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  2. It already payed off. I had to correct the address of the Kriegsmarineministerium. It relates to the story told in episode 5 about the second half of the First World War: The director tells what factors led to the sailor unrest of 1917 (not the revolutionary one in November 1918). And the concrete ignition for the important unrest is a cancelled movie theater show on the SMS Prinzregent Luitpold. Before that a plethora of military disobedience and protest by the sailors had taken place and one soldier on the SMS Friedrich der Große was especially well connected: Max Reichpietsch. In the wave of arrests and court martials following the "movie theater" protest altogether ten sailors were sentenced to death. 2 of those death sentences were executed: Albin Köbis and Max Reichpietsch. And the name "Reichpietsch" immediately rang a bell in my head. I wrote as address of the Kriegsmarineministerium "Reichpietschufer" ... and that didn't make sense after I heard that story. The Nazis and the Kriegsmarine would've never, NEVER, named a street after someone who was guilty of "completed high treason and rioting" against the officers corps of the Kaiserliche Marine. And I thought the whole time a "Pietsch" was something Berlinian, Prußian, idk of which I never had heard of. But no. I checked it and the thing is: The article about the old navy ministry building on wikipedia states only the current location, but not the old name for it. Luckily someone put an article about the street itself up. And what did I find? The street was named after Königin Augusta, the Königin-Augusta-Straße at first, but the name was changed after the death of admiral Alfred von Tirpitz in 1933 to Tirpitzufer. Its current name was given to it in 1947. So I went about and changed the address in my writings here in the forum.
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  4. That's a cool wordplay, good find. I can nix(nothing) A bit poetical, considering gates usually involves pacts, deals, voices in your head and things like that which will sooner or later should take its price
  5. Schwarzbart & Rhi; "To Schwarzbart: We need to remember that bit. The easiest place to find old Icanix stories/traditions is in the restricted section of the Venalicium - if you know what you're looking for, anyway. Sometimes you can find these stories out of the Restricted section, in cases where the subject isn't obvious or known by the librarians. As for connections in stories between Gates magic and spirit possession - oh, that's not [redacted]. That's Minetan pop culture - it's the stuff of campfire tales, particularly at the Academagia itself. "Student leans an old, mysterious set of phemes and opens a Gate to show off, and at first nothing seems to happen. But then things start breaking around her dorm, and her personality seems to darken, and then somebody notices her eyes have changed color, etc." Seemingly innocent Gates magic turning around to destroy the caster in one way or another has been the stuff of magical horror for centuries. Nonetheless frowned upon."
  6. @Legate of Mineta: Are spirit possessions a part of stories about gates mages? I suspect that asking whether spirit possessions are part of gates magic would get a [redacted] answer, so I ask it not.
  7. Are this story about Icanix in a public library of Academagia or restricted in one of the remaining gate library of Academagia? Fun comment on the side I(ch) kann ni(x/chts) is dialect for (not sure how to clean translating it word for word its: ) I can (do) nothing ... but I think a better translation is I'm inapt
  8. y-sama; "All we can really say with confidence is that Avila and Hedi often appear together in very ancient art; there are even a few folk songs that seem to suggest that they were sisters or close cousins, though that's not generally taken literally. (There's also one ancient poem, surviving only in fragments, that seems to suggest that Hedi betrayed Avila at a key moment - though what that moment would have been isn't preserved.) It's fairly clear that they were frequent allies, though. As for Icanix/Icanicix/Icanxix: no, she seems genuinely to have been well-loved for most of her life, though there are all sorts of stories about her having to leave civilization to live in the wild during periods of either madness, haunting or possession (depending on how you read them). In the oldest surviving stories, her work with Gates was generally presented as heroic self-sacrifice rather than a moral failing. Those stories can't really be told in public anymore."
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  10. Whoever designed Cinzia should get a raise
  11. One question about the queens of old Were Queen Avila and Hedi good friends? I like to think they were quite sympathetic to each other, while Icanix, Icanicyx? was looked with suspicion due to gates
  12. There are a few things i disliked in student adventures: Vettor: it's a matchmaking type of adventure, i tend to dislike those in general and it pushes him toward Amanda, possibly the only +2 max in relationship from Vernin girls and a likeable character overall. Olivia: In order to complete her adventure, you have to steal Cinzia's notebook about potions. You gain glory, but is not by your merit and stealing from classmates its not the way i would prefer, especially when it involves the best girl. Tacito: you would think his personal quest is about him, but it ends being about Ausdauer instead. Magalda: same matckmaking kinda of deal, except that its not only about her and her crush, you also try to get Marc and Cordelia togheter.
