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  1. Where is the update? It's 2 pm here, 5:00 am in cali and 2am in hawaii..... an since howard and baker island are moved from GMT-12 to GMT-10 since shortly according to google: Did someone forget or not set the alarm/ auto update?
  2. Really now? Geez... folks get a real love life. Also I agree with PR's and DJ's stance on this one. A new question btw: Will be neutral ports available, like Montevideo for example in which you can resupply or rest but can't get any or only limited support?
  3. Please add ninjas pain into my reasoning, why you should make a beta possible for the KS-Backers as soon as possible. Expecially when you are obviously "secret-dev-"beta testing already.
  4. Was the danish navy mentioned yet? It's not a very great tale, but has one interesting anecdote. Before the invasion, Denmarks navy was kind of forgotten by it's own government. When prussia had attacked in 1864 to kickstart the german unification the danish fleet outnumbered and defeated a german/austrian fleet near helgoland (seems like a bad place for naval battles if you're german). But in the years following nothing happened. The danish had to give away their caribbean islands during WWI to the USA, because they could only dispatch one single ship to secure it, and were too weak to even try and hold iceland. Which got independent because of it. This weak navy status was only acted on via a fleet building program in 1937 in a very late reaction to british and german navy arms race at sea. During the invasion of Denmark the fleet played no role. It stayed in the harbours and did nothing. But it remained danish. The danish folded to the german attack on April 9th 1940, which had started at 4:15, at 06:00 altough it took some units until 8:00 to receive it. (The invasion resulted in around 50-300 casualties in total, depending on the source) The condition of the fast surrender was inner autonomy, which included the danish navy ships, staying danish with a few small exceptions. The danish tried to cooperate as little as possible. Only removing minefields that hindered danish-german seatraffic and only turning over small navy vessels. They did however monitor the Öresund from 1941 onwards and were forced to turn over 6 torpedoboats (which they disarmed before turning them over). Over time the situation soured for both sides. The danish were more and more unwilling to cooperate and the germans became more demanding. For that reason all danish vessels were equipped with bombs for selfdestruction and orders were issued to either try and reach swedish harbours or scuttle themselves. The anticipated seizure attempt happened on 27th of August 1943, when the german occupation commander for denmark demanded, among other things, to put the danish fleet under german command or to hand over all ships. The order for self-scuttling was issued on 28th of August along with an order to ready all preparable ships for the braekout attempt to sweden. The ships were to be manned and ready to await the respective order. On 29th of August in the morning the germans came to seize the ships. 32 ships scuttled themselves. 14 escaped to sweden. But not the flagship Niels Juel. It was in a harbour at inner danish waters at the time and in a bad position for a breaktrough attempt to sweden, but the captain refused to scuttle the flagship and pride of the danish navy (a 1923 build coastal defense ship of 3.400t). His attempt was spotted by german aircraft and he was confronted at the Isefjordmound. The Niels Juel was attacked by german ships and aircraft. Long story short: It resulted in the only death of a danish navy soldier I know of. The commander finally scuttled the damaged ship, but only grounded it. German boarding parties took over the ship at the 30th. (And germany took over the country.) Some ships were raised by the germans, including the Niels Juel. Niels Juel was again scuttled in May 1945 this time by the germans. As were the remaining danish ships in german service. So the danish navy is probably the only navy who got self-scuttled twice in one war. The escaped ships formed the "danish flottilla" in sweden in late 1944 but did not see any action as far as I know, but returned to denmark to liberate the country from the already surrendering germans on May 5th 1945 (Operation Safari, three danish dead in Copenhagen because some german snipers obviously didn't get the memo about the surrender).
  5. This is more of a roleplay idea *cough* buwhynotgameplaymechanic *cough* .... As metioned over here in the forum, I know pretty certain about two culinary naval traditions in the Axis powers of germany and japan. The japanese tradition is to serve every friday カレーライス (karee raisu; curry rice.... no real curry involved). So the sailors always know it's friday. Kare raisu is known to the japanese through the british during the meiji-era shortly after 1868. The german tradition is to serve every thursday cake. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Cake. Kuchendonnerstag exists for the same reason but on thursday instead. And with bloody cake! I laughed hard when a former navy petty officer told me about it, since he is tall, muscular and moody. I pictured him to sit in the canteen with a small piece of cake and a delicate cup on the side. And he said it has been around since the early 1900's. The cakes served may vary from ship to ship and can sometimes be simple or pretty sophisticated, depending on the Smutje (chef) and the mood or occasion. Sadly historynerd was forced to let me down on this topic regarding the italian navy. The spaghetti tuesday I metioned in the above linked post is something I heard about in the german army and the italians were quoted to do it to fraternise with their EU and NATO allies in one of the more quiet missions. So I don't know if they do it at home or in other countries as well, let alone in the navy. But I will pretend they do anyway. XD I think 1) I have now provided all fellow axis captains with a small piece of athmosphere for all RPGs on said ships and 2) we have now absolutely shown to be culinary superior to the allied scu.... navies.
