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  1. August 11, 2017 edit (already added to the list): In Sterling: The Australian Adventure, if you pass the 3rd obstacle using Magic Tricks, it says +1 Stress even though it's really +1 Wits. In The Anna Adventure, if you pass the 3rd obstacle using Dodge, it says +1 Resolve, but it's really +1 Athletics
  2. I've made a few different threads about different errors/bugs I have noticed and read about a few through Steam. I figured a cumulative list of known errors would be beneficial as it would combine them all into one easy to see spot. Feel free to list other errors you have noticed. For instances where the text goes behind characters or is invisible, I have a list started here: Please Note: The majority of this list is things that I have personally noticed or have checked. There will be a section for things others have noticed. EDITED: August 11, 2017 Caper/Interface Related The final Nigel newspaper, what I call the 'Dream of Nigel Newspaper' or the 'Nigel after Turkey Newspaper' cannot be seen due its code placement Felix's Christmas newspaper can only be seen if you start his Christmas caper, yet at the end decide to continue the Dream of Family The 8th obstacle in Sterling's Indian Adventure is skipped over. This may also make you miss +1 Relationship with Sterling, impacting Sterling's endings and achievements Failing the 1st obstacle in Sterling's Indian Adventure makes you lose -3 Relationship with Sterling In Sterling's first 'Run around with Sterling some more' event, after completing the event, you get +1 relationship points but it is not visible during the event The last relationship point gained in the first part of Ahmose: The Australian Adventure is not visible during the event If you save in The Quickfinger Adventure at the choice 'well I don't think/ I suppose/ Oh, it's all for the good' or 'you don't look/ I'm sure if you look/ my best friend', the game stops, goes to a blue screen, and tells you that you either have to quit or rollback (I do have a screen shot of this if anyone needs to see the traceback) On January 25ish, if you have The Albino Alligator Adventure available, Felix's Main Adventure, and part of The Anna Adventure, they cannot all fit on one screen If you load really quickly, the game often crashes, but this seems to be a person dependent error so it most likely cannot be fixed. The game also seems to crash more some days than others, almost like Steam isn't loading it properly or something. In Sterling: The Australian Adventure, if you pass the 3rd obstacle using Magic Tricks, it says +1 Stress even though it's really +1 Wits. In The Anna Adventure, if you pass the 3rd obstacle using Dodge, it says +1 Resolve, but it's really +1 Athletics. Achievement Related The Bonded with Anna and Bonded with Evelyn achievements cannot be unlocked to to a file naming error Bonded with the Bandit, Sparring Partner, Strange Circles. Turkey Expert, and All Adventures! all require you to fail the 5th obstacle in Two Adventures Together due to code placement ^To get the Dream of Dead Bakers, you would have to fail the 5th obstacle in Two Adventures Together due to code placement as well, but since that would mean you failed it, this inspiration card is not achievable (or at least is shouldn't be) Not Certain, but Questionable Loved by All, Romanced by None and Everybody's Best Friend seem as if they cannot be obtained since you can only view one Christmas and Easter event per play, but a lot of relationship points are gotten during those events Loved by All, Romanced by None requires you to also get 100 Dream of Family along with getting 100 relationship points with the guys. This doesn't seem wrong per say, but nothing about the achievement description suggests that one would have to get 100 Dream of Family. Bonded with Sterling. I can account for 98 achievable points, and two that cannot be gotten. +1 Relationship with Sterling is gotten from passing the 8th obstacle in Sterling's Indian Adventure. However, this obstacle is skipped over in-game so you can't get the point. +1 Relationship with Sterling is gotten from doing Turkey: The Main Adventure with Sterling. However, this caper has two versions, one with Anna and one with Sterling. The only way to do Turkey: The Main Adventure with Sterling is if you do not see Sterling's New Orleans Adventure, which you can't skip since it gives you +13 Relationship with Sterling. So, I feel like this achievement may not be able to be gotten. ^Due to the possible Sterling problem, that would make Loved by All, Romance by None and Everybody's Best Friend unobtainable as well Poker is never used anywhere in the game Driven. Nobody seems to be able to get it and I can't find anything wrong with programming wise. We have no idea why we can't get it. Help XD. ^Also, The Serpent Empire Adventure (part one, before Egypt) does not have a false flag for the driven achievement. Neither do Ahmose Main or Ahmose Australia-Turkey. This makes sense in that you can't do Ahmose's other capers unless you do Egypt, but there is no false flag for his main adventure, so you could meet Ahmose and it not impact Driven. I rarely get the Dream of the Crossroads inspiration card from The Quickfinger Adventure, even though I pass all obstacles. I've only gotten it one time and I have no idea why ^This also happens for me when playing The Anna Adventure There is no 'Dream of Roland Newspaper/Roland after Turkey Newspaper'. This could have been intentional though During the ending interview, The Main Adventure in Australia is never mentioned (though since it involved Roland and Sterling doing questionable things, I could see Sadie not wanting to mention it) The journal for Sterling's Turkish caper never appears, or at least I have not been able to make it appear. There may be a certain combination that works though. The Albino Alligator Adventure only unlocks after you have beaten The Main Adventure in Peru. The two are hardly related so this seems odd to me Others Have Mentioned I remember seeing someone say they got 100 Relationship with Nigel and the Bonded with Nigel achievement did not unlock ^The same goes for Roland If you finish a caper the night before leaving a location, the journal entry often doesn't appear That is all I have for now. If I notice anything else, I'll add it to the list. If anyone else notices anything, I'll add it as well.
