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  1. I don't think we even know which ships are the starters at this point in time.
  2. New Orleans for Inktober. (I'm honestly a much better digital artist than traditional ;w;) I've been posting more Inktober stuff over at my twitter, but mind your step as I sometimes post or retweet ~sexy~ pics.
  3. 2
  4. I drew Bulldog too, it's nothing special:
  5. I was excited to see this thread active and thought more fanart was posted.... Please keep the dumb memes in here to a minimum.
  6. Hard to rank the latter ones buuuuut: Belfast New Orleans De Ruyter PK Nerpa Scharnhorst Mahan Nagato Kongou Stuart
  7. Was I reading this right, along with a multi-national Belle fleet, there can be a multi-national crew on a Belle as well? (oh haha, that rhymed)
  8. I want to see Kirov and New Orleans, it sounds like a blast!
  9. Welcome back lolwut. Keep practicing on the tablet, it takes a while for your mind/hand to get used to drawing on it (it only took me 2 weeks). Nice Boise head so far~ Good Mahan, Jojo.
  10. Welp. That sucks. Good luck on ironing out all the bugs then and hopefully this time it will go smoother.
  11. #3, for guaranteed chaos >:)
  12. *sadly eats popcorn*
  13. That's a damn nice Hood!
  14. This thread is for VB fanart. Maybe there can be a thread for non-VB art somewhere? I draw more Warship Girls than VB, sadly. They already hired another artist to do weapons and extra costumes for the Belles a while back. I don't know if BCS is hiring more for VB.