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  1. Not sure of the proper terms, but to what extend is a spellcaster expected to be able to control his/her spells against interference? Say that someone casts a hard to control spell in public, and someone tosses a rock at the spell, causing the entire thing to explode. Would that be the fault of the caster or whoever tossed the rock?
  2. Dying Wish, stage 7: I'll be honest, typing this I kind of ended up expecting people to go with the Natural Philosophy exit even though that's not at all a commonly raised skill. I mean who descends into ancient ruins with nothing more exciting to look forward to but hopefully finding the ancient boulder trap before you trip it and cue the Benny Hill music, right?
  3. Related to 1, say that a student frequently suffered digestive issues (given the average quality of the cafeteria food I imagine it's not unheard of...) and wanted to counteract that with a spell. Where would said student go to learn said spell? Do the nurses teach those spells, would one have to talk to a professor, can they be found in the Venalicium, are they literally part of a student's textbooks, what? EDIT: Outninja'd .
  4. Besides F12? Schwarzbart, unlike me, was intelligent and asked the Legate for a list of the new adventure requirements during the Beta...pretty sure you can figure out the rest from there.
  5. My reaction as well the first time I saw that list.
  6. Dying Wish, stage 6: One thing I always wondered about summoning ghosts to do your bidding - inevitably you're going to summon Pamela or the ghost version of Mister Pebbles instead of someone useful, right?
  7. One list coming right up! Please keep in mind that those are the modtool names of the adventures, not the ingame ones. I'd have added the ingame names but I don't know all of them off of the top of my head . Also the prerequisites listed are (I assume) the intended ones, not the ones that are necessarily used by the game. If there's a problem, report it in the bugs threat.
  8. I'd rather post it now and not have a situation where a week and some change later someone posts about it because someone, not naming any names, completely forgot. I mean it's been just over three months, three months and a week isn't going to make a difference I don't think. Unless, of course, the Team has something planned for the end of the month .
  9. One moment, I should have a list somewhere in this giant mess of barely sorted .txt we go: Mind you that's what I noted down during the beta, so things might have changed in the interim. EDIT: Incidentally, @Legate of Mineta, any ETA on when I can post the list of adventure requirements? I think people have had enough time by now, but...
  10. Missed number eight there, Legate.
  11. Dying Wish, stage 5: I sort of had this plan where, once you go in, the adventure would bulldoze on through to the end come hell or high water...but that kind of fell through. On the bright side, finally getting to the stages I wouldn't consider filler .
  12. Out of College, not Out of Character. I suppose CC, Cross-College, would be a less confusing term, but I like having a ton of things be abbreviated as OOC. Mind you, an Aranaz student played straight would probably be no one's actual friend. "Beware Courtesy" and all.
  13. Among other things, yes. Of course that means getting an OOC Clique member, which you might not want.
  14. Dying Wish, stage 4: Filler stage.txt
  15. Ah, right, let me check it real quick...those thresholds are exactly right, although I see that I missed the fact that the Negation Spells v. 20 check is just an investigation which opens up a Negation v. 20 option. So, yes, brutal rolls there. If you manage to get to that stage and don't have Conceal/Brew/Negation trained I'd highly suggest burning a Clique member. Actually, that's another bit of advice - get a big Clique and don't be afraid to burn 'em.