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    Like most subjects of the Lore, there aren't many precise descriptions: Malkstrang is far North at "the very edge of the world". "The Wharfs at Malkstrang I: "Before the great exile, the wharfs at Malkstrang were the launching point for great sea-faring vessels and the home to mighty conquerors and explorers. Now, thrust unwillingly into the sky, the wharfs are far from the sea. Poised at the very edge of the world, they have become a home only to the vilest of men: gamblers, murderers, thieves, blackmailers, and assorted tricksters."
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    The Polish destroyers of ORP Burza and ORP Wicher were of the Type D1 Conjugator of La Precision Moderne.
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    Take Dance Lessons with Professor Badcrumble if you have access to the relevant adventure, Wayfinder's Courtesy if you have access to Seeking Friends in Hidden Places, visiting the spirits in The Cold Room if you have access to that relevant adventure, Imperial Palace: Dining Hall if you can find it, or taking lessons at Avendra’s Studio. Tuition for that last one will run you 200 Pims.
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    We haven't gotten a single gameplay progress/development update for the game in over 6 months at least from what I've seen. And I didn't even know how far back in 2017 I'd have to go to see the last one. When is the next development update and why are they not more frequent? Please keep your backers up to date with the development process, it's very worrying that it's been so long since the last one. Dialogue between characters and answers about lore questions is not good enough. people spent money backing the game, there should be more game updates.
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    So, out of curiosity I searched for Academagia at Wikipedia. It got a hit as an entry under life simulation game. saying: "a fantasy magic school life simulator made by a father for his daughters, and released to the public due to demand" Is that true? That makes a lot of sense, considering the dedication picture at the opening. But if it was supposed to be just for a family, how did word of it get out that it existed? That sounds like a part of the story we have yet to hear.
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    Magsa's got a higher Charm stat and a focus on Persuasion and relationships, so I figured that between the two of them he'd have the better chance to charm the PC.
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    For fans of Ark Royal, something I commissioned from JellyJigs
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    I have commissioned a new Naughty Lass comic her outfit is based on lolwut's causal Nautilus design, we all know why Orion is banned from taking pictures
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    The Leene that's at least ten years older than the PC and in a steady enough relationship that the next goal on her mind is starting a family? I don't even want to know what has to happen for someone to not see that rejection coming.
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    Is there any chance of the source code of year 1 to be released at some point? I'm sure there are some players like me, who want to fiddle around with the code, looking at how stuff works. It would make modding much easier, knowing how everything is calculated and such. Most of the development effort by the team is now going to year 2, so it's likely that some stuff will never be fixed in Y1, which would be a shame, moreso because the new year expands on what happened in the first year. I'm thinking of performance fixes, bug fixes, AI improvement, and perhaps even feature additions.