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  1. Free; The situation hasn't arisen, so it is purely speculation...but it will arise...;)
  2. Free; 1) It looks like there are some problems loading them. But never say never. 2) Yep! 3) What Schwarzbart wrote- to do it properly would take too much time for Y1.
  3. Thanks to you both- I'll pass'em along!
  4. Schwarzbart; Thanks!
  5. You bet.
  6. S; Thanks!
  7. S; Hmmm. Do you have a save from before?
  8. Schwarzbart; What a fun idea- I believe your explanation is, of course, correct. And yes, good point on the Background.
  9. Schwarzbart; These days, heralds may still be low skilled wizards, but messengers are generally much higher talent.
  10. W99; The agreement, I am sure, is important...until it is no longer useful...;)
  11. Mm, good point, thank you!
  12. S; 1) Technically both, but mechanically only the Skill. 2) Apt question! [Redacted] Rhi; 1. None of the students are from Valvili, at least, and there isn't a single specific real-world parallel - or, if there is, it's little bit Greenland, a little bit early Kiev, a little bit Svalbard. Regardless, it's largely inhabited by descendants of the rather wide-traveling Northern Folk, and it's a long way away from the politics of Mineta. 2. There are two separate issues with the legitimacy of Aliviera Battori. First is the claim that she was Regent of Godina three times; in practice, she was able to seize and hold the office for extended periods on three separate occasions, back when Academy intrigues were even more... exuberant than in the present day. In the official records, she was indeed Regent, but there are still partisans of other factions that wouldn't care to acknowledge it. Second is the question of whether the woman who currently runs the Fires of Creation is the real Aliviera; the actual lady ended her last tour as Regent around 1640, and she wasn't a young woman then... Peaches are known and grown in Mineta, although they are not native there.
  13. I guess it seems fairly clear to me, heavily underscoring how delicate such an agreement would be, though.
  14. Rhi; Hmmmm. I had better ask on these, just in case...
  15. Got it already!
  16. Free; 1) It is not bad at all, nothing like even a gaslit city. Lights are simply not prolific enough. 2) That would be very, very difficult! 3) Perhaps...:)
  17. Schwarzbart; Hmm, like an augment for F11? I'll take that to the Team!
  18. Rhi; I also do not see the issue.
  19. Rhi; I am not sure, but I do not think so.
  20. Hmmmm. I believe yes.
  21. Metis; With sufficient skill, it would be possible for a ghost to pass as the living, especially in poor light. However, [Redacted] so you will always know that something is off. Animals, in particular are susceptible to this.
  22. Schwarzbart; No, you should get it. Hmmm, better send that over.
  23. Schwarzbart; That would be very cool. Yes, Gamersgate decomissioned after Steam, I believe. I should ask for it to be removed.
  24. Free & Schwarzbart; 1) I am not authorized. 2) As you ought to be... 3) In terms of the theory, no. But the results, yes. For example, I take an apple, and add it to another apple in a basket. Suddenly, through the window, a third apple falls into your basket. That's what's meant in terms of Astrological change. 4) I believe it is a story told.