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  2. How much authority/autonomy/control/etc. do the various neighbourhoods of Mineta have over themselves? Do they have mayors that act as mayors (at least to some extend), do they have a Golden Council figurehead/bureaucrat that handles day-to-day affairs and nothing more, are all neighbourhoods directly controlled by the council, what's the score?
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  4. Rhi; "The Beatrix situation is a little bit complicated. Durand de Thiomines and most of the Vernin kids know exactly what her standing is, because they would - the lords of Wetgen are not politically inconsequential in Staade, and in the northeast more generally, and Beatrix is likely to be a countess one day - and she doesn't exactly deny it if any other kids ask if she's of noble blood, though she's vague about it. Still, nobody really treats her like a noble, she's not in Vernin, and half the time she's covered in mud and grass stains. If you asked someone like Herbert Downes, he'd probably guess that she was some poor, weird knight's daughter. [Redacted] I should add that Everwine is probably somewhat in awe of Beatrix - Wetgen isn't too far from where he's from - and Louise may even have met her once or twice in passing before they came to the Academy."
  5. Rhi; Good; and the sooner the better from the view of a reader.
  6. Fair enough. It was just an idea by me. I will, I hope, be able to return to writing more for Academagia in a few months. But I always hold the game fondly in my mind.
  7. Rhi; Novelization rights would be a tricky thing, and I imagine the Team might find it difficult to advise you without a fair amount of time. I don't think there is any problem at all writing a story in the setting, or in even writing a story which follows along the official content, but to make it an 'official' novelization would require more time than the Team is likely able to put into it currently.
  8. @Legate of Mineta: You have mentioned that no Y1 student knows that Everwine is a noble (because he conceals such from other students), but is similar lack of knowledge surrounding Beatrix von Wetgen's nobility?
  9. I have been thinking that I would like to try to write a novelization of Y1 and that I would like to arrange such a thing with Black Chicken Studios. I would expect no money from such an enterprise, and I would allow them to keep any money from selling my words. I only request the following things: 1. The right to choose which characters and adventures from the game to focus upon. 2. The right to make minor changes from the game's story and additions to the game's story in the interest of telling a more coherent story. 3. The right to not be bound by a deadline unless Y2 is released. @Legate of Mineta: I have made many thoughts about how I would approach this topic. Feel free to PM me if you want to avoid creating public spoilers, or ask me here. In either case, I can easily write an outline of the novel for your consideration. And fear not. Although I in honesty hope that you would allow me to add into the novel some things from my writings for Y2, I can understand that they are separate writings.
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  11. I think a general pure random function that also could be used in Action and Ability would be good. ( Remember the tricks BCS had to use for the few pure random functions in Y1 shudder)
  12. Rhi; Hmmmm. I don't know. I don't think so? You've put the suggestion in the right spot, though.
  13. @Legate of Mineta: Is it possible to have a stage in an adventure where one option would involve relying upon truly random chance unrelated to any skill? I ask because I am thinking about an adventure stage involving gambling where, in addition to options related to rigging the game using the player's skills, one option would just use random chance.
  14. OK, GC: "1. Mostly complaints and horror stories from second years happy to have a impressionable audience. The most frequently told tale would’ve been that of the entire first-year class, three years before, who had given detention on the second day of studies and forced to trim a good chunk of the Morvidus green with fingernail clippers. (Someone had pranked Storey and the kids had refused to divulge the prankster’s identity.)" Schwarbart: "2. [Redacted]"
  15. Metis; For you: "It's not common, but it's happened plenty of times over the centuries. In fact, a big part of why student access to the Imperial Reserve is restricted is the most notorious cause for spontaneous departure: Satyric abduction (though the Satyrs themselves would say it was Satyric fellowship). Roughly every twenty or thirty years (most recently in 1644) an older student will fall in with one of the great Satyric revels and adopt the lifestyle - sometimes they're encountered again years later, in many cases as powerful wizards in their own right, and sometimes they just vanish into the wild. Somehow, the Satyrs and/or something else in the Reserve tend to block any Astrological attempts to track the kids down. Other students have cracked under the pressure of their studies, usually compounded by hostile relationships with their Regents, and still others have stumbled into magical opportunities or disasters that didn't allow for bureaucratic niceties. One rather famous example of the latter: in 1483, a Hedi student named Conselo Jax discovered a homeless woman who was actually the partially Mastered Countess of Breuve; he freed her from her state on a Monday night and ten days later was the flag-carrier on her campaign to retake her homeland, his face hidden behind a mask of rubies and alabaster. The school had no idea where Conselo was until about six months later, when it came out that he had been adopted as the countess's heir, had changed his name to Selus de Breuve, and had taken up residence at the Floating Court on the river Bres." GC and Schwarzbart, I just sent yours- I missed them the first time.
  16. True, but that turned out to be something completely different in the end (at least if I remember that adventure correctly it was more "kidnapping" than "choosing to leave"). That said... Could you elaborate?
  17. 2) Is it planed that we see the new Professor that join at the end of The Topiary Garden as actual teach in year 3 or later? (I don't think we see her in Y2 because of bureaucratic err game engine reasons) I suspect it is because of the Marchant family as their sons all got into Morvidus and where all troublemakers with Philippe the youngest and most tame one.
  18. The description of Professor Storey's desk mentions "with Professor Storey's rumored past, perhaps it's best not to get caught." What rumors would a first year student have heard? (this one may have been asked before, but it's not coming up with the search.)
  19. The Topiary Garden was considered such a case till the player finish this adventure. At last from my understanding.
  20. Has an Academagia student ever left the school entirely, unannounced? Basically dropped out of their own accord, but without any official due process observed on their end?
  21. Another Steam Achievement Suggestion: Morvidus's Merriment: As a Morvidus student, have two or more familiars.
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  23. S; They've gotten pretty good feedback, I'd say. More to come in the Beta, I bet.
  24. Rhi; Well, yes, a Conflict can be won or lost, and can have Success/Fail Exits.
  25. @Legate of Mineta: Can an adventure in Y2 lead to a fight that in turn produces different endings to an adventure stage depending upon whether the fight is lost or won?
  26. good luck that the team find and fix most bugs already during the alpha
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