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  1. Some claim "high german" was standarized mainly by the brothers Grimm (yes, the fairy tale ones) starting as late as 1818 and technically they weren't finished by 1863, when the last of them died. Both were deep into the idea making Germany a true nation state with one ruler (again) after the shattering of the napoleonic era. Jacob Grimm even was a delegate in the Reichstag in Frankfurt in 1848. And only after Prussia nicked 2/3rds of Germany after unification in 1871 standard German was teached in school among the various states (including modern day Austria). The brothers Grimm finalized the standard German at the university of Göttingen, Kingdom of Hannover, which is the reason, why Hannoveranians are credited with talking the clearest standard German, even though it has strong middle German influences, since they started their work in Kassel, Hessen. Und wenn ein Germanistikstudent dies hier liest und den Drang verspürt mich zu korrigieren, darf er oder sie dies gerne tun.
  2. Edit: Since this game sports captains and not admirals I changed my Screenname accordingly. I'll won't change it in the text below so it stays original. (for english scroll down please.) Guten Tag Kameraden, eins vorweg: Dieses Thema ist für alle die beabsichtigen die Kriegsmarine im Spiel zu Ihrer Hauptmarine zu erklären oder bevorzugt KM-Schiffe einsetzen wollen. Da es aber auch einen guten Teil Rollenspiel umfassen kann/soll, setze ich es hier in die Schreiberecke und nicht in das generale Forum. (Liebe Moderatoren, wenn ihr denkt da ists besser aufgehoben, dann verschiebt es ruhig.) Um mich kurz vorzustellen: Ihr werdet mich als Admiral Korky hier im Forum kennen und kennenlernen. Wie man sich denken kann komme ich aus Deutschland und egal wie schlecht dein Team ist (streng genommen spielt man ja Nazis, wenn man uns im Spiel nimmt), du hälst zu ihm oder du kannst mich mal. Daher nehme ich die Kriegsmarine und werde aus ihr eine Reichsmarine formen. Also möglichst keine Walküren die sich als Nazis zu erkennen geben einsetzen (ja ich meine dich Nürnberg). Das wird im Spiel auch meine eigene Beschränkung sein. Walküren wie Nürnberg, Camicia Nera oder Canarias werden auf der Ersatzbank landen oder in einer Schurkenflotte zusammengefasst. Himmelfahrtskommandos müssen ja schließlich auch gemacht werden. Allerdings weite ich diese Beschränkung ziemlich aus. ALLE Walküren die zu politische oder unkameradschaftliche Wesen sind, werden so wenig wie möglich eingesetzt. Also auch viele Sovietschiffe oder Kriegsverbrecherinnen wie I-8 (wenn ihr die Interviews lest, wisst ihr was ich meine). Der Fokus liegt auf einem Ziel: Der Kampf gegen die Morganas und die Gesinnung muss so edelmütig wie möglich sein. Wobei.... ich denke jede "Partywalküre" wird einen großen Platz in meinem Herzen haben. Kirov, New Orleans.... ihr wisst wen ich alles meine. Bisher gibt es ja nur ein paar kurze Filme zum gameplay und die Interviews. Daraus ergibt sich für mich folgende vorläufige "Traumflotte": Flaggschiff KMS Scharnhorst oder KMS Admiral Graf Spee, Schlachtschiff.... HMS Hood, Kreuzer.... IJN Kumano, RN D'Aosta, Kirov, USS New Orleans und HNLMS Michiel de Ruyter , Flugzeugträger Hiryu und Zerstörer Hans Lüdemann, Diether von Roeder, U-Boot Surcouf. Man wird sehen ob sich das bewährt und wer in Zukunft noch vorgestellt wird. Was denkt ihr? Wie schaut eure Wunschliste aus? Achja und fachsimpelt hier ruhig rum. Sowohl über Werte als auch Charakter der Walküren die ihr in eurer Flotte