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  2. @Legate of Mineta: I would prefer to use an official patch from the team, lest @Schwarzbart's mod have compatibility issues with Y2. In any case, the full functioning of the Prodigy Incantation is less significant for me than Y2.
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  4. M; Yep, creation of the CP is the easy part. S; Hahaha! Well, there's an air of officialness about that mini-mod, yes...:)
  5. Reminder that the Team has updated mod tools, so theirs can publish mods in a matter of minutes.,,
  6. The fix I done for this issue with my mod was only change the Incantation Methods increase with one for Incantation Theory as the engine have the limitation that you have to be informed on the skill before you can increase the max. This fix together with the needed text change took about 5 Minute of work and then many hours of waiting for the mod publishing. Maybe the team consider my mods as semi official content and that is the reason why they didn't fix it them self
  7. Rhi; It should be a content fix, so not very much time at all. Of course, that would mean a new CP.
  8. @Legate of Mineta: If such a fix were necessary, could it be done? Or would it take too much time for the Team?
  9. Thank you for the post and the insights Rhialto. I don't think that I have ever paid much attention to the exact event that you describe, but it does ring a bell, even after... 2 or so years now. That said I am very happy to hear that a game I remember with such fondness manages to be as inclusive as you describe it. It warms my heart, both at the depth of the game, as we all seem to find small nuggets of gold, but also at your enjoyment of it, so thank you for sharing your thoughts!
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  11. That is an interesting answer as it allows to add Relationship penalty or max reduction for this background then without much explanation what helps balancing the background in the next years.
  12. Rhi; 1) Mmm, better check here. 2) Yes, definitely. 3) Not in Renaglia, but there are cranes further north.
  13. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Did Oan Sung receive her surname through an administrative process? or are most people from Sung surnamed Sung? 2. Are Esteris subject to suspicion in Mineta? I ask because I remember reading that there is a belief that Eastern lands are ruled by/influenced by dragons. 3. Are crane birds living in Mineta and/or Cassetta?
  14. So, I have finally finished my adventure involving the Triplets. Feedback is welcome and much appreciated. My next writing projects are much less ambitious. I will be writing an event with Zoe Melis set befor the Y2 summer vacation, followed by events to accompany some of the memories that my most recently completed adventure created.
  15. Sima’s Confrontation:
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  17. That's one of them, I think there's one or two more buried in the forum somewhere also..
  18. You talking about this thread Freespace?
  19. For Y2, the most obvious thing was the ability to get personally mentored by your regent in the college's speciality. Of course they have to not hate you to do that. That comes at the cost of taking up an extra timeslot, which will make it more difficult to do other things, so you have to carefully consider it. We've tried compiling everything about Y2 into a single thread multiple times, but it's very difficult to do that. I will probably try to make a definitive thread on Y3 features after Y2 releases, and try to put in everything as we find out about it, so that should be easier to compile that way.
  20. Rhi; 1) [Redacted] 2) Yes.
  21. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Is Sima from Sung? 2. Does the Academagia have a procedure for giving surnames (for administrative purposes) to students who do not have surnames?
  22. Rhi; is mostly underground. It doesn't have a specific real-world equivalent.
  23. @Legate of Mineta: If Sung has an Earth equivalent, what is it? Tocharistan/the Tarim Basin? And since Oan Sung is from Sung, does it have no surnames?
  24. Rhi; 1) Kind of- Sung is. 2) Yes.
  25. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Are there any places within the Empire of Man whose inhabitants can be described as having almond eyes? 2. Is Feng, the owner of Feng's parlour, an Estero? [parenthetically, the term Estero should be Esterus in Latin/Eluminian - unless it is a non-standard noun, which in fairness it might be, as with leo].
  26. Leningrad: How do you hide these under your uniform? Mahan: Can you please not? Leningrad: Not what? Mahan: You’re getting closer to me. Leningrad: I just need to find out if they’re fake or not. Mahan: What!? What do you mean by fa- Leningrad: Luckily I can feel the difference. Mahan: ...oh you better not- eep! Leningrad: Hmm. Interesting. Mahan: Interesting, yes, can you let go of me now? Leningrad: Oh come now Mahan. I’m good but not that good. I need to throughly test them. Mahan: Can you not? Leningrad: Oh, there’s Kongou. Let’s ask her opinion shall we? Mahan: I’m going to kill you. Leningrad: All the reason for me not to let go. Oh Kongou! Kongou: What...are you doing? Mahan: Can you tell Leningrad to please stop and let go of me-eep! Leningrad: I’m trying to tell if it’s just the bikini giving her this bust or if she’s had it all this time and if it is fake or not. Mahan: I can tell you that it is very much real, now can you let me go-ooo! Leningrad: Heh heh. It’s like a squeaky toy. Kongou: *sigh*
  27. Hee hee hee!
  28. Belles in bikini's that I have commissioned Melisa with Mahan, Leningrad, and Kongou And from
  29. Rhi; Oh no, not at all- but there are some advantages, since the reader is presumably already prepared to use their imagination.
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