  6. @Legate: Okay, I ask her then. Oh and I just found out, that a Nazi became the head of the city-state just a week before the war and just declared Danzigs Anschluss, by not-a-coincedence the Nazireichstag passed an annexation law for Danzig the same day, 01.09.1939. But still the League of nations could argue about it, when Germany wants to become part of the INPF. Just a possibility. Well I guess I have to find out ingame. ^^"
  7. First of all, I'm serious about my beer related question from friday. An answer would be nice. Second: Has anyone asked about Danzig yet? Since the League of nations will play a rather big role in the fight against the morganas and Danzig is at the morning of the 01.09.1939 by international treaties a city that kind of belongs to the league of nations and not poland, has Danzig a special status in the game? Or did BCS just do the usual thing and make it a polish city? I just wondered because it was mentioned in the KS, Hel(a) will be the polish port.
  8. Made me look for a possible german non-white ship. Found the Kamerun (2x), Togo(2x) and Tsingtau in service of the Kriegsmarine. But they were all supporters of some kind. And only one Togo and the Tsingtao were in service at 01.09.1939 i think...... so I don't think we will see them around.
  9. And now onwards to something completely different. No, not the spanish inquisition, since you'd be expecting her now. BUT I read the data sheet of Hanna in the concerning youtube video. It was a while ago. And last friday I was grocery shopping and I ran into this fine pile of hopsblossomtea: So, today I ran into it again, but this time I remember my question. How much of those 0,5l (around a pint, you....) bottles would I need for the Belle Hanna alone on a 2.000 german seamile long travel? Given I would permit beer as a captain, since it helps with gunnery, engineering and basically everything.
  10. Just to make something of a wasted friday evening without update: The Köln, the Gneisenau and U-29 walk into a bar, with Aoba and Takao at the bar and Orion behind it. (And libertad prolly at the loo, but who knows.) Question to the audience, what happens?
  11. Why 29th of May?
  12. Kickstarter or the City of Kassel. Pick one.
  13. I think the team should complete No. 2 & 3 in the KS beta. It gives immediate feedback and larger scale data of real players. And it's a beta. Even if today a lot (online) games have a open beta and call it a "game" you can join, the purpose of a beta is to sample data and fix things by using real people, not only 100 of them and players instead of dev-teams because they might do stuff no dev ever thought of. And if people are dedicated enough to give you money, they are surely dedicated enough to give you qualified feedback. I mean that's why you have (or had) an alpha (devs only), a beta (selected players) and then the RC. At least I remember it that way until the "open beta" was not only introduced but abused. And in the beginning "open beta" was more of a 2 hour stress test (or 2 seconds, if the system couldn't handle it. XD). "Beta" phases done well were always: Okay folks you got 1/3/12/X hours to game, then we shut down, reset and collect your feedback. Followed by a light/heavy patch. Then we do it all over again, and again, and again until it's not funny anymore but we sure as hell get what you want us to. There were even specific tasks for the players. (i.e."Everyone run into map XX now.", "Everyone use a sword with their class.", "Everybody please test poland this time and hunt specificly for ninja and his Spee. It's totally not because it's shiros b-day. We want to test .... um combat calculations in the atlantic.... um yeah. Happy b-day shiro btw.", you get the idea.) So please don't worry about balancing resources before you have seen all your beautiful math thrown out of the window by real people. In a beta. You will announce next month. Period. (<- just kidding) But seriously, don't be afraid of a closed beta. Just replace "players" with "guinea pigs" (or Versuchskaninchen in case of the KM beta testers) and it's suddenly not so scary anymore.
  14. In german literature Scharnhorst and Gneisenau are, due to their size, without a doubt battleships. With a displacement over 30.000 t they are very much doubtless no cruisers. In comparison the biggest german battleship the Tirpitz had over 44.000 t, and the smaller Admiral Graf Spee had only around 15.000 t displacement. The distinction between battleship and battlecruiser is made at around 30.000t which makes Kongou-sama a battlecruiser until she was refitted in 1936 and gained a bit (but please don't tell her I said that). Due to this measurement the Hood sometimes becomes a battleship in our books, even if she was classified as battlecruiser. ^^" Different countries, different conventions as we say.
  15. Since it's a general question thread: What raised DYMs dander? Sinbooty Simmons?