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  2. Even if your suggestion don't make it into Y2 you could do them your self then as we are supposed to get new modtools for Y2
  3. 1) Most of the information on this question is in the general Questions thread, and it's understandable that you wouldn't be digging through all 86 pages of that, but I should note there are significant tidbits spread throughout a few updates, including but not limited to: #78, #130, #139, and #154 (Which also relates to your second question) 2) Quite extensively depending on the nation. Refer to updates #182 and #179 3) While a belle is known to have input (I'll not go through the very early updates and General Questions thread to find specifics) they don't have complete control over the entire ship. They still need a crew for quite a lot of managing of things that would make solo running of an entire ship quite problematic. I can refer you to update #173 however for information regarding a submarine belle's prospects of guiding herself through depths. If you can't see down there, she can't either. Relaying info to the crew is its own logistical problem as well.
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  5. Rhi; I wouldn't imagine it happening any time soon- it takes time, unfortunately.
  6. @Legate of Mineta: Would the Team be willing to write some formal guidelines for what we fans can and cannot put into stories which would be incorporated into Academagia?
  7. i know that japanese belles are thought of as kami's but does that belief extent to belles of other nations are belles mentioned in propaganda since we know belles can control thier hull could a submarine belle guide herself through a minefield by standing on the outside of her hull and mentally control her hull through
  8. She's just there for the people who want to try their luck.
  9. S; From the Team: "Professor Briardi probably wouldn't object to the research in principle - rune-breaking is a worthy magical pursuit if done in the right places for the right reasons. But she would be hesitant to let one of her students travel to distant islands to examine a site of documented Gates resonance. Just seems like asking for trouble."
  10. Two suggestions for this. 1. Can Tabin be vaguely aware of this story? Such would be interesting for my planned adventure with the talking dolphin. 2. Can the rune-marked stones be marked, at least in part, with an abugidic script (that, is, like Devanegari, Baybayin, Siddham, or this setting's Aklo script which I introduced into the setting)?
  11. If the player learn about this Mariner King and the left behind rune stones, would Professor Briardi allow the study how this stones where "negated"? (Because this subject appears to combine 3 topics, negation, enchant variation, redacted, that could be interesting to some of my characters I'm wondering ^^)
  12. Free and S; "1) It's said that, at various points in their old ages, the former students each enjoyed one day when all their aches and pains were simply gone, and when they slept they had healing dreams of childhood adventures. That said, no, it doesn't appear that any of them reported any unusual sensations when the spell failed. As to why it failed: the handful of forensic astrologers who have investigated the incident over the years broadly agree that a student's familiar (possibly a chipmunk) discovered what was going on and found a way to interfere with Erato's work - probably with the help of an enchanted mirror. 2) There's a Baron Summerland in Thewkes whose paternal grandmother claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of "the Mariner King," and had both exotic jewelry and really weird astrological portents to back up her claims to connection to the old line. The Summerland family added an orca to their family crest in the current baron's father's generation. Not much can be said about the mysterious Mariner King himself - he appears to have been a Gates mage, and he left a cluster of rune-marked stones (since defaced) around a saltwater lake in western Mall Borough."
  13. Since we know main writing is done.. (barring continuous editing) And we know that Y2 has existed in a playable state for years, now. I am suspecting that most of the remaining work revolves around making sure all the massive tables of information reference each other properly. And possibly optimizing said tables since they are the heart of the game and it would be just a bit annoying to have to wait for all those obscene files to load. There's bound to be other things, but that would take the longest for a small team to accomplish. Especially a small team working on it as a hobby.
  14. Are there still noble / royal bloodline that claim to have the blood of a orca?
  15. When that former legate who stole days of life from the academy's students every year had the spell go bad, did the students ever feel the effects of the backfire? It would be difficult to tell, but did they get any of their life back? I can only assume that the backfire was... Unpleasant... for the poor former legate, but is it known what likely caused the backfire? Too much life for the contraints of the spell?
  16. Rhi; The Team hasn't said, so I better not. But as always, I'll carry your words back.
  17. Would you be willing to share with us a portion of this system of benchmarks? Such as "when feature X is complete, then we will disclose feature Y to the public"?
  18. Well we know we’re getting QM before launch. My first vote is for Leopard.
  19. M; "Yes. It's a stylized orca - for which no contemporaneous references exist, but which survives in distorted form in folk legend and a preserved set of bones. It's understood that they were almost as big as dragons, traveled in cooperative groups, and occasionally took human form to intermarry with human royalty and/or exceptional sailors back before the islands divorced the sea. They were noble, fiercely loyal, and good omens."
  20. @Legate of Mineta: Does the team have milestones surrounding release of definite news for the game's fans?
  21. No one asked, but now I deliver! Here's the new bingo I made. My vote has to go to Eddie though: along with more Morgana M-word shenanigans, I hope.
  22. Is Pievre associated with a particular animal, like on it's flag or banners hung in it's seat of government or whatever?
  23. Rhi; "Oh, we suspect that Sima has a pretty good idea about Lambert's more... out-of-school interests. She wouldn't lightly call attention to them, though, and she wouldn't be in a hurry to confirm anyone else's suspicions - both because she actually respects Lambert and because he might know things about her that she wouldn't want shared. ;-)"
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