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  1. Indeed, although they seem to be in short supply, when I go back to Bermuda soon I'll have to go searching.
  2. Meh, Wellington may be convinced but I'm not overly for or against. 50/50 Also I see our dear artist continues their war against backsides....
  3. c2 cross fingers
  4. booo haha
  5. Can we get a height chart just before release, pretty please.
  6. I can't be the only one who's amused by the fact that Mahan, the spirit of a destroyer, is afraid of the idea of a human ghost. Funny.
  7. c2, let's go team British
  8. If a captain were to drop some money could they get a belle commissioned? Or would they have to wait for 40.
  9. could be, but she has what 20 torp tubes a side.
  10. Personality wise I'm talking about, just to be clear. Maybe I've just become jaded due to life experience but I'll be honest I prefer the more serious characters like miss Verdun or Bulldog. I know other people like the 'cutie cute' women and that's fine but I actually have a very thin line between 'cute' and 'annoying'. I like my belles to have their head on straight, with a quirk for uniqueness being ok (ark royal) I don't like the 'please protect me' women, in a military setting mind you, and anyone who knows me knows that I have absolutely zero tolerance for for that 'I like you but can't admit it so I treat you like crap' kind of character that japan seems to like so much. Break my foot off in your backside if you try that crap with me. *grumble* Stepping away from that you have ships like kirov, who I like for more than I thought I would frankly, and New Orleans who I'm 80% sure will make me buy a chastity belt. Contradictory? Yeah, but hey is what it is right? Everyone has a kind of personality they like, gotta cover all the bases yeah?
  11. I just realised that one of the doctor's hobbies is 'hugging belles' haha
  12. I agree, Orion. Edit: c2 as it were. (Sorry pac I'm team british.)
  13. Still alive, got a new job which comes with a good and a bad effect: Good: I have more money. Bad: I have less time. Anyway, I have a question specifically for LOM, would it be ok to use voices of a belle in a fan video or should I stay away from that?
  14. also let that die already. (I know it won't)
  15. While I have been around for about a year I haven't been active on the forums for quite that long.