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  2. Rhi; The reply: "In a way, the question can be read, "Is it possible to use illegal magic to make contact with another person's sleeping mind, or does it have to be legal?" And, yeah, it's totally possible to do it illegally. More seriously: magically tampering with people's dreams - up to and including murdering them in them with varying real-world consequences - is indeed a Mastery specialization of old, and it's really quite easy to use the same techniques in less violent ways. Unless you're a virtuoso, the result almost certainly won't look like a normal conversation; it's much more likely that the sender would, say, leave a giant, fiery message for a dreamer to read than that he/she/they would appear in person. (A dreamer's consciousness is somewhat disordered for conversational purposes to begin with, and most Mastery spells tend to increase the effect; even if a Mastery wizard did show up "in person" to speak, the dreamer's responses and understanding of what was being said would tend to be skewed and fragmentary.) But, yes, it can be done."
  3. @Legate of Mineta: Using dreams to communicate with another mage is, if I understand correctly, possible without mastery. But can it be done with mastery also?
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  5. It was on Sunday; no change as yet, unfortunately.
  6. Attention all INPF commands. The following message is unclassified and marked for widest distribution. Publicly publish the following orders at gathering points within your command. From: Commander, 76th Strike Group, INPF Pacific Command To: All INPF Commands Subject: Armistice Day Essay Contest Situation: The Captain's Association, and the Admiralty Board of the Discord Server is pleased to announce that we will be holding an essay contest, to celebrate the imminent launch of the game, (whenever that might be!) and to commemorate the end of the Great War. The contest is open to all ranks, and begrudgingly, to all services, including our land locked cousins. Please see the following information for details. Respond to this thread, or contact the Admiralty Board on the very Unofficial Victory Belles Discord server if you have questions. Mission: In the spirit of the old saw "Lions Led By Donkeys", the subject of the essay shall be, The Worst General or Admiral of the 20th Century As an argumentative essay, your essay about your selected historical personage must be based primarily in facts and reason. Citations are not required. A certain amount of persuasive writing (arguing from emotion) and humor is encouraged, but should not encapsulate more than half of the essay. The board wishes for all participating personnel to have fun after all, but the goal is making a historical argument with these essays in addition to having fun. Some exceptions to the requirement of your essay subject being a flag officer will be entertained on a case by case basis, but should ideally be at the very least, the commander of a land formation no smaller than a regiment, one large warship, or the commander of a squadron or flotilla of smaller vessels. If you really need to expose the incompetence of such an individual, contact the contest organizer with the following information: Who you want to eviscerate in text, and why you feel they should be considered in the company of failed generals and admirals. Execution: The contestants shall write an argumentative essay of at least one typed page in English, size 12 font. The essays will be judged solely on content, not on grammar, but keeping things vaguely comprehensible is encouraged so as not to drive the judges to drink. Anything above ten pages is probably a touch excessive, but if you have the will, by all means. Essays may be submitted via paste bin link, or posted whole cloth in the contest thread on the Victory Belle's forum. These essays will then be judged by the Admiralty board via an internal process. Results will be announced via the Discord, and this thread. This will be accomplished as quickly as possible after the end of the submission period. Depending on the volume of submissions... it might take awhile, what with a war to fight against eldritch horrors and all that. To encourage enthusiastic participation, the Admiralty Board is offering the following prizes to the victor. The admiration of your peers, the smug satisfaction that you've lampooned an utterly incompetent git for the amusement of others, and of course for the over all winner, a prize, either a strategy game with appropriate amounts of naval combat, or a steam gift card of equivalent value . The exact value of the prize, and a possible prize for second place, will depend on the number of participants who successfully submit their entry, but will be no less than 20.00 USD. The winner will be messaged via PM on this forum, or by discord to arrange for final delivery of the prize. Administration: Due date: All entries must be submitted by the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, Reiwa 2/2773 AUC/2020 CE, in the Central Time Zone of the United States. Command and Signal: As before, please contact myself under the handle TwoHeavens on the forum, or via the (Unofficial!) VB discord here: https://discord.gg/8AqrYGq with the same call sign. Keep an eye out for a special further announcement regarding this contest later this week! May the most irate historian win! Respectfully, T. Heavens. Admiral, USMC, INPF Commanding
  7. Nice tins. And waaay too much nuts for my taste. But let's not start that conversation, because it could compromise "family secrets". Let's just say I will not mainly rely on Nürnberg for my Lebkuchen supply. But she definitively has objectively one of the top 3 Lebkuchen supplies in the Reich..... and another revealed Walküre has probably the worst, but that's subjective. I know people loving her over-sweetened, texture-less .....brown blobs. I don't. A Lebkuchen needs character and with my favourites.... I can probably shoot holes into a Nixe. .... Actually now I have to run a projectile design through Hannahs workshop..... gaaah! I have to look up the caliber.....
