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    Wichita actually has elements of all three of the witches shown in the 1939 movie. The hat of the West, the stockings and ruby slippers of the East, and the eyes and general...um...form of the North. So lots of nice touches. :-) As far as the rest, I foresee some changes coming. I look forward to seeing what the new interview writer has in store for us. 🙂
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    1. You probably succeeded on the roll. To clarify, in order to get Informed of a subskill during an adventure, you must fail the roll. Alternatively the devs forgot to actually have that check roll Reason when they added that text in either DLC 16 or 17, because in DLC 15 that check (incorrectly) used you Analyze subskill. 2. No, the game is just kinda awful at keeping your skill list updated. Usually you can force an update by either starting a new day or a quick save/load. 3. Look for actions/abilities that specifically increase those skills (Study the Venalicium Library, for instance, is an easy way to get Research subskills), look for an adventure that gives you a chance to get informed of a skill (Oan's adventure is great for this), or buff the subskill in some fashion (Phemes, items or other stuff). Say you Befriend Olivia Solari, her Clique ability will increase your Flirting, Dating, Flattery, and Romance, and in turn that Informs you of all those subskills. If you use something temporary in nature just train the skill once while the buff is active, and you'll stay Informed of the skill even after the buff wears off.
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    At last when I got a list of noble & royal she wasn't mentioned
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    'Mistake' indeed. Your mistake, Kaga, is whining to Mahan for forgiveness. I have neither forgiven nor forgotten.
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    There is that, yes. Hence why I like to study on Thursday, since that way even if the ability goes I'll have it on the weekend. As for skipping classes, there's nothing you can do about that other than save/reload, unfortunately. I do find it helps to only skip during exam months, since that's when classes learn nothing, and even if you skip two weeks in Cheimare, if you don't skip another class until Kaliri your base chance of getting caught will have decayed to 0 (or close to it).
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    I jump on the [redacted] train here and agree with the previous writers. The redacted game was fun, but is not anymore. At least not in its old form. The next fleet exercise is overdue and in my opinion you only get off the hook, because it was christmas and new year, etc. Interviewing Kaga is an excellent idea in my opinion. She got revealed, now she deserves to be better known. And that goes for all future revealed Walküren. The here in front of us presented interview format with -presumably- HMS London and -presumably- IJN Tenryuu is indeed refreshing. Although I would like to see Kaga interviewed in the "classic" format, for comparability reasons. But the new one is excellent for foreshadowing. Love it. On the matter of who should interview: Well, if the classic interviews get revived, Mahan should do us the honour. Or Leningrad, we all know she did it in the past. For the new format, apparently the host seems decided. Another Walküre who would be suitable for the job in my opinion would be Le Triomphant btw. One question to HMS Sweeney Todd/ Fleet Street: "How do you feel about the annus mirabilis 1666?" Prior to all the research by people smarter than me, I actually theorised "Fleet Street" to be the English Channel or the Vickers Armstrong Shipyard. Last, but not least: "Fleet Street" alias HMS Sweeney Todd, specifically asked for questions. Here's some: "What is your most and what your least favourtie thing?" and "With whom would you like to share a sauna?"
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