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    Two commissions one lewd one not First artist https://www.deviantart.com/afternoonnn Second artist: https://www.deviantart.com/grand-sage
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    Spoilered due to lewdness
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    Here is something I posted elsewhere in response to lamentations on the delay which I thought would be relevant here: While I would be lying if I wasn't pained by the extent of the delay, I still must agree with the team that you only get one chance at a first impression. With all the stuff vying for people's time, people will take a quick look and pass you by if it's not quality. Have they lost most of the Kickstarter excitement - yes. Might they have less credibility with any future Kickstarter - yes. But insofar as success or failure of this project, I still believe they are MUCH better off spending whatever time it takes to go forward with something awesome than the trip up on launch like Mighty #9 or the like. As far as releases of game content with updates, I would think they want to make sure by the time they start releasing cool updates that a) it's accurate with what will eventually be released and b) it's relatively close to when the game will actually be released so the excitement can start building not just for us loyal diehards but in the aether of the internets. They have likely lost most of any excitement that was built up from the Kickstarter. In today's environment they probably only have one more good chance at building a really good pre-launch campaign. They need to make that one good last chance count. All this is just my own humble opinion, of course. Others have a valid case for their own. For me, though, success of the game is paramount and occludes all other considerations. If it takes more time then so be it. There's plenty to do in the meantime. Honestly, from a strategic marketing perspective, they might be wise to wait until spring to start their build up. Let the excitement over Azur Lane fade a bit. They lost their chance to be the first English language, non-region-locked KanColle like Gaijin Goombah heralded during the Kickstarter. Now it makes sense to wait a bit so they can look like "something fresh" rather than a "me too". As "something fresh" they can still bill it as the first shipgirl project to hail from the West among so many other unique goodies (real story, native-speaking VAs for each country, etc). However it works out, I'm with the project to the happy end. My wallet is ready and waiting to wine and dine my beloved. Come what may, I'll be the Captain of Yazuz' heart however many pretenders might be out there. :-)
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    After a very long delay, I present to you all Chapter 6 today, on my Birthday and the day WWII got kicked off.
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    Indy Nidell of The Great War channel started their new WW2 series today, looks great.
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    Rule #1 of the Closed Beta: You do not talk about the Closed Beta.
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    The mail said the IP address was banned (for what good that did), so it must be possible to some extend. And I'd rather these attempts get set on fire before it turns out that these spambots are just trying random combinations of letters/symbols/numbers and one of them ends up getting it right. Unlikely, sure, but why bother risking it if you don't have to? Not getting hundreds of mails about it would also be nice.
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    Von Lip's question was asked back in *February* and even he was given a "a video approaches, but I don't know the timing of that." and my response of backing up Von with "I can't spoil it!!". There has been NO videos since before the back-end kerfluffle up to now. Are you giving us the same damn answer as of 7 months ago? That doesn't give the customers a lot of faith when the staff can't even figure out on when we should expect things. I could be wrong and there are hard deadlines known by the staff only, but why would you keep that info from the costumers? So they can be "surprised"? You know people can only await for so long (unless you are a hardcore fan). I checked the comments on the KS page and the last few comments not by Lazarus are people asking where the game is. I see comments in other shipgirl communities asking about it and get replies of "it's dead", "vaporware" and "lol it was a KS scam". Can we at least get some transparency here? Throw us a bone! What the hell is going on? I want an actual update on the game itself. Explain what the hell has been going on since from a year ago as an actual KS update and not just a forum post nestled away in a huge thread. The backers need to know as well. Slow down on the [redacted]. So does BCS *actually* have a nearly clear ETA on the next big, actual game update? or is it still "in the air", as it has been for the last 1-2 years?
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    We have had this discussion on binding spirits before. For some reason Schwarzbart, you seem very fixated on Mastery being used in the binding but the legate has already confirmed that isn't so. For 'Taming' you can use Mastery but that also isn't required. Rhialto's understanding is essentially correct.
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    If Y5 really will have answers for that in gameplay (and it happens in a timescale where I am actually alive to see it.) I feel compelled to say that I will be pretty floored.
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    That is the sequel to Heroes of Jin Yong, an older series that focus more on open world map roaming and triggering plots based on Jin Yong's novel. The same MC, Little Shrimp, is the guy that Tales Of Wuxia' MC admired at the statue. This game will be out in Chinese at October. The real sequel is the next game that is developing for 2019. This title will focus more on 'martial art school life.' https://truth.bahamut.com.tw/s01/201804/20add47602c7371277e6cf905e452863.JPG Stats and three personality scale. https://truth.bahamut.com.tw/s01/201804/9746d638647d9af15b6f5ba6397c69d6.JPG Suppose to have Female MC. The art style is very... https://truth.bahamut.com.tw/s01/201804/db43a2e919bdd5178ea9a7eaf3b38d5d.JPG Persona 5. https://truth.bahamut.com.tw/s01/201804/acedee26ace1d4d626a91ee155b4b2e0.JPG
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    The .amo is the version 1.0 modbase, specifically. Since I don't think they're possible to unlock ingame (and therefore check what they say in the current DLC version) here's the lores as they were in DLC 15: I should add that very few, if any, other students have a series of lores like this that's specifically about them, so it's possible this is the remnant of some kind of idea (being able to Research your classmates?) that got scrapped pretty early on. If so expect a few continuity errors here and there.
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    That table is straight from the DLC 15 database, so it's either accurate or it got changed in DLC 16 or 17, as I mentioned. Though I didn't check results from failing rolls, so there is also that angle to consider. Incidentally, the Social Skills failure for Emilia P is listed as +2 in the database, and it's also listed as actually not finishing the adventure properly, allowing for infinite farming of +2 Relationship Max so long as you can keep failing the roll. That would be another thing that might have gotten changed/fixed between now and however many years ago, though. EDIT: I figured it out! Pru's Dedication exit is bugged! The relationship (regular, not max) increase is incorrectly set to increase relationship Max instead! You can check it ingame by comparing it to the Passion exit - it should be +1 relationship and +1 relationship Max, whereas Dedication is +1 relationship Max (accidentally) and +1 relationship Max (intentional).
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    Belles in bikini's that I have commissioned Melisa with Mahan, Leningrad, and Kongou And from https://www.deviantart.com/cutesexyrobutts
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    Hitler wasn't all bad. At least he killed Hitler.
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    A classic one. An RAF pilot goes to a primary school to talk about what it was like during the war. At one point he starts talking about one sortie he went out on. "There was me and my wingman, just flying over the cliffs of Dover, when all of a sudden two Fokkers jumped us and I had to break off." Theres some snickering as he continues on. "Fortubately my squadron leader was able to come to our help just as another three Fokkers engaged us." The snickering continues until the teacher speaks up. "Children, please. Stop snickering. The Fokker was the name of a German plane." The pilot looks at her and says: "Yeah but these Fokkers were in Messerschmidts."