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  2. Hi ho! One vote for choice 3, please.
  3. Also, nice touch with the late frog.
  4. Option 3 you do not mess with the IRS
  5. Option 3.
  6. 3
  7. Option 3, cause tax evasion would just make things complicated.
  8. Going for #3. I rather enjoy taking a bite out of Henley to assist the fleet as a whole. Plus the government really does pay quite a lot for all that food.
  9. Very tempted to #2, but bandwagoning onto #3. Henley might actually be useful.
  10. The way I currently have the training is they adapt Royal Navy officer training to include specific training in regards to Belles and truncate the experience to get Belle captains capable enough to handle a ship
  11. Seems most of us are worried about Henley going down like a sandwich obsessed Capone.
  12. Nah. We do include free crayons with our doctrine books though. Snacks are good. Hey now that rabies thing was one time! The recruiting question's a good one too. I mean... sure it's a nice idea to let anyone and his cousin volunteer, but it seems like it'd make sense to recruit from able seamen already in active service if at all possible, and it seems likely that such recruiting will be going through INPF member navies any way. We know that the ships and their captains still belong to their respective navies. Barring an odd situation like in Scootia's Echoes of Jutland story where revived Kaiserliche Marine warships end up with primarily British crews because said ships hulks were in Royal Navy possession on revival, and their actual parent navy, and indeed nation, doesn't quite exist any more, you can assume that the navies in question want their crews on their ships. Which would go back to that security thing I mentioned. Training wise... I can't see there not being something of an INPF boot camp, probably run in each country by native and select international INPF personnel, followed by a lot of training as crews on the ships themselves. To say nothing of OCS. Any random schmuck can get picked by a Belle. Making said schmuck a naval officer capable of fighting a warship, no matter how much a Belle might help, would need to be refined to an art form then compressed to as little time as humanly possible so as to get Captain and Belle into the active fleet ASAP. I imagine certain nations will want to ensure the political reliability and loyalty of said new Captain as well outside of the INPF curriculum. Not plugging Nel and I's forthcoming OCS series at all there.
  13. I'll have uhhhhh, a number 3 please
  14. Mahan's about to have a bad day
  15. number 3 please
  16. Number 3 as well. Also, gotta love Texas and their fascination with the belt buckle.
  17. Hmm... no 1 for me please. I wonder how that’ll go...
  18. Update Ah the only certainties in life. Number 3 please. I need Henley not confined to the brig for tax evasion. Err. Dry dock rather. It amuses me to note that Boise and I share several hobbies. Hmmm... might need to make sure she's on the acquisition list.
  19. April 5 1941 U-76 (Kriegsmarine Type VIIB submarine): Depth charged and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean south of Iceland by HMS Scarborough and HMS Wolverine. 1942 The Battle of Ceylon (AKA Operation 'C' and the Easter Sunday Raid): Following the fall of Singapore, Ceylon became the home of the British Eastern Fleet. To disrupt British operations in the Indian Ocean and to ensure Imperial Japanese operations in Burma need not fear, the Kido Butai came calling... HMS Cornwall (RN County-class, Kent subclass heavy cruiser): Bombed and sunk in the Indian Ocean southwest of Ceylon by Imperial Japanese aircraft. HMS Dorsetshire (RN County-class, Norfolk subclass heavy cruiser): Bombed and sunk in the Indian Ocean southwest of Ceylon by Imperial Japanese aircraft. HMS Hector (RN armed merchant cruiser): Bombed and sunk at Colombo, Ceylon by Japanese aircraft. HMS Tenedos (RN S-class destroyer): Bombed and sunk at Colombo by Imperial Japanese aircraft. *** HMS Abingdon (RN Hunt-class minesweeper): Bombed by Italian aircraft at Malta. She was beached and abandoned after being declared a total loss. HMS Gallant (RN G-class destroyer): Bombed and and beached at Valletta. She was already under repair from loosing her bow to a mine on 10 January 1941 and was deemed beyond economical repair. She was refloated and sunk as a blockship in September, 1943. RT-61 (Soviet Navy trawler): Bombed and sunk at Murmansk by Luftwaffe aircraft. 