sehen wollt. Oder eben nicht sehen wollt. // Good Day dear fellow Admirals and Captains, straight away: This topic is for all who want to play the Kriegsmarine as their main fleet ingame or want to use KM-shps as their favourites. Since you can place a whole lot of RPG in here, I thought it would be best to place the topic in the writer's corner and not the general forum. (dear mods, if you disagree, feel free to move it.) I will now introduce myself: You will know me or know me already as Admiral Korky within this forum. You might have guessed me to be from germany and since it doesn't matter how bad your team is (considering you're playing nazis, if you choose germany ingame), you'll stick with it or can go.... well whatever. Because of that I will choose the Kriegsmarine ingame but will try ignore a certain austrian corporals influence on world history. So all belles who are open fascists (yes, I'm looking at you Nürnberg) will be placed either on the substitutes' bench or send on suicide missions. But my limitation won't end with fascism. Most of soviet belles are far too political and open pro communism and some other belles from other ideologies are morally impure as well. Morally impure means loosely being in love with their "home-system" or their leader more than me and the mission or being of corrupt behaviour at sea. Either in character or in service records (surprise attacks are NOT impure.... stuff it Mahan). For example I-8 is to me a war criminal, nothing else. Read the interviews and try to see what I mean. BUT..... every "partybelle" will have a big spot in my heart..... Kirov, New Orleans... y'know who I mean. Until now I have only read interviews and watched the short updatevideos about gameplay. Through this I have formed my "dreamteam": Flagship: KMS Admiral Graf Spee or KMS Scharnhorst Battleship: HMS Hood Cruisers: IJN Kumano, RN D'Aosta, Kirov, USS New Orleans and HNLMS Michiel de Ruyter Carrier: IJN Hiryu Destroyers: Hans Lüdemann, Diether von Roeder Submarine: Surcouf the future will tell what other Belles will be added or if this team will prove itself. What's your opinion? What's your ideal Marine? I'm eager to hear your replies. And please speculate to your hearts content about german belles and which one you would love to see..... and which ones you disregard. Alle Mann an Deck, Admiral Korky P.S.: Ask me for german words or translations. I love it.
  3. Moin! Wo geidet ji? Public service stuff for KM players. (And maybe the BCS writers?) In the video below you get teasered the actual german probably most of the sailors in the KM speak in 1939, because back then local variations of german were already in decline, but much, much more common than today. To me it is kind of a second language and the easiest to understand variation outside of my own native one (which I also speak only in big fractures and not completely fluent). But it helps me a lot in de noorder Nederlande, Overijssel dat Eck, un gifft mi ook dumm Gaffe in de suider Nederlande, wo Zeeland.
  4. Argh! If the two Eugen ever meet, they'll probably try to outsmart each other all the time. That can be brilliant, but it can also get disastrous. And if you take into consideration some rumors.... and they'll also probably start intimidating D'Aosta... by sheer presence alone.... my mind races. This update was very enjoyable.
  5. It's been a while. But you won't find a more bavarian metal than this song (note: ringing a Bell in a german tavern/pub means the one who rings orders a beer/drink for everyone).
