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  1. There are no words powerful enough to express my pain.
  2. The sad thing is I already knew. I'm just letting you rub it in now.
  3. do not Present tense implies it is currently not an issue. Legate seems to imply he's playing the game. Why do you taunt us so?
  4. @zhao-zhanghua Those were all in interviews past the kickstarter, and even if there's a good chance they'll be in game, they're not confirmed, and therefore not available for voting.
  5. There seems to have been some confusion over the past couple months about voting. People don't realize what can and can't be voted for. I hope to clear all of that up for you now. With the end of the old board, it's a bit of a moot point, but since there are a lot of random write-ins anyways, I figure it's probably a good idea to make it clear anyways. I hope this short guide helps everyone to understand the intricacies of voting. If I missed anything or you have any questions, please let me know. I will do my best to answer your questions or edit the guide to include what I missed.
  6. @Panay's Ghost You seem to misunderstand. Several times BCS have said that Belles in the Kickstarter page are Confirmed. All the belles on the new board and Nagato were listed in the original kickstarter campaign, with the exception of Köln, who was revealed by Salmon. Libertad was in the interviews afterwards, which are not confirmed. I did not start voting for Nagato or any of the belles on the new board without first making absolute certain they were confirmed.
  7. While pretty, she is not confirmed, so I can't put her on the board.
  8. On a related note, I've made the new Board
  9. No interview at all? I figure if we're going to skip Verdun, we could at least go for the second highest votes. U-29, Obviously. Let's interview U-29. Please do this for me. I'll give you a cookie.
  10. I'm beginning to see a pattern with these votes. At this rate it will be another 4 months before we set sail! I will wait patiently.
  11. Sunken Ships on May 13th 1943 Mocenigo - The Marcello-class submarine was bombed and sunk at Cagliari, Sardinia by United States Army Air Force aircraft. U-753 - the Type VIIC submarine was depth charged and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean by a Sunderland of 423 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, and by HMCS Drumheller and HMS Lagan with the loss of all 47 crew. 1944 Ro-501 - The Type IXC/40 submarine was depth charged and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean south of the Azores by USS Francis M. Robinson with the loss of all 52 crew.
  12. Hood is even more so a Battlecruiser than those sisters, so you should probably step down from your oh-so-mighty pedestal.
  13. I'm a redhead, but my hair tends to look rather light brown whenever I cut it. It's entirely possible that it changes with her mood.
  14. I'd actually put my money on redhead.
  15. Take the extra time. Notice how the community hasn't been rushing BCS studios along in their production of the game. We'll treat you the same way. Don't rush your project if it will lead to inferior quality.