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  2. Metis; Generally, if it was an accident, that would be the fault of the person throwing the rock. If not an accident, the blame would generally fall on the person throwing the rock. Not always the case, however, and there are many factors, including degree of harm, station and other environmental factors that would be considered.
  3. Not sure of the proper terms, but to what extend is a spellcaster expected to be able to control his/her spells against interference? Say that someone casts a hard to control spell in public, and someone tosses a rock at the spell, causing the entire thing to explode. Would that be the fault of the caster or whoever tossed the rock?
  4. powerunderwhelming; I think that we can't definitively answer that right now, given the flux in the backend. But we'd like it to be that way, yes.
  5. powerunderwhelming; Got it.
  6. Oh, I don't really meant them to be included in the upcoming update Legate. Just want to put my questions out there.
  7. What did you exactly mean by support for in-game decisions? Since it's mostly single player, are players able to have multiple playthroughs at the same time with the same account? Because usually for a VN you can just have multiple saves but since VB is online I don't know.
  8. powerunderwhelming; I believe the Lores are closed out for this period, but I'll add these to the list.
  9. So can we influence our Nation to pursue non-historical paths/alliances ala Paradox's Hearts of Iron series? Will a nation power in the WW2 influences the offered resources on the diplomatic channels? I can't imagine a losing nation still can afford to offer their best stuff to captains but I don't know.
  10. powerunderwhelming; It's single player, albeit (depending on how the backend work goes) there will be a ranking system across Nations and the World. The Team *really* wants to have more Player interaction in terms of support for in-game decisions and quite possibly battle, so I'd expect that to come post launch as a priority. That would be really cool.
  11. Pretty sure this has been answered before but each players has their own world instead of a single mmo-like world right? So what's the multiplayer interaction? PVP? Or are you guys treating VB more as a single-player visual novel?
  12. None yet. They have to sample them all, you know.
  13. Any news on the college cafeterias?
  14. Dying Wish, stage 7: I'll be honest, typing this I kind of ended up expecting people to go with the Natural Philosophy exit even though that's not at all a commonly raised skill. I mean who descends into ancient ruins with nothing more exciting to look forward to but hopefully finding the ancient boulder trap before you trip it and cue the Benny Hill music, right?
  15. He beats the rest of us to the punch with better info
  16. Yeah, old maps are nothing like paintings or modern maps. Here a blurb about one from the era of the crusades. Very interesting.
  17. *Excellent*, Admiral.
  18. *popcorn*
  19. Yesterday
  20. Currently, for the United Kingdom's 21" Mk V Torpedo, we're using essentially the Mk IV for weight of explosives. However, we'd like to know the actual weight, if any of our historians have it...?
  21. Metis; Provided that the Student was advanced enough, they might learn that in Class, from a Professor, or nurses.
  22. Related to 1, say that a student frequently suffered digestive issues (given the average quality of the cafeteria food I imagine it's not unheard of...) and wanted to counteract that with a spell. Where would said student go to learn said spell? Do the nurses teach those spells, would one have to talk to a professor, can they be found in the Venalicium, are they literally part of a student's textbooks, what? EDIT: Outninja'd .
  23. Rhi; 1) Warning are given in class, but much is left to the...wisdom of the student. 2) No...muahaha!
  24. 1. At the risk of being indelicate, are there standard warnings to students not to use revision for certain types of body enhancements that might be popular with teens? to use a safe example, I could imagine Philippe using revision to make his torso more muscular only to overtax his heart or cause him to over-balance and fall or break bones as his body struggles with the sudden new (and perhaps unrealistic) muscle mass. 2. Would I be correct in thinking that the only regents who take their colleges' rivalries seriously are Briardi and von Rupprecht?
  25. Mmm. Function keys. I only ever cared for number 4 in conjunction with Alt.
  26. Besides F12? Schwarzbart, unlike me, was intelligent and asked the Legate for a list of the new adventure requirements during the Beta...pretty sure you can figure out the rest from there.
  27. Well, it's not like the team was pressed of time... Though I'd love to know how you have the modtool names when we don't have the base yet...
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