  6. I would love to see that question answered by the europeans Béarn and Ark Royal.
  7. I just happened to come accross a book written by italians about ships. It's a conglomerate of "memorable" ships. And since they're italian, they festure a lot of italian ships. And we have seen only 6 italian ships so far. The book gave me some pointers who to expect in VB when meeting/playing the Regia Marina. Because it is a major power fleet, which is supposed to have a lot of ships. And since I've proven to love to speculate to pass the time.... here I go (again) For a CV there is the Aquila and the Sparviero, which shared a similar fate as the Graf Zeppelin, although they were the passenger liners "Roma" and "Augustus", commissioned in the 20's before conversion started but never got finished. But since there is some speculation about a quest line regarding the GZ, so there could be a similar one in the RN. And about submarines, HN mentioned the Cagni-class, Italy had over 100 subs at the outbreak of WWII. There was also the case of the "Archimede".. or rather two of them. One was sold to Spain and became the General Mola (<- probable spanish sub). To cover that sell up one of the Brin-class ships was named Archimede and that Archimedes even circumnavigated Africa to reach Bordeaux. Another good example for a italian sub is the Enrico Tazzoli which sunk no less than 18 ships in the atlantic and set a record for longest time at sea with 80 days. Then there is the short ranged sub class Perla, which has very god manouverability. And that's only the bare "surface" of the italian submarines. And did I mention some of the long range subs also travelled to Japan? If I'm not mistaken one of them was also taken into japanese service. For above water units, we have a lot not seen yet. For example the destroyers seen so far, Folgore, Soldati and Turbine class, are only three of 11 classes in service in 39 in the RN, not counting torpedo boat classes, which are sometimes classified as "light destroyers" or "hunting destroyers"... but certainly pack a heavier punch than a Rawalpindi..... at least on paper. So yeah in theory you can have 11 destroyers in the RM and not a single sister. Unlike in the Kriegsmarine, where you only got three classes, so a lot of siblings. And then we have only met one light cruiser and one heavy cruiser each. The Pola of Zara class and the Duce d'Aosta. The Zara class is regarded by many the most beautiful ships in WWII btw. And don't tell Pola but in the book the Gorizia is taken as the representative of her class. But there is also the 1908 commissioned heavy cruiser San Giorgio which got actually refitted enough to serve inthe war and technically speaking her sister the San Marco, although in 39 she is a training vessel. And yes, if one of them is in the game this would be a ship older than Goeben/Yavuz. The third class of heavy cruisers would be the Trento class, with Trieste and Trento, both ladies got very busy during the war. For light cruisers there is a lot of fun to be had story wise. Because as D'Aosta hinted: She has one full sister and 10 half sisters. And I really hope the Luigi Cadorna and the Armando Diaz are in the game. The biggest "full family of the Condottieri class btw is the Giussano-subclass with 4 full sisters. There is only one other "italian" class of light cruisers, but they won't be around before 1940....but...but there is the "Trento" class. And they were german cruisers, given to the italians after WWI. Because Italy won that one, y'know? The Taranto and Bari were build in Germany and while Taranto saw service as SMS Strassburg (commissioned 1912, a few months after Goeben), the Bari was originally planned for the russians. She was commissioned in 1914 just prior to the war in Danzig and was then confiscated and put into german service as SMS Pillau. Both ships were given to Italy in 1920. And we haven't even seen one, single battleship. What a miss. There are six BBs in three classes around. The Conte di Cavour and the Giulio Cesare of the Conte di Cavour class. They saw service in WWI and even have already lost a sister, the Leonardo da Vinci, in 1916. The Andrea Doria and the Caio Duilio of the Andrea Doria class. They also saw service in WWI. And then the youngest, the Littorio-class. Both the Littorio and Vittorio Veneto aren't finished in 39, but already commissioned. They only need some more armament installed. R&D and tech tutorial I hear you sneaking up on me? I'd also like to point out, that, from what I've read the italians were really inventive and may have tech, no one else has. Also a looot of ships are really old, so they would fit into the "Old Dames club" and also may have some troubles being allied with germany and opposing the british now. They're certainly not so straight out personalities like Camicia Nera.
  8. Very cool and sexy pic.
  9. @Legate of Mineta I see David J is still only "advanced member". Didn't we talk about making him "best member" or something like that. I think it's about time for a cool title for him, really. The art is amazing. All of it. I like the dynamic in the naughty lass pic, I like the fierceness of Canarias and the two sparkling Walküren are just so very adorable. A big "Danke schön!" to all the commissioners and artists involved.
  10. I vote Option 5 for about the same reasons the captain of the Marniha Portuguesa did. I want to find out where the pen is. Because everything else the two willingly accounted for. And as long as Espero is involved I can't get mad.
