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  1. Schwarzbart; Thanks! 1. Are historians employed by states or lineages, in a way akin to Chinese official histories, or are they mostly private scholars and researchers? Private, generally, although they sometimes have the patronage of a court. 2. Are there issues in the history of Cyve that are extremely politicized and controversial? That depends from state to state and prince to prince- certainly the issue of how an Emperor ought to be selected is very contentious. 3. Will Y2 and future years involve gaining a better understanding of true history, akin to the Dance of Fools Adventure? I would certainly say yes. 4. are historians generally aware of and free to discuss major gaps in the historical record or knowledge? Free to discuss, yes- aware of major gaps? Perhaps not as much. 5. Is the law in Elumia codified, or is it based on precedent/common law or a combination? Common, derived from Imperial Law, primarily. 6. are trials adversarial or inquisitorial? It depends on where you are, but in the City, they are inquisitorial. 7. Are there trials by ordeal, trials by jury, or trials by compurgation? Depending on where you are, yes, yes, and yes. 8. Is oath-helping or truth-detecting/anti-lying magic accepted in trials? Almost always yes, if both parties have access to it. 9. Could a Y1 student face an adult punishment in a court? what about a person of that age? There isn't a specific distinction made between an adult and a child for serious crimes- so, definitely.
  2. If you have it be 100%, give it to us! That's the best kind of save.
  3. Metis; I wish! It's been an adjustment for me too- instead of hitting enter twice, as I used to, I just have to hit it once. It's definitely a change.
  4. Schwarzbart; I don't know- on the one hand, you're correct about that if you practice save/loading, but on the other...they are meant to represent a high risk activity that you could choose to do, but probably won't succeed at. In that regard, it's almost more a matter of preferred play style. It's an interesting puzzle.
  5. Haha! Oh yeah, Schwarzbart and I were messaging back and forth when it came out. Should have made that public.
  6. LOL, I say. Yep, there are some neutral ports, but as you intuit you can't create a Base there.
  7. I think that's been out for a while, but it's in my library, you bet.
  8. M; Ha! That's a good question. I wonder if the color coding is taking into account the 0.
  9. What isadorbg wrote is correct- titles come from the Empire, and have essentially been frozen since its demise. Elevation to nobility is frozen, unless you can purchase a title from a destitute family.
  10. Ninja; Haha! Well, I *am* one of the testers, I doubt that's a shock.
  11. Rhialto; Nope! No need to worry, but, I should warn you that the best outcomes do come from having done their Adventures in Y1...;)
  12. They aren't Y1 Adventures, you can go on their Y2 Adventures even if you didn't complete their Y1 Adventures- but the starting state and outcomes may be quite different.
  13. CP; Hmmm. It's not quite like that now, but it's a good suggestion. I'll let'em know!
  14. powerunderwhelming; I do not find it be a chore, but that may just be me. But I would definitely raise that up in the beta for the Team to hear, if you have a concern at that time!
  15. S; 1) There is a heaven, where the New Gods provide for the followers. I think there are a few Lores describing that, as well as some other details...;)