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  2. Of course he was! This was not the brightest question from free if I may say so !
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  4. Thanks to you both- I'll pass'em along!
  5. Schwarzbart; Thanks!
  6. 13. Would astrology be the easiest magical way to identify a person/distinguish an imposter from the real person? I assume that the imposter is not using glamour magic, just making claims that cannot be easily disproven.
  7. To make it easier for the Legate I put all questions in this posting, I hope I didn't forgot one.
  8. That I can think of right now... Why did Hitler kill himself? Unfortunately, most of the jokes I've heard don't really translate well...
  9. Fair enough, but even so, there must be some professors who would be more eager to passively prevent students from knowing about their lives that others.
  10. I suspect that professors would only passively prevent students from researching their past. To do so actively is to put a giant bullseye on your butt saying, "Hey guys, I've got some information that will hurt me if it gets out, please kick me!"
  11. I just realized that my proposed fix for a typo created another typo. So I write another version: The Layman Biologist The layman biologist…From you dear sir…The many gave Farmer Trent should be The Layman Biologist…From you, dear sir…The man gave Farmer Trent
  12. Well, that doesn't mean they can't have an interesting/funny interaction. Another thing to consider. That I can remember, we still haven't had any of these pairs have both belles being from the same nation, and Spain just happens to be the only nation that has EXACTLY two confirmed belles due to the Kickstarter's circumstances. And I have other reasons too...(?) *mysterious*
  13. I find most research lores to be very boring, since they do not tell a coherent story, but just give snippets of in game information that is often disconnected from the setting, but the lores for researching Relaxation are one of the few that I enjoy, since they provide hilarious insight into the characters of Briardi, Orsi, Flore, and Prudence, all while telling a funny and interesting story about Orsi's rise to power. The Lore Level 10 bonus is not broken, either, and is useful (+1 Fitness) which is an added in-game bonus. Speaking of which, Question 11. Are there any professors who would actively discourage or even punish students for researching their pasts? Question 11. Are there any professors who would encourage or even reward students for researching their pasts aside from Massioti, whom I assume would love to be known as a champion archer and dagger thrower?
  14. This has got to be fairly new then. I don't do research in the game and I haven't read that in the mod tools. Fascinating. I guess I need to get off my butt and finally play a DLC 17 game, even though I've been waiting for the new modbase to come out before fooling with that...
  15. You normally steer full clear of those two, and try to push the (as of yet undetermined) Spanish Republican belles.
  16. 10) Do year 2 have the ability to give different CoD depending if it is Class time or not?
  17. @freespace2dotcom: The chain of lores uncovered by researching relaxation reveals that Orsi was a Verrnin student. And while negation would be useful for exposing impostures based upon glamour, I was thinking about impostures in which no magic were involved - say, a person claiming to be a long-lost heir to a fortune.
  18. Rhialto, I would say Negation would not only be easier for detecting, it would also be useful to unmask the imposter too. Legate! 1. Exactly when does the Venalicium close? What about the Library of the Mantle of Stars, and the Library of Manetele? And I suppose that the Library of Longshade is officially closed always. While I suppose we know Why it closed, can you tell us How it happened and if not how, then When? 2. Have old Gates or Mastery enchantments ever been found by accident in the student dormitories? Mischievous fairly innocent stuff back from before the bans and not the malicious stuff bringing up images of black wizards? 3.Since Orsi graduated from the Academagia, Can you pretty please tell us what College he attended? 4. Can you tell us if Y2 is playable from beginning to end, yet? You don't need to tell us anything more, or how bad the bugs might be. I just want to gauge progress... 5. I don't think it was ever asked, but... Exactly what does the calendar year count from? The Exile? 6. Can you explain to me how Revisions which might otherwise kill people by turning them into inanimate objects, would allow them to survive? And can you explain why the heart is significant when being slowly petrified under such a revision? 7. Would bringing a fresh-baked apple pie into Calligraphy class be considered disruptive by Von Rupprecht? Or would he just let it slide after he confiscated it? What would happen to repeat offenders? 8. What is the significance of magic that smells of Cinnamon? or any magic that leaves behind any particular smell even if that wasn't part of the spell at all? 9. While Massioti may not care if you go to Contu's school so long as he doesn't find you playing Rimbal for them, traditionally, what did the former Regents and Godina staff think of this? What do the Contu teachers think of an Academagia student showing up at their doors to learn? Would they care at all?
  19. Would astrology be the easiest magical way to identify a person/distinguish an imposter from the real person?
  20. That is strange, because the admins/sysops of the Academagia page are: Draigh, Saradoc, Ragbe I just added Blondetiger too btw I am the only bureaucrat of the wiki Edit: Could have been related to activity. Seems like Saradoc and Ragbe have not been active for a while either.
  21. Looks like wikia think there is no Admin for our wikia on the right side:
  22. Good morning guys and girls, I am but one personal message / email away. ;-) Real Life (tm) sometimes has the tendency to interfere and claim you. And I only started the wiki back in the day because there was none and nobody seemed to start one yet. I am glad so many others picked it up and made it a worthy and useful wiki. Back in the day I dropped many hours in researching and filling it up, bit by bit. Even before the modtools became available. :-) So it is true, I have not been very active. If someone else takes over ownership (would like to keep major editing rights, for if ever the mood strikes me again), it would be fine with me.
  23. With this Save you also see that Carnage on the Fields is still in my Adventure list despite I already have Explore the Forest of the Broken Pines, so a other Adventure that could be done again if you fail the roll in the first step. Edit: Reunion Adventure 04 there is in the game a exit called "Exit 1 - Dedication" Edit2: Is there a mix-up with the Professor Name in Overheard Conversation Among Professor? I thought Professor Gammel is the Arithmetic Professor and also the one who saw the poison attack of the familiar was Professor Gammel according to Overheard Conversation Among Elementary Students.
  24. For the more or less active Editor at last read it or better leave a comment what you think about Blondetiger want to take over Admin from @Draigh
  25. You bet.
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  28. Yes, I had seen that, thanks.
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