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  1. I vote Hiryu and Arizona!
  2. That all depends on how much bad luck Maass has.
  3. In a normal deck of cards, no card repeats itself. There's the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and numbered cards 2-10 these cards repeat for each suit (Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds). So while there are 4 aces in a deck there is only on Ace of spades. Surcouf played an ace of spades but Spee also had an Ace of spades. So another ace was illegally added. Graff believes surcouf cheated and Surcouf believes Maass screwed up shuffling real bad since she's a klutz.
  4. Option 3, nothing like forced cohesion.
  5. Avarice was shown to have the ability to enthrall human crew. So their crews would most likely consist of enthralled humans.
  6. I believe this PA is Production Assistant, whose job is to maintain the smooth operation of any filming operations in movie studios, photo shoots and fashion shows. It could also be the rate Public Affairs specialist whose job it is to be the face between the navy and the public however I don't believe this rate existed in 1939.
  7. I love how well behaved they are presenting the interview and giving their farewells while in between was a battle of ego's. Out of fairness I vote for option B!
  8. 1. Nevada 2. Mahan 3. Hans Ludemann 4. Leningrad 5. Graff Spee 6. Hood 7. Gneissenau 8. Scharnhorst 9. Kirov 10. Verdun
  9. I would like to change my vote to Graff Spree and Nevada! The ultimate poker face vs the ultimate gambler!
  10. I would like to put forward "Mississippi and Nagato"- both belles hosted parties and are rather classy. It would be interesting to see.
  11. To address this question, The team has stated before that the Kickstarter funds are mainly going towards the voice acting. They, ofcourse, can release an update but looking back at the quick updates posted before can show you the progress in that department. This is all from memory so I could be wrong.
  12. Intetesting info! I can imagine Port cities seeing any belle as a godsend while national governments may be embarrassed by their citizens praising an enemy warship.
  13. The biggest culprit, in that regard, would most likely be that too mant assumptions and not enough communication between lookouts, bridge, and CIC. However, everything is assumption until the investigation is finished.
  14. It has become ridiculous. Either 7th fleet had been running so ragged that their watchstanders are slipping or there has been very laxed policy in regards to Bridge crew readiness.