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    I posted a doujinshi of Mahan of Victory Belles which I issued at Comike 93. The dialogue is translated into English by machine translation.R-18. https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=20393382
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    Picture I commissioned of Canarias done by ShuraKRGT. I really like the way he does more mature(?) faces. Wouldn't work for all characters but I think it fits Canarias quite well.
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    I commissioned this last month this is by a artist named megaween he drew the first pic followed by the second two variations
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    The conclusion to the previous comic
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    A commission I asked done by sweetprank
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    Something I commissioned for Easter, expect more of my commissions Bunnygirls Nautilus and Yavuz done by Benjamin Widdowson
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    Something I also commissioned a month ago by Belisbeth they were cheap at $25 each
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    It may be two weeks late, but Happy Mardi Gras to the Victory Belles Krewe!
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    Here is a commission done by nashirasauce for Admiral Teofilo Hurtado to celebrate the new year
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    Bunnygirls Hood and Velasco I commissioned from Melisa marked and unmarked (Naughty Lass comic unmarked)
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    I like your idea on having those two air nations duke it out, but I believe that I want to see a little more diversity in the fleets after all. So let's have it go something like this: Hiryu, Nagato, Pola, Canarias, Kirov, Diether Von Roeder, U-29 VS Lexington, Goeben, Swayback Maru, DeRuyter, Belfast, Wicher, Surcouf And regarding the options, Option 1! My respect for seniority outweighs my sarcasm in this instance.
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    Wow, I'm glad you finally got a pixiv! I hope to see you post more there!!
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    I do things I can do with my current workmanship, so everything may change, but it may be as it is. Either way, I will draw various things. It is possible to mail my doujins overseas, but it is very difficult to receive the price. Moreover, it is very expensive. I am considering being able to browse with pixiv etc etc.
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    It is Mahan on the way of drawing
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    March 13 1940 U-44 (Kriegsmarine Type IXA submarine): Struck a mine in the North Sea north of Terschelling, the Netherlands and sank. 1942 Tama Maru No. 2 (IJN auxiliary minesweeper, former whaler): Sank off New Guinea due to damage inflicted on her by aircraft from USS Lexington and USS Yorktown on 10 March. 1943 Kasuga Maru No. 2 (IJN auxiliary transport): Torpedoed and sunk in Port Blair Harbor, Andaman Islands, in the Indian Ocean by HNLMS O 21. No. 92 (Soviet Navy G-5-class motor torpedo boat): Lost on this date. U-163 (Kriegsmarine Type IXC submarine): Depth charged and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean northwest of Cape Finisterre, Spain by HMCS Prescott. 1944 M 3113 (Kriegsmarine KSK-2-class naval drifter/minesweeper): Lost on this date. Tatsuta (IJN Tenryū-class light cruiser): Torpedoed and sunk in the Pacific Ocean south of Hachijō-jima by USS Sand Lance. U-575 (Kriegsmarine Type VIIC submarine): Depth charged, shelled and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean by HMCS Prince Rupert, USS Haverfield, USS Hobson and aircraft from USS Bogue and the RAF. 1945 CD-66 (IJN Type D escort): Sunk in the South China Sea east of Swatow, China by USAF aircraft. Keihin Maru (IJN auxiliary submarine chaser): Torpedoed and sunk in the Java Sea by USS Bream. HMS Sealion (RN S-class submarine, decommissioned): Scuttled as an ASDIC target off the Isle of Arran, Scotland. UJ 320 (Kriegsmarine KSK-2-class naval drifter/submarine chaser): Sank due to damage she took the day before from Soviet aircraft. UJ 1414 Treff I (Kriegsmarine naval whaler/auxiliary submarine chaser): Shelled and sunk at Lorient, Morbihan, France by Allied shore-based artillery.
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    @AuraForte The fanart that I commissioned according to the artists belong to me and that I could do whatever I want, most of them ask permission from me to use in their gallery, and I always let them. I do not mind if you upload my commissioned fanart onto danbooru or the like, I know Melisa and Megaween has some pieces of art on those sites. Oddly enough Melisa's Fubuki commission work does not show up on danbooru but does on gelbooru.
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    Also, here's a dialogue that I wrote for choice #5. I hope you enjoy it! (Also, to Minetta and BCS: if you enjoy this dialogue and think it to be a good piece for the dialogue's continuation, you have my permission to use it. I know the authors would also have to be in agreement with this - I didn't want to disrespect their work, but I had a lot of fun and care in writing this part, probably the same they'd place on theirs, and hope that, if they agree with the perspective and effort, it could complement their work)
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    I think in terms of booby traps, an easily malfunctioning fountain pen, made as a replica of a rather important one... When you start writing it sprays ink the wrong way, and the thief is painted. I do enjoy the false journal entries idea. "Dear diary, Today I discovered that Surcouf has stolen something very important of mine. Tomorrow I shall ask her to return it, and if she doesn't I will have Espero steal it back for a reward."
