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  1. I think Maass' luck is such that if any Belle could start an international incident by pulling an ace of spades from an inter-dimensional wormhole, it would be her. Still, I recall in Nevada's interview she admitted to keeping a spare deck or twelve hidden on her person...
  2. Mine does as well. Option #1, Please.
  3. For those who could not take part, the discussion was recorded: Personally, the subject could have been given 90 minutes and he would have had no trouble filling it - at the rate he went, Tassafaronga was almost an afterthought. Enjoy.
  4. Some historical food for thought: According to Wikki, wheelchairs themselves have been around in one form or another since about 300BC...not surprising, since at its most basic level it's a chair with wheels on it. Mass marketing of lightweight, collapsible, steel wheelchairs doesn't start until probably the early 1940s (the US patent was taken out only in 1937) so they wouldn't have been cheap. The issue is the stigma associated with them and the accessibility that even a chair on wheels affords . For instance, Houston obliquely mentioned in her interview that she was probably "the only ship in the Fleet with the elevators, ramps, and everything he'd need." The "he" she's referring to is FDR, who contracted polio in 1921. He became president in 1933 so the paralysis in his legs was not a sudden thing. There are very, very few pictures of him in wheelchairs however, since he could walk with braces, and the Public would not have seen him as a healthy person - no matter how sound his reasoning or skill at politics. He wouldn't have been elected into the office in the first place, much less re-elected over and over, if he hadn't downplayed his condition. He was also the patron saint of the US Navy during his earlier stint as Assistant Secretary to the Navy, so it's no surprise an acting warship or two could be arranged with accommodations necessary for the (disabled) President. In the United States these days, wheelchair accessibility is an ever increasing matter of course (partly because new public buildings have to be) but only because of the disability rights movement of the 1960s. In other words, not even in the States was it easy to move around by wheelchair during WW2. In Japan? Here's a modern view of getting around Japan: My (let me stress personal) conjecture would be that historically, the more money one (one's family) had, the more options one had access to. Otherwise, wheeled chairs in Japan would likely be found in hospitals and convalescent homes. As a variation, a person could see the town from rickshaw (or car), but getting into and out of it would take help and it would still need someone to pull (drive) it, so the occupant still wouldn't be considered very independent. Hope that gets you thinking.
  5. A little something to get Nerpa in trouble:
  6. I found this at the National WWII Museum's website: Could be interesting.
  7. A Communist ballot, Comrade Hood? Nyet. Option 2, please.
  8. Maybe so...but it also seems like every Belle bigger than destroyer has access to airplane technology one way (float-plane, flying boat) or another (a whole carrier air arm !). And destroyers are small enough to get up major rivers - harbor cities don't have to be coastal, you know. If the US Army could set up a mission with the intent of saving Private Ryan, why not a mission set up by a Belle to kidnap acquire her captain?
  9. Sounds like you and Hood will get along swimmingly. And by swimmingly, I mean you'll be swimming to shore. Don't worry, she's not unique. I mean, everybody said RMS Titanic was unsinkable and you know where she's been since her maiden voyage. Popcorn is a regular occurrence in these forums (especially the votes), so she could be sending some for any number of reasons: because some of the Belles enjoy reading our craziness. Or maybe as an advanced warning that popcorn-worthy entertainment lunacy is on the horizon. Or maybe she's being polite and wants to share. And here I thought you were going ballistic over the unexplained note found in U-1.
  10. How could a sea-going Belle get a land-locked captain? Well, Shanghai is not just a city in China...
  11. On the flip side, Japan could also claim that thanks to a lack of naval parity due to the treaty years, she has no forces to spare defending anywhere that isn't part of her own territories/interests. The military warhawks could even go as far as accuse the Americans and British of having advanced knowledge of the Morganas and intentionally sabotaging Japan's ability to defend herself now. The Pacific would be in a precarious position, with each side potentially trying to encourage a let's-you-and-the-Morganas-fight, holding back resources until the other country's navy has expended itself against the Morganas. Add to that the Morganas providing immediate, unrestricted warfare on Japan's supply lines, and I'd say the powerkeg's timer just got advanced by a couple of years. Would a strike on Pearl Harbor be different? You bet, when all the IJN has to do is look the other way so a Morgana fleet rolls over Hawaii, the Philippines and the rest of the Pacific.
  12. I'm getting my popcorn ready for later years, to go with ships that were named for reasons directly associated with battles/events that the player might be able to avoid/ prevent (I'm looking at you, The Sullivans. You too, Shangri-la).
  13. Option 3.
  14. Very informative, and stay to the end for the less-than-perfect take-offs and landings.