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  2. What exactly is "smart" aboot white cheddar over popped corn? I don't seem to get it. I know this sort of system from another game. It's okay I guess since I'm not much of an PvP-player. The other player usually leaves a predetermined set of unit in an predetermined order for anyone else to fight. It's main advantage is, you can't cheat the point based system by bullying small players. The system usually pics you some players in your ranks and pretty early on you have to face equal or superior opponents. But of course it would be fun to pick your archnemesis. Also thanks everyone for answering my popcorn question. If you want something salty-cheesy in german cinemas: Nachos with cheese or salsa saw the gap left open by the sweet popcorn in cinemas and took it.
  3. Free; 1) Usually, it is burned up by the use of the Spell, but more expensive versions can keep the surface intact. 2) Yes, of course. 3) Hmmm...I'll have to ask. 4) You'd have to find out in game.
  4. 1. What happens to a one-time use spell scroll after it's been used up? Does it become blank? Eaten up by the magic? 2. In the arguments over whether Aranaz should close back in the day, did Vernin say that they could teach Orthography classes for those still interested in it? (I don't think I need to know Aranaz's reaction to this if yes. ) 3. What is the fastest airship used for transporting people and/or cargo that isn't a red ship? 4. What would happen if Briardi found out who the Aranaz student who took the Mallen-Star necklace was and that unfortunate student was in one of her classes? And that it was excellent Negation skills that allowed it to be taken? Would there be a little bit of pride there despite everything?
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  6. Since I sort of mostly finished the adventure and might be busy tomorrow, have the rest of it. Dying Wish, stage 9: No, I will never get tired of having a mage prodigy solve problems by throwing rocks. Dying Wish, stage 10: Getting the impression I left a few B-plot threats dangling, but honestly I expect them to be heavily modified by the Team if the entire thing won't get tossed outright, so...don't really see much need to go into great detail myself? If nothing else the Legate of course gets access to the behind the scenes, so at least in theory what's important will be heard. Dying Wish, stage 11: I'll just quote what I told the Legate about this: "... I get the idea that the "rewards"/consequences are off by like an order of magnitude and I have no idea how to fix them." Ultimately this story might just be beyond my modest bridges, but...I at least had to put the idea on the table.
  7. Well at least in my head, PvP means that you are playing against a player. In Kancolle you take your fleet and fight against a player's fleet automatically. There's no input from the other player. You also can't choose who to fight against, there's a list of 5 that rotate every 12 hours or so that you pick from. So me and Nel couldn't fight our fleets against each other unless we were on that list.
  8. What is KanColle's PvP if it isn't PvP? Oh, and white cheddar - Smartfood is love :-)
  9. The example I'm thinking of would be a Wits check if memory serves me, although in theory Mastery is also an option.
  10. Depends. How did the mage force the troll to clean his candlesticks ?
  11. Popcorn wise, orange cheddar. Regarding PvP, when it eventually comes out, I think it's all but confirmed that me and Nel will certainly fight against each other. Though I'm guessing that it'll be more like Kancolle's "PvP", which isn't bad, just not actually playing against each other.
  12. Here in the South-East of the US the usual is salt and butter (which I think is the norm for the US in general but it's a big place so you never know).
  13. Dying Wish, stage 8: Kind of a filler stage in terms of the rolls, but...
  14. Okay, this question is more of a meta-forum question thing, but I have to ask it and it's for everyone: What flavour is your popcorn, when you write *popcorn or /popcorn? Because I've read germany is a vast minority with eating primarily sweet, sugary popcorn and most countries prefer it salted. Just in case I share a bucket with someone. I like it sweet.
  15. First: Your hard stuff jpg isn't working, it seems. Second: Why always popcorn?
  16. We believed that she carried the G/6 on her trip to Turkey, but could be wrong about that. It appears that she retained her port and starboard launchers, even after the refit. The fore and aft ones were removed, however. Thanks!
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  18. *popcorn*
  19. Sorry, Yavuz carries no torpedoes, unless it's for decoration. According to Battleships and Battle Cruisers 1905-1970, her bow and stern torpedo tubes were removed during the 1926-1930 refit.
  20. Actually had a moment while typing that. Good to know my coin toss was a total bust .
  21. Dying wish 5, line 3 - 'past' not 'passed'? Enjoying despite my pedantry
  22. /me frantically searches for evidence Goeben was secretly refitted with Type 95's through a clandestine alliance with Imperial Japan...
  23. The comment in question is something the lines of "if people told more stories about how Mastery lead to things like [the largely self-inflicted death of four inexperienced Mastery mages] than a lot fewer people would be tempted to learn it". I imagine that if efforts were made to make the school seem unappealing such shenanigans would be common knowledge (perhaps more accurately "a common folktale"? Something along those lines, at any rate). You do make a good point, though. Personally I imagine it ultimately boils down to history as we know it being written by somewhat selfish humans. Ask a troll who got randomly yanked from his home and dropped off somewhere completely unfamiliar because a mage wants him to clean candlesticks if he despises Gates or Mastery more.
  24. Rhi; 1) I must refer you to the in-game sources for this one! 2) No, nothing special. 3) [Redacted]
  25. Well, the PC is young. How would he/she have the knowledge of a state-sponsored and organized purge 300 years ago? I doubt that even 1st year Aranaz students would learn of this, lest Mastery seem too tempting/unjustifiably banned to them. See, gates was banned, but because its effects neutral and positive (teleportation, exploration) are known, there is in Cyve a growing movement (admittedly mostly covert) to legalize it or reconsider the ban. Mastery, in contrast, is still largely reviled because it is seen as the magic of slavers. Yet as these fora have revealed, there were positive aspects of Mastery. I wonder whether records of these positive aspects were suppressed.
  26. About 1, based on a comment the PC makes during A Walk Along the Lake I would say "not very much, if anything at all".
  27. 1. Was much of the material about non-brainwashing/human-puppeting mastery systematically destroyed after the ban as a way to make mastery seem less appealing? 2. Does Academagia have policies for how to deal with teachers who have to teach their relatives? 3. Are any Academagia faculty related to any students as of Y1?
  28. Currently, we're making the assumption that she still carries her G/6 torpedoes from WWI, seems likely that she was updated during her rebuild. Maybe? We don't have any information on it, and English sources are somewhat lacking- anyone definitively know? Thanks!
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