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  1. Technically I reference yours in mine in the first chapter when talking briefly about Belles So technically first reference. Crossovers are another thing though. Don't think we have one yet
  2. Fanon will always exist, before or after canon. Hell I'm in no way trying to establish anything. My story is me writing about a game that I support and find the setting genuinely interesting enough to write something about it. Priority 1 when I'm writing is the characterization of Jack, Manchester, and whoever else pops up. I want to get them right. Then I look at what is available canon wise that can answer questions. If not, I ask the other fanfic writers and we come up with some idea. Heck some I've asked in gen questions to work out if certain things work or not. So I'm putting canon before fanon wherever possible. I'm going to get stuff wrong that the team will correct later or make clear, or maybe stuff that I write is confirmed. That's just how writing about a form of media works. Fanon existed the moment people started wondering questions about VB. Not with the fics.
  3. As one of those writes, I can confirm that we try to make sure our fics are as canon to the lore of Belles as possible. Obviously there'll be some moments that may be changed by the team later on down the line but we do our best to stay true. At least this thread serves as a way to get answers to those questions without diving into the depths of Gen Discussion.
  4. One that Hyperion was working on that I'm for is similar to Cherno Alpha vs the World (Pacific Rim Quest). We're on the last remaining Belle and we're trying to protect the last major installation, going out to get supplies, the whole thing. He knows more than I do about the thing so if I can get him to post here I will
  5. It'd be more like Rawalpindi and Pola
  6. I'm interested to know if Belles can only fight Morganas or can they help defend a convoy from U-Boat attack if they're there as escort, or aid with fire support on a beach landing? If a Battleship cannot provide bombardment on critical enemy positions because it's a Belle and can only target Morganas, then by 1944 D-Day would need maybe twice the number of ships as most might have Belles by then. Basically, can Belles help the World War at all?
  7. *mumble mumble* HMS Warspite *mumble mumble*
  8. Orion and Nubian. Clash of the hunters Axium and Nubian. Colonial ships and also hunters too Rawalpindi and Scharnhorst. Scharn gonna get decked. Kirov and New Orleans. The ultimate party Hood and Scharnhorst (and Kongou perhaps). Clash of the BCs, who is best. Mahan and Leningrad. Because it's funny to torture poor Mahan like that. Arizona and Hiryuu. Pearl Harbor babes Saggy (native Canadian Belle) and any of the Hunter Belles Hiryuu and Chiyoda. Golf anyone? Bulldog and Hood. Symbol of Britannia and Pride of the Royal Navy
  9. The May Incident?
  10. Hood is indeed glorious and best ship named after an admiral as everyone knows. Much better than that fascist ship Admiral whatsherface
  11. Bulldog isn't really too obscure. She captured the Enigma machine. Just not as headlining as Warspite or Hood.
  12. I don't see the need. There's that sort of one in the Discord and that's really all we need. If there's VB NSFW stuff it can be posted here so long as it's spoilered and with the appropriate warnings as far as I know
  13. Yep that was the one he posted but not in spoilers. It's pretty good and also amusing
  14. Well Legate did say "but with spoilers, that will be fine" so it might make a return but in a more appropriate fashion. Otherwise it's in the appropriate chat in Discord
  15. Err.....while that's nice and all, it's a wee bit....18+ And needs to be put in spoilers desperately