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  1. Noite; I suspect that one is unlikely, but I'll certainly pass it to the Team!
  2. Metis; They have not yet!
  3. Ascartand; Badcrumble herself is new, but Avila as a girls-only College isn't. It might be selected, but the overwhelming favorite is Vernin.
  4. Rhi; Hehe! [Redacted], of course.
  5. Rhi; 1. How easy is it to use revision magic to change weapons into less harmful things (i.e., swords into stalks of grain)? It's not overly hard, in the hands of a skilled practitioner. 2. Are better quality weapons imbued with negation magic in order to protect them from such transformations? As Metis notes. They typically are enchanted or artificed to deviate in some significant way from the Ideal, so that it's much harder to Revise. 3. Is it common in Academagia for parents to pressure their children to choose one college over another? Not usually, no. Nobility, or parents that have attended, are the general exception. 4. Related to #3, are some colleges seen as better by the aristocracy in terms of providing appropriate environments and curricula? Vernin, as Metis notes.
  6. Schwarzbart; They get a few more Attribute Points over the summer, but it's mostly Skills that they gain. Attributes are primarily useful in Y1 Skills.
  7. Free; Oh, among the reasons would be pure envy. Knowledge and power draw the eye, after all...;) No final list yet! As for Y3...boy, I hope so.
  8. Free; Come now.
  9. Free; 1. In the past, was Mastery used in a lethal capacity? Did people use it to force folks to have heart attacks and things of that nature? If so, was that common enough to suspect foul play if somebody died in a similar fashion? You already know this, but...YES. 2. Are there any famous Mastery mages from the past Beside Kazus that are well known even despite the active suppression of history? Kind of like how Schohanwicht was noted as being a known name despite everything? As Schwarzbart notes. 3. Are vampires noted as being capable to eat real food, (even if they don't get any benefit from it apart from enjoyment) or are they limited solely to blood in this setting? (Would they vomit it up if they tried?) They could mechanically ingest it, but would vomit it up then or later. 4. Would it be easier to Incant an object exactly the way you want it? (with every detail) or just to Incant the basic object and Revise all the details into it? (assuming you had the skills for both) The question isn't only skill, it's also the Ideals you have access to. If you had all the right Ideals, it would be easier to Incant. 5. Theoretically, if the Incant+Revision option above was more desirable for any reason, would it be possible to combine the two spells into one? And if so how would this be different (Phemetically speaking ) from a pure Incantation approach. Of course, this is what a Palette does, in fact. It's not the Phemes, though, but the Ideals. 6. If a way of combining Incant+Revision in the manner question 5 proposes was found, even if it turned out more complex than a pure incantation (or even pure Revision) route, would that be desirable for overall powerful mages who were somewhat lacking in both of those pillars due to the relative simplicity of the phemes needed to cast the combined spell? Am I making sense here? Yes, but only from a Y1 perspective. As you will see, there's more to Spells than that. 7. As I'm not in Avila, and didn't take any Astrology classes in Y1, (and might not in Y2, depending) What would Professor Badcrumble do if I hunted her down and asked a question about one of the more technical aspects of a Y2 Astrology skill in Y2? Would she be at least a little bit curious about this? Even if she knew that I was aiming for being an omni-disciplinarian thanks to all the professor's legendary gossip skills wouldn't that still be unusual enough for her to pause a bit? You'll have to try it. 8. Would the kind of question question 7 proposes be considered to be learning magic too advanced for you, since you haven't taken any classes on the subject and it isn't at all your expected 'specialization'? Or if you could prove that you indeed knew the Y1 material cold and the Y2 material decently they wouldn't care? Depending on the Professor, it's likely they wouldn't mind. 9. Does the expectations that professor Aventyrare won't last at the Academagia lie in the idea that she's going to get fired for her "flashyness" Or is it that they expect her more to lose her enthusiasm in the conservative atmosphere of the school and quit? A little bit of both? You'll have to ask them. 10. I already know it's going to be damn near impossible to pull this off just based on how hard it is to do in Y1, and the hints about how Y2 is going to function, *BUT* if a person could hypothetically learn all of the legal magical related skills in Y2 to their unextended soft skill caps, would that student then become a subject beyond merely keeping an eye on? Probably no active intervention would take place in that scenario.
  10. Ry; Heh! I'll ask about this one...:)
  11. Hahaha! Fair enough.
  12. Ry; Thanks!
  13. KK; My information? Hmmm, what do you mean? The Writing Team is almost wound down, apart from a few Assignments which are lingering. It's Editing now, primarily. Edit: Oh, I see- you're asking if the Writers can write more for the Updates? I guess I think that's already happening, no? Isn't that what the last two Updates were (not to mention the coming one!)
  14. It will take them a few weeks to come up to speed, but well worth it.
  15. snf; Thank you!