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  1. 2. You could add what the heck happened to Monteon, and who shall be the next Emprah (this one probably works in any period :p). 6. Probably vary with each Courts. The Court of Love for exemple (Hedi's Adventure) is inquisitorial, I think.
  2. To be fair while it was certainly possible for some less prestigious title to be de facto more powerfull than more prestigious title olders this was rather exceptionnal rather than the norm in medievial Europe especially after the dark ages when feodality was more established and more rigid. No Baron that could claim to be as or more powerfull than a Count or Duke for exemple. Just compare for exemple Meril and medieval France:çais#/media/File:Map_France_1030-fr.svg As to why my guess is that since nobody is there to set the rule/grant new titles since the collapses of both the Empire and the Kingdoms (execpt aucesnay). Noble titles are stuck since Imperial times and are not "upgraded" to aknowledge the fortunes and misfortunes of the nobles families during the passing millenias. Plus those noble titles do not seem to work like irl since apparently a Kingdom can go extinct if the line of King does too which of course does not happen irl. (and really is virtually impossbile in a system where both men and women can inherit, there is always a royal branch somewhere legitimate enough to take the throne except if said dynasty lasted for a generation or two).
  3. Given that the man is a Gates master I would not be surprised if he found a way to cheat death at least for a while. With all this summoning (soul) thingy. Altough if we are talking about reincarnation as common/uncontrolled occurence this lead to some interesting questions... .
  4. I think that question was already asked I believe. The most glaring problem if I remember is that having say 10 in Mastery means you had to cast spells if only to practice (afterall you know how to cast Mastery spells/phemes at this level). Which indeed make the defence "I will never use it" a bit difficult to argue. Altough I think (not sure) that you can get away with only increase Theory of Mastery wich as the name imply is mostly knowledge of the pillar rather than magic abilities. But even then you will raise a lot of suspicion.
  5. I think you can get a skill for Merilien in apprenticeship: Page I believe ? Or one of those, I remember that a background did increase Merilien. As for Background yeah it's a shame. I can understand why they did this, starting with 10 in your native language would have been too good for a single point and made Renaglian Background (or no Background) useless. Tough this is realistic not everything is equal afterall. And now we are stuck in a bizarre situation where your character may not speak a language s/he should know. I know there is an adventure that has a Merilien skill check and there's probably some others.
  6. Well Vernin is the college of the Gifted afterall. Plus it's kinda hard to compete when the parents see our installations especially our dormitories (the first thing they check I assure you). The other colleges thus logically get the scraps that unfortunately do not meet the requirements to join the most esteemed college.
  7. Probably depends on the devotion of each students and the religious faiths they interact with. "cough" Dragons cults "cough". (oups missed the devout part) then probably from bad to veryy bad.
  8. Yep. Again. You are welcome.
  9. Interesting. Might have missed it From what I understood of Legate old answers Artifice and Enchant are not the same thing. One is the Art of creating object, the other being the Art of well enchanting objects. Orthography is part Glammour, part Enchant so it does not really fall under Artifice. No surprise since it was its own pillar. May I ask where it has been confirmed to be a pillar tough ? Because the sentence Metis complains about has been there forever in the Academagia website.
  10. Enchant is not a pillar. And yes Gates and Mastery are the banned one. So 5 + the 2 forbidden ones.
  11. Same here. We all know there's a jinx on BCS regarding release dates.
  12. Welcome to Academagia Helios.
  13. Interesting. Might get a look at it.
  14. Merry christmas everyone. Been tryin' to be nice this year so hopefully santa will get me a year 2 copy by tomorrow.
  15. s∞n table: You're welcome.