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  2. Any news on Y2's progress? Can we get a word as to whether it's possible the Beta will be revealed before the end of the year? That would be super nice!
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  5. 50% Knowing, 25% red lasers, 25% blue lasers
  6. You've missed the all important percentage of the battle!
  7. Got it!
  8. disappointing. Option 2
  9. So technically songs are just poetry set to music. With that in mind, have my half assed attempt at a VB parody (couldn’t find a good replacement for the battle cry part or replacement for “real American hero” so gotta make due with whatcha get) Music: Crashing through the night Comes a fear full cry Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!) Navies of great might Evil taking flight Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!) No where to run No where to hide Panic spreading far and wide Who can turn the tide? Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Mahan: Let’s teach them a lesson! Victory Belles are there Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles are there Fighting for humans Wherever there's trouble over all the seas and air Victory Belles are there Can the world oppose Deadliest of foes? Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!) Belles will risk it all To end the evil call of Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!) They never give up They never say die Walking tall with banners high They sound their battle cry- Manchester: Get stuffed you Morgana bit- Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles will dare Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles are there Fighting for humans Wherever there's trouble over all the seas and air Victory Belles are there Victory Belles is the codename for the world’s daring, highly trained special naval force. It's purpose, to defend human freedom against Morganas- an extraterrestrial organization determined to wipe out man. Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles will dare Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles are there Fighting for humans Wherever there's trouble over all the seas and air Victory Belles are there Avarice: Morganas! Retreat! Retreat! Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles are there Victory Belles
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  11. v_L; I can't say, other than there is quite a bit of testing, and some UI work related to air combat. I believe there's another pass related to weather, too, but I don't have an ETA. As soon as can be, I think.
  12. Done!
  13. Rhi; 1) In an Auncesay? No, but of course political theater treads a fine line. 2) You'll have to ask them.
  14. 1. Is there any movement that wants to ban theatre in Auncesay? 2. Does the Thieves Guild bribe the Minetan watch? What about the Legate of Mineta?
  15. I think that would only matter to the huntress. You're not negotiating with the only actual hunter among them. You're negotiating with Scharnhorst. Who is not a hunter, and frequently allows her pride to get in her own way. Afraid? Even of a human worthy to be her captain, Scharnhorst knows no such fear... That depends on them working together. They won't be. Remember they're competing with each other as much as they are trying to catch you. Much like the original short story, the objective was not to kill the most dangerous game as a group, but to prove yourself the superior hunter and track, drive, trap and otherwise hunt down and kill the prey. Two, or four in this case, can play at that game, especially with weapons parity. If paint is all the rules require you're not just limited to Kumano's paint ball markers either. All manner of possible traps a wily captain can rig up after raiding the supply closet. Please see Mantrapping by Ragnar Benson, which technically doesn't exist yet, for more ideas, or if you want to be in universe, consult a copy of the Marine Corps publication NAVMC 2890 Small Wars Manual for more information and ideas. Unfortunately most of the best resources on the subject haven't been written yet as of 1939. Off the top of my head though, I would personally acquire fishing line, some string, adhesive, a couple candles and some hurricane matches, as many small jars of paint as I can get without sacrificing movement speed, another set of clothes in nice dark colors and maybe some other goodies if I can work out a proper margin of safety. But even without rigging up some downloaded shotgun shells, distractions like a rigged up flare gun and so forth, you can always go full Dennis the Menace with some doors. If the rules are that getting paint marked is a loss, and the Belles continue to play after being so marked by the Captain, they've just shown their own weakness, even in defeat, you win. Kumano's along because it will be fun. She's playing, testing out her new toy. Nubian's in it for the thrill of the hunt. She can only read stories and hunt Morgana, this is wish fulfillment. If the "prey" gets a mark on her she's failed, even if she can still get you. If Kumano fails, she'll probably want to play again for much lower stakes later, which you can encourage. Scharnhorst is the only one that might continue even after getting a hit on her and she'll be teased mercilessly by the rest of the fleet if she does. You're playing their game. Play to win.
  16. Option 10.
  17. Recorded.
  18. All of the options were wonderful, but I must limit myself to one: Option 2. For my reasoning:
  19. 3 problems with that plan: 1) the 3 hours could be spent actually preparing. Get to a different ship. Set traps. Find a better weapon. In addition to further post against those rooting for option 5, The knife may not be able to hurt the belles, but I don't believe a paintball gun would change their hunt either, and a knife is useful in other ways. 2) One of them may very well be guarding that comm room that your precious wireless is in. Also, good luck convincing any belles to go up against Scharn and Nubian in a hunting game, who would be in the area and could arrive in less than 3 hours. Naval travel takes time, and there's a war on. No doubt the ugly sister has already made provisions and alerted all operating forces nearby not to interfere, if they don't already have some task to occupy them. And isn't calling in reinforcements dishonorable and cheating? 3) Do you think Scharn, or either of the other belles, for that matter, care about human disease? They are spirits of steel and magic, I do not think we are contagious to them. On that line, do you think a quarantine sign would stop Scharn from barging in and shooting everyone in the room on principle?
  20. I pick the muti stage plan that is 12 step 1 graciously accept the terms of the game. 2 say that you will the start 3 hours now and step outside. 3 get a wireless and call Camicia Nera, Rawalpindi and Saguenay to run interference (that's what you get for not saying that i can't call for reinforcement). 4 go to the med bay put a quarantine sign on the door and go to sleep (yes i'm cheating)
  21. Recorded.
  22. Option 3. Never use equipment given to you. They'll know what to look for. Plus confidence is key.
  23. Got'em!
  24. I vote for option 10
  25. Ah, I wondered. I couldn't recall seeing that story before. Also, I would have picked 9 instead, but it didn't seem apologetic enough.
  26. General Patton; That Story has not yet been revealed...;) Also, recorded!
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