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  2. @Metis Which adventure/college are you talking about? @Von-Wulfen: The two most creepy/evil first year students whom I have encountered within my playthroughs have been Aranaz students. But my default college when wanting a character to study forbidden magics (gates and mastery) is Morvidus.
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  4. I'm glad you like it
  5. It all turned out jolly in the end
  6. Welcome, welcome! Let us know which one you choose.
  7. v-W; In the past some people's music players have interfered- I'd try closing any background players you may have open. It's a specific bug that we've never quite gotten to the bottom of. Edit: Really should refresh the thread *first*.
  8. Only what college exclusive adventures you have access to. There might be a few adventures where one college gets an option that other colleges don't or vice-versa, but those instances are very few and far between - I can only remember one example off-hand, of the 100+ adventures I've gone through, so college exclusive adventures aside it's nothing you need worry about.
  9. Oh hi, welcome to the forums.
  10. Many thanks, so does the choice of college define what sort of adventures you have? I'm curious as I have seen some threads about favorite college etc
  11. Nothing that drastic. Aranaz just has a bad reputation for being untrustworthy and putting their ambitions, collective or individual, ahead of the concerns/feelings/whatever of others. Some definitely are that way (Rikildis' response to getting a bad grade is amazing, in a bad way), others aren't, at least visibly.
  12. You were correct, for some reason it was muted in the game menu once i got in the game after character creation
  13. In a thread on steam about favorite college, someone mentioned: "Come to Aranaz, come to the dark side". What did they mean by this? It implies the college is more to do with dark powers?
  14. Hi all. New to the world of Academagia. Still trying to work out when college to choose before I start
  15. Your choice of College changes what college-exclusive adventures are open to you and which mandatory classes you have, primarily. A student who dabbles in forbidden magic can be from Durand as much as Hedi, or any of the others. RP-wise there's things that you'd keep in mind depending on what College you're in, but mechanically you're no more or less likely to be caught trespassing (or what have you) whether your Regent is Briardi or von Rupprecht.
  16. How does the choice of collage effect what type of school life you will lead. As I have not started playing the game yet I know nothing about mechanics. Say I want to create an extremely mischievous, curious about hidden dark magic and secrets type of character. ( I was going to RP the early life of Bellatrix Lestrange from the HP books) How does my choice of college come into this equation? Are there colleges that be more suited to the darker side of magic, that she is interested in?
  17. Ok thank you, I have been so baffled by the whole character creation thing that I have only been going through it to read all the text etc while trying to research how to play
  18. You have to go through character creation and get into the game proper, yes. IIRC you no longer have to get to the calender screen, although Gera's letter and any Familiar intro adventure you got (only Pamela, the Platypus and the Doll get one IIRC) wouldn't be hard to go through.
  19. Many thanks again. How do I access the menu do I have to go through my character creation process and start at school before I can access the menu?
  20. There's no list that I know of. F12 is the only key you really need to know about anyway (check the quick overview of basic mechanics topic 'bout that). Probably. Anyway, did you check the menu and see if the Turn Off Music option is checked? If it's not I don't know what else would cause the music to vanish.
  21. Many thanks for the reply I have tried every key on the keyboard to no avail, still no audio That was part of the vibe I so much liked about the game as well, as I'm very fond of some of the music in the game. Is there a list of keys and what they do anywhere? I have looked but can't find them.
  22. There's an option to (un)mute the music in the Menu screen, once you've actually started/loaded a game. Beyond that I'm not sure what would cause the audio to be disabled. Actually, one of the F keys might mute/unmute the music? I haven't gone through all of them, but I know at least two of them serve dark and nefarious mysterious purposes.
  23. Hi all. Recently purchased the game on steam and have been reading guides as I look through the character creation screens. I just booted up the game intending to complete my first student creation and start playing the game but noticed that there is no longer any music while going through the creation process. All audio seems to have been disabled. Did I inadvertently press a mute button? I have verified the game cache through steam, that did not work so I uninstalled and then reinstalled the game, still, there is no longer any audio in the game. Would really appreciate some help solving this issue as its a bit bland without the lovely soundtrack. Also, hello to all in the community
  24. yes for the Declare Vendetta action you need Schoolyard Education 8 from School Survival. But unless the team have changed it by a lot don't expect to much of the duels in year 1. (i.e. you need to know the pheme for the duel spells from your personal memory) The most easy way for most form of duel is to weaken or even full take out your opponent before the duel.
  25. Schoolyard education like the subskill of School survival?
  26. It's an Action, same as Rest. Unlock it (Schoolyard Education 8) and spend a turn to use it.
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