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  2. Sound like some kind of crafting was / is planed for this item. In Year 1 you first need to find a receipt, then all the materials and then you even need the right (sub) skill high enough to craft something new. With the limited stocks in the shops we have in Y1 crafting is sadly a uninteresting thing.
  3. So I came across this item the other day when I playing called The Empty Nest at the Cold Harvest Hattiers. It's a hat that has no effects, but in the description, it makes a point to say the hat can be improved upon. The only 'improve' action I can find is Repair and Improve, which doesn't do anything special with this item. I am guessing from the name it could be combined with an egg or something to make a new and improved hat, but I can't find anything here on the forums or on the wiki to confirm this. I may be focusing too much on the wording in the description that says owners have plenty of room to improve upon the item, but has anyone found any use for this outside of just having it, so you have every item in the same?
  4. S; "As a field of study, this is pretty much forbidden to students. So what follows is by definition untrustworthy. Still, in terms of folklore, dragons seem more like the gods of Olympus: a complicated and vast family rather than a collection of distinct breeds. When it’s said that true wyverns are likely related to dragons, incidentally, the thought is actually that they were a kind of Familiar race, possibly created by Gates. But nobody even begins to know for sure."
  5. Are the stories about the dragons point towards that there might be different races and if so where there some racial differences how they handled humans?
  6. Is there any historical precident of dragons disguising themselves as human? Not that there would be any doing that in the modern day, surely...
  7. Rhi; "It would be relatively common knowledge, inasmuch as the player character didn't bat an eye over it in the von Wetgen adventure. Ground wyverns are probably relatively famous, even if few people have ever seen them - they're just draconic enough to be dramatic, but they're not considered inherently evil, and that makes them interesting."
  8. Would such polysemy for the term wyvern be common knowledge in Mineta, or only known to scholars?
  9. Maybe if a race-family have wide differences it might be good to write the species more exact in the text. I.e. if someone write there where birds drinking from the sea many people would assume a flook of small flying birds or maybe some ducks and not a few ostrich.
  10. For me a wyvern was always something like a pterosaur with a poisonous tail and not such a wide variation of species. ^^
  11. S & Rhi; "The critters in Beatrix's adventure were specifically crimson-tailed ground wyverns - not exactly popular with the people of Elumia, but probably more like an Asian water monitor than a "true" wyvern; on the other hand, what we saw in the Broken Pines adventure was winged, fire-breathing, and much, much, much closer to being outright draconic. That was the type that was thought to have been completely wiped out in ages past."
  12. Ah, but the rareness of the wyverns is so great that the wyvern-restoration group can be understood as wanting to bring back more wyverns. Given how difficult to access the Imperial Reserve is, I would not be surprised if the existence of wyverns within the Imperial Reserve is not widely known - and may be kept as a secret in order to avoid attracting wyvern cultists such as appear in von Wetgen's adventure.
  13. Isn't the story from Broken Pines inconsistent with what get told in Student Adventure Beatrix vonWetgen?
  14. Rhi; No, in case things are re-opened or dropped.
  15. @Legate of Mineta: Would you be willing to reveal to us what has not been completed in Y2?
  16. @Legate of Mineta: Have the mechanics for the Schohanwicht School in Y2 been created yet?
  17. Rhi; No, it just means you can't control when the term starts.
  18. Ah. Does that mean that my content for a PC in Y2 who refrains from studying at the Schohanwicht despite being a student there is useless?
  19. @Legate of Mineta: Will it be possible for PCs during Y2 who, during Y1, were enrolled in the Schohanwicht School to choose when they will resume their studies there?
  20. S; Yep, although some actions/areas are not available at certain Time Slots, of course.
  21. the first day in Y2 still have at last 1 full day with 4 timeslot at the Academagia? If so my current char would still have 1 time slot to find a place for his books or pack beside the 3 time slot he have to spend on turn in lvl 10 Favor from 3 Regent
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  23. Free; "1. Oh, Alazzo is a talented craftsman, but you'd have to call him... maybe a gifted hobbyist? He excelled as an enchanter when he was in school himself, then didn't do much with it as an adult - certainly professionally - until he was brought on as Regent. He's less rusty now than he was when he first took the job, and is certainly capable of giving intelligent, detailed criticism and commentary, but nobody would mistake him for a mastercraftsman. Note that that isn't something he's embarrassed about; the overwhelming majority of Vernin alumni are in the same boat, or are even less skilled. 2. Rather than directly answer the question, we'll just note that any student who spends a serious amount of time at Schohanwicht will discover that a number of Gates wizards through the years have felt very strongly that Gates wouldn't be illegal at all if Mastery mages hadn't conspired to bring them down. Gates "culture" is hardly monolithic, but for a lot of practitioners there's kind of a romanticized view of themselves as libertarian explorers - whereas Mastery mages just want slaves. The popular association between the two disciplines among the uninitiated is widely seen as grossly unfair, basically. At the same time, you'd be right to say that they would hardly call in the Minetan Guard. ;)"
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