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  1. Thanks!
  2. Rhi; You may be right- I'll ask the Team.
  3. S; Hmmm. I think that one is still lingering. Thanks!
  4. S; That's surprisingly great! It's possible to occur naturally- it's random, though.
  5. 1) I *think* it goes to 99%, but I am not quite sure.
  6. The Location can be Discovered (in Y1, there isn't a way to prevent it), but you aren't meant to use them without the Adventure.
  7. S; Sure, I'll ask!
  8. Free; Close(tm)(tm), probably.
  9. Pillwalker; Belles do not need to eat or bathe, but almost all do.
  10. Pretty close!
  11. Hmmmmm. It may be too late, but I'll ask them to take a look at this one, and see if there is a problem. I am not sure.
  12. S; 1) Yes. 2) The Families do not react to that. 3) It looks like no, although there was some discussion about that still. 4) Multi slot looks like yes.
  13. PG; Let's just say that the time and effort to do that *is* possible. But...since the difference in weights is measured in *orders* of magnitude... ...it's extremely, extremely unlikely. That said...you'd be the coolest submarine captain on your block!
  14. S; 1) Yep. 2) It doesn't do that at present, but it's possible before the end, as a player check box.