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  1. So, let me get this straight Ninjapacman... You make it a holy crusade to get Nagato the vote on the simple basis that 1) Nagato existed, 2) she was one of seven battleships at the start of the war to have 16-inch guns and therefore 3) she must be a Belle. Canarias notes in her interview (Update #32) that ...and so Dnmt really, really wants to see if Galicia (ex. Libertad) is also a Belle. But you can't put Galicia/Libertad on your board because there's no guarantee she's a Belle. I am disappointed.
  2. ...OK, Maass, that explanation I was looking for after Wicher's interview? I got. Explanation accepted. I'm really not a big fan of the excessive intoeing (I know it's a moe shorthand, intended to make a girl appear clumsy-cute, but if anyone is still pigeon-toed after 9 or 10 years old, it's a medical condition, not an encourage-able trait nor an issue with luck /end of rant), but between her self-depreciation and escaping wisps of hair it really is hard not to want to give her a hug. I took her Imperial flag to be an apron, myself. She cleans up a lot of messes and there's no point in having to change the whole dress every time.
  3. New information: The hostess has civilians. (from Update #64: Maass. Emphasis mine.) ...Currently a liner, perhaps...
  4. A-1 Verdun...dun...duuuunnnn!
  5. You forgot Nuremberg and Leberecht Maass.
  6. B-1, Please. I haven't forgotten Wicher's interview. Leberecht Maass still has some explaining to do.
  7. Say it with a deadpan look, in Russian. Or Japanese. Or Turkish, Dutch or Polish. Chinese would be OK, too...
  8. Please think of a tougher challenge, Mignonette. Obviously, you ship her to Ulan Ude, via the Trans-Siberian Railway. ...On an open car and carefully, of course, but she's only a sub. It's not that difficult.
  9. Hiryu got irate because it's all fun and games until a golfball breaks a cockpit windshield. I doubt it was that much later that she retaliated after Chiyoda claimed the ball was Mahan's shot (I still wonder about that) and before Mahan could apologize and explain why (Hiryu being the target -and likely without her permission-was Chiyoda's idea. I suspect the embarrassment at taking things out on the wrong guilty party is why Hiryu won't be getting over Chiyoda's role in "that round of golf" any time soon). As for Maille Breze, anyone who abuses the good nature of her crew -especially the deep-dwelling members of damage control- is begging for more trouble than I'm eager to take on.
  10. Youtube Redacted your video, David J.
  11. B-2 please.
  12. I can't tell if Lexington is saluting Henley, or the sandwich.
  13. I was wondering who else remembered her...
  14. Blackmail dirt to use against a certain Soviet destroyer: Check!
  15. Given the red hair, I always thought of her as something of a feminine William Wallace, with a white cape tucked into her belt and ties at her bosom (to keep it where she wants it to be) .