  3. Thank you so much~ I plan on doing Gwynhwfara's Zul story as well, but considering how this Ahmose story took me like, 3 hours to do and it's 1/3ish the length of the Zul will take me a while XD. Hopefully, more people write some fanfiction.
  4. To try and raise awareness of the game (and because I really like Gwynhwfara's stories), I programmed her alternate Ahmose Dream ending into the game and recorded it. The video looks a lot better in 720p+, so try to watch it in that if you can. Also, though this is a fan video, it does have mild spoilers for Ahmose's real dream ending (namely some Ahmose sprites), so watch at your own risk. Here is Gwynhwfara's original post: I also posted this on tumblr and plan on posting other Scheherazade related things here: Fun fact: I temporarily wrote over The Bigglesworth Adventure to make this.
  5. As the title says, all links to the demo seem to not work anymore. They lead to I checked the steam link and the official website link (there could be more links I don't know about though). I was recommending the game to someone and wound up having to upload the demo to mediafire myself so they could get it XD.
  6. I knew Desura went away, but I thought maybe Black Chicken Studios themselves had plans to host the demo. Regardless, if anyone wants it, here's my upload of it: Scheherazade Demo (On the off chance Adfly pops up, I don't make any profit. Mediafire just shoves ads onto my uploads sometimes and I don't know how to make it stop XD).
  7. Yep, I completely misread what you said. My bad XD. I think one of the problems is that the fanbase is split in two. There are those who played the game when it first came out and those who started playing once it got on Steam. There was several years in-between the original release and Steam release. Instead of the fanbase being 50% old fans and 50% Steam fans, some of the old fans probably moved on so it's like 20% old and 50% new, so there's a gap of 30% of players missing (though this entire statement is basically baseless and is just a theory, so take it for a grain of salt). However, Academagia is older and only just got a Steam release so...I guess it boils down to market. Scheherazade is an otome game that can appeal to other audiences with the adventure/stat-raising aspect while Academagia starts out as a stat-raiser that is probably the closest way to playing as Harry Potter people have ever gotten, so it appeals to more people to start. The stat-raising aspect of Scheherazade is also a big deterrent for some people, and we can't deny it has a big learning curve. Plus, in recent years WAY more otome games have been released in English, so there are way more games to turn too. Don't mind me, just rambling lol. We need to like, start some 'Scheherazade Fans Unite' initiative or something XD. Not sure what it would be though. I was considering if people wrote fanfiction/stories, programming it into the game and recording it (so the authors could see their stories in-game with animations and characters and stuff) to try to promote people writing Scheherazade stories, but I'm not sure if people would be interested in that or not, plus that probably wouldn't help gain many new fans, just keep old ones.
  8. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you mean or not, but if you mean 'nitpicking' as in 'pointing out bugs/errors/problems', I made two lists. This is a list of bugs and potential bugs in the game. I tried to make it very extensive and include things that others have mentioned as problems and potential problems though I haven't experienced the problems myself: And this is a list of those 'text appears behind the characters' glitches though I don't update it as often as if you use the skip read text option, a lot of the time the text appears behind the characters when it wouldn't if you weren't skipping text, and I usually skip read text so...: I HIGHLY encourage people adding to both lists. Any information added is appreciated, even if it is a glitch you are unsure about or just something you think is off/wrong.
  9. It's fine. Like I said, it's confusing how you get relationship points that add to the friendship ending, but then the Dream points add to the endings where you're in a relationship. Thanks for responding though .