1943 U-635 (Kriegsmarine Type VIIC submarine): Depth charged and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean south east of Cape Farewell, Greenland, by RAF aircraft. 1944 CHa-46( IJN CHa-1-class auxiliary submarine chaser): Sunk at Wake Island by US Navy aircraft. R-261 (Kriegsmarine Type R-218 minesweeper): Sunk off Boulogne, Pas-de-Calais, France by Allied aircraft. 1945 Helmi Söhle (Kriegsmarine patrol boat): Sunk in the Kattegat by RAF aircraft. Ro-49 (IJN Type Kaichu (K)6 medium submarine): Depth charged and sunk in the Pacific Ocean off Okinawa by USS Hudson. USS Thornton (USN seaplane tender, a former Clemson-class destroyer): Collided with USS Ashtabula and USS Escalante in the Pacific Ocean off the Ryukyu Islands and was severely damaged. She was beached and abandoned at Keramo Retto on 2 May. U-242 (Kriegsmarine Type VIIC submarine): Struck a mine and sank in St George's Channel. USS S-17 (USN S-class submarine, decommissioned): Sunk as a target. 1946 Operation Dead Duck: More surrendered Imperial Japanese submarines were towed into the East China Sea beyond Sasebo Bay and sunk with explosive charges. I-202 : Type Sen-taka (ST) large high speed submarine. Ro-31 : Type Kai-Toku-Chū (KT) special purpose-medium submarine. She had been decommissioned earlier, on 25 May 1945. Ha-207 : Type Sen-taka sho (STS) small high speed submarine. Ha-210 : Type Sen-taka sho (STS) small high speed submarine. Ha-215 :Type Sen-taka sho (STS) small high speed submarine. She was incomplete. Ha-216 : Type Sen-taka sho (STS) small high speed submarine. Ha-217 : Type Sen-taka sho (STS) small high speed submarine. She was incomplete. Ha-219 : Type Sen-taka sho (STS) small high speed submarine. She was incomplete. Ha-228 : Type Sen-taka sho (STS) small high speed submarine. She was incomplete.
  20. This really is so much fun!
  21. Since I'm done with all my "major" figures, I'll add some small, short biographies of people born in Dortmund who experienced Germany under Nazi rule. Günther Deilmann – The Doc who saved a town Günther Deilmann was born in Dortmund on the 3rd of October 1904. He studied medicine in the 1920’s in Freiburg and Berlin and started as assistant doctor in Göttingen and Berlin, before he came to the small town of Merkers in western Thuringia. He probably chose it because he was in a german Studentenverbindung (very formal student fraternity) and the town is very close to the Wartburg, an important place for people who are or were in such a fraternity. He became the county doctor for the surrounding towns and villages and the doctor for the nearby Merkers mines. Due to “racial impurity”, (I dug as deep as I could, I couldn’t find the kind of impurity. He was no jew apparently) he was barred from serving in WWII by the Nazis and remained the doctor of the county and also became doctor responsible for the POWs working in the mines. When the Allied forces arrived, he managed to convince the SS to leave the town, helped defusing a big, explosive filled train wagon and surrendered the town, accompanied by the mayor, peacefully to the US Army. Said US Army found the biggest single deposit of “Nazi Gold” (Gold and Money deposit of the Reichsbank) inside the Merkers Mines. Thus, Dr. Deilmann survived the war, became a honorary citizen of Merkers and even got a Guiness World Record for being the oldest person ever to achieve the german sports badge. He died 10th of July 2002 in Merkers. Konrad Schragmüller – On the wrong end of long knives Konrad Schragmüller was born on March 11th 1895 in what was then the village of Östrich in the county of Mengede and nowadays the far north-west of the city of Dortmund. His father was the bailiff in charge of the county Mengede. Since his father was an officer of the cavalry he also started a military career there and became Leutnant in 1915. In 1916 he transferred to the newly established “Fliegerkorps” (flying corps), where he stayed until the end of the war. His sister btw was head of anti-french intelligence operations, but she was born in Minden. If you’re interested look up Dr. Elsbeth Schragmüller. After the war he served in several anti-democratic Freikorps maily against Poles and in the Baltics. He joined the NSDAP in the 1920, member No. 162.827, and joined the SA. He had moved to Magdeburg by now and worked his way up to leader of the local SA. He also became a member of the Reichstag in 1932 as representative for Magdeburg. After the rise of the Nazis to power in 1933, the head of the SA, Ernst Röhm made Schragmüller “special commissioner of the SA-leader for Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt”, which gave Schragmüller supervision power over all government agencies in those areas. He then became chief of police in Magdeburg, after the Nazis had removed the old one that didn’t suit them. During the night of the long knives (Röhm-Putsch) he was arrested, brought to Berlin and shot there by the SS on July 2nd 1934. Sidenote: the former navy officer Carl Christiansen succeeded him as chief of police in Magdeburg. Kurt Piehl – The traipsing Edelweiss pirate Everyone knows the “Weiße Rose” – white rose-. The famous resistance group against the Nazis at munich university against. Well Dortmund had his own, worker kids group. Enter Kurt Piehl. Kurt Piehl was born January 6th 1928, so when war broke out he was 11. But he was born into a “red” Dortmund in the northern parts of the city. As such he became part of a worker kids subculture native to northern Dortmund which was fractured when he entered primary school. Several groups met at the then barren field of the Brügmannplatz close to the railway to fight each other and to get to know each other. He was part of the “Latscher” (traipses), other groups called themselves Navajos or travelers. All those names rooted in the tradition of organized walks and journeys for workers kids to get them out of the city and into the countryside. For fun and health. Now when the Nazis took over all those groups and organizations were banned and the kids forced to join the Hilter youth….. but some didn’t join. Those “wild tramps” were harassed by Hitler youth members and even the Gestapo and this external pressure, according to Kurt Piehl, formed the fractured, fighting boys into a more or less cohesive resistance group. So they fought less and talked more and became friends and brought their girls etc. and initially that was it. They simply didn’t want to join the Hitler youth. However, that was enough to raise suspicion. Under the mounting pressure of Hitler youth and police, they began to fight back. Initially the Hitler youth raided their meeting place on a regular basis, but soon the boys turned the table. They ambushed small groups of Hitler youth members and even lone policemen. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until they got news of a resistance group at a southern university (guess who? Yes, the Weiße Rose) they all started calling themselves “Edelweißpiraten” in 1943. Basically every one of them owned a bavarian leather shorts. They were cheap, robust and had usually a metallic Edelweiss attached to them. They also started to disturb police and Nazi actions wherever they could. Their actions even led to the prohibition of showing an Edelweiss in public in Dortmund. Natürlich, the Gestapo and Hitler youth still had many advantages and Kurt Piehl himself was brought into the dreaded “Steinwache”, the Gestapo prison of Dortmund. He was interrogated, mauled and humiliated. But he survived the Nazis. After the war, he worked as a construction worker in the neighbouring town of Bergkamen. He became an activist for the acknowledgement of the resistance in Dortmund and published a book about the resistance groups in Dortmund. In it, he mentions the “afterwar shock” because they traipses also didn’t fit into the post-war society. They formed a suspiciously cohesive organization, defying authority….. subsequently they were nicked by American MP, who called them “Tramps”. And who was called in by the Yanks as witnesses against them: Their old “friends” at the Gestapo, natürlich. Imagine that for a moment. That farce only ended when the brits took over in Dortmund. Kurt Piehl conducted several small-scale activities for the recognition of the Edelweißpiraten as a resistance group and a rehabilitation of those who were sentenced to prison for activities conducted as Edelweißpiraten. In 1980, he published a book about the Dortmunder Edelweisspiraten. Kurt Piehl died 2001 in a village near Lübeck at the Baltic sea. One more thing about the “Edelweißpiraten”: Several groups from Cologne to Dortmund were called “Edelweißpiraten” by the Gestapo itself. Starting in 1939 in Cologne, four years prior to the Dortmunder. Of course, everyone heard rumors about the others, but active collaboration was practically non-existant. Since they went by the same name and existed in close proximity to each other they were sometimes confused by the Nazis and surely by the allied forces which had to deal with them until around 1947.