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  9. Sure! The tin has it as: https://leckerlee.com/
  10. All the more reason for me to write the scene when I have time. Thanks.
  11. I'm really curious now, so if there are pics: I'm interested.
  12. Self Defense Force: Gates 20 The World: Numerology 21
  13. Cinzia is my favorite, she is like Satsuki from Kill la Kill and Ava from the Sunrider. I want to learn Mastery too, so that's something for my character.
  14. I mean, I like it. That's pretty much all I can say about it.
  15. @Legate of Mineta: I have an idea for a scene (insertable in whichever game the team wants) in which the PC confesses to being a mastery mage - to his girlfriend Cinzia Ammacapani. Leading to potentially very funny conversation about her dominance and his mastery magic. Would this be acceptable?
  16. New York, huh? Sure it's not Lekach he sends? I have no doubt there is something resembling Lebkuchen in edible quality available in New York and imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.
  17. KK; Our president sends out lebkuchen each year, but it's from *gasp*heresy* New York.
  18. Now here is a lively thread. I don't get the two startled and one happy cook thing. Apart from that nice update. Good to see Wichita getting a treat for a change. Good thing only 25% of EU citizens use iOS on their mobile devices. Even less on their other gaming hardware. #yankiiproblems *gets a broom and swings it over his various caches* If you want proper Lebkuchen this year, you can find me on the VB discord to discuss a care package. Just saying.
  19. Direct matches: Nevada 4-5 Arizona after penalty shoot out, Arizona kicked Nevada out of the playoffs after Nevada and Arizona were #1&2 in the USL 2020 Western Conference table. Saguenay 2-3 Lexington Takao 2-2 Kaga Kaga 4-2 Nagato Kaga 0-1 Tenryuu INPF 1: Chiyoda takes off with 4 matches in which she "only" manages 6/12 points, but she's so far ahead at the moment, she can do whatever she wants. For now. Belfast actually made it better with 9/12 and the beautiful oddity because of her special treatment, of losing to and beating the same club in one week with both her teams. Arizona won twice, keeping her match advantage over Lex who managed to do the same. LMP and Hood also did well, so no change there as well, but Kongou only scored 3/6 possible points and Moskva blew her only chance, thus both created openings for their numerous midfield pursuers. Conte used this opening in the elite fashion which can be expected of her team and marches right past Kongou and Moskva with 6 points to her total. And doing it with only five matches under her belt. Only Walküre to be unbeaten in her first 5 matches and longest winning streak of the season so far on par with Chiyodas run from her 8th to 12th match. Unlike her sister, Leni used her only chance well and subsequently surpasses her. Wichita was also a busy bee and gained 7/12 points, which puts her right behind Conte on match count alone. Last seasons early darling Augusta however only got 2/12 points and misses out on climbing up the table, even losing two places. Tenryuu on the other hand makes 7/9 points and follows Wichita up the ladder. In the lower regions AGS loses her only match, Kumano even both of her matches, so Verdun gains 1 point and surpasses two rivals, but gains only one position. In from behind comes Houston, who parts ways with SLC, since Houston won and SLC lost. Also the league of both teams only had 4 matches(?) which confuses me. But apparently they will be out until March, when the 2021 season for their teams starts. Talking about teams waiting to play: Perth will start her season on Dec. 27th..... if there is no VB beta launch by that time, we should all get concerned. (Algerie starts on 28th of November, if there is no launch until then, we should demand a pillow fight with the devs.) INPF 2: As seen above, Nevada takes a hit by an INPF 1 Walküre. that leaves her with only 3/6 points and lets Kaga catch up to her with a mixed bag of 4/9 points. And Kaga battled everyone she could in the last two weeks. Drawing with Takao, winning against Nagato and losing to INPF 1 Tenryuu. Nagato herself had a rather weak 3/9 series, but Exeter and Takao miss es out to overtake Nagato with a 2/6 matchday bounty, even submitting her to a takeover by Takao who ties now with Nagato on points and matches after a 5/9 matchday. Busy bee of the matchday is Saguenay, who manages to get 6/12 points and ads insult to Exeters injury by sheer determination, if not skill. On the other hand Exeter has a comparatively low match count. The leading Kriegsmarine representant, Scharnhorst has a terrible match day with 0/6 points in a pretty vulnerable midfield position. And consequently, PK, Canarias, but especially Kitakami make short work of her. Only Dunkerque fails to score, making her now prone to hostile takeovers at the end of the table. Which starts with Pola who takes Dunkerque up on the offer and at least ties with her on points. Below Pola only Gneisenau manages to win, pushing her past Bearn and making her catch up with the other Kriegsmarine Walküren. Aoba also manages to at least score a point, bringing her on par with Bearn who lost. Axum won't join before December I assume.
