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    I enjoy writing trans-lyrics, playing visual novels, and I love Nancy Drew.

    I am also an admin on the Scheherazade wiki, so if you have any questions or have a suggestion as to what you would like to see on the wiki, feel free to message me~
  1. Dang it Sterling, of course he'd be the character whose birthday isn't set in stone XD. I was hoping he'd be truthful with Sadie, but....I'm not surprised lol. But not knowing Sterling's exact birthday makes me a bit miffed at him. I was really rooting for him telling the truth. Not completely canonical? I can see why the developers might not have completely decided ages, so that's understandable. I appreciate the ages listed and the guesstimates. So we got Roland: 23-24 (probably 23) Sterling: 19, but actually 18 until sometime in February/March (because he's a liar <<) Felix: 18 Nigel: 24 Ahmose: 21ish physically Anna: 17-18 (many people graduate high school at 17, so that's still plausible even without her failing) Evelyn: In her early to mid-thirties (and Zul is too...and he's a romance for thought XD) Ruedger: In his thirties, though probably mid to late thirties (just a little older than Evelyn) Lorelei: Late twenties, so 26-29 (yeah...time hasn't been pleasant to her. Run that one character in that ending. RUN XD) I think one reason I always think Evelyn is older is that her and Ruddy are similarly aged, and yet they both have this off-shade of light brown hair that kind of comes off as grey, making them look older XD. Thanks for the info~ Now I can be irritated at Sterling for another reason. Add that to the 'things Sterling did to irritate me' list.
  2. Okay, thanks~
  3. Any word on the ages? I'm not trying to sound pushy, I just figured that this thread got shoved back due to Victory Belles discussions that get a lot more views and comments XD.
  4. Cool, so Nigel is probably 23ish. Also, sorry to burst your bubble, but Zul really is in his early to mid thirties XD. I asked some questions about Zul earlier that they answered beautifully here: I highly recommend you read it. It's very informative. I learned way more about Zul than I thought I ever would. Thanks~ I'm itching to know XD.
  5. So, we get to experience most major character birthdays, but we don't really know many of their ages. Could someone tell us what the main character's ages are before their in-game birthdays? Here is what I got. Sadie: Turns 18 at start of game. Roland: During Valentine's day, Roland says that he got his scarf while in university. Most people graduate British university at age 21, so Roland is most likely at least 21. I'm also not entirely convinced his birthday is actually November 18th either. Sterling: 18 at the start of the game, turns 19 July 22. In his New Orleans caper, he says on the phone that it is currently his birthday (which irritates Sadie), making his birthday somewhere between mid February to mid March. I'm more inclined to believe that he was truthful to Sadie in Egypt than to some guy on the phone in New Orleans, but still. I'm not sure which is his birthday. Felix: Seems to be a bit older than Sadie, but not much, so probably 18-20 Nigel: Not much older than Sadie, yet old enough to be a professor, so probably 21-23 Ahmose: Appearance wise anyway, he seems to be about Sadie's age or maybe a little older, so probably 18-21 Anna: Most likely 17 or 18 since Sadie is 18. Evelyn: I doubt we'll ever learn her age XD. She has to be at least in her forties though. Ruedger: Probably a similar age to Evelyn. Zul al Zan: Word of God said he is in his early to mid thirties, so 30-36ish (and yet I still ship him and Sadie SO much) Lorelei: I really don't like her lol, but given certain possible events with a certain character's ending, I'm curious as to how much older she is than Sadie. Maybe it's just me, but she looks like...older than Zul, and I'm not sure if that was intentional or if I just think she looks a lot older than everyone else XD. Any information is appreciated~
  6. Darn, well, hopefully it is explained in the sequel. At least I have some hope to cling onto. Thanks~
  7. Gosh, now you're giving me one in a million hope here. My guess would be if you negotiate with Zul in The Zul in New York Adventure and the artifacts get returned to Egypt, the Ruby Eye might be one of the artifacts. But, that is getting pretty close to the deadline and they might just shove it into a museum in Egypt instead of putting it back into the tomb.....and those artifacts were Ruddy's and not Zuls, so..... I guess Ruddy could have bought the Ruby Eye, from those thugs in Istanbul since you weren't there to stop them, maybe? Otherwise, the other capers you get into with Zul do not really have anything to do with the Ruby Eye or the locations of his artifacts (except for Ahmose's Turkish Adventure, but you'd have to already be doing Ahmose's route to see that). Can you give a bit more of a hint as to how to maybe not kill Ahmose? I'm still traumatized XD.