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    Though thinking about it a proper booby trap could be highly amusing. Captains regardless of your voting, how would you booby trap these light fingered, larcenous, but still lovely, ladies? Painting the eye piece of something irresistible to steal like the sextant would be a classic but for me I think I would have to plant false information. Wildly false. They're spies as well as thieves after all, so a journal with all sorts of nonsense in it, a fake love letter from a somewhat scandalous belle. All easily disprovable in such a way as to make them look rather silly. Too bad camera technology isn't what I'm sure it one day will be. Catching one of them thieving in a photo would be priceless.
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    If it's not hereditary it's not a caste. And no wearing specific is not indications of anything. Doctors, Policemen, Lawers and Pilots are not part of some caste. Nobility or serfdom tough for exemples both in in Elumnia and medieval europe are definetly castes.
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    And this Kapitän also approves where she stores her glasses.
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    A bit disappointed but not unexpected. I have a small request though: Would it be possible to just get a detailed status update on the progress of the development? Basically just one update that clearly states: "These parts of the game are done and wont need any further work. These parts we are currently working on. These parts are somewhat complete but will need adaptation to the new backend. These parts aren't even started." Something along those lines. If possible not "in universe". Not the whole Warcollege thing. I can appreciate that kind of flavor for the story and interview updates. But I would really like an update that sums up the development so far in clear language. The Beta Vote updates usually only say what is currently being worked on and what was recently finished. I would like one big post that just gives the players an overview. Because right now I would have to go back through dozens of updates and all the beta votes. And even then I wouldn't really have a complete picture. Considering the game is going to be more than 1 year behind the original estimated release date I think we deserve this much. I am not asking for you to rush the game. Take as much time as you need to make as good a product as you are able. But I want one big update that just says what is done and what isnt. Just for overview and reference.
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    "Turncoat countrymen"= Americans. They turned against the British rule while Canada remained loyal.
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    By an artist named artist-in-red on tumblr, not a commission by me.
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    @Shirogane Seemingly broken links: USS Stewart HMCS Saguenay HMS Ark Royal
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    List all the belles in Victory Belles that we know they are in the game. The list will be updated in the future and help the person creating fanfics writers and readers. United States Destroyer: USS Stewart (DD-224) USS Mahan (DD-364) USS Henley (DD-391) Light cruisers: USS Boise (CL-47) Heavy cruiser: USS Salt Lake City (CA-25) USS Houston (CA-30) USS New Orleans (CA-32) Battleship: USS Nevada (BB-36) USS Arizona (BB-39) USS Mississippi (BB-41) Aircraft carrier: USS Lexington (CV-2) Submarine: USS Nautilus (SS-168) Japan Destroyer: Fubuki Nenohi Light cruiser: Kitakami Tenryū Heavy cruiser: Kumano Takao Aoba Battleship: Kongō Nagato Aircraft carrier: Hiryū Seaplane tender: Chiyoda Submarine: I-8 British Commonwealth Destroyer: HMS Nubian (F36) HMS Bulldog (H91) HMCS Saguenay (D79) Light cruisers: HMS Belfast (C35) HMS Orion (85) HMAS Perth (D29) Heavy cruiser: HMS Exeter (68) Battlecruiser: HMS Hood (51) Aircraft carrier: HMS Ark Royal (91) Submarine: HMS Salmon (N65) Armed merchant cruiser: HMS Rawalpindi German Destroyer: Z1 Leberecht Maass Z17 Diether von Roeder Z18 Hans Lüdemann Light cruiser: Nürnberg Köln Heavy cruiser: Admiral Graf Spee Battlecruiser: Scharnhorst Gneisenau Submarine: U-29 French Destroyer: Le Triomphant Maillé-Brézé Verdun Light cruisers: La Motte-Picquet Heavy cruiser: Algérie Battleship: Dunkerque Aircraft carrier: Béarn Submarine: Surcouf Italy Destroyer: RN Espero RN Lampo RN Camicia Nera (CN) Light cruisers: RN D’Aosta Heavy cruiser: RN Pola Submarine: RN Axum Soviet Union Destroyer: Voykov Leningrad Moskva Light cruisers: Profintern Heavy cruiser: Kirov Battleship: Parizhskaya Kommuna Submarine: Shch-205 "Nerpa" Spain Destroyer: Velasco Heavy cruiser: Canarias Turkey Battlecruiser: TCG Yavuz Netherlands Light cruisers: HNLMS De Ruyter Poland Destroyer: ORP Wicher 70 of 128+? known Belles which are in the game.
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    Why do I now wish I could draw so that I could render a line of baby Belles along the lines of "Muppet Babies"? :-) Oh the kawaii in my head right now!