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  2. As Metis mentioned you have to explain where your new Student got Botany, Dialectic and Negation of at last 5. While Botany and Dialectic is not that problematic the education in Negation is difficult to get. Private education is exclusive domain of the very wealthy that is many times combined with noble or even royal birth but in this case then why would she now drop down to a weaker education. Natural Simone could be a apprentice to a other mage but then you have to explain why the apprenticeship was ended by the mage (no a apprentice can't end this on her/his own without becoming a fugitive). As you might have found out already there only 2 backgrounds for the player to have relatives that know magic but for a student entering into year 2 this could be a good explain for a magic education especial if the student is a full year younger then the other students.
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  4. So where did Simone get a first year's magic education, and why would the Academagia accept her as a student if they already have someone in her year who's just all-around better than her? The honestly over everything angle...well, rest assured that even Briardi likely has a few reservations about it - even professors have secrets, you know.
  5. 15.Oktober 1939, a public phone in the reception of the KMM in Berlin, Reichpietschufer, 15 Minutes after the briefing "Kowalski? Korky hier." ... "Kowalski? Korky here." ... "Ja sie haben mich rausgelassen." .... "Yes, they let me out." ... *lacht* "Ja das hab ich mir auch gedacht." ... *laughs* "Yes, that's what I thought as well." ... "Ja, aber hör mal Kowalski, wir haben diesmal keinen Arschtritt bekommen. Viel schlimmer." ... " Yes, but listen Kowalski, we didn't get a kick in the ass. Much worse." ... "Was? Nein, kein Einbruch in Scapa. Bleib mal Ernst." ... "What? No, no break-in in Scapa. Stay serious." ... "Ich hab neue Befehle für uns. Wir werden das Schiff behalten, allerdings werden wir wohl eine neue Crew bekommen." ... "I got new orders for us. We will keep the ship, but we will probably get a new Crew." ... "Nein, wer will kann bleiben, aber nachdem ich die neuen Befehle bekanntgebe, dürfen alle gehen die den Befehl nicht ausführen wollen. Ich fürchte das werden einige sein." ... "No, they can stay if they want to, but after I announce the new orders everyone has permission to leave if they don't want to execute the order. I'm afraid some will do so." ... "Das kann ich dir natürlich nicht am Telefon sagen, du Pfeife!" ... "Of course I can't tell you on the phone, you pipe*!" ... "Schon gut. Sag mir lieber ob du als KaLeu alles im Griff hast." ... "Nevermind. Better tell me if you as KaLeu got everything under control." ... "Nein, ich komme sobald ich den Papierkram erledigt und meine Sachen habe." ... "No, I come as soon as I finished all the paperwork and got my belongings." ... "Ja spätestens in zwei Tagen bin ich wieder in ..." "Yes, at the latest I will be back in two days in ..." "Ach? Das haben sie mir gar nicht gesagt. Der feine Herr von Hertz-Emden." ... "I see? They didn't tell me. The swell Mister von Hertz-Emden." ... "Was? Das is' unser neuer Chef." ... "What? That's our new boss." ... "Ja nen Emden." ... "Yes an Emden." ... "Ja das weiß ich auch. Scheint auch kein schlechter Kerl zu sein. Hat vermutlich nur vergessen mir das zu sagen. Aber dafür hab ich dich ja Kowalski." ... "Yes I know that as well. Also he seems to be no bad guy. Probably simply forgot to tell me. But that's why I got you Kowalski." ... "Wie geht Schmieding, Grabowski und dem Bayer?" ... "How are Schmieding, Grabowski and the bavarian?" ... "Grüß die mal schon von ihrem Kap'tän. Dann bleibt die Landrattentruppe ja scheinbar zusammen."