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  1. No.
  2. LH; You can use any number of mods, but if you use more than one official mods, there are a lot of overwritten changes, which can lead to problems. Usually it’s related to memory and save size.
  3. Yes, it’s not wrestling specific.
  4. A bunch of us will help Kickstart Wolf Hall, definitely!
  5. Sure, I’ll ask!
  6. Yeah, missed those! I’ll send them to the Team.
  7. Hahaha! Not yet.
  8. Rhi; Yep, that.
  9. S; This is really strange- we haven’t been able to replicate, but clearly something is going on.
  10. I’ll pass it along!
  11. Rhi; Not in that form yet.
  12. What Free wrote is essentially correct. And nagging helps remind everyone why we work- it’s a good thing in that regard.
  13. La Precision, great!
  14. Currently, for the United Kingdom's 21" Mk V Torpedo, we're using essentially the Mk IV for weight of explosives. However, we'd like to know the actual weight, if any of our historians have it...?
  15. Monthly, as Y1.
  16. Rhi; Ha! I think you already know the answer to that one.
  17. voidflame; Thanks, I will pass this along!
  18. M; Like release, there is one apiece.
  19. TwoHeavens; The Team has been known to do exactly that.
  20. As you all can guess, this isn't a real question since this isn't in-game, but the Team was having a lot of fun with the questions, so we put them in.
  21. Yes, please. So far, we aren't able to replicate this one.
  22. voidflame; Very, very curious. I wonder if it might be a cache problem- have you cleared it and tried creating a New Game? We've tested it and do not see this particular issue at all.
  23. Rhi; Not at all!
  24. Rhi; I doubt it, but I have already asked.
  25. Rhi; I'll certainly raise it up, as there have been some significant ones.