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  1. This is just a fun nonsense thread! Post your song of the day and maybe give a short description on why you chose this piece for the day. Review and critique the songs, if you guys want. I'll go first...and I'm posting this BECAUSE IT'S ALMOST SUMMER!
  2. Fascinating! So they do have physical ships (as opposed to the Belles fighting directly like Kancolle). I just wanted to see a picture of this combination in Lore :).
  3. I kinda like a bit of Owl City late at night.
  4. What I'm hoping for is a pic of how a Belle appears with an actual ship. Didn't the devs say that they took inspiration from Arpeggio...meaning that the Belle has a physical ship that is used to fight the villains? Also...will the villains be in ships as well? Will they look like ghost vessels?
  5. Nevada and Arizona - Pearl Harbor Veterans
  6. Your drawings have inspired lewds.
  7. Oh! Alright! Well...time to wait and hope.
  8. I'm kinda curious what was the nay vs yay vote this time...
  9. Okay! So the choices for Belles might play an overall part in the game's plot? That's intriguing :).
  10. I guess I'm a bit of a novice concerning warships ;).
  11. Random question: In general, how do you guys choose which Belles are included in the game? I don't think you're going to add every ship in WW2 (I might be wrong though), so how do you guys determine who makes the cut? I have the famous (i.e. Scharnhorst, Arizona) to the more obscure (i.e. Bulldog, Mahan) in drawing form.
  12. The game isn't out yet...and we already got lewds?! O_O
  13. It would be funny if there was a VB halloween event...and she had a costume that paid homage to Ming the Merciless :D.
  14. It's kinda cute that she's a fangirl who likes collecting memorabilia. Of course, that is so unprofessional *hides his various naval junk in his room*
  15. I downloaded US FGO...and I promptly deleted it because my Japanese file is so much better (i.e. more five stars). I'm working through ranked in my Arizona for World of Warships :).
  16. The most delicious of all fish subs.
  17. That is definitely an interesting motif. Also, I do like the short hair on my Belles :D.
  18. Very cute. Definitely a lot more innocent than her canon attitude :D.
  19. I like her purple hair and introspective attitude as well. She is overall a pleasant design (and is making me harder which navy I really want to choose ;n;). If anything though, I'm waiting for Chokai...partly because I share the same birthday as that ship :).
  20. RIP productive time
  21. Gneisenau was a nice straight-man to the madness that is Shiny Horse :D.