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    Something I commissioned for Easter, expect more of my commissions Bunnygirls Nautilus and Yavuz done by Benjamin Widdowson
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    Bunnygirls Hood and Velasco I commissioned from Melisa marked and unmarked (Naughty Lass comic unmarked)
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    March 13 1940 U-44 (Kriegsmarine Type IXA submarine): Struck a mine in the North Sea north of Terschelling, the Netherlands and sank. 1942 Tama Maru No. 2 (IJN auxiliary minesweeper, former whaler): Sank off New Guinea due to damage inflicted on her by aircraft from USS Lexington and USS Yorktown on 10 March. 1943 Kasuga Maru No. 2 (IJN auxiliary transport): Torpedoed and sunk in Port Blair Harbor, Andaman Islands, in the Indian Ocean by HNLMS O 21. No. 92 (Soviet Navy G-5-class motor torpedo boat): Lost on this date. U-163 (Kriegsmarine Type IXC submarine): Depth charged and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean northwest of Cape Finisterre, Spain by HMCS Prescott. 1944 M 3113 (Kriegsmarine KSK-2-class naval drifter/minesweeper): Lost on this date. Tatsuta (IJN Tenryū-class light cruiser): Torpedoed and sunk in the Pacific Ocean south of Hachijō-jima by USS Sand Lance. U-575 (Kriegsmarine Type VIIC submarine): Depth charged, shelled and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean by HMCS Prince Rupert, USS Haverfield, USS Hobson and aircraft from USS Bogue and the RAF. 1945 CD-66 (IJN Type D escort): Sunk in the South China Sea east of Swatow, China by USAF aircraft. Keihin Maru (IJN auxiliary submarine chaser): Torpedoed and sunk in the Java Sea by USS Bream. HMS Sealion (RN S-class submarine, decommissioned): Scuttled as an ASDIC target off the Isle of Arran, Scotland. UJ 320 (Kriegsmarine KSK-2-class naval drifter/submarine chaser): Sank due to damage she took the day before from Soviet aircraft. UJ 1414 Treff I (Kriegsmarine naval whaler/auxiliary submarine chaser): Shelled and sunk at Lorient, Morbihan, France by Allied shore-based artillery.
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    @AuraForte The fanart that I commissioned according to the artists belong to me and that I could do whatever I want, most of them ask permission from me to use in their gallery, and I always let them. I do not mind if you upload my commissioned fanart onto danbooru or the like, I know Melisa and Megaween has some pieces of art on those sites. Oddly enough Melisa's Fubuki commission work does not show up on danbooru but does on gelbooru.