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  1. KK; Hey! I immediately edited to say it was everything except English and Japanese (with PG's note, of course!) for that very reason.
  2. DYM; Yep, those cursed Romance languages throw a wrench, but we do what we can. Actually, it's everything but English and Japanese that's gendered, I believe.
  3. M; I'm not sure that we're any more or less prepared than we ever have been before.
  4. Rhi; 1. Speaking of Briardi's relationship with the Duke of Broken Pines, are the commoner lovers of nobility regarded as disgraced/socially ruined once the relationships end? It depends on their influence, but it often does happen. 2. Would any Y5 students be formally taught how to use time travel magic to get to class on time, or would they need to learn how to do it on their own? It is not formally taught- the risks are very great. 3. When gates magic was legal, were there efforts to great fully functioning brains? Was this even legal? [Redacted]. 4. Is it possible to use revision magic, enchantment, and perhaps alchemy to create organs for transplants? It is, subject to the fading of the magic, of course.
  5. Not sure yet- Beta first, and that is in the works.
  6. Free; 1. Can you tell us about some of the old traditions that the Academagia likes to uphold even though it makes little sense to do so in the modern era? I'll certainly ask, although I suspect you have encountered many already! 2. Regarding my "Affinity map" idea. Would it be possible to get permission for access to a large classroom for a long term research project using that as a foundation? The whole floor would need to be converted so the odds of doing that clandestinely and getting caught with the work destroyed or confiscated are too unacceptable. Would the private libraries we can pay for have the space needed for this kind of idea? It's possible, but probably not in Y1-4. 3. When Y1 was released, the Pace of DLC and patches released was quite fast for the first year of release. Will we see something similar for Y2? Yep! 4. Would it be possible to get Jere to mimic Orsi's unique response to absurdity, with someone else mimicking Briardi's facepalm reaction, in front of Orsi and Briardi? Or would that invoke a most terrible wrath? You should try it and let us know. 5. Can you tell us what the major differences are between the Academagia's and Contu's Incantation styles? I'll ask the Team to see what they would like to say here. 6. Why are there a significant number of parents disapproving of Briardi heading college Durand when her immediate predecessor was also a woman? It's because she [Redacted]. 7. While time travel is [redacted] We know that it's possible to slow time down practically to a standstill. At what point can we do this for a duration of, say, going from a class to another clear across campus quickly? Class to Class? Y4 or 5, I would think. 8. Disregarding the magic part,which as I understand it is mostly just flashy glamours to make it easier to play... Can you tell us how BattleMace™ is played? The rules and so forth? Hmmm. I'll ask. But...perhaps you already know.
  7. Rhi; Believe it's now officially too late (tm). But some feedback can come through the Beta, so this could be a part of that!
  8. avigor; That would be very cool! There isn't anything like this in Y1 or 2, alas. But it's a great idea.
  9. Dmnt; DYM is correct- the Captain's gender is left up to you. Although it's certainly true that there are definite ideas about women in '39, the Belles themselves may choose anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, as their Captain. It's something that Admiralties the world over cannot stand.
  10. S; Yep. We're getting to that time.
  11. TwoHeavens; Well, true.
  12. Free & Rhi; 1. While our characters are given pretty hard level caps on our skills, for balancing reasons surely... Can you tell us of lore cases where a student managed to go well beyond the skill caps in their first year on a certain subject? I'll ask if they want to directly add one or two. 2. While being in a college surely gives us benefits in learning the field of magic the college specializes in, will that make it harder to get access to classes taught by a rival college? Yep! 3. Generally speaking, is the Mallen Star statue guarded at all times? Generally yes. 4. Does the color of a dragon signify anything about their personality, or lineage? The study of the etiquette of Dragons is a subject unto itself- but suffice to say, it is not a major indicator of either. 5. While larger Familiars stay in the Menagerie, many smaller Familiars do accompany students to their classes. Does Pamela accompany the player? Or did the Professors revoke that privilege a long time ago, haha! Looong ago. 6. Are there any good examples of how simply being aware of Mastery magic being used on you reduces it's effectiveness? (understandably if that is true at all it would be on a case by case basis) If there are...they would be [Redacted]! 7. Will Y2 have more opportunities to use Gates and Mastery in random events and stories? Even really bad ideas need to be used every so often, haha! Yes. 8. How thorough is Rikildis' fact checking on her news stories? She definitely strikes me as someone with no qualms about telling blatant lies if they were sensational enough and the risks for blowback were low enough. You'd have to ask her. 9. Are there plans to allow the player character have a clique bonus for friends? (not for oneself) Maaaayyybe. Not a very high priority, though. 10. How does dueling etiquette handle situations where familiars are utterly unmatched (say, one mage has a blood hound, the other a rabbit)? There are some Duel types which specifically address the presence or the actions of Familiars. Usually, they are unconstrained.
  13. Free; It's certainly possible- probably beginning mages do it inadvertantly. It will last as long as the Palette.
  14. What Free says, although there is some content.
  15. M; I hesitate to answer this one, because the system is under review right now, but there is the possibility of persistent grudges. For the second one, it's unlikely to trace back to you, I believe.
  16. Metis; I'm not sure I should answer this one. All I can say is that you would certainly need to be very powerful.
  17. M; They're making a final push on the aforementioned bug. If they aren't able to solve it, they'll go with a beta of the content only patch- it won't be long either way, I think.
  18. TH; There will be some overage, that's for certain. We won't know how many until launch, though.
  19. Oh boy that's an odd one alright. I'll let them know!
  20. Rhi; I think the Team's consensus was that you have to uncover that in the game. There are some secrets.
  21. Free; 1) No. 2) Not the College, but certainly it can affect the Regent. Good or bad... 3) Such a thing has happened, but not between those two. Surely there is no rivalry? 4) I'll ask! 5) Yes, you can. 6) Hmmm, flying would rank up there, but I'll ask the Team's opinion. 7) [Redacted]!
  22. PG; Verdun's costume is one of my personal all-time favorites. Camicia Nera's costume just looks...bad ass. Enough said!
  23. S; 1) Yes! 2) Hmmm. Not fencing, no- but other types of sword arts. 3) Let me ask about this one!
  24. Free; There isn't a difference theory-wise, then and now, but it's [redacted] as to what, specifically, that distinction might be...;)