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  1. That right arm seems just a bit unnatural. Still, very well done. :-)
  2. Am I the only one who smells a rat in the desert? Given the Belles could be considered ghosts, I choose #1 so we can take this game of Clue to its ultimate conclusion.
  3. If we choose B we might have to worry about PETA and Greenpeace if it wasn't '39. I give B my seal of approval
  4. Why do I now wish I could draw so that I could render a line of baby Belles along the lines of "Muppet Babies"? :-) Oh the kawaii in my head right now!
  5. No doubt I'd let her follow me home :-) To my mom with doe eyes: "Can I keep her?"
  6. /me giggles
  7. "Good things come to those who wait" :-)
  8. Hmmm, as stated Hood is like Kongou's niece. And she certainly takes after her aunt in a number of ways. :-) Could be fun.
  9. I would sacrifice a forest of small woodland creatures to be able to draw like that. Just beautiful. :-)
  10. Usually it's translated as "through adversity to the stars" but yeah. And forget people, I singlehandedly threw the conversation into the alien ditch. Oops.
  11. Once again I'll point to Placentia Bay. USS Augusta bore FDR and HMS Prince of Wales bore Winston Churchill. If Belles really were to choose such men, I think Iowa would be too late at the table. All that said, I personally think it would be such a waste if a Belle were to insist on such figures. These men would be far too distracted by BIG THINGS rather than fighting thier ships. I could see Winston especially being so torn between his tasks that the entire British Empire's government would move to sea with debilitating effects.
  12. I don't disagree. And I certainly hope so. :-)
  13. Ad Astra per Aspera
  14. If the Morganas are aliens I swear I'll storm out like I did at the end of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Please dear God, BCS, don't go with that old cliche! :-(
  15. Korky, just as it is fun for Pac and I to wax romantic about the US and Imperial Japan joining forces as brothers against the Morgana threat, I'm sure the siren call of a rational Third Reich is strong for you. Sadly, by 1939 I can't imagine a scenario where even the Morganas could loose Hitler's grip on absolute power in Germany. He was already Supreme Commander of the military with oaths made by all flag staff to him personally. History shows that his plans for lebensraum and the resultant implications for the USSR were not a matter of reason. If anything, to my mind the Morganas would just be seen as another reason for a continental power to move while the oceanic powers are distracted. I'm open to opposing argument but I think "extreme mode" is the German default without a stiff dose of Deus ex machina.