... "Already greet them from their Capt'n. The landrattroop seemingly stays together then." ... "Wie geht's dem Schiff?" ... "How's the ship?" ... "Gut und wie geht's ihr?" ... "Good and how's she?" ... "Hm.... hm... hm..." **... "Hm.... hm... hm..." ** ... "Die Arme. Dann kannst du ihr ja sagen, dass ich unterwegs bin. Wir bleiben aber erstmal noch im Hafen. Ein paar Umrüstungen und Bevorratung. Kannst also das Bier kalt stellen, wir fahren frühestens in zwei Wochen irgendwo hin. Einzelheiten sag ich allen Übermorgen." ... " The poor girl. You can tell her I'm on the way then. But we will stay harboured at first. A few modifications and resupply. So cool the beer, at the earliest we will be on the move in two weeks. I tell everyone details the day after tomorrow." ... "Ja, wenns sein muss kriegen alle einen Schnaps zur Feier. Saufköppe." ... "Yes if you have to, everyone gets a Schnaps for celebration. Boozeheads*." ... "Du mich auch Kowalski. Bis Übermorgen." "Same to you*** Kowalski. Until the day after tomorrow." *klick* *click* * I decided to translate expletives literally, just to showcase them. I hope you like it. ** "Hm.." at the phone as a simple signal of listening. *** He literally says "you me too" but afaik that makes no sense in english, does it? So I choose something that fits closely.
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  7. I'm not sure where this mod is to be found probably in the Writer's Corner or its sub forum. All mods can cause problems with year 2, at minimum you need to keep them backed up with your game in case the import tool need them for importing your char to year 2. You know that Zoology 11 give you access to Exchange Familiar what give you a random Exotic Familiar in place of your old one (what for me is usual Pamela)?
  8. Rhi; There isn't a fixed policy, but then again you are right about Aranaz. Almost always it's financial.
  9. Huhu no, I said maximal drop so if the team set the drop to 2 it use that until 1/2 Reputation rounded down get smaller then 2.
  10. Ya, that's why Simone is not gonna be in the best position social ladder-wise in the game. Rikildis is just all-around more competent than Simone, so it's really gonna be an uphill battle for her, even if she's not part of the newspaper.
  11. Sorry for the delay but I'll be busy for a bit. Seeding a revolution on two fronts isn't easy but someone needs to do it.
  12. Interesting. I would have thought that Knoht would be associated with Godina, given its association with incantation. Is there a fixed policy within Academagia or individual colleges about how professors should be affiliated with the colleges? I would think, for example, that the cliquish Aranaz, especially under von Rupprecht, would love to have all professors who teach its required subjects be formally associated with Aranaz. Is Sido associated with a college? On a completely different note, what financial obstacles would have prevented Rexus the stage magician from gaining at least basic magical training? Were finances his chief obstacle to studying magic? He had discipline and dedication and moral fortitude and manual/spatial training/intelligence.
  13. Rhi; Some are connected, but others are not- for instance, Professor Knoht. Free; I'm not sure, actually!
  14. Rhi; I'm not sure on that one, unfortunately. Relationships Maximums are carried forward.
  15. How does one find and install this mod? Would it cause compatibility issues with Y2? I want to explore familiars (a mechanic that I have neglected throughout all of my playing of this game).
  16. What kind of professor was Von Rupprecht before he became regent?
  17. Does this mean that some professors who are not regents are explicitly associated with colleges? I ask because the weaponsmithing lore strongly suggests to me that Professor Pluiete is a professor belonging to Vernin.
  18. I use that mod a lot.. I've never had this issue. I also use my own mod though, so it could just be how I positioned them.
  19. In all fairness, I am only relying upon the wiki. Nonetheless, thanks for the reply to my comment. Also, can one use charm in prose during the summer period, or does that action only work in Academagia proper? and will relationship maximum increases gained in Y1 be preserved in Y2?
  20. Rhi; And almost certainly unintended! Thanks.
  21. Schwarzbart & Free; It can't go below 1, fortunately. Rhi; Yes, it takes a full action. 1) Not necessarily. 2) Hmmm. I don't think so. 3) If it's sports and competition, yes.
