (Nagato, the province). In modern day Japan, 長門国 (Nagato, the province) was erased and became a part of Yamaguchi prefecture. 長門市 (Nagato, the city) has no soccer* club I could reasonably find, so I went for the club of the prefecture capital the city is in today: Yamaguchi. Brief history until Sep. 1939: The roots of Renofa Yamaguchi FC actually date back to the "Yamaguchi-ken Sakkā Kyōindan" (teachers soccer club of Yamaguchi prefecture), but that one was founded in 1949. Ten years late. Achievements until Sep 1939: see above. 3. 加賀 - Zweigen Kanazawa Chosen for: The ship Kaga was named after the old province of Kaga. Today it is part of the Ishikawa prefecture. Both the modern prefecture and the old province had Kanazawa as capital since the Edo-era. And since Zweigen Kanazawa was the only soccer* club I could find in the area, it was settled. Brief history until Sep. 1939: Founded as Kanazawa Soccer Club in 1956, got its current name in 2004, so none. Achievements until Sep 1939: see above.
  10. Clubs of the INPF1 table: 1. Wichita - Sporting Kansas City Chosen for: Right of the bat a good example of "loose geographical association". I honestly tried to give most of the Walküren a club to make it interesting. Now we ALL know USS Wichita is named after Wichita, Kansas. And it has no own soccer* club in the top three male leagues or top female league of the USA. So I looked where it is. The state of Kansas. And the highest playing club in Kansas is Sporting Kansas City in the Major League Soccer. So, there you have it, that's how Wichita ended up with Sporting Kansas City. Brief history until Sep. 1939: It was founded in 1995, so none. Achievements until Sep 1939: see above. 2. 金剛 - Cerezo Osaka Chosen for: The 金剛山(Kongou-yama) is geographically nearest to Osaka of all towns having a soccer* team in the national leagues of Japan. And Cerezo is closer to it than Gamba Osaka, since the mountain is located south of Osaka and Gamba is actually from the town of Suita, north of Osaka. Brief history until Sep. 1939: It was founded in 1957 as "Yanmar Diesel Football Club" (a company club), so none. Achievements until Sep 1939: see above. 2. Verdun- FC Metz Chosen for: I wanted Verdun in this very much, but could not find a football* club. I had to choose in the end between FC Metz and Stade Reims and chose the former for closer proximity to Verdun. Also the fortress Metz has a similar historical weight for WW1 as Verdun itself. This and FC Metz being currently in Ligue 1, made it worthy to me. And their emblem shows a dragon and a Croix de Lorraine, fits. Brief history until Sep. 1939: FC Metz itself was founded in 1932, but preceded by the Cercle Athletique Messin, founded in 1919.... by players of the former SpVgg 1912 Metz, Metzer SpVgg, FC Metis Metz und FC Alte Herren Metz, all founded before the war.... yeah. The CA Messin however was very succesful in the amateur league of Lorraine, winning it 8 times, before becoming the professional FC Metz in 1932. FC Metz started in the second division, but won it in 1935 thus being elevated to Ligue 1. At the outbreak of the war that's where it is, in a solid, but also unspectacular mid-field position. Achievements until Sep 1939: Lorraine champion 1920-1922, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1929 and 1931 (8 times)
  11. Rhi; Yes, as demanded by the New Gods themselves in scripture. However...;)
  12. Yeah, proofreading is one of those tasks that seems more futile every time you do it. Because something always slips though. Anyway, A Matter of Honor, stage 1: Yes, that implied time limit is intended to be an actual thing, as was the case in In Defence of the Animals. No, the stage options don't reflect it here either. I'm honestly not sure what all Y2 is capable of, mechanically, so I have an excuse to be lazy am waiting for clarification on how to best do that before putting in more effort. I'd rather not have an "oops, time's up!" variation of every single stage and time-based exits leading to said stages if I can help it.
  13. @Legate of Mineta: Does the Empire of Man have an equivalent to the "peace of God" movement that seeks to restrict or eliminate warfare between followers of the new gods?
  14. I notice many mistakes in your writings, but have not enough time to note them down.
  15. Ray; 1) If there has been any, it's not widely known. But there clearly are mages, keeping to themselves, that are deemed not worth enough to chase or capture. 2) At least, none known publicly.
  16. Rhi; No news yet, and as for the most significant achievement...muahahaha: the [Redacted] system!
  17. 1. have their been any mages after the exile who have grown so powerful that they are can be considered a calamity if angered by any power so are exempt from any laws, and are churches happily turn a blind eye to them? I talking about let's say yonko level from one piece type mages who can straight up do illegal stuff without any world goverment coming to stop them. don't have to be evil just anyone considered so 2. if so, are their any mages as of today who are heralded with such a stasis during the time of the player character?
  18. Fixed. And surprised if that's really the only mistake you noticed .
  19. Can you really, in good conscious SHOULD BE Can you really, in good conscience
  20. @Legate of Mineta: Any update about whether to release Y2 images and text for Sima Venesico? And what, in your opinion, was the most significant achievement in Y2's development during 2018?
  21. Not promising that I'll get this one finished on time since I'm nowhere near done with it, but...let's just say that I need some motivation to pull me away from OpenXCom. A Matter of Honor, stage 0: Pardon the overused mythology reference, but the last time I came up with an original name I ended up with that athletes guild, so...it has it's perks .
  22. Firstly, thank you. I take Pola's point and don't begrudge the brisk (but thoughtful!) handling of the subject. While I'd be very happy to hear much more, it would require a regular Belfast's Bookclub feature and that's simply insupportable greediness. Reading with Rawalpindi? Leningrad's Literary Lounge? The Alberti smackeral is truly fascinating. I look forward to U-29's belle story consisting of an increasingly vicious exchange of scholarly articles and reviews with grumpy German linguists and folklorists. I kid. I didn't care much about U-29 in her original interview but in her subsequent appearances she's become one of my favourites. Belfast's Bondwagon, forsooth!
  23. Rhi; It's not widely done- most treatises on Phemes are themselves magical, and offer the Student a chance to 'see' the Pheme. But it's not unknown, either.
  24. @Legate of Mineta: In one of my adventures, I wrote with the assumption that there is a way for skilled mages with steady hands to create 2-dimensional schematics of phemes by drawing them from 6 perspectives. Is this widely done in-universe? And sorry if I already asked this question.
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