  22. April 4 1941 Giovanni Acerbi (RM Giuseppe Sirtori-class destroyer): Scuttled as a blockship at Massawa. Proussa (Royal Hellenic Navy Kydoniai-class torpedo boat, former SMS Tb 94-F): Bombed and sunk at Corfu by Italian aircraft. HMS Voltaire (RN armed merchant cruiser): Shelled and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean by Thor. 1942 Glavkos (Royal Hellenic Navy Proteus-class submarine): Bombed and sunk at Malta by German aircraft. RT-103 (Soviet Navy trawler): Bombed and sunk at Zyp Navolok by Luftwaffe aircraft. 1943 Altair (Kriegsmarine supply ship): Torpedoed and sunk off Kristiansund, Norway by RAF aircraft. V 1252 (Kriegsmarine Vorpostenboot): Collided with FlJ 27 Schiewenhorst and sank in the North Sea off Borkum. 1944 I-169 (IJN Type Kaidai (KD)6 large fleet submarine): Sunk in a diving accident north-west of Dublon Island, Truk, during a US air raid. She was depth-charged in May to permanently scuttle her. 1945 USS Dickerson (USN high-speed transport, former Wickes-class destroyer): Stripped of salvageable materials and scuttled by gunfire in the Pacific Ocean near Kerama Retto. She had taken two direct kamikaze hits two days earlier. Irben (Kriegsmarine Irben-class minelayer): Sunk off Kiel by American aircraft. Kurt Ramien (Kriegsmarine Este-class auxiliary submarine chaser/trials ship): Sunk on this date. M-802 (Kriegsmarine M 1943-class minesweeper): Bombed and sunk by American aircraft at Kiel. Mokuto (IJN Ukuru-class escort ship): Mined and sunk in the Shimonoseki Strait. R-59 (Kriegsmarine Type R-41 minesweeper): Sunk at Kiel by American aircraft. R 119 (Kriegsmarine minesweeper): Sunk in an American air raid on Kiel. R-261 (Kriegsmarine Type R-218 minesweeper): Sunk at Kiel by American aircraft. U-237 (Kriegsmarine Type VIIC submarine): Bombed and sunk at Kiel in an American air raid. U-749 (Kriegsmarine Type VIIC submarine): Bombed and sunk at Kiel in an American air raid. U-3003 (Kriegsmarine Type XXI submarine): Bombed and sunk at Kiel in an American air raid. 1946 USS S-35 (USN S-class submarine, decommissioned): Sunk off the Hawaiian Islands as a torpedo target.
  23. I very much like it. And I'm very thankful you pay commissions for those those strips. Even though you're correct and it is not exactly how it went down.... or is it? I can't wait for the continuation if there ever is one.
