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  2. @Legate of Mineta: I really hope that Louise Kandinski could wonder whether Gates Magic would allow her to fulfill her expected role without a husband - potentially leading to tension within her girlfriend PC's mind when said girlfriend is secretly a gates mage.
  3. Tough choice. Buuuut, I want to know the shopkeep more. But I also have a duty. And when duty calls...... D3.
  4. Fifrein

    KS Update 199

    Oh how I miss these bingo times. B3 for me!
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  6. Hello, everyone! For the past few years since discovering Academagia, I've had a pattern of getting super into it for a month or so in the winter, and then setting it down so I can rediscover it all the next year. I've been lurking the lore questions thread for about that same amount of time. Figured it was time to say Hi!
  7. I don't think so, unless there's some outside indication (or I'm just completely spacing out on something). We meet the Prankster Society. There's a girl named Rylla, someone named Buttergump (which I hope is his last name, but who knows), Jere Niemela, and someone Rui refers to as Hobbie. Rui is at least the de facto leader, whether or not they have an official one. He gives commands to everyone, refers to having sent Rylla to follow Philippe, and no one moans about it at all. That already stands out to me because they're upperclassmen. It'd be even more unusual if one of them was his older brother. That doesn't make it impossible though, it's the school of the unusual. On the other side is just Philippe and a sinister girl (probably second year).
  8. I think it is this adventure: Revision and Danger (Adventure) | Academagia Wiki | Fandom because I don't have the modtools installed at moment I might be wrong as well.
  9. Oh interesting! I know you meet Dexter Marchant in a Hedi adventure, as well as in the Strange Doll introduction, but Olivier Marchant is unseen (edit: at least in the Hedi one - don't remember the strange doll as well) because he's a big important fifth year. So if we see one of Rui's brothers as well, then that makes them mirror each other fairly closely. Anyone remember that adventure?
  10. if I remember right 1 is still in Academagia and the other already finished. You even meet one of his brother in one of the year 1 adventures.
  11. Do (or did) either of Rui's brothers (or siblings? if I'm misunderstanding thirdborn son) attend the Academagia? Realized he and Phillippe are both the youngest of three, but we don't hear from Rui's brothers. Which is easily explained by them not being there, and it would fit his character very well if he was the youngest by a large gap. But it would also be interesting if they just didn't associate with or help him in any way, even in that Vernin adventure phase where he's in a very tight spot with some upperclassmen. (And a great contrast to the Marchants.)
  12. Rhi; Yep- I don't think they're likely to do the spoilers piece meal, though.
  13. @Legate of Mineta: Has the team considered sharing a list of all courses which were seriously considered for Y2 with a disclaimer that the list is not final?
  14. S; Yep, it's got a name, but I'll have to look it up.
  15. Ohh I see so that means after the holiday break at the start of Y2 we will get a event if we want to follow this tradition
  16. It is not encouraged, but there is a sort of a tradition around it- nonetheless, if it is found, they will remove it. Some Students simply come by after the cleaning is done and leave it, of course.
  17. if it is encouraged to write a letter to the next one having the same bed then our Characters should know about it by the end of the year!
  18. So was the letter something slipped trough the cracks or is it even something encouraged?
  19. M; Very thoroughly, although some things can slip through the cracks, of course.
  20. How thoroughly are the various dorm rooms cleaned and searched for hidden/forgotten goodies before a given new year's worth of students move in?
  21. I personal think the biggest problem for a combined Y1 & 2 mod, if there is no issue on the size, is probably to switch the class between Y1 and Y2 for all students. For the general rules one probably could settle with the ones used in Y2 because they should allow to start skills at zero as well. Also I think any problems with the start date / end date function probably means the end of such a project as well.
  22. S; Hmmm. I don't think the db would necessarily be the issue, but Y1 and Y2 engines would have to be 'taught' to know what data/rules to use.
  23. Years back there where the talk of some people who want to merged Y1 & Y2 and that make me wonder: How feasible would a Y1 & Y2 combo mod using the Y2 mod tools? I kind of suspect anyone who try to do something like this might hit some limits of the DB or base engine because of the size. (Not to talk about licence issue and that such a project without some automation probably take years)
  24. Irene; What Metis said. Otherwise, you are free to do any fan translation you like.
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