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  1. Basically a fight of some sort. The monsters, their attacks and the descriptions for both still exist in the mod tools, so you can get a decent idea of how things would have gone down. Yeah, don't be surprised if it takes over 6 hours to publish. It takes forever. Can't do so, 'far as I know. Duels only work with students. You need multiple quotes to do that. 'Been that way since before the update 'far as I recall.
  2. .amm is an unpublished mod file, you need to publish it first. Monsters are indeed a mechanic that ended up on the cutting room floor, same as the Rimbal game. Though at least one monster ended up making a cameo appearance in a location adventure, so...close enough.
  3. So I just noticed that with the forum update we no longer seem to have any option to change the font. Eh...fix please? Also I just discovered the Preview button, with handy tablet and mobile view. Like a mobile phone could handle this bloated mess, right?
  4. Glad to be of help . EDIT: Speaking of which: Another option would be to check the mod tools, since you can check that name's entry and it'll have the Familiar's species listed, but I can imagine that's really not something a newcomer would be using. I've also added a list of exotic Familiars and their default name/gender to the OP, under Character Creation (Reference Lists). No, you can't change a Familiar's gender, it's just that the Wiki listed it right next to their name and I figured, eh, why not. One "subskill" too many there. Entirely true, of course, but there's a bit more too it: Oan's adventure isn't just a tutorial for the player, but also for the player character. Her adventure provides disproportionate amounts of rewards for passing (and sometimes even failing!) some of the easiest adventure rolls you'll ever encounter. And the PC always needs a boost early game, even if the player doesn't need to be told what a Pheme is. Even for advanced players Oan's adventure is fantastic, because it offers the chance to unlock otherwise difficult skills at little to no difficulty. If you play your cards during that adventure right (and probably aren't shy of save scumming at least a little bit) you could get three attribute points from it halfway through the tutorial section, let stand the actual adventure section that itself is a continuous adventure promising twice the rewards at half the usual difficulty. Or in five words or less: Oan's adventure is always great . If you receive a conduct reprimand, no matter the reason, your student is searched for contraband and any that you have on you or in your backpack are confiscated. I'm not sure if the same happens if you get an Academic reprimand. "May not", it actually depends on how an item/spell gives a boost. If they directly buff a (sub)skill level as most, though not all, spells/items do, that's accounted for. Otherwise, it is not. I highly recommend informing people about the F12 function at some point. It's quite important to know, should they desire to report typos. I'd also recommend mentioning how to get the most out of your inevitable RE failures, since that can take the sting out of your student floundering about like a poor man's comedy act. In your case, unless a background unlocked them already, you had the choice of Informing yourself about the Lie, Glamour Methods or Hide subskills. Not a super amazing selection, but still, free subskill. It's possible that one of those afternoon classes taught you a skill step in a subskill that was more than one skill step away from a skill level. The end of day rapport only mentions skill level increases, not necessarily the skill step increases that the classes give out. And unless I'm remembering wrong, both Enchant and Arithmetic are classes that have one or two subskills that tend to need more than one skill step per skill level as a matter of course.
  5. Skill step increases don't care for whether you're Informed of said skill or not, I don't see why skill level max increases couldn't do the same.
  6. Cliques not breaking up properly was solved, starting in a (one-person) clique was not. At least that's what quickly checking my last save game and F12 tells me.
  7. Due to a game bug you start in a one-person Clique, so as far as the game is concerned you're not a free agent. It should be the case that if you're not in a Clique and you successfully Befriend someone who is you'd be added to their Clique, but because of the bug you instead are attempting to steal a member of an existing Clique to join yours, which is insanely hard if not outright impossible.
  8. Definitely more fan mod territory, yes. And in answer to your question, no, not without modding the base Bully action and anything else you'd judge qualifies as it to add a memory, which is...not feasible.
  9. It's possible that it's one of a few dummied out effects in the game that either does nothing or doesn't work properly. Or both, I suppose. If so than being able to access it probably counts as a bug.
  10. Contested actions like Befriend are always purple in the action/abilities/etc. list, they're not color-coded until you've actually selected a target (although because of Befriend's arcane mechanics it's color-coding might as well be permanently stuck at orange). Speaking of which, Befriend is more likely to succeed if: Your target is not in a Clique already. Your target has a high relationship with you. Your target is in the same College as you. There are fewer people in your Clique to begin with. The people you do have have a high relationship with your target. A bad combination of the above might very well give you a hideous enough penalty to swat away your Charm 5/Befriend 14 roll like it's nothing. The traditional (if...mean) solution to a problem like this is to get Manipulation 10 and cast Schism on Amada's clique until it completely falls to pieces, and you can scoop her up much more easily once she's a free agent again. You could even fiddle around with Common Ground if you're worried your Clique is too big to reliably Befriend her (though I'd recommend having something on hand to counteract the relationship decreases).
  11. So, the Secrets and Silence background. What would a professor do if s/he learned that a student ha it? What would a guardsmen do if he discovered a civilian having a conversation with himself, and nothing but lame excuses?
  12. ...Okay, that does not happen on occasion on every save file. I hope.
  13. Shouldn't be necessary, since as far as I know every save does that on occasion. Rather annoying, but it happens.
  14. Don't they? Mechanically such abilities roll something v.99 and have a build-in CoS, why wouldn't regular CoS/CoF have any effect on that?
  15. The terminology is proper (as far as I know), it's just that (again, as far as I know) Cyve, being the name of the actual planet, can refer to either the surface world exclusively or both the surface and Choris depending on context. My mind defaulted to the former definition, which (to me) made little sense in context with the question, hence why I asked. Frankly it's been far too long since I really delved into the lore. Might be time for another question threat binge... EDIT: Legate, can something be done about the ridiculous double line break issues plaguing practically every post made before the forum update?