  11. While you read the Duo, this plays in the concert hall of the host ship:
  12. On valentines day, someone proposed to write haikus for your favourite Walküre. I did. I also asked for someone to open a forum thread about it. No one did. Now I have the time and the resources, but alas Valentines day is over. Very well, I write a haiku for every interviewed Walküre. Here's my first few. Mehr Heimat geht nicht. Mutig, stolz und forsch bist du. Liebe Scharnhorst mein. Grace- and beautiful High spirits and good humour Belfast enchantress Voykov the Russian Stoic worker in the fleet Even Winter fears Cat lady Exeter Hunting nobility far And away in spring Beautiful pictures By a beautiful lady La Motte-Picquet With a bashful voice And a bashful spirit you Are truly Boisy For la patria Black raven flies excited Cheery Velasco A Belle and southern Mississippi has to be Formally addressed Introduced them all With one big exception we Wait for it Mahan Husbando she has No mind for manners as well Eager Nautilus Deutsch und von Adel Gejagt nicht nur von der Maus Admiral Graf Spee So mysterious. Can she stay for long with you? What plots Surcouf now? For Battenberg cake And good tea, no less, we fight And die Ark Royal
  13. @Wellington99 Not mine, entry from the wiki and according to it printed in Young (1952), who gives his source as Chief ERA "Skips" Marriott. Young, Edward (1952). One Of Our Submarines. London: Rupert Hart-Davis. pp. 60–61. Twelve little S-boats "go to it" like Bevin, Starfish goes a bit too far — then there were eleven. Eleven watchful S-boats doing fine and then Seahorse fails to answer — so there are ten. Ten stocky S-boats in a ragged line, Sterlet drops and stops out — leaving us nine. Nine plucky S-boats, all pursuing Fate, Shark is overtaken — now we are eight. Eight sturdy S-boats, men from Hants and Devon, Salmon now is overdue — and so the number's seven. Seven gallant S-boats, trying all their tricks, Spearfish tries a newer one — down we come to six. Six tireless S-boats fighting to survive, No reply from Swordfish — so we tally five. Five scrubby S-boats, patrolling close inshore, Snapper takes a short cut — now we are four. Four fearless S-boats, too far out to sea, Sunfish bombed and scrap-heaped — we are only three. Three threadbare S-boats patrolling o'er the blue, ... Two ice-bound S-boats... ... One lonely S-boat... ... The survivors, left blank in the fatalistic rhyme, were HMS Sealion (scuttled), HMS Seawolf (broken up), and HMS Sturgeon (sold). It refers to the 12 S-class submarines in british service in 1939.
  14. A surprising number of people in Europe seem to know this one: What is heaven? What is hell?
  15. Is it odd for me to start this thread? Egal. What I'd like to collect are some german jokes. But not jokes from germany but about germany. In germany we know a few evil jokes about other countries and I wondered: It has to be the other way round as well. And I think it improves anyones Fanfic's if he knows them as reference. XD As example what I'm looking for I provide two jokes about the french*. No real harm or insult intended. "Why are there so many avenues in france?" - "Why is the Eiffel-tower so very high?" - I hope this thread won't be taken down. *In the hope the french can take them easy.
  16. I'm looking forward to it. I'm very delighted by that pic.
  17. I believe the bulk of people would like an update of that list in total, like it was done a few months before. It would help ragain oversight of the teams tasks ahead and of the progress.
  18. This might be a good time to touch the uncomfortable topic of japanese suicide missions. Because that is what a "Kaiten" in this context is. ( 回天 not to be confused with 回転 which usually involves the delicious zushi) Kaiten (回天) were manned torpedoes to be brought into the target by a pilot much like the more famous Kamikaze airplanes and they were supposed to be rammed into the target, then detonated. Since a manned torpedo or minisubmarine has only a very limited range they were mounted on regular submarines. More precisely the type one Kaiten was a "normal" japanese Type 93 torpedo with a manned minisub for a head. That minisub itself had a cabin for the pilot and a big explosive charge in the nose. Later versions were more sophisticated suicide minisubs in their own right. They used a rocket propulsion developed by the Germans and modified it for their submaritime needs. In contrast the final version X was even a downgrade from the type I, since it was a type 92 torpedo, simply cut in half, equipped with a cabin in the middle. Now that sounds horrible and devastating, but the reality was different. Unlike kamikaze who were effective and horrible in more than one way as they were desperate, Kaiten were not effective at all. But since it was much harder for the japanese to measure the actual success of those suicide crafts, they developed in total 7 (I-VI and X) versions of Kaiten submarines of which 6 were built and 