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  1. Even with all that was said, I'm still dubious that it'll do much to reign in the Man of Steel or the Austrian Corporal
  2. I vote [redacted] and [redacted] from the latest update
  3. I'm sure other captains will participate in games with their Belles with higher stakes
  4. Sisters can you spare your dimes? No? ....Well I'm taking them anyways. Option 3
  5. Thanks Korky. These'll be useful to others wanting to make German captains as well. Non-English names are difficult to me at least to come up with. In regards to the Windsor issue, see World War I. "High anti-German sentiment amongst the people of the British Empire during World War I reached a peak in March 1917, when the Gotha G.IV, a heavy aircraft capable of crossing the English Channel, began bombing London directly and became a household name...The King and his family were finally convinced to abandon all titles held under the German Crown and to change German titles and house names to anglicised versions." (from Wikipedia)
  6. It's what options for the belle duo. Option A (siding with Hood iirc), Option B (more or less siding with Kongou), and option C (not choosing one over the other)
  7. Blackbeard as a Belle captain. Imagine that
  8. I wonder what the Belles for USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia would be like. My guess is Monitor might be the world's flattest loli with the turret on her head like a hat
  9. There's your problem. Should be tea, not coffee
  10. Insufferable is just your opinion. However, I must admit I have to choose B if but to see the hilarity of pairing Kongou with a sea lion. Undoubtedly they have earned prime places in my port right next to each other.
  11. Basically the likes of Armor Blitz and Z Girls make you collect resources instead of there being a constant stream like in the first example. You have to click on the oil rigs to get the fuel instead of every hour getting X fuel
  12. Couple questions (which probably will have been answered before (inb4 Lipstig)): 1) Is resource income dependent on starting nation and our diplomacy or is it a steady income regardless? I.e. Poland players will have lower resource income rates than US players 2) Will resource income be a fixed rate that goes up with level and what diplomatic channels you are able to open and can be supplemented with things like expeditions (like Kancolle's resource income) or will it be a lump sum available every X minutes/hours where the amount is dependent on those same things (like Armor Blitz and Z Girls)? Example 1: I leave the game running for an hour to build up my fuel which is at 1000 and I have a rate income of 35 fuel per minute. When I return, I have 3100. Example 2: Same situation except I have a flat sum income of 5000 fuel that I can collect every 2 hours.
  13. My top 12 (which will surprise no one): 1: Pupper (Bulldog) 2: Hood 3: Rawa 4: Orion 4.5: Kongou 5: Houston 6: New Orleans 7: Parizhskaya Kommuna 8: Ark Royal 9: Gneissenau 10: Z18 11: Duca D'Aosta 12: Stewart ... 666: Pola ... Very bottom of the list: Spee ... On the list of "To Be Scrapped": Scharnhorst (Edit: had to edit to be fair and balans)
  14. This is from atsukimasahiro Cute pupper is cute