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  1. They all look relatively young. It is their personality that seems to age them one way or another.
  2. Thanks for the info sonic-nancy-fan That certainly makes things interesting Legate. hehe I like it
  3. Nigel said he is no more than 5 years older than Sadie. Zul is not in his 30s no way. He looks too young and acts way too cocky and I ship Sadie and He just as hard if not harder
  4. You really think the dragons would vote?! Elumian: I saw what you did there. lol
  5. You are a Y1 mage, who can hardly make it to class without stepping in someones prank or getting eating by a plant in botany, or some rare beast in zoology, and you want to go face drakes? hehe
  6. hahahaha
  7. I vote we remove Legate's ability to redact pertinent information from us
  8. Every once in a while it can be annoying when I am trying to do something, but otherwise I consider having random events a good thing.
  9. I said he was probably Asian, Arabia is in Asia. I did not say he was Chinese or anything else
  10. To understand Academagia please purchase the college textbook of Life The Universe and Everything. Please understand this will change at any given moment and you will need to get the new edition and read it all again.
  11. That is interesting to know. That quest that required Bassan led to a book that unlocked Mastery. All sorts of trouble coming from that place.
  12. I thought I think his name is Tarvixio Sido was from an Asian area because he speaks Bassan. Granted he could have just learned it. In one of the Adventures they mention that people who ask about Bassan language are usually after pirates or refugees. I am just assuming refugees from dragon enslavement?
  13. I was only teasing, besides what you found is probably about all the answer you will get. Besides if it is owned by dragons, not much is getting in or out. That would be enemy territory to everyone. Just a guess. That post was also made in 2010 and everything has probably changed like twice every year since then
  14. China is so massive now it has spread to every planet in the universe. Beware knockoff wands and potions. hehe Jokeing
  15. Thanks! I look forward to it