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  2. For GS and S: "1) Legend has it that Shades are the shadows of Gates mages from about the sixth to eighth centuries; the mages, supposedly, were trying to find a lost continent down on the ocean below, and offered their shadows as tributes to the entities that promised to take them there. Those shadows then survived; the wizards did not. Is it true, even partially? The Shades themselves don’t seem to remember. All that’s known for sure is that the powerful ones are old. 2) Do they automatically? No. Bonds are pretty strong, even untrained, and fairly life-changing for the familiar. Can they? Particularly if creators know in advance that their creations may take on that role? Maybe. :)"
  3. 2) is the summoner of a creature or creator of a construct that became familiar of a other mage keep some influence on the familiar? (looking at Orso Orsi)
  4. Are Shade familiars a wizard's own shadow that gains sentience as it becomes a familiar, or were they created by much more advanced magic at a much earlier time, and then became familiars to a different wizard in the usual way?
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  6. Rhi; "1) There are rumors about Mastery experiments that entail familiar-on-familiar violence, but as far as you (the character) would know there's no documentation of anything like what you describe. A familiar hurting another familiar would resonate very strongly along the bond, probably causing pain both to the mage and even to the familiar inflicting the primary harm. It would take genuinely superhuman (you know what I mean) effort for one familiar to kill another if they're both bonded to the same mage. If you're asking, instead, whether there are studies of a hungry (or exotic) familiar devouring another familiar who's already dead: yes, that's known to have happened at least once, in the case of a pair of hyenas in the 13th century. No unusual effects were described. 2) That's a common misconception, but it doesn't seem to be true. The creation of a bond seems to be more about geographic proximity at the moment a new mage's magical aura expands into imbalance; the closest entity that's capable of entering into balance and willing to do it tends to seek the mage out. Mind you, Pamela might say otherwise. ;)"
  7. Have any mages with multiple familiars had one familiar eat another familiar? Is there any connection between a mage's personality and first familiar?
  8. S; Some gain evolved or altered tastes, but in general, yes.
  9. Are predator familiar still hunt their normal pray even if it is also a familiar?
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  11. S; Yes, it would also affect other animals, too- positively or negatively.
  12. Wouldn't this becoming alienating to other humans not also a problem for other animal?
  13. GC; "It's not a categorically different kind of bond, and the danger of outright inversion (barring outside intervention) is basically no greater than with any other bond. There may, on the other hand, be a greater risk of what you might call bleedthrough, and what magical philosophers tend to call "behavioral aspect convergence." I.e., the wizard and the lizard taking more and more nonverbal cues from one another, possibly to the detriment of normal social function (at least in the human's case). Basically, it's not that the lizard would become the dominant partner, but that the wizard's hypersensitivity to the lizard's senses and instincts could become a bit... alienating."
  14. S; I think they're planning a pretty heavy look over here for that exact reason.
  15. I just hope that the VB team them self is then large enough that they can handle the constant updates a online game needs them self after the release. After all online games that not bring new content soon get forgotten by most of the player base. Not to forget that there is a need to keep the security up to date with an online game what this forum show that BCS isn't really up to it so far (for how long is it not using https for the linking?) And yes I already had it with a other online game that lost the forum and webpage to an hacker attack because they didn't care enough for it.
  16. Rhi; A little, VB looms large. It's in the hundreds, last I looked.
  17. @Legate of Mineta: Has any progress on Y2 been made over the past few weeks? And how many new phemes will Y2 have?
  18. Is there any in-world danger with the Reptile Whisperer bond, where if the human isn't strong enough they could end up on the wrong side of a familiar bond with the lizard instead? Or is it categorically a different kind of bond? (Regardless of whether this is a danger for the player mechanically or not.)
  19. I don't know if the new Jagged Alliance is good, but the originals were fantastic.
  20. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/titan-quest-and-jagged-alliance-are-free-to-keep-right-now According this News you can get Titan Quest and Jagged Alliance till Sep. 23 at a 100% discount over at Steam.
  21. Ponch; Yes, let me ask the VB gang to see what they'd like to do.
  22. so is VB STILL to pleage to paypal or no? edit i found the NEW paypal stuff https://victorybellesgame.com/2021/08/30/new-paypal-tiers/ on the kickstarter there is the old Paypal stuff idk is that is still good or not? Legate? can you update the paypal links from KS into the ones? or make a different section for it?
  23. A bonus i guess for today since this was in my head for a while
  24. since there is no YT verson of this song...
  25. real talk tho more Vampire when?
  26. Belated for Rhi: "Living ones, not so much. There are stories about”the Forget Me Not,” a Mastery mage who could control or possess anyone who said his name - even after his death. Legends have it that in the end the great wizards of his era cast their own horrific Mastery spell to burn all memory of the guy out of the Empire so he would stay dead… but somehow his Familiar (a thrush) escaped their attention, and still tries to whisper his name in travelers’ ears if they sleep outdoors. It’s probably not true. Probably." And for S: "Perhaps surprisingly, yes. The fact that Ana Flavia’s wand, with its draconic core, went unnoticed at the Academy itself for as long as it did might be suggestive - some of these things almost seem to hide themselves until they’re in positions to do real harm, even if it takes centuries."
  27. Are there still new items found that the temple declare as dragon origin?
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