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  1. "D-don't get the wrong idea. This is only to boost the crew's morale. It's not like I wanted to see you wearing this or anything." º//_//º
  2. I think my votes weren't counted(?) Also, I add Moskva as my second vote for Winter.
  3. I don't really know about carols, but one thing I can tell you is that in Spain the streets get their Christmas decorations as early as... last weeks of October... A "common" joke about it is something along the lines of "If they're gonna do it like that, why even bother removing them?"
  4. I'll be casting my votes. For Easter, my two votes go to Kirov and Nenohi. For Halloween, I vote Henley(pumpkin pie, anyone?). I'm not casting my second vote yet. As for the newly opened Christmas... I vote Leningrad. For the second vote... I have two candidates, so I'll need to think more about it.
  5. So... how do the "regular" votes go? I'm understanding every user can cast any number of votes? (obviously, no duplicate votes) For now, I'll vote Kirov for summer if that's still possible.
  6. Hmmm... Then I think I'll use mine right away. Béarn for summer.
  7. Maybe if you haven't gathered all the "required" belles, the scene will change accordingly, with fewer holidays involved. Still... after all this time... I still can't comprehend why Leningrad's eyebrows are on top of that cloth-thing from her hat...
  8. Um... I'm not sure I understand... what does the "first pick" actually do?
  9. I've never played backgammon... Whatever, I vote 3.
  10. ...fine then. Let it be Canarias, but she must look like she totally hates it, and is regretting her choice of captain. And then, you'll get the boot... or a medal(?)
  11. Well... I don't think just ANY belle could(or more specifically, would) wear a maid uniform...
  12. That game is nonsense after nonsense, but it does have its funny moments. Something along the lines... "Now Sherman will shoot at you, and you need to endure it." "Have you gone mad? I don't have any armor!"(the protagonist is human) "You need to learn how to angle to maximize your armor!" Or like... "I thought I was gonna go to tank school, but it turned out to be Tank School..."
  13. Hmm... To be honest, I'm extremely curious to see how they will manage to pull this one out. While I can't really say for other languages, I can assure you that maintaining the Captain's gender ambiguous in Spanish is going to be harder than HARD. The main issue here is that the word "captain" itself is gendered, which, thinking about it, is really funny, as all other military ranks I can think off the top of my head are actually gender-neutral(that is, the "male" version is used for both male and female). So, if the Captain was instead, say, a Commodore, or an Admiral, most of the issue would be gone.
  14. So, in order for everything to work, the player's gender should need to be specified at some point of the game... Also, all spoken phrases in languages which have distinct words for a male or female captain(and that are directly mentioning it) will need two different recorded versions.
  15. My bad. My mistake was to just think of the "regular" conditions. I didn't even remember the Belles do choose their captains, and that decision is final.
  16. About that... I don't think it was even possible for a woman to hold such rank(remember we're talking 1939 here). So it's very likely that, regardless of the player's gender, the "Captain" entity might always be regarded as a male.
  17. While this is not an updated in which we have to vote... Did you expect me to say that I was gonna vote anyway? Though luck. I don't really know what I'll decide in-game though. I don't really have a special preference for any of these...
  18. I'll try to read the articles (with Google translate, of course) when I have time. As for now, on the monument to the fallen of the Baleares, it is still standing. Those parties on the opposition that were pushing for its removal, right now are the parties in power, with the current opposition desperately trying to save it. At 2010, all fascist symbols were removed, abiding by the Ley de Memoria Histórica, which was approved at 2007. Right now, it is cataloged as "not protected", and it is planned to be demolished in the near future, unless something changes(which is unlikely), of course.
  19. The "[Recorded]" answer pretty much confirms I'm right, because if it was just a coincidence I can't see why it would be a problem to say so. So, knowing it has to be something grammatically male, many things are ruled out. Thing is, knowing them, it could be something THEY consider an enemy, like a Politic Party from before the Civil War or something... If I had to be more specific, my money would be on the Frente Popular. But again, I don't know if the game would really go that way...
  20. I vote 2. Also, a question for the team. Considering they are not talking about a man, is the use of "he" deliberate because they are Spanish, and so, what they are talking about is something that is grammatically male in Spanish? I'm saying that, because in these conditions I think it would make more sense, in English, to use "it".
  21. And why would you even want to know that? I fear some captains might get rather dangerous ideas...
  22. No, that would be meta gaming since the joke wasn't there in '39. You are getting it wrong. Nobody would expect the Spanish belles because Spain was not involved in WWII. Duh.
  23. If this is a legit option, there goes my vote.
  24. I'm delighted about the idea of the testing suite(or at least something of the sort) making it into the final game. I still remember a certain other game (one that was PVP focused) where we, the players, had to carefully and manually set up certain situations just to do tests and understand the intricates of how the game worked.
  25. I vote 3. That's the only obvious reasonable action, without going as far as 4.