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  1. welp well then how much belles now I lost count....
  2. is this thread supposed to be the mailbag thing?
  3. may I cut in with more jazz?
  4. AYE LETS KEEP THE PISTONS AT FULL BLAST BCS! here's to a vote on the mid-December deadline!
  5. welp now I know 2 belles in the running for the next interveuw? in that case KONGO!
  6. no grid for this one?????
  7. i will see your dead vine and raise you aku
  8. all she needs now is the curves of twintelle and BOOM instawaifu
  9. @powerunderwhelming parasoul in high level play is a nightmare to master she not like the rest of the cast altho she has some nice color palettes
  10. kek @Legate of Mineta hit me up if u want more like this I have like 7 gigs of gifs
  11. Damn once again we hit rough & unpredictable waters…… Gods…… looks like we back to port and solder on another day with battle wounds on us….. More setbacks? Man… well get thru the tough weather BCS and stand ready guys!
  12. @Legate of Mineta lets get the devs side of things shall we? I may need a industrial size bag of popcorn for this......
  13. E L E C T R O S W I N G B O Y Z
  14. Now I don't post a lot but u want to toss my hat in to the ring Mahan Z18 (Hans Lüdemann) Leningrad Espero Nautilus Velasco Henley Salt Lake City Bulldog Boise