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  1. Maybe so...but it also seems like every Belle bigger than destroyer has access to airplane technology one way (float-plane, flying boat) or another (a whole carrier air arm !). And destroyers are small enough to get up major rivers - harbor cities don't have to be coastal, you know. If the US Army could set up a mission with the intent of saving Private Ryan, why not a mission set up by a Belle to kidnap acquire her captain?
  2. Sounds like you and Hood will get along swimmingly. And by swimmingly, I mean you'll be swimming to shore. Don't worry, she's not unique. I mean, everybody said RMS Titanic was unsinkable and you know where she's been since her maiden voyage. Popcorn is a regular occurrence in these forums (especially the votes), so she could be sending some for any number of reasons: because some of the Belles enjoy reading our craziness. Or maybe as an advanced warning that popcorn-worthy entertainment lunacy is on the horizon. Or maybe she's being polite and wants to share. And here I thought you were going ballistic over the unexplained note found in U-1.
  3. How could a sea-going Belle get a land-locked captain? Well, Shanghai is not just a city in China...
  4. On the flip side, Japan could also claim that thanks to a lack of naval parity due to the treaty years, she has no forces to spare defending anywhere that isn't part of her own territories/interests. The military warhawks could even go as far as accuse the Americans and British of having advanced knowledge of the Morganas and intentionally sabotaging Japan's ability to defend herself now. The Pacific would be in a precarious position, with each side potentially trying to encourage a let's-you-and-the-Morganas-fight, holding back resources until the other country's navy has expended itself against the Morganas. Add to that the Morganas providing immediate, unrestricted warfare on Japan's supply lines, and I'd say the powerkeg's timer just got advanced by a couple of years. Would a strike on Pearl Harbor be different? You bet, when all the IJN has to do is look the other way so a Morgana fleet rolls over Hawaii, the Philippines and the rest of the Pacific.
  5. I'm getting my popcorn ready for later years, to go with ships that were named for reasons directly associated with battles/events that the player might be able to avoid/ prevent (I'm looking at you, The Sullivans. You too, Shangri-la).
  6. Option 3.
  7. Very informative, and stay to the end for the less-than-perfect take-offs and landings.
  8. Sorry, Yavuz carries no torpedoes, unless it's for decoration. According to Battleships and Battle Cruisers 1905-1970, her bow and stern torpedo tubes were removed during the 1926-1930 refit.
  9. Oran from a British Newsreel POV. ...Sandwiched between hippos and Galloping Gertie...
  10. From Update #14: (first question answer in blue. Second in red.)
  11. Observant, Chivalrous, Wise: Salmon! So many emotions... On the one hand, elation! A fine, level-headed submarine Belle for my fleet? Yesss, my pretty, my Preciousss.... Um...right. ...Pay no attention to that submarine fleet behind the curtain... On the other hand, the end of the Interviews. Not the end of the Updates, but no more new introductions. I know Galicia is waiting. But...Glorious? Glorious, are you there? Guess we'll have to wait to see. Prediction time:
  12. The only Belles we've met that were commissioned before 28 June 1914 is a shorter list than you think: Yavuz and Kongou. Parizhskaya Kommuna wasn't commissioned until 30 November 1914. Profintern and Bearn had keels down by then, but didn't get launched until later -1915 for Profintern, 1920 for Bearn- much less commissioned (1928 and 1927, respectively). Nevada was launched on 11 July 1914, but commissioned on 16 March 1916. Arizona is similar: Keel laid on 16 March 1914, launched on 19 June 1915, and commissioned on 17 October 1916. ...And Mississippi is the baby: keel laid on 25 January 1915, launched on 25 January 1917 and comissioned 18 December 1917.
  13. Too easy. I'd rather see Gneisenau and Moskva, or "Dietra" and Moskva comparing notes.
  14. I believe in Update 4 Mahan answered those questions:
  15. ...Or De Ruyter and Béarn, debating which bread Henley should choose for her next culinary piece.
  16. I believe she has swim fins with high heels too, like Surcouf. Then again, she is a salmon, so the "fins" may be her actual fins, with the rest of the swimming fin providing her an artificial heel and ball of the foot. If that's so, my hat is really off to BCS.
  17. Scharnhorst wasn't voted for either, Ninjapacman, because her upstage of Glorious was before the Association was even offered the vote. It stands to reason that if Glorious wasn't a Belle at all, then Mahan shouldn't have been waiting to interview her. But that point is moot, since the Association has found all the intentionally hidden Belles.
  18. Okay, Nautilus and Nerpa in a breath-holding competition. Referee to be determined by the Team. Suggestion #2: All the hoary details on the chocolate battle between Axum and Leningrad.
  19. When you do come up for air, Nel, may I humbly request you to add U-29 and Salmon to the fantastic submarine wallpaper you made for me previously?
  20. Do you really think Leningrad will let that happen?
  21. Legate's exact words were: And so long as the caveat is there, the door is still ajar enough for we, the Captain's Association to give a Morgana the vote one of these weeks and see what the Team does. My suspicion is that they would laugh mightily, then take it as permission to introduce whomever they wanted that week. ...Think of it as the same way they break ties, only the CA wouldn't know who the Morgana was tied with until the interview. They could also introduce the Morgana. The only way to know for sure what they will do is to vote for one and see what happens. Would Mahan interview the runner up of the vote? A Belle totally off our radar? The Morgana? The World Wonders.
  22. The May Incident, which took the might out of Loose Lips Might Sink Ships.
  23. ...She captured the Enigma machine...NOT something the Allies wanted put on a headline. In fact, when the USS Guadalcanal successfully captured U-505 on 4 June 1944, the code-breaking department had a fit because they were worried it would jeopardize what Bulldog's prize had been netting them since 1941. ...And don't get me started on the May Incident...
  24. Spirited, Awkward, Tinkerer: Aoba! ...You know, between Parizhskaya Kommuna's clean up, U-29's discovery of profiteers and now this, I have to wonder where our Hostess gets her people from... As for Aoba, collecting all of Buster Crabbe's Vestures and then letting him get away? Tisk, tisk...
  25. In the face of the impressive salmon run* I will still vote for Galicia (ex-Libertad), and hope that along with U-29, Salmon will forgive me later. *There. It needed to be said, and I took that pun for the team. You're welcome.