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  2. will do
  3. Due to a dead monitor I'm still rocking 1024 X 768. Old version is still superior for that. Even when I had my lcd I never felt a need to crank it that high, but to each their own.
  4. None of the respectable German Belles would do let loose to that extent. Which is why I proposed the one that would. The reasons are obvious for most Germans. And I really have to bite my tongue here not to use very foul language and sound calm. @MisterBottle or am I wrong? For Lebi, I find the idea of ninja funny. It made me chuckle, so I go with it. I will otherwise not come up with an idea of my own on this topic. But if someone puts out a better proposal than ninja, I'll second that one.
  5. for 1920x1080 its simply much better to read with the new version.
  6. In our towns decorations are up around late November, but lit only after death sunday. We don't go around houses. We sing them on several occasions in preparation for christmas and christmas songs get played frequently over the radio. I wonder if anyone else has an Adventskranz.
  7. Can a Gate be designed to reopen with Astrological factors even after it was forcibly closed with Negation, Revision, and a rock?
  8. I still prefer the overall look of the pre steam version... But mostly due to issues I've mentioned already. When the final cp comes out I may change my mind depending on what gets fixed. I must confess though that aesthetically speaking the steam version feels awfully brown to me. Not that that's a bad thing, but I do like the more neutral palette of the old version. That and the transparent windows kind of stand out as differences I still prefer on the older version.
  9. December 12, 2017 edit (already added to list) The Driven achievement cannot be gotten because the automatic caper in the Library of Pergamum, considered Sterling's Turkish Adventure in the code, has been marked as 'drivenMainOnly = False', making it count against the Driven achievement.
  10. There's a holiday per season. Easter is spring/bunny belles. Summer is Bikini belles. Fall is Halloween belles. And winter is Christmas belles.
  11. Great, welcome back!
  12. Got it, thanks!
  13. (I keep pushing back on when I will be accepting commissions, but I'm prob not as good as the artists that David J had picked out, lol) I'm a bit confused, there will be commissions based on seasons but I see people mentioning a bunch of holidays too. How is this split up?
  14. Now don't overload Lulwut with so many requests, let him choose what he wants to do out of the bag of ideas.
  15. Yeah, I did that just a week ago. *shiver*
  16. Okay, Korky, ya gotta riddle me this. What would Köln's connection be to Mardi Gras? For that matter, would any respectable German let loose to that extent?
  17. Yesterday
  18. Going Back to DLC 16 show clearly how big the UI improvement of DLC 17 is.
  19. Yes.
  20. could close a Gate (reasonably) safely with at least one of Negation, Revision, Astrology and Throw Rock, right?
  21. Thanks, I'll let them know.
  22. Metis; If such a plan existed, it would be... [Redacted]
  23. I don't really know about carols, but one thing I can tell you is that in Spain the streets get their Christmas decorations as early as... last weeks of October... A "common" joke about it is something along the lines of "If they're gonna do it like that, why even bother removing them?"
  24. So IIRC Gates mages would be called on to defend Choris against invasions from other planes, back in their day before Gates was banned. Of course now it is banned, and in theory people are sitting ducks to such an invasion. Even if there exists some (likely unknown) factor that would prevent such a thing from actually occurring, surely the guards, or the Academagia, or some greater authority in Mineta would have come up with a plan in case Gates suddenly shoot out of the ground all over town and sentient cubes start flooding the streets. What is that plan? Or is everyone just going to run in circles and scream like schoolgirls until Schohanwicht or whatever steps in and fixes the mess?
  25. i see.. wow that is very different to what im used to and how we celebrate Christmas Carols where im from, as children we go around houses in our neighborhood and sing Christmas Songs and expecting to get Candies or money (usually just small coins or change) a bit like Halloween but it usually starts at the last weeks of November till New Years.
  26. Email is [redacted].
  27. 108echoes; Hmmm- I'll raise this with the Team- that's a long time. What is your e-mail handle? Thanks!
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