  13. @Legate of Mineta: are there any plans to have some sort of Year end summary in Y2 before a completed game goes to the credits, listing a PC's (and perhaps a player's) achievements?
  14. Direct matches: Lexington 2-1 Saguenay INPF1 : The leadership finally changes after Chiyoda can't ramp up her form and Belfast equalises on points, but with fewer matches. Wichita surpasses the dormant Arizona. LMP on the other hand loses and thus gives the Russian sisters the opportunity to at least equalise the score. Conte however deals a double win to all of them and rushes past them all. Kongou uses her opportunity to get past Hood and Verdun. But with an unexpected double win AGS overtakes all three of them and pushes herself into the comfortable midfield, with the promise of further rise. Augusta had a bad short season and missed the playoff round of her league, so she falls dormant. Kumano scores wins for a change and squeezes herself into the pseudo-safe 16th position. INPF 2: At the top of the 2nd division, Exeter strengthens her position relative to her pusuers by an average performance, since Kaga and Takao fail almost completely to score, so badly even Kitakami can get between the two. Saguenay loses her match against first division Lex and because of it falls dormant. In the midfield PK uses the almost total failure of everyone around her to get into lead position of the "19p club". Dunkerque equalises with Scharnhorst. While Pola has no match, Only Nürnberg scores a win behind her, changing places with Bearn. For Aoba there will be a team switch: As you can see, Aobas team only scored 3 points. In the whole season it was 8pts. So they will be relegated into amateur level next year. For that reason Aoba will switch back to Kyoto Sanga, starting next week already, since their season is a bit longer. That will maybe change Aoba fate decisively.
  15. Rhi; Well, all abilities are added in the Mod Tool, just like Y1. It makes the entry easy, at least.
  16. What is the difference? And how long would such a thing take?
  17. @Legate of Mineta: Have all Y1 characters with new clique abilities had their new clique abilities programmed in?
  18. Procyon

    KS Update 194

    Okay! I was not really in a position to maximize my support for this game in the past, so I would definitely love to do that for the future 😀
  19. M; "1. In theory, a crime committed anywhere in the Empire is a crime in Mineta. In practice, realistically, a thief from Meril who makes it to the city is unlikely to be pursued or detained; the city guard has too much else on its plate to keep up with fugitive reports from faraway places unless the crimes are really spectacular (or inconvenient for the Captain). Criminals from farther afield are a somewhat different story. Would the Guard get in the way of bounty hunters from the south? Probably not, if the latter were responsible enough to carry paperwork and explain what they're about; religion might play a role here, too. 2. The Captain claims the Imperial power to grant full and unconditional pardons - but he's never actually tested it, because it's not at all clear that the Duke of Thiomenes would accept its validity if that card were played. The Captain and/or the Minetan Council can also offer sanctuary within the city limits, though, and that's pretty much uncontested. A criminal who gets to Mineta and makes a case for clemency can remain free within the city itself. 3. As a rule, convincing proof of innocence (or really spectacular oratory proclaiming innocence), a meritorious show of contrition (usually, but not always, either a gift to or a term of service with the city or one of its temples), or a recognized conservator - a figure of high standing willing to put his/her/their reputation on the line to guarantee the supplicant's good behavior and good intentions. The latter started out, historically, as a form of house arrest, but the terms became much more forgiving over time."
  20. I hope that Zoe Melis does not have a different clique ability. Speaking of Miss Melis, I interpreted her Y1 adventure as being, to some degree, about her trying to fit into a role which she had read about (that of the glamourous socially adept girl). I have done similar things in my life, interestingly, being likewise isolated from normality. In several of my writings about her (written and planned), I have her revealing how her readings of various books shape her view of her life. Is this a reasonable approach to take?
  21. 1. Is a foreign criminal, be they from Meril, Alesfa, Pievre, Oursook (insofar that they still have a recognizable/interpretable legal system?) or wherever else, automatically considered a criminal in Mineta? 2. Can foreign criminals be granted some kind of pardon for their crimes in Mineta, at least insofar that they're no longer considered a criminal in Mineta itself? 3. What would it take for someone to be granted such a pardon, assuming it is (was?) possible?
  22. Rhi; (Almost) all Y1 Students have new Clique Abilities. These further depend on whether you have done their Stories.
  23. @Legate of Mineta: Are any of the Y1 students getting different Clique abilities in Y2?
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