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  1. Ramming speed! :-)
  2. I'm looking forward to Turkish ships that were commissioned as such. I'm sure they'll be lovely.
  3. Looks like everyone has forgotten. "Victory Belles so white" was my cry when all the initial interviews were lily white or Japanese. All along I've been the rather noisy torch bearer for the non-European or non-Japanese Belles. I'm a feisty chick who has no intention of moderating my passions. The ghosts of the Chinese that built the railways of the American West will not rest until a Chinese San Francisco has awoken!
  4. Pac, it takes a not insignificant amount of time and effort to write an interview. I think that effort is going into the May 29 event. :-)
  5. A Monday release - for Memorial Day I might note... (Keep in mind what transpired in Verdun during WWI...)
  6. Not at all. Only the Gameflow QA necessarily remains as a hurdle. The other two no go's may work through their issues concurrent with Beta. I elect to be an optimist! :-)
  7. Keep up the great work! June will be lovely month to set sail!
  8. And as Kongou-sama made abundantly clear in her interview, she's a BB in 1939. :-) I'd also argue for the sake of clarity that the Commonwealth ships be listed under Britain, possibly in subcategories by nation, since that is how they will be presented in game. Sorry Kits.
  9. I'm a flaming redhead who turned brown as I matured. The red still comes out in the sun. As much as I mistrust stereotypes I suppose anyone who was around a year ago knows I can be feisty when my dander is raised....
  10. 'Annoying old hag' is as good a description as any for women drill instructors at Parris Island, but thier training will save your life if you end up in the line of fire. :-)
  11. I have a question for everyone reading this. When I started writing this, I really wanted to do it from first person perfect. I felt an eyewitness view of the events would be really cool. That said, I am also going for a "Winds of War" feel with different people viewing the events so that we can be everywhere things are happening. As such, I am wanting to write from both the viewpoint of Dory Stirling and that of her husband. On the other hand, I've never read a book that was written first person perfect that shifted viewpoints. I'm beginning to see why that might be the case. I'd be curious what others think of the shift from Dory to Doug? I realize a reader assessment is further complicated by the overall weakness of the first Doug chapter (Chapter 3). Still, how jarring was the shift in viewpoints for the reader and do you think now that I've established that viewpoints may shift, do you think it could work?
  12. Turkey remains neutral... /highfives Spain then huggles Yavuz some more
  13. Voting for the bingo board Belles was a recognition of and respect for the efforts of Dano and Metis. As the one who first floated the idea of a bingo board of imaged Belles, I have no regrets that we cleared them first. Even if beta is green lit next week we have plenty of time to clear through the name onlies before we finish up with our hostess and get to finally devour '39. :-)
  14. Don't get me wrong, I love the character. I have minor issues with the pidgeon-toed art, but that's just my quibbling over PC BS. She absolutely reflects her history to '39. Kudos to the writers. My response was more to the captains who would rather have a moe/derpy pet than a functional subordinate/weapon.
  15. I know there aren't many women around here but I have to take Panay's observation one step further and wonder at what point does moe cross into misogyny? The desire for a girl useless in a practical sense but great for show or feeling superior toward such that you have to protect her? A perpetual child? Anyway, my response to her would be strong discipline starting with orders to get rid of the damn shoes and wear flats. I think I'd assign Yavuz as a mentor for her. She needs a drill sergeant, not a hug. Errors for adults are the result of poor training. The solution for an adult is repetition rather than validation. Women are for more than show.