  8. Well, I guess every happy ending is truly a sad ending... I'm hoping that Ahmose somehow got it back on his own since nothing says that he didn't. Not sure how he would, but the hearts of all players need something to cling to.
  9. Spoilers for Ahmose's route So, the Ruby Eye keeps Ahmose alive and Zul steals it in Egypt. If Sadie never sees this event, does it still happen? Does Ahmose die in every other route because Sadie did not get the Ruby Eye back? I would like to think that the entire thing just does not happen, but the game often has continuity even if Sadie hasn't seen an event (EX: Roland being depressed on his birthday even if you are not following his route).
  10. February 15, 2017 edit (already added to the list): Felix's Christmas newspaper can only be seen if you start his Christmas caper, yet at the end decide to continue the Dream of Family
  11. Ah, I figured as much. It makes sense that getting the rights to use a song does not equal getting the rights to sell it XD.
  12. Here is information about the 1931 Scheherazade soundtrack I've heard quite a few people wonder about: A Lifetime of's theme American in's Theme Andes Map Canoneallaüdeger's Theme Canonealla Caravan~couldn't find~Egypt Map Classy's Theme Cloud Daily's Theme Dinner for Two Shall we (a.k.a. Dinner for Two) Gypsy Head Over's Theme High's Theme Indian Flute Map Jump To It Keep In Touch Keys (a.k.a. Keep In Touch)'s Theme Lady Be Good To's Theme Makes You Wonder All Mine (a.k.a. Makes You Wonder)'s Theme Minor Swing (a.k.a. A Minor Swing) Map My One and Only A Toast (a.k.a My One and Only)'s Day Old Fashioned's Theme Pal Around Hopalong (a.k.a Pal Around)'s Theme South Side York Map Sugar Plum Tale of the Jazzy Prince (a.k.a. The Jazzy Prince) The Sergalio~couldn't find~Turkey map The Stars And Us Lighten (a.k.a The Stars and Us) The's Theme Three O Clock hop Secret (a.k.a Three O'Clock Hop)'s Theme Vegas's Theme When The Saint Go Marching Orleans map When You Want It Right way (a.k.a. When You Want It) Zoot Suit's Theme For more information, visit this page on the wiki: Also, is there a chance that the soundtrack will ever be released officially? I'm not sure about the legality of releasing a soundtrack comprised of royalty free/pay once and you're done music. I've considered releasing the soundtrack myself, but...I'm not sure of the legality of it so I haven't XD. I know that Hatoful Boyfriend and Holidaystar used royalty free music and yet they both released soundtracks.
  13. Cool, then I probably counted right. Of course Sterling is part of the 'only has 100' group. That boy is always causing me problems Thanks~ EDIT: I actually found a few more Roland points.
  14. Well, the title says it all. Do some characters have more than 100 friendship points? Sterling seems to only have 100, but I counted 108 for Roland. Now, I could have miscounted somewhere, but it takes so long to go through all of the capers, it would be nice to know if some have more than 100. Thanks~
  15. Hopefully the update will include a list of things that are fixed. A lot of companies just say things like 'We fixed some bugs. Have fun'. I'd really like to know what bugs have been fixed so that I can go back through the parts that were fixed (like achievement bugs, Sterling bugs, etc), and I can take them off of the bug list that I spent way more time on than a sane person would. It just means I'm dedicated lol.