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  1. Option 4: Call the whole hand a wipe and move on to the next one. Ok, fine, option 2.
  2. Heck, even the post-industrial pre-Great War era would be interesting. You've got all sorts of large naval conflicts with major technological and doctrinal advancements like the American Civil War or the Russo-Japanese War.
  3. Oh snap! B of course, Hood is just afraid of the competition.
  4. I wish to, once again, put forth Kongou and Hood
  5. Of course, U-1 was an alien! It all makes sense now... I'll see myself out
  6. Kongou and Hood, rivals and, in a way, cousins
  7. I'd like to know about the development of the War. I suppose it would be spoiler-y looking into the game past starting point, but... Would Germany still attack Poland in September with the Morgana threat? Does the U.K. still guarantee Poland's independence despite the threat of the Morganas, now facing war with Germany and the unknown? I'm getting the impression that the war period is more a backdrop so BCS can use ships from the last great naval battles era, but I'm curious as to how much of the geopolitics we'll see.
  8. Oh I like her. Gonna be hard to get a Brit in my Nihon-Kantai, but I'll make the effort.
  9. Careful Legate, there might be too much salt in your popcorn now
  10. *Fidget intensifies* No no, still being patient. I'd rather have a better product later than a rushed product now. Keep up the good work.
  11. For a J-belle, she lacks a degree of... tact. Many of the Japanese bits were informal speech, not at all appropriate for meeting your commanding officer. Actually, it's kind of endearing. Keigo can get a bit oppressive, speaking as an American. Anyway, seems cute. I look forward to having her in the fleet.
  12. No sense in fighting the flow. HMS Salmon
  13. Ok good. Gameplay gets kinda samey and translation is lacking somewhat, but it's still not bad
  14. Fate/Grand Order just hit the U.S. It's... ok