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  2. Regarding Mr. Pebbles in Y2. I gave the legate a loose outline of where I intended the stories to go through PMs. I never wrote anything past that, because I don't know how Y2 stories are to be written. The Legate told me that the Team was going to use the details I provided in order to write the base stories for Y2, and that I'd have a little bit of flexibility when providing feedback in the Beta. So, in short, I'm not all that worried about Mr. Pebbles' stories. At least for the official release.
  3. I do hope I get to keep the familiar I got at the end of Year 1 unless I somehow exchange it later.... Getting a second one later seems like a better idea.
  4. There is a lot to like about the Academagia storytelling.
  5. This probably isn't the place, but I have a feeling that the reason Gates magic has become so chaotic is because it's tied to Dragons and other creatures like Wyverns that are tied to the magic. and each magic pillar is tied to magical creatures aroudn the world and as they die off magic weakens. Those mages that sacrifised.. what was it a unicorn? to give birth to a Wyvern, might have been trying to bring gates magic back and stabilise it in their own way. Sacrifising one rare magical creature to bring back another that might have been more or less extinct. And as humans keep slaying dragons or they die off, their magic fades.
  6. There were descriptions of potent ways for good arithmancy spell use, where arithmancy could be used to help control, pause, and store magical spells before unleashing them. There was that Lore story of a wizard that had been casting what seemed liek failed fizzlign spells before the battle began, then when the enemy arrived he finnished off his spells and unleashed a massive barrage of "stored".magic. That had been accomplished throught the use of arthmatics skills applied to spell casting. It can also be used for the economy skills I believe, least to a certain degree. Knowing at least basic mathematics seems liek a good idea.
  7. Still alive and waiting for Year 2! Might have to start investing in eternal life research of this keeps up ! (seriously 5 games and this long a wait between each ) I just hate leaving things unfinnished!
  8. Rhi;
  9. @Legate of Mineta: No need for such exposure of Data. I would hate to delay the release of Y2 in any way. I will just write the adventure in a different way.
  10. Rhi; No, I don't think so. It's in the data, though, so it could ultimately be exposed.
  11. Rhi; 1) Yes, although it is very familiar. 2) Indeed!
  12. I suspect Exchange Familiar only switch out the familiar for a different one, that means all ability you unlocked for the player during familiar adventure keep on the player! So the year 2 import need to handle the remove of this abilities or give the 1st familiar back to the player.
  13. Legate told us that Mr. Pebbles will return in year 2 when you exchanged him for a other familiar and I doubt this will end good for the player char especial if the adventures of him are also not done. But about the CoF I doubt it go away as you only change the familiar not any additional effects and the CoF is a additional effect (you also don't lose player ability you unlocked from the first familiar adventure)
  14. If Exchange Familiar works on Mr. Pebbles that's probably unintended. If not in the sense of "this is something the player shouldn't be able to do" than in the sense of "this is something the player should never want to do".
  15. Speaking of Chance of Failure, does using the Exchange Familiar (Action) to get rid of Mr Pebbles get rid of Mr. Pebbles's associated chance of failure?
  16. @Legate of Mineta: 2 quick questions about dating/romance culture in Mineta (because am planning a story in which the PC and Zoe Melis mock dating/romance tropes). 1. is it common to kiss a woman's hand as a romantic/courteous gesture? 2. Is there a practice of putting a clipping from a lover's hair in a locket?
  17. Don't forget that the X% Chance of Failure are rolled first then the X% Chance of Success and only at 3rd position you have the normal roll.
  18. @Legate of Mineta: Since you have mentioned that detentions earned in Y1 but not served in Y1 will carry on to Y2, I wonder: will Y2 allow a charcater's being assigned but not having served a detention yet to be a trigger? I ask because one of my adventure plans involves talking about Y2 detentions just before leaving for summer vacation.
  19. Close: The sum of that (and all appropriate miscellaneous modifiers, like Familiar bonus and whatnot) needs to be bigger than or equal to the threshold to pass the roll. A roll of Intelligence 0/Grammar 5 v.5 will always succeed, barring shenanigans messing with stuff.
  20. also, question regarding rolls, cause guess that i taking them wrong. For example, in adventure "the new girl" there is a choice in part 3 of adventure as: Magical Appraisal. Which wand seems least likely to blow up in your face? (roll v. 11), am I right, that i should calculate it as (magic appraisal skill level)+x*Insight, where x is an variable between 0.000000smth and 2? And the sum of that should be bigger than 11 in that case?
  21. @Legate of Mineta: I would prefer to use an official patch from the team, lest @Schwarzbart's mod have compatibility issues with Y2. In any case, the full functioning of the Prodigy Incantation is less significant for me than Y2.
  22. M; Yep, creation of the CP is the easy part. S; Hahaha! Well, there's an air of officialness about that mini-mod, yes...:)
  23. Reminder that the Team has updated mod tools, so theirs can publish mods in a matter of minutes.,,
  24. The fix I done for this issue with my mod was only change the Incantation Methods increase with one for Incantation Theory as the engine have the limitation that you have to be informed on the skill before you can increase the max. This fix together with the needed text change took about 5 Minute of work and then many hours of waiting for the mod publishing. Maybe the team consider my mods as semi official content and that is the reason why they didn't fix it them self
  25. Rhi; It should be a content fix, so not very much time at all. Of course, that would mean a new CP.
  26. @Legate of Mineta: If such a fix were necessary, could it be done? Or would it take too much time for the Team?
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