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  1. Rhi; There isn't a fixed policy, but then again you are right about Aranaz. Almost always it's financial.
  2. Rhi; Some are connected, but others are not- for instance, Professor Knoht. Free; I'm not sure, actually!
  3. Rhi; I'm not sure on that one, unfortunately. Relationships Maximums are carried forward.
  4. Rhi; And almost certainly unintended! Thanks.
  5. Schwarzbart & Free; It can't go below 1, fortunately. Rhi; Yes, it takes a full action. 1) Not necessarily. 2) Hmmm. I don't think so. 3) If it's sports and competition, yes.
  6. Well, don't forget there are ways to prevent the drop, too.
  7. Thank you!
  8. Schwarzbart; 2 per Month.
  9. Free; Oh no. Sorry, I cannot speak on completion again. Not after what happened last time! Funny anecdotes? Hmmm. The first day I came back to school, my enemies, which hadn't forgotten what I had done in Y1, ganged up and got me expelled. Suffice to say...that's fixed.
  10. Rhi; Boxing is separate. Pankration hasn't survived...fortunately? isadorbg; I wouldn't say that the *game* is finished, as tweaks go on, and there is some still some editing, too.
  11. Keep'em coming!
  12. Free; 1) Hmmm, I'll ask. 2) Almost certainly. If the Revision was good. 3) The latter- it isn't always healed easily. It did happen that you could injure yourself in various ways with Mastery, however.
  13. Rhi; Thanks!
  14. Rhi; 1) You'd have to ask them in game, of course. 2) Who could say? 3) Not in of itself, no.
  15. Oh, happy to answer that one! It's because [redacted]!