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  1. Yeah, should not be.
  2. Metis; HmmmmMMMM. In Mineta? I guess they would take it pretty well in stride. Rhi; I don't think they could.
  3. No comment, of course.
  4. Free; I'd better defer to the Team on this one...I'll ask, see what they want to say.
  5. Confirm that it's too dangerous to mess with? I can neither confirm nor deny.
  6. Schwarzbart; I'll get these to the Team! I wonder about #2, hmmm.
  7. Free; 1) Not that I am aware of, no. 2) I don't think you can, at a Y1 level of Skill. 3) There's only one way to find out...;) 4) Although not supported as an option...yeah, as long as no one saw you. 5) In that case, yes. 6) A bit of both.
  8. Schwarzbart; 1) In an abstract sense, I believe so. It won't be like the Vacation interaction, though. 2) Easy? Yess....although it would be similar to 1. 3) No, although enterprising Students might be able to... 4) Claim them. You...do not want to mislay them...;) 5) I don't know about that one. 6) Yes. 7) I don't think it's like that in Y2, no, although there's no reason it couldn't be!
  9. Schwarzbart; Oh! Didn't mean to- that...looks like a typo alright.
  10. Tsk, tsk.
  11. Free; Their stock will change, but they will still be in the game. Costs for libraries are per month.
  12. Sorry folks! I've been scalded too many times. But the Team steadily soldiers forward, and when it's time, they will tell me.
  13. Schwarzbart; A private library can hold any book you'd like to place there, which means that you can make it less focused than the libraries which you've discovered. There are also some drawbacks using the discovered locations, in that some of them may be frequented by people whom you'd rather not have know about your research.
  14. KK; They probably won't answer that, but if you want to ask it in a different way, maybe...:)
  15. English, good.
  16. Metis; There's a better way now to handle 'looping' stages, but otherwise yes.
  17. Shirogane; This should go into the Lore questions!
  18. tokimi; For 1 & 2, it *should* work, yes. 3) Yep, it's possible, but the Difficulty of 999 means that you won't find it through normal means. 4) HmmmmMMMMM. Yes, I believe the 'back door' is still there, albeit very, very, very rare.
  19. Metis; Laws are by state or city, so they are primarily around entry and customs in regards to that sort of thing. That doesn't mean it's not illegal to those that hunt these kinds of things...;)
  20. Metis; Legally? Anything they liked.
  21. Rhi; For 1 & 2, I must refer you to the Lores, and/or it is redacted. For 3, no, not really. 4) Only in the sense that it may make Bonding more familiar or comfortable. 5) Not in a rigorous taxonomic way, no. Free; 1) Per that person, yes. 2) Likely. 3) You'd have to find out...;) 4) Hmmmm. Hmmm. I'll ask. 5) You'd certainly know the type of magic they favor.
  22. Oh yes, he's fine. That was quite some time ago, well before the Steam release, if I recall correctly!
  23. Free; Oh yes, all's well and has been. Schwarzbart; 2) You can choose to remain outside of them, yes. 3) Events transpire, but the Player isn't able to change their outcome.
  24. Rhi; 1. Are there those who regard Academagia as an effort to reduce the power of nobility and non-imperial centres of power? by creating a centralized, imperially administered, merit-based education system, magic and related skills are less under the control of powerful families and guilds. Or would this analysis be seen as heresy, undermining a state-sponsored narrative of Academagia as pan-human bulwark against dragons? No- the weight of its history and tradition has embedded it in the cultural landscape firmly. That said, there have been efforts over the years to try to restrict the students to nobility, which have been mostly unsuccessful. 2. are there legal or moral obstacles against creating a synchronicity course in Academagia? As Schwarzbart notes, but there are slippery slopes in what you suggest as well. 3. How widely known is Draconian Script? Is it as carefully regulated as the Draconic language? Would there be panic and investigation if a student at Academagia were caught using the script to write or decorate anything? It's not popularly known, but the learned know it by sight. It's very heavily regulated, and there would certainly be an investigation. Panic? Depends on what they were writing, I would think.
  25. Thanks!