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  1. Free; 1) Usually, it is burned up by the use of the Spell, but more expensive versions can keep the surface intact. 2) Yes, of course. 3) Hmmm...I'll have to ask. 4) You'd have to find out in game.
  2. We believed that she carried the G/6 on her trip to Turkey, but could be wrong about that. It appears that she retained her port and starboard launchers, even after the refit. The fore and aft ones were removed, however. Thanks!
  3. Rhi; 1) I must refer you to the in-game sources for this one! 2) No, nothing special. 3) [Redacted]
  4. Currently, we're making the assumption that she still carries her G/6 torpedoes from WWI, but...it seems likely that she was updated during her rebuild. Maybe? We don't have any information on it, and English sources are somewhat lacking- anyone definitively know? Thanks!
  5. Metis; Generally, if it was an accident, that would be the fault of the person throwing the rock. If not an accident, the blame would generally fall on the person throwing the rock. Not always the case, however, and there are many factors, including degree of harm, station and other environmental factors that would be considered.
  6. powerunderwhelming; I think that we can't definitively answer that right now, given the flux in the backend. But we'd like it to be that way, yes.
  7. powerunderwhelming; Got it.
  8. powerunderwhelming; I believe the Lores are closed out for this period, but I'll add these to the list.
  9. powerunderwhelming; It's single player, albeit (depending on how the backend work goes) there will be a ranking system across Nations and the World. The Team *really* wants to have more Player interaction in terms of support for in-game decisions and quite possibly battle, so I'd expect that to come post launch as a priority. That would be really cool.
  10. None yet. They have to sample them all, you know.
  11. *Excellent*, Admiral.
  12. Currently, for the United Kingdom's 21" Mk V Torpedo, we're using essentially the Mk IV for weight of explosives. However, we'd like to know the actual weight, if any of our historians have it...?
  13. Metis; Provided that the Student was advanced enough, they might learn that in Class, from a Professor, or nurses.
  14. Rhi; 1) Warning are given in class, but much is left to the...wisdom of the student. 2) No...muahaha!
  15. Haha! Not like that- go right ahead.