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  1. What does the general public of each nation think of the Belles?
  2. I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding. I don't believe they were implying that the fanfics are reliable sources of lore but instead that the lore had influenced the fanfics and common points arise from reading them. The Belle's manifest from the Morgana fog. They usually choose a captain to follow themselves regardless of rank or position. The belles use the actual ships to fight and not direct combat as seen in KC. These are all bits of lore that influenced the fanfics that can be seen by reading them. It's the same way that I wouldn't say that WW2 movies are reliable sources of information but that someone can learn common themes from WW2 from them. Mainly in the 1940's, two sides involving all the major nations of the war at some point, etc.
  3. I'm split between 2 and 3
  4. I would still like to see how the sisters interact. sarcastic z18 and uber disciplined z17. snarky Leningrad and solemn Moskva. Could be interesting.
  5. Also sister duos would be interesting: Z17 & Z18 Leningrad & Moskva Scharnhorst & Gneisenau part 2
  6. Our first post-interview updates will be about answering a Lore based question about the world, story, a paticular belle, etc. This thread is meant to house those recommendations in a single location. I personally recommend a question involving the Morganas but unsure of what exactly. Anyone else?
  7. Orion and Aoba- "How to catch a man"
  8. What about Nautilus and U-29 or I-8? They eoulf make interesting pairs.
  9. Yavuz vs Canarias "battle of strategies", Fubuki vs Boise "sorry for sinking you", Graff Spee vs Nevada "ultimate card game", Hood vs Scharnhorst "battle of the Egos"
  10. I believe you mean Mahan is best ship named after an Admiral.
  11. There wasn't a vote, all departments were working on the issue that arose last month and it wasn't until now that they finally completed fixing the problem. Now the departments can finally work on their individual projects (the list).
  12. To my understanding, The team recently completed the Back issues and now your turning thr different teams attentions back to their respective projects?
  13. This one's old and kinda well known but funny to me none the less. A German Coast guardsman stands the radio watch when suddenly a distress call comes over the speakers in English. Unknown ship: Mayday! Mayday! This is the passenger liner Elizabeth, we are taking on water! Repeat, We are sinking!" The German Coast Guardsman remembers as much english as he can to decipher the message before responding. "Vhat are you sinking about?"
  14. She can make her equipment appear or disappear at will so I doubt she stumbles that much.
  15. She is so relatable.