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  2. one last question about names we know that belles are limited in how far they can move from thier hulls. i was wondering if belles named after places could freely travel said place .i.e. if belfast docked in the port of belfast would she able to anywhere with the city. second i have a question about submarine belles we know they can dive under water but how far under can they go. and can a sub belle operate outside of her hull while at depth would be a very useful skill to have. would make submarine rescue a lot easier or cutting through nets, then there all the possible civilian uses marine biology reserch Archaeology underwater investgations plus the fact belles could go to places human divers can't. and in call back to an old anwered question if you would'nt mind do pass on salmon that i think for a submarine belle civilian life would have a lot of opportunities so please don't discount it. third question what are belles aircraft are they smaller virsion of the human one with it's own pilot or they some sort of energy construct that belles are able to control remotelly forth we know belles have to be near there hull but if they cut a small piece off and carried it with them could they then go where they want as long as they kept that piece close also if you would mind passing on a few letter i would use the post but a friend of mine a letter for rome italy ended up in texus for some reason, dear U-29 i am terrible sorry you did'nt full transcript of the admiralty meeting. if you had seen the full transcript your see the reason that lewd thoughts were picked as a first attempt at telepathic communication. were reasonable we thought that trying to use pictures or sounds were to complicated for a first attempt at communication. that be why the test you did with belfast did'nt get the desired outcome (it did point to other ways that such a link could be proven will continue about that later). The admiralty dicided that simple feeling should be the start preferably ones tied to primal instinct. basic and simple was the thought to be the best start which leads to what one to we go for. to be honest most had very bad con, for instence fear could really mess up a captain leaving them a nervous wreck unfit for command. hunger was also discarded for similar reason. pain was considered minus accdents could work quite well. Then lewdness came up after some joke we could'nt find any real negatives, minor physical discomfort some embarrisment but no more than what pain would cause without any real risk to anyone. now on to some observations of your test belfast did'nt pick up anything but you did'nt try the reverse of having the captain pick up on what belfast was seeing. with belles being the center of all powers that we may see results with belles trying to initiate the first telepathic communication again try to keep it basic and simple maybe focus on sentaion of your screws turning while thinking of the captain. I would love to here your thought on this your's sincerely Lazarus D Walking Dear Nürnberg I apologize in advance for the shortness of this letter I've been meaning to write to you and others but with not much to say i'd thought it best to wait but. I can wait no longer, first I thank you for answering my civilian life question it was heartfelt and sweet that your first thought was your ok with it if your useful which i'm sure you would be. all i've seen of you so far shows to be a hard working if not somewhat mischievous and I can't wait to meet you face to face and try some of your Lebkuchen your's sincerely Lazarus D Walking Dear Leningrad I recently reread your part in the poetry night i believe you were reading poetry by Anna Akhmatova i do hope you continue to share. I was also wondering if you have any recommendation for other russian poetry. I also apologize in advance if this question is to personal but some of us at the admiralty have been wondering about you personal. it about the connection belles have to thier names in your named after a place named after a person we were wondering if you feel any connection to the person in question. also what are your thoughts on Boise becoming a US senator and have you given a political career any thought if you do know thier people out there who would be willing to help to the extension they are legally alound to. of course it's only a crime if convicted i hope to hear from you soon. your's sincerely Lazarus D Walking
  3. Better by Half, stage 2: On the one side I kind of miss my exceptionally wordy stages. On the other side I really don't miss my exceptionally wordy stages. They'll be back, eventually, but today is not that day.
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  5. Always she is in the PC's College.
  6. Lol looks like I skipped to fast past the first step(s) of this adventure in the past and now have to learn in the forum that there is such nice side info there. ^^
  7. Better by Half, stage 1: As before, the intended deadline for this adventure is the start of next month. And it'd take place during Gelamenus, for the record.
  8. Oan being from Sae'on is a long established thing, though. From the first state of the tutorial adventure:
  9. Ohh so Oan actual did get a background? I thought the team refrained to do so because they want to give the player the ability to imagine it them self what College and so she is from. What College is she now placed in? The same as the player or some specific one? I might remember wrong, but wasn't she casting a complicated Incantation spell? Then she probably from Gondia.
