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  2. I vote option 3.
  3. Recorded!
  4. I think Korky's wild speculation is in the right direction, and after brief review concur. Number one please. And a cigar. I love it when a plan comes together.
  5. Recorded'em!
  6. Option #2, because I admit I would love to give that order to any british Walküre at any given time. For everyone who likes good speculation.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Option #3. One or two I understand...but twelve?
  9. What Free said. And no, nothing yet...;)
  10. Probably because Gates magic allowed both parties to become too close for comfort. For the most part they do have very different cultures. Not hard to see how conflict could come out of that.
  11. @Legate of Mineta: Why would relationships between Oursouk and the Empire of Man be worse when gates was legal in both realms? would it be because of political conflicts and wars?
  12. The first mysterious ship is in my opinion Vifor class in my opinion fits like a glove. The ships were made in Italy, commissioned by Romanians, Greco-Roman, but two were sold to Spain as Melilla and Ceuta.
  13. Any word on the history question? It's been 11 days since you said you'd ask, and you have lots of other questions that you said you'd ask since then, and since we know you hold weekly meetings...
  14. *popcorn*
  15. David; Redacted characters are only those who haven't been revealed, so it is not Lampo...;) Recorded!
  16. Rhi; 1) No, they were definitely worse. 2) Specifically, only the Pasha of Saisyne and her coterie do.
  17. @Legate of Mineta: I just hope that Y2 research will be easier and more rewarding. 1. Were relationships between the Oursoukis and the Empire of Man easier when Gates magic was legal? 2. Does Saisyne have gates magic, or only Oursouk?
  18. 4 I want my money, Redacted 1 is Lampo
  19. Recorded!
  20. S; 1) You can form a Library with any number of Books (and a few other Items, too) 2) I am forbidden to explain Research in Y2...;)
  21. Option 4, always go for the money.
  22. option 1 also i'm betting that [Redacted 2] is HMS Achilles. she could also be ajax but my money is on achilles
  23. Option 1 as well it's too temping i can't resist
  24. As her commanding officer, I believe it would be rather uncouth of me to order Orion to do such a thing. However, I am feeling in a rather uncouth mood today. I think I shall pick option #1, much as I wish to sate my curiosity on the third option.
  25. Option 1! I never picked Option 2 for update 96, but I'm thinking I should have.....Ah well. The Commissars will find a booby-trapped kettle nonetheless! More proof!
  26. 1) Can you already go into the mechanic how to build a library in year 2? I.e. do we need different books about the same topic or can be put 10 different books together and call it a library. 2) What will be the benefit in year 2 for having a personal library especial if the books are about different topics?
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