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  1. 1 & 7 sound like a way of getting new equipment early with kagawa get a new plane and abbott some sort of weapon like maybe working torpedo. 4 is kinda risky with no guarantee of it working also sounds like it just a way of getting favor from the russians the rest i belive are just ways of getting favor with relevant nations
  2. ok i'm thinking from a purely lore perspective what would happen if a german belle I.E. Admiral Graf Spee picked a german jew to be her captain how would that affect germany
  3. so are we getting the beta as a christmas present
  4. brain says 1 heart say 3/4 safe one first i get the others on a replay so i vote 1
  5. we should have a maid Monday
  6. I would pick option 3 but I would only hold it till there was a clear winner
  7. I did ask the team a while back about the future. Cold war era belles are a distinct possibility beyond that or as I call them space belles are unlikely. as for sail ships victory and constitution are technically aloud in the current game the rest I doubt will be in unless an expansion pack is added
  8. i do believe that if a captain tried to take their part there would be severe consequences
  9. yeah poland may not have to worry about the Morganas so much for them to get at poland they have to get past the german norway and sweden navys. while poland will want to breakout into the atlantic so does the soviet fleet in saint petersburg so poland at sea at least can play a waiting game and use thier belles on land instead, In fact poland could be why the league of nations treaty came about.
  10. also the distinct possible chance that belles can fight on land would change the entire German invasion
  11. i know i was just wondering from a lore point of view
  12. what in my mind would be curious if a belle picks a foreigner for her captain like for instance boise's waiting in a harbour when mahan drops off the brittish ambassador and his assistants. boise stares at one assistant in particular before saying that's my captain
  13. i agree option 1 for me too
  14. Scharnhorst and LENINGRAD i want to see what happens
  15. some Camicia Nera art would be wonderful