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  1. I like this idea and second it. This is something my eyes need to see.
  2. You normally steer full clear of those two, and try to push the (as of yet undetermined) Spanish Republican belles.
  3. They gave us a clear answer full of several different situations based on a common provocation, all bound in a thick blanket of legalese.
  4. I hesitate to question your decision. I'm almost afraid to ask why you would choose that pair. My curiosity has gotten the better of me, though. Why did you of all people suggest that pair?
  5. In light of the most recent pairings and their rather tense atmospheres, as well as the talk of belligerency in the last INPF update, I would once again like to suggest the more stoic pair of Nagato and Diether Von Roeder. Their hardworking and honest natures will fit together perfectly and come up with something quite grand for us captains, while remaining civilized and agreeable. In addition, they are both absolutely fantastic belles, deserving of far more screen time than either has gotten so far.
  6. Thanks legate. This thread will be quite helpful for new and old captains alike.
  7. Yeeeeeeeeeeeees this is mine!
  8. The voting is a lot more difficult on this one than the last two, but sometimes the captain's gotta do what the captain's gotta do. 3
  9. FTFY
  10. And CSS Virginia would look like any Union sailing ship, but she would be covered in makeup and padding.
  11. That sounds pretty interesting. A Morgana and a belle both fighting with Human crews. The belle does her best to make sure every crewman survives, but the Morgana throws them at her like the red army, knowing that if she wins she can replace the losses with the captured from her newest conquest. Chock one more on to stories I want to write but don't have time for...
  12. Guadalcanal is literally my favorite. Time to sign up! The question is What time zone? If EST I can't make it, but I probably can if PST.
  13. Something to note about the age of sail is that a lot of the combat was done via boarding actions by sailors or marines. It would be interesting to see how such a fight would play out with Morganas. Would Morganas manifest their own sailors to fight, and belles magically enhance their human crews similar to belle carriers boosting their complement of planes, turning it into a magic-fueled superpower brawl?
  14. Some of those monitors were horrifying to look at. They'd certainly make some unique belles though. With a lack of IRL service history, we'd have to go off their namesake, by which there's plenty to use save for with the Brits.
  15. You seem to forget that I live in glorious America, where I am free to drink coffee when I want. The only tea I make is in Boston harbor.