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  1. Depends. How did the mage force the troll to clean his candlesticks ?
  2. Mmh... . Weren't you the one theorising that Shohanwicht might have a somewhat "negative" attitude towards Gates mages that are not part of it ? If that theory proves to be true, you won't be able to avoid the school of Gates if you wish to study that pillar. ... But as always those question can only be answered by these mythical beast that we name "sequels" .
  3. Yeah we had this discussion a while ago: Back then discovering Shohanwicht was still considered impossible so who knows ? They might be a totaly non abusive and legit way to get it without the background. I'll have to try on steam to see if the glitch is still working with the last DLC.
  4. I meant using actions/ability (like train) and use them in the location Euneycia's haven a few times. Altough it's been a long time since I discovered that little trick of mine if I remember right if you spent action in Euneycia's Haven, you get Euneycia's abilities and since those can only be unlocked through the adventure, the game probably assumes you should have it and give it to you. I think you don't even start at the begining of the adventure (which is kind of convenient because you don't have a letter so it kinda remain consistent lorewise ) but directly at step 3. I'll have to find this old post of mine tough.
  5. Maybe it changed since DLC 16 but it you could still made it work. As I said three(four?) years ago, after you discover Euneycia's Haven, if you spend some action/abilites there you'll get the adventure "a house in the bog" and thus get the entry through it. I am sure it's a bug but I tried a few times and it worked. if I remember the DLC 1 days you should get an ability don't remember the wording something like "request entry to Showanwicht" that gives you the school abilities but I agree it's no longer working. Buut I don't think it's wise to import a game using this trick to Y2, something tells me will go wrong.
  6. I made a post about this a long time ago. It is infact possible to get to Shohanwitch (and get the a house in the bog adventure) without the background however the process is quite bugged. The most difficult part is to discover the location "Shohanwitch School". If you did you'll get a special ability and for the rest... well I let you discover.
  7. Power. As always.
  8. Of course it is. What else ?
  9. Easy. I can tell you: About freaking time !
  10. 4) Is there any concrete difference between Alchemy and Chemistry in Elumnia ? If so what differs from our world understanding of both ? 5) Is there an equivalent to the philosophical stone ? The one that can turn any metal into another (preferably gold) and grant immortality and other neat things.
  11. I believe Free was asking if there is any widely known Dragon from the times of the Exiles/Second Captivity (since from what I understood the First Captivity was ended by the New Gods) that is still living by the time of year 1. Widely known Dragons because we actually know some very old Dragons are still alive. Something to do with a talking book and his buddies.
  12. Mineta may have been the capital of the Empire but it is just that. The former capital not the Empire itself. If the Legate of Mineta is anything like the Prefect of Rome (and later Constantinople) then he basically has no power outside the city itself at least de jure. The problem that I see for formal foreign relationship is that Mineta itself is not really a state in theory but just a city ruled by civilians. Think Washington DC with no President or Congress (or statehood) but with a Mayor ruling day and day bussiness and still claiming to be part of the USA. How does Washington DC works in an America where all states are de facto independents but still pay lip service to the federation ? Not really well imo. As for foreign relationship every Empire had those, yes even hegemonic Empires like Rome and Persia or China altough not necessarily regarding the other party as an equal .(or even as fully sovereign :p) And since Alefsan doesn't seem to regard itself as part of the Empire, I don't see why they could not have an embassy in Mineta proper.
  13. Can't say I agree. The level of "criminal" we are talking here are not remotely on the same level. for a irl reference it's like Briardi knew(and probably protect to some degree) a world famous terrorist or to be more accurate, a scholar that has lot of influence in terrorist organisations/ideologies while Von Rupprecht protects bad student of his college. One is clearly worse than the other.
  14. Err maybe if would be true if their only focus was Negation but they have botanic too which is hufflepuff copyright. Plus I would not bat an eye if Rowling included half of the Durand student in Hufflepuff as they fit neatly there. The likes of Plafox, De Thiomines, Warrington, Gleyre and Niemella. It's basically Hufflepuff in Gryffindor's clothing. It does beg the question how she knows Euneycia , how can she find her: The people who can find her are only the people Euneycia wants to, and why she still consorts with criminals. Seems like Von Rupprecht has found a rival that is maybe more sketchy than he is.
  15. Because I don't find it interesting. And because Vernin. Durand and Godina are the only colleges I can't bring myself to play. It's like being in Hufflepuff if you know what I mean