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  1. They never said what time they would upload it. Just that it should come today.
  2. Everytime Legate posts he gets closer to romancing Graff Spee
  3. Well put and much needed. Thank you for that.
  4. [redacted]
  5. I believe that question would find a better fit in the General Questions thread.
  6. Everything's so redacted, it's like the OSS is proof reading!
  7. *BB-43, BB-44 is USS California
  8. Would still need the names. I couldn't pick out most ships from look alone.
  9. I would argue that the line comes from if the clumsiness comes with a purpose. Maas has the personality of someone who accepts that bad stuff happens to her but never lets that stop her. Just as often as she fails she comes back from it. She gotten to the point she could rebuild destroyed glass vases and have them come out more beautiful than the original vase. In most clumsy moe there is nothing gained from their clumsiness other than being cute.
  10. I really liked her as well. She a rather confident clutz!
  11. Legate, can you confirm or deny the possibility of a Yandere in '39?
  12. Roger, Thanks Legate
  13. Hey Legate, will the background art during conversations change to match the mood of the conversation?
  14. There's nothing new under the Sun as the saying goes. However there is enough in Victory Belles that make it unique.