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  1. Welp. That sucks. Good luck on ironing out all the bugs then and hopefully this time it will go smoother.
  2. #3, for guaranteed chaos >:)
  3. *sadly eats popcorn*
  4. That's a damn nice Hood!
  5. This thread is for VB fanart. Maybe there can be a thread for non-VB art somewhere? I draw more Warship Girls than VB, sadly. They already hired another artist to do weapons and extra costumes for the Belles a while back. I don't know if BCS is hiring more for VB.
  6. Both Azur Lane and Battleship Girl are Chinese mobile games. The former is more of a Shmup style game, the other is more like KanColle (and the game itself is based on a Taiwanese manga also called "Battleship Girl"). There are actually a lot of shipgirl games around of varying quality and popularity. For example, here's Z-1 from a Korean shipgirl game, "Fleet Girls" (소녀함대): The "62" is her level.... I do play it a lot. I won't be lying if I said that I play a lot of these Shipgirl (and other moe weapon) games. lol
  7. I don't say much about interviews because I usually have nothing new to say. I like her, but I'm not really a big fan of turrets being on her knees. How the hel/ does it work? Unless they have to be at max elevation (relative to how they are normally oriented) all the time to shoot. Her AA-gun is pretty cool though.
  8. I really like her design (and personality) but such a differentiating hair/eye color should've been caught pretty early before sending off the update. Anyway, the pink/purple is a nice shade for her...
  9. Guys, Jojo can read English just fine. Cute Maass trio~
  10. I want Parizhskayakommuna to be at least 6ft tall so she can hold me.
  11. This interview was like an episode of "Ghost Adventures". XD I liked it and U-29 has a neat personality and design. Damn, little things like that are really cool to have on a character!
  12. Gneisenau :>