  20. The reply: "1. Probably not, at least in a technical sense. There were certainly points in the rebellion against draconic rule where knapped flint and obsidian blades were a lot easier to come by than steel, or even bronze, and they have legendary and ritual places in the popular imagination as a result. (Also, faerie powers still use them extensively.) But if there are any creatures that are specifically vulnerable to them, they're not widely known. 2. In terms of pure likelihood, we would think Zoe's odds of running into someone genuinely foreign are higher at the Minetan docks than they would be almost anywhere else she might go. 3. For research purposes, we wouldn't be surprised if she had a collection of snake bits (ideally ones not derived from snakes that had been mistreated). For fashion or decoration, though? Unlikely. Though we could see her liking fabrics with "snakeskin" patterns or the like, if done with real discipline and an artistic eye."
  21. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Are obsidian/flint weapons used for their magical properties against any types of creatures, in a way akin to silver or iron weapons in real traditions (and Obsidian in a popular fantasy series)? 2. One point in a research chain which I am planning would involve Zoe Melis's coming into Mineta on a route which would allow her to meet with some merchants from outside the Empire of Man. Would this be plausible? 3. I am under the impression that Uliva, as much as she likes snakes, would not like to collect parts from snakes or wear snakes' skins. Am I correct in this?
  22. And, from the Team: "The answer, sort of, is the enchantment on the Shard of Trigivento. It's basically a hard stone that dates back to late Draconic times, and is used to knap extraordinarily sharp flint and obsidian arrowheads. (The mark on it is a kind of proto-rune that seems to signify something like "excellence.") Legend has it that it's actually a fragment of an even more ancient millstone used to create bread that conveyed extraordinarily long life - but there's no way to confirm it, even astrologically. The 'sort of' comes from the fact that over the centuries mages have 'renewed' the enchantment, to keep it from entirely withering away. The Shard is in the private collection of the House of Durand (the royal house, not the College)."
  23. What is the oldest known existing enchantment?
  24. And, the reply: "In terms of what you're going to see routinely, yes - not least because magic allows for multiple routes of relatively secure transmission of information (i.e., glyph-sealed letters, enchanted lockboxes, glamours with specific triggers, astrological sendings, weird familiars, and Oct only knows what else). That said, Ecarla Agnetti (a fairly recent Minetan spymaster and semi-scandalous former Academy Legate) was known to use - and probably herself devised - a system rather akin to the Vigenère cipher. And a mathematician from the far north named Elysio Brook wrote a reasonably famous treatise called "De Collocutionis" in 1411 that described a kind of binary cipher that only used dots of black and white (or Xs and Os) and certainly could be extrapolated into a kind of Baconian system. Or just presented as a terrifying wall of black and white dots. :)"
  25. Jazerus; We've certainly talked about it, at various points. Like I said, I wouldn't think anything would change by now, but I'll certainly raise it up. Academagia's a small team, though- so spending time on this sort of engagement is less time for the game. You could argue that it's not very much time, and you'd be right- but it seems to be more than what they'd like to spend. Nonetheless, I'll raise it at our next meeting.
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