  22. Sprite Workshop is revealed when the character has Clockwork 11, but the only way to get clockwork 11 is to research at the Sprite Workshop. Even for an obscure and tedious and often frustrating mechanic (research), this seems a bit too circular and empty as a reward.
  23. Well, don't forget there are ways to prevent the drop, too.
  24. Thank you!
  25. Even if Rikildis doesn't see her as an actual threat, the minute Simone does something to really tick her off is the minute that Rikildis will destroy her anyway. Like I said, "disproportionate retribution" is her middle name, and it doesn't take much to get her gears running.
  26. Well, I guess with Simone, I'm really trying to create a character that desperately wishes to do good, so people will focus more on that rather than anything else regarding her. Unfortunately, she kind of sucks like that, but that's like the ideal she's constantly striving for. It's also a big part of the reason why she's somewhat angry at Mhadi, because she thinks he's way too overzealous about defending any "slights" towards Alesfan culture. As i write this now, I realize that in some ways this is quite similar to Miya, but IDK anymore. And to answer @Schwarzbart's question, I really just came up with this thing as a concept. I don't know if Simone is ever going to actually become a full-fledged character in the game, I just wanted people's feedback on her. The more I'm thinking about it, if this character seems to be decent, her most likely inclusion is as DLC for Year 2 or something. Also, @Metis, that's why I'm thinking Simone is probably going to spend most of her time not really succeeding at being a journalist, which is part of the reason why Rikildis dismisses her as an actual threat, which she is mostly correct to do so. While Simone can do logical reasoning and things like that, she simply isn't that cutthroat, just prone to short-sightedness, which obviously doesn't serve her well.
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  28. Typoes: Random Event Theatre 1: screech, demands should be screech demands Letter From Blake Anderston, College Vernin I guess its customary to write should be I guess it’s customary to write Letter From Alison Jamey, College Durand I was in your place, so was everyone should be I was in your place, and so was everyone Letter Found Taped In A Previously Empty Locker for only then, will you find success should be for only then will you find success Random Event Student – Amada 2 the flowers who’s fragrance she’s currently selling should be the flowers whose fragrance she’s currently selling Metallists’ Credo, by Nels Allin IV: refining metals from its natural state should be refining metal from its natural state From Onyx to Cerulean, by Cole Peldrin I In accordance to Danothen’s kin should be According to Danothen’s kin From Onyx to Cerulean, by Cole Peldrin II The Danothen line were the men that…changing of the world had came should be The Danothen line was the men who…changing of the world had come From Onyx to Cerulean, by Cole Peldrin III It was through their knowledge of metalcrafting that enabled worldly ships to be built should be It was their knowledge of metalcrafting that enabled worldly ships to be built From Onyx to Cerulean, by Cole Peldrin IV dampen metallic tunnels should be damp metallic tunnels From Onyx to Cerulean, by Cole Peldrin V among the humans that once dwelled. should be among the humans who once dwelled within the tunnels. Weaponsmith RL I: pile discarded objects should be pile of discarded objects Weaponsmith RL III: Teaching weaponsmithing as a means to learning grammar?...We try to teach pacifism here, need we bring weaponry to the students. should be Teaching weaponsmithing as a means to teaching grammar?...We try to teach pacifism here. Need we bring weaponry to the students? Weaponsmith RL V: true blacksmith’s who should be true blacksmiths who Weaponsmith RL VI: weeks , should be weeks, Weaponsmith RL VII: thirty seventh…spit should be thirty-seventh…spat Meek (Ability) Charisma should be Charm Sharing the Secret many Legates of Academagia over the years, some have been should be many Legates of Academagia over the years; some have been Storm Dream 11 “I’m here to stop you!” You declare a boldly as you can. “HAHAHAHAHA! Do you know who you’re dealing with?” should be “I’m here to stop you!” you declare as boldly as you can. “HAHAHAHAHA! Do you know whom you’re dealing with?”
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