  10. Has anyone gotten 100 relationship points with Ahmose or more than 96? I am trying to write out how to get all 100 points, but I can only find 96. Ahmose is not involved in many capers, and I've been over those few capers so many times, I have no idea how I'm missing four points. Here is what I have: Ahmose main=10 Christmas=5 Easter=4 Ahmose Egypt=13 Ahmose Australia=12 Ahmose India=12 Ahmose Peru=11 Ahmose New Orleans=12 Ahmose Turkey=15 Kheper Conversations=2 Those are also the only capers that Ahmose has relationship points in, so there isn't much to search through. If anyone can add any information, confirm anything, or point out any errors, please let me know. I can't imagine that there are actually four Ahmose points missing in-game, but since I think Sterling has two points not obtainable (on his route anyway), I am not ruling it out.
  11. Just to double check, did you get all Dream points for every character or all Relationship points? I know you can get all 100 Dream points for every character, but the relationship points (the ones that lead to friendship endings) are the ones that may not be there. I've always thought that it was confusing that the relationship points get you friendship endings yet 'relationship' implies romance, so I thought I would double check. If you did get 100 relationship points with everyone and not 100 dream, then that is confirmation that I need to go back over Sterling's relationship points as well.
  12. Dang it Sterling, of course he'd be the character whose birthday isn't set in stone XD. I was hoping he'd be truthful with Sadie, but....I'm not surprised lol. But not knowing Sterling's exact birthday makes me a bit miffed at him. I was really rooting for him telling the truth. Not completely canonical? I can see why the developers might not have completely decided ages, so that's understandable. I appreciate the ages listed and the guesstimates. So we got Roland: 23-24 (probably 23) Sterling: 19, but actually 18 until sometime in February/March (because he's a liar <<) Felix: 18 Nigel: 24 Ahmose: 21ish physically Anna: 17-18 (many people graduate high school at 17, so that's still plausible even without her failing) Evelyn: In her early to mid-thirties (and Zul is too...and he's a romance for thought XD) Ruedger: In his thirties, though probably mid to late thirties (just a little older than Evelyn) Lorelei: Late twenties, so 26-29 (yeah...time hasn't been pleasant to her. Run that one character in that ending. RUN XD) I think one reason I always think Evelyn is older is that her and Ruddy are similarly aged, and yet they both have this off-shade of light brown hair that kind of comes off as grey, making them look older XD. Thanks for the info~ Now I can be irritated at Sterling for another reason. Add that to the 'things Sterling did to irritate me' list.
  13. So, we get to experience most major character birthdays, but we don't really know many of their ages. Could someone tell us what the main character's ages are before their in-game birthdays? Here is what I got. Sadie: Turns 18 at start of game. Roland: During Valentine's day, Roland says that he got his scarf while in university. Most people graduate British university at age 21, so Roland is most likely at least 21. I'm also not entirely convinced his birthday is actually November 18th either. Sterling: 18 at the start of the game, turns 19 July 22. In his New Orleans caper, he says on the phone that it is currently his birthday (which irritates Sadie), making his birthday somewhere between mid February to mid March. I'm more inclined to believe that he was truthful to Sadie in Egypt than to some guy on the phone in New Orleans, but still. I'm not sure which is his birthday. Felix: Seems to be a bit older than Sadie, but not much, so probably 18-20 Nigel: Not much older than Sadie, yet old enough to be a professor, so probably 21-23 Ahmose: Appearance wise anyway, he seems to be about Sadie's age or maybe a little older, so probably 18-21 Anna: Most likely 17 or 18 since Sadie is 18. Evelyn: I doubt we'll ever learn her age XD. She has to be at least in her forties though. Ruedger: Probably a similar age to Evelyn. Zul al Zan: Word of God said he is in his early to mid thirties, so 30-36ish (and yet I still ship him and Sadie SO much) Lorelei: I really don't like her lol, but given certain possible events with a certain character's ending, I'm curious as to how much older she is than Sadie. Maybe it's just me, but she looks like...older than Zul, and I'm not sure if that was intentional or if I just think she looks a lot older than everyone else XD. Any information is appreciated~
  14. Okay, thanks~
  15. Any word on the ages? I'm not trying to sound pushy, I just figured that this thread got shoved back due to Victory Belles discussions that get a lot more views and comments XD.
  16. Cool, so Nigel is probably 23ish. Also, sorry to burst your bubble, but Zul really is in his early to mid thirties XD. I asked some questions about Zul earlier that they answered beautifully here: I highly recommend you read it. It's very informative. I learned way more about Zul than I thought I ever would. Thanks~ I'm itching to know XD.
