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  1. Gooood, gooooood.....let the hate flow through you
  2. Also how grindy something is is more of a personal take for the most part
  3. Found one for you
  4. Well it's Memorial Day in the US.
  5. Oh I don't need a special event to hunt Ninja down
  6. When VB finally releases, I'll hopefully be able to tell my grandkids all about how I was there when the KS for it was still going on. ;P
  7. Sharn and Gneissenau are battlecruisers, not battleships
  8. Doesn't seem feisty enough
  9. Could just get pics of the ships
  10. Personally I'm all for it. I've done some swapping over to VADM Holland, but then again I'm writing in the third person where its easier to do so. Perhaps make it a little easier to tell which perspective it's from, either telling us outright or something of the sort.
  11. To be fair the war's already been going on
  12. >Adorable >Graf No, what he needs is some tried and true British Imperialism, so please, feel free to practice on His Majesty's Ship Hood.
  13. *In an Albanian accent* "Good luck"
  14. Which Queen Mary was
  15. To be fair, the pizza in question would be Little Caesars which is somewhat edable