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  1. I'll still be on my NG+ playthrough of Persona 5 in June in all likelyhood, so I suppose I can wait
  2. The only one left on the board, whatever it is. Let's call it "A1"
  3. Oooooh boy. Seriously though, I hope her self-deprecation is just her sense of humor. If it is, it's very funny. If not, I feel bad for laughing at her.
  4. 菅野洋子精選集SPACE BIO CHARGE (Selection): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4767B2BD1DB4E663
  5. I like her and all, but I say no to death-wishing. No bastard ever won a war by dying for their country.
  6. Greetings from the Philippines! I vote A1
  7. Demi-chan is fantastic. This has been a good season for comedy anime. Kobayashi-san and Konosuba 2 are great as well. Megumin=Best Girl, fight me
  8. U-29 sounds interesting. Let's go with that EDIT: Okay, okay. If it's an inconvenience, than for Dano's sake I vote A2. Bring on the commies
  9. Sandwiches are good. Okay, it was a bit overplayed, but still amusing in its own right. Also, her taking over the sign-off was pretty funny. Design-wise, I like that sabre. Can't figure out what that can is on her hip though.
  10. Well well, she seems almost... normal. I greatly look forward to having her in the fleet to bring me back down to earth when I need it.
  11. And we're back to B3! To those committed few, I join your struggle!
  12. Ah, what the heck, I could go for another J-Belle. All aboard the Nagato bandwagon!
  13. So is there a specific connection to cheering/cheerleading with Stewart, or is it just... American-y? Still, cute interview