  17. I am trying to fill in the relationship/friendship routes on the Scheherazade wiki and am trying to find discrepancies in what is already posted (ex: the wiki shows 92ish Sterling points but I got 96 and wrote the whole Sterling guide myself). I am asking the community for assistance in trying to figure out how to get 100 relationship points with different characters as trying to do it myself is difficult and slowly killing me inside. Would anyone who has gotten 100 relationship points be willing to post how many points they have after different locations? (ex: 47 points after India, 58 after Peru, etc.). With this, I can significantly narrow down where discrepancies are and also be able to load sections until I receive all the points that are needed by that time. I currently have saves for Roland and Sterling, so I will be able to work on those immediately, but information for any character is appreciated and I will save it for when I can add it on. Thanks~
  18. Spoilers for Ahmose's route So, the Ruby Eye keeps Ahmose alive and Zul steals it in Egypt. If Sadie never sees this event, does it still happen? Does Ahmose die in every other route because Sadie did not get the Ruby Eye back? I would like to think that the entire thing just does not happen, but the game often has continuity even if Sadie hasn't seen an event (EX: Roland being depressed on his birthday even if you are not following his route).
  19. Darn, well, hopefully it is explained in the sequel. At least I have some hope to cling onto. Thanks~
  20. Gosh, now you're giving me one in a million hope here. My guess would be if you negotiate with Zul in The Zul in New York Adventure and the artifacts get returned to Egypt, the Ruby Eye might be one of the artifacts. But, that is getting pretty close to the deadline and they might just shove it into a museum in Egypt instead of putting it back into the tomb.....and those artifacts were Ruddy's and not Zuls, so..... I guess Ruddy could have bought the Ruby Eye, from those thugs in Istanbul since you weren't there to stop them, maybe? Otherwise, the other capers you get into with Zul do not really have anything to do with the Ruby Eye or the locations of his artifacts (except for Ahmose's Turkish Adventure, but you'd have to already be doing Ahmose's route to see that). Can you give a bit more of a hint as to how to maybe not kill Ahmose? I'm still traumatized XD.
  21. Well, I guess every happy ending is truly a sad ending... I'm hoping that Ahmose somehow got it back on his own since nothing says that he didn't. Not sure how he would, but the hearts of all players need something to cling to.
  22. February 15, 2017 edit (already added to the list): Felix's Christmas newspaper can only be seen if you start his Christmas caper, yet at the end decide to continue the Dream of Family
  23. Here is information about the 1931 Scheherazade soundtrack I've heard quite a few people wonder about: A Lifetime of's theme American in's Theme Andes Map Canoneallaüdeger's Theme Canonealla Caravan~couldn't find~Egypt Map Classy's Theme Cloud Daily's Theme Dinner for Two Shall we (a.k.a. Dinner for Two) Gypsy Head Over's Theme High's Theme Indian Flute Map Jump To It Keep In Touch Keys (a.k.a. Keep In Touch)'s Theme Lady Be Good To's Theme Makes You Wonder All Mine (a.k.a. Makes You Wonder)'s Theme Minor Swing (a.k.a. A Minor Swing) Map My One and Only A Toast (a.k.a My One and Only)'s Day Old Fashioned's Theme Pal Around Hopalong (a.k.a Pal Around)'s Theme South Side York Map Sugar Plum Tale of the Jazzy Prince (a.k.a. The Jazzy Prince) The Sergalio~couldn't find~Turkey map The Stars And Us Lighten (a.k.a The Stars and Us) The's Theme Three O Clock hop Secret (a.k.a Three O'Clock Hop)'s Theme Vegas's Theme When The Saint Go Marching Orleans map When You Want It Right way (a.k.a. When You Want It) Zoot Suit's Theme For more information, visit this page on the wiki: Also, is there a chance that the soundtrack will ever be released officially? I'm not sure about the legality of releasing a soundtrack comprised of royalty free/pay once and you're done music. I've considered releasing the soundtrack myself, but...I'm not sure of the legality of it so I haven't XD. I know that Hatoful Boyfriend and Holidaystar used royalty free music and yet they both released soundtracks.
  24. Ah, I figured as much. It makes sense that getting the rights to use a song does not equal getting the rights to sell it XD.
  25. Well, the title says it all. Do some characters have more than 100 friendship points? Sterling seems to only have 100, but I counted 108 for Roland. Now, I could have miscounted somewhere, but it takes so long to go through all of the capers, it would be nice to know if some have more than 100. Thanks~