  10. HMCS Ontario - Minotaur Light Cruiser: The final ship on the list making a very late entry into the war to see it had missed out. Still a part of WW2, if by a hair. So, this rounds out Canada's WW2 naval fleet in his videos showing Canadians were a force to be cautious of at the end of WW2, just a case of "A little too late" by the end of it. Three aircraft carriers, 2 light cruisers, many destroyers, and 3 merchant cruisers being 'HMCS Prince Robert', HMCS Prince David, & HMCS Prince Henry. Not bad. Thanks to his videos I even learned a lot from various vessels, things I haven't even come across from self-researching via Google & such. Many things are still omitted, though this sums things up nicely. I'm thankful he chose to do these HMCS videos because it gives Canadians presence and respect without treating them as throw-away objects, or even ghosts. -------- If game developers could just add in Canadians without whining about 'UI Clutter', or 'minor nation' then that be nice. I'm still thankful Canadians even do get added while under the weird HMS umbrella, I however want to wave either the Canadian or 'Maple Monarchy' (Azur Lane) banner high and proud. While Canadians are shy and into the whole SJW nonsense I rather take the more natural route of just priding of Canada's accomplishment, even though I'm aware of Canada's populace loves getting suckered into the whole SJW movement out of natural habits of being a "peacekeeping nation", ironically attacking other nations with words, not weapons. That's that, and this is this so I simply want to connect with my Canadian identity. That's all I'm happy Azur Lane focuses on other nations like the two sides of France, while even recently adding in Italians. I honestly 100% can't wait to fly my 'Maple Monarchy' flag there, or maybe even in Victory Belles, if it chooses to release or not. Victory Belles still worries me. But I honestly can't wait for the 'Maple Monarchy' to be a thing. Outfits, HMCS designation..... Whatever it is, I can't wait. I guess with this I'll be going back into lurking mode unless someone wants to post more Canadian WW2 content in the gaming realm, or is aware of any other Youtubers sharing anything HMCS related from WW2 era. I'll occassionally peak back, maybe once a week, once a month, or so. Who knows..... Only the wind knows.
  11. Last week
  12. Metis; 1) Likely they would think they were mad, or at least heretical. 2) The Imperial Temple would become involved.
  13. 1. How would people react to someone who claimed to be someone else, reincarnated? And... 2. What if this person could demonstrate knowledge that, if not specific to whoever they claim to were previously, at least something that they shouldn't just know about?
  14. Oliver Hazard Perry and his harem flagships USS Lawrence and Niagra will ride again! Heh... the Morgana really wouldn't know what to do with that.
  15. Schwarzbart; Not quite true- several of the more prominent islands have very hot or even molten interiors; it's supposed to be a remnant of the forces that originally tore the islands from Cyve to begin with. The remnants of Monteon are heavily seared with frequent lava flows. And, of course, there are famous places with 'natural' lava which can be accessed from the surface- Oan's home city is one. But, yes, very different access to studying natural geological phenomena.
  16. Better By Half, stage 0: Here's to hoping that Y1 information is considered commonplace in Y2 or at least not a spoiler, 'cause otherwise this adventure is going to really come out of left field.
  17. Some geologic processes have to be different then what they are on earth! The world of Academagia have no connection to the molten core for a very long time now what should resulting in no plate tectonic and no volcanos what also means all mountain get smaller and non larger. I'm personal not good in geology but don't need rock and some other materials certain pressure to form and I suspect the flying isle don't have enough deep to do so?!
  18. Rhi; It's comparable to the Renaissance. Classifications have happened, but there's not a significant understanding of how rock is formed.
  19. Parnesius; At Launch, only the oceans can be traversed. But...you never know what surprises may lurk.
  20. @Legate of Mineta: How advanced is the study of geology?
  21. https://rpgcodex.net/content.php?id=11193 Quite an interesting PC RPG game list although many very old with graphics that show their age it might still worth a look if you looking for something "new" to play.
  22. 'seas and larger lakes' So is there a Great Lakes theatre of operations? And in time, USS Wolverine?
  23. I am not a girl, but if I were, I would go for Cyrus Dawes. I like beautiful people, especially when they are a bit bad.
  24. I am quite interested in Aaran - he seems wise beyond his years, and could probably explain some fascinating theories. His hair is so striking, also. Tabin is also interesting - a deep thinker and well-groomed - but very dangerous to exes, I do not doubt.
  25. If we were of a similar age, I would find Beatrix von Wetgen to be very interesting - she is scientifically interested but also athletic and cheerful. But realistically, (again with the age caveat), I would probably be most successful with Zoe Melis. I was and am like her - sickly, socially isolated, and loving to study and learn obscure languages.
  26. No Dev Update yet. When Equipment is Done (tm), it will be out. But I can't say more than that.
  27. So how many injuries we have a bet to settle
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