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  2. Hi ho! One vote for option 5, please. Why? Best not explaining. Reputations are at stake.
  3. Fubuki for Japan
  4. it's Mahan's favourite Russian destroyer Leningrad as the Russian starter. Which means with the exception of Pindi all the starters are destroyer
  5. Before DLC 17 Academagia didn't compress the save files and the save did got bigger with each DLC because we got new adventures, skills, locations, ability and so on. Nearly everything outside of adventures and events need to be stored for 88 students! (Unlike other games in Academagia the NPC student are actual full simulated and so the progress of each of them need to be stored)
  6. Also, who are the starter Belles for each nation? Excluding the KS backer tier reward ones. I remember some, like Rawalpindi and Bulldog for UK (which I’m gonna have a hell of a time deciding between) and Mahan is one for the US
  7. My DLC 16 saves are at around 90MB. As academagia has gone on, the saves have become bigger because there are more tables and more information to keep track of. It kind of makes me wonder what Y2 through Y5 saves will look like, sizewise.
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  9. Who let you into my- ehem. I mean... Whatever are you on about?
  10. I think what the fellows before me where trying to say was how would Belles react to "fan" stuff? I brought this up in the Discord recently. I would be curious about their thoughts on it. Like, how would Belles react when they find out about their own fanclubs? Would female USO singers be dressed up as Nevada or New Orleans to ride the popularity wave? Would stag magazines have Belle pin-ups? .....Tijuana bibles? What about official government-sanctioned stuff? Maybe for a cartoon instead of Donald Duck in Nazi Hell-land, it's Henley (don't worry, it was all a bad nightmare and she was in the free US this whole time)? What about the thoughts of the Nazi or Soviet belles on their respective countries' propaganda posters?
  11. Yes, or how Bulldog would react to that "morale heightening propaganda" pic of your "Pupper", you hide in your captains quarter behind the depiction of the battle of Waterloo.
  12. I'm glad I'm using the latest version then. How was it in the previous version, has it always been this big?
  13. That's terrible, haha! Oh well, I can use just 5 slots or so.
  14. Endgame saves of DLC 17 or later are about 62 MB big for me but at DLC 16 it even got up to 95 MB per save.
  15. @LaughingHero: I play with no mods, yet my saves are all around 50 mBs in size also.
  16. So that's responsible for those massive saves? And with only one mod you should get more normal sizes, like 1MB for each save and not 50 or so?
  17. Even if there were, It wouldn't mean that they would share the secret heritage.
  18. No.
  19. Because it was asked what other wiki are there for games I found the one I linked above when needing some help with Torment: Tides of Numera but I'm not sure if they would take a game like Academagia.
  20. 1) Is there a other student in our year from the same village as our secret background characters?
  21. I also wonder what their reaction is to certain *ehem* propaganda of them used to improve morale of the men and women. Mahan's reaction especially would be hilarious
  22. Last week
  23. As far as lore questions go, I have a relatively minor one I think the ladies would rather not answer. It would be interesting to see what they come up with though, so I present the query anyways. What do the belles look for in a captain? I know some of them prefer very unconventional things. For example, rather than an experienced and proficient tactician, I believe Henley would choose her commander from a list of fine chefs. U-29 might choose them for their more inquisitive and curious minds, rather than the knowledge they already possess. So what other quirks do you fine ladies seek out in your search for a Commander?
  24. From the movie I was talking about.
  25. LH; You can use any number of mods, but if you use more than one official mods, there are a lot of overwritten changes, which can lead to problems. Usually it’s related to memory and save size.
  26. You are indeed only supposed to use the latest Summer's Blush.
  27. Yes, it’s not wrestling specific.
  28. I've selected both mods and had several crashes when loading a save, once it even said it was corrupted or maybe something about not being able to load it, but persistently trying to load the game resulted in it working. Are you supposed to select only one mod when starting a game? It doesn't say so anywhere in a guide and I wasn't sure which one was the latest one.
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