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  1. I am sorry, it means that there is a schedule to be released as a document after a new update.(Boise and Bulldog video Interview)
  2. 2.
  3. Boise and Bulldog, their interview is not written in the document, so it is difficult to translate. Can I ask you to create it again in writing?
  4. picture of Mahan that I drew a while ago
  5. I drew a picture of Mahan.
  6. I would like to know how much cost is required for human side when Morganas fights a human fleet without Belles. For example, do we need several battleships to defeat a Morganas light cruiser?
  7. The mountain of Kyoto which is the origin of Takao name is called "Takao-Yama" "SAN" and "YAMA" In many cases we will make mistakes even in Japanese.
  8. I drew a picture of Mahan
  9. The U - 29 which reached the temple in the seabed city of Atlantis?
  10. Based on the rate of fire of each cannon being equiped, decide the number of attacks? As the rate of fire gets faster, will the number of shots increase and attack power rise? If the turret is destroyed, will it reduce the number of batteries?
  11. Ouestion: In this video, Nagato attacked three times, Kitakami attacked once. Is this a different number of times depending on the type of ship? Is it different for the number of cannons?
  12. Which country does the game start, is there Mahan at our fleet from the beginning? Whatever country I am, only Mahan want to stay from the beginning.
  13. Question: The world map seems to be divided into about 20 area. Is this area divided into maps to fight further? for example, the North Atlantic Ocean consists of the Azores and several other areas?
  14. I drew a picture of MAHAN.