  24. A commissions Melisa did for me what do you mean this isn't how Chiyoda's interview went down both marked and unmarked
  25. Haha, a chapter a day, eh? I don't know if I could do that even if I was only doing it for a few posts, let alone until Y2 releases a few decades from now. Still, we'll take things one day at a time and see how things go. Part 2. Valentino awoke in a dark room. Instead of there being singular light source illuminating everything, it seemed more that everything around him was enchanted to give off a soft ethereal light. The room itself was relatively normal otherwise. The room looked as though it gave off the aura that something wasn't quite right, as if someone had put a Glamour on it in order to give it the appearance of a richly decorated room in a mansion. Given the scope, and unusual nature of what had just happened, however, Valentino was unsure of what to make of everything. Just as Valentino was getting his bearings, The little girl who had whisked him here arrived through one of the doors leading into the room. "We're soo glad you've adapted to our home!" She said. "Truly, you are a remarkable specimen! We can't wait to see what else you're capable of... But knowing how curious your kind is, we feel now would be a good time for questions. There won't be any time for those later, when you've been... Introduced..." The way she pronounced that last word, it was fairly obvious that there was some hidden meaning behind it. Exactly what it was, Valentino could not say, but he knew that being in such a situation as this, it was critical to ask as many questions as possible. Knowledge is power after all. "W-why have you brought me here?" Valentino asked, trying not to sound too scared. The girl laughed an innocent laugh and replied. "Why wouldn't we bring you here? Humans like you that can see us and hear us are sooo rare! We wanted you to deveiop more, at first, but we were just too excited when we found you! It's been so long since we've played with one of you.." The girl frowned in an exaggerated manner. Valentino shuddered. It became crystal clear that he was in a serious amount of trouble. There were many questions he wanted to ask this creature which had taken the form of a small child... Sadly, though, based on it's apparent personality, he reasoned that many questions would just be deflected. He didn't know how long it would allow him to ask questions, so he had to choose them carefully. "Who are are you?" Valentino tersely asked. "It is not possible to say any of our names with great accuracy in your way of speaking." She calmly responded, but then added with exuberation: "But, in the past, others of your kind have called us 'Dreamers of the void.'" "Oh, Although we don't dream, and only go to the void to play." She laughed, while correcting herself. "That's one of the reasons why we find you humans so funny!" She smiled heavily at that. "Still, if you are looking for a way to address this one, you can call *me* 'Twippy'." "Twippy..?" Valentino asked, exasperatedly. "Yes, Twippy." The girl beamed. "We have been been observing humans for such a long time. Names given in such a manner are a sign of close affection, and it has already been decided that an address such as that will cause such affection toward us in time." Valentino was able to relax his guard a bit at that. It did not seem as though he was in immediate danger. Still, it did imply that this Twippy did not intend to let him go. This was unacceptable. Perhaps this Twippy was sensing what Valentino was feeling, but it was also possible that this whole conversion was premeditated down to the tiniest detail. In either case, she simply smiled, tilted her head in a cute manner, and continued her explanation. "We only wish to interact and play with you for a bit. Once that is done, if you wish, we will certainly return you to your own home so you can develop more." This was getting to be very bizarre. Valentino was struggling to make sense of everything. Everything was happening too fast, and he wanted to reject it outright. This did not seem to be a wise thing to do, so he forced himself to bite his lip and play along. "Then... How did you find me... Twippy?" Twippy looked positively excited at this question. It contorted her face to a level that bordered on the unnatural. The explanation came quickly, no doubt due to this excitement. "You used it!" She literally squealed in excitement. "Some of the old magic the first humans who played with us used! We knew right away that you would play with us! It allowed us to find you!" Just then, Twippy's face became sad, and her voice became sullen. "It's hard to find humans that use the old magic, and it's even harder to get those we find to play." "It's almost as if they don't want to anymore." Twippy said quietly. Although her face did not betray any real emotion with those last words, Valentino absolutely shivered in fear because her voice clearly conveyed an intense, if restrained, anger. Though he could not say with certainty, he also felt as if for a split second, a killing aura eminated from the being calling itself Twippy. It was enough envelop him in a cold sweat. Many things became clear though. Valentino was in this mess because he was fooling around with Gates magic. The 'Old magic' twippy was referring to had to be that. Valentino was incredibly angry at himself for not heeding at least some of the warnings the professors had given. If he lived through this, he resolved himself to learning everything about these 'Dreamers of the Void' and how best to protect himself from them and other extradimensional beings like them. "Not that *You* are like that, human Valentino!" Twippy gushed, instantly reverting back to a bubbly, cute personality. "Well, That's enough questions for now, don't you think?" Twippy remarked. "I think it's about time for you to meet the others~! They're sooo excited to meet you!" Unfortunately, everything else would have to wait. Being friendly with this Twippy and whatever else she had to introduce him to was going to be top priority for the time being... "I, uh... Can't wait." Valentino sheepishly responded. Twippy calmed down and became serious for a moment. "There's just one thing you need to keep in mind first..."
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