4 (the types I, II, IV and X) were used for testing and training, but only the original Kaiten I saw any combat action. They also believed to have sunk up to 2-3 aircraft carriers, 2 battleships, 4-6 destroyers and 25-30 transports. In reality they sunk three ships total (counting one landing craft) and damaging another three, while losing at least 8 carrier submarines and 64 Kaiten at sea with all of their crews. For one dead US sailor the japanese paid seven to eight of their lives. Kamikaze in contrast sunk at least 47 ships (some sources claim 70, japanese sources after the war even 81 sunk, 195 damaged) and for every kamikaze pilot lost between 1.25 and 2 allied sailors died (depending on the estimate). Two major disadvantages caused the "failure" of the project: The Kaiten themselves were prone to failing, predetonate and it was incredibly difficult to find the actual target. I.e. one of the developers was killed by an accident and at least 15 Kaiten were lost in training. They were supposed to detach from the mothersub, approached the and went up to their own periscope depth for retargeting. the periscope depth was minimal and they were realitvely easily spotted by surface ships and surveillance aircraft. They also had to reduce speed to get a view at all, because if they moved too fast they were easier to spot AND their view was blocked by waves, since the periscope was really short. Then they would submerge again to a depth suitable for a hit and start the propulsion to bring them up to 30kn. Meanwhile the target moved, the pilot saw nothing and they were probably shot at by someone or something in the Kaiten failed. The other disadvantage was with the mothersub. It couldn't dive as deep as normal, because the Kaiten were mounted on its hull. So they were easier to spot. And they were slower too, since the Kaiten added weight and water resistance. And losing the sub meant losing all four to six Kaiten. Similar problems with a more vulnerable motheraircraft were the reason the Oka ( 桜花 ) flying bomb wasn't considered a success and the vast majority of kamikaze attacks were performed by modified "normal" airplanes. But a "normal" submarine is far more complicated and expensive than a fighter airplane, so attacks with modified normal submarines did not happen.
  19. Good point.
  20. I will use it in the way Rocky intended it, turncoat.
  21. Done. It tossed around a few things in the fleet statistics, but nothing major.
  22. Hello everyone, this idea came to me since it's every now and then a topic that heats up in the Forum and on the discord: Who's you favourite Belle? Maybe it would be interesting who it is for the average captain. So why not start a Topic about it. My idea is to show a Top 10 of the most liked Belles. For all with a weak memory this is the link to Shiros list of Belles. It works like this: You post here or send me a list of your (up to) 10 favourite Belles, and I will compose a ranking out ouf it. Your top 1 gets 10 points, top 2 gets 9 points all down to 10 who gets 1 point. TOP 10 (please read after you made you list).
  23. Since converts tend to be more strict with religious rules, I consider it a possibility. But would advise to cross check the christmas update with her for clues on that.
  24. Let's just point out that the latest crack down on Raki by the current turkish President had reportedly two effects: More home made Raki and more dead by bad home made Raki. And I doubt it would be the case if "back in the old days" there was no Raki consumption among the people. But that's too only speculation. And any turk with some insight who stumbles across this post can happily correct me.
  25. First things first. Every good Manöver needs a name. Since no one spoke out against "Löchrige Luftmatratze" (Manoeuvre LL if you like) when I proposed it on discord, I will use it. There is actually a german legal assumption that silence means approval. Now before I forget it over the overcomplicated fuzz I put in a spoiler to not to bore anyone, I will vote on the story option. Option 3 is riiiight out the window. Why should I bring out a toast to a men who technically violated international law in Greece and Turkey on so many levels I will spare you all the details. Also he was on the other side of the trenches. Option 1 is... boring? Why... ah come on. Totally uninspidered. Option 2 it is. And I don't feel bad about it. I actually totally like it, because it's the truth. And did someone say Żubrówka? All I hear is Grasovka @Shirogane! (pulls out a bottle, glasses and the music) What I actually don't get is Goeben drinking Ayran instead of Raki. Is she on duty? And now excuse me while I drink and calculate my fleet! To check out all the Walküren check out Shiroganes awesome list. So here's my proposal for the manoeuvre LL: Team A(gitated) Scharnhorst; Hiriyu; Nerpa; Kirov; New Orleans; Espero; Leberecht Maass Team B(alanced) Gneisenau; Ark Royal; Axum; De Ruyter; D'Aosta; Hans Lüdemann; Verdun