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  1. I sincerely hope soo! Am already impatiently waiting for it
  2. Found it! Veneration of the Saints Update on the unlocked actions and abilities will follow at a later time.
  3. I did not see any new backgrounds? Or any changed ones? Or do you mean that one of the adventures is linked to one of the backgrounds??
  4. I have had a look and no new skill yet. Nobody who found anything? An item or new adventure or something?
  5. I think I have seen the topic somewhere, but cannot find it... It could also be somewhere in this topic, buried amongst the load of other interesting tidbits about the setting. Anyway... on to my question: Which language do they speak in which region? I mostly ask due to the Heritage backgrounds that give several bonusses, but no language skills. Which made me wonder if someone who has a certain heritage should not also speak that language. Even if one does not understand all the specifics and history of one's language, one can still speak it.
  6. Calculate the Familiar Equation also works for me, unless I use it again within a short time. But the description also mentions something about it only working once a week.
  7. Questing I found this error: Octavia Egidi 08; Choosing the Botany option and being successful, the description mentions "Afterwards, the three of you accompany Polisena down to the Imperial Dock." I think that should be Octavia and not Polisena.
  8. Random Event Rumor 12 I have this paradoxal situation of running into myself and me telling me something. Instead of a random student, it picked my character.
  9. Here you are: https://rapidshare.com/files/2038289980/AcademagiaSave.rar I did keep on playing after the occurrence and did not use backup saves. So hopefully you can find what you are looking for.
  10. Just to kick this one off for the new DLC. While leveling and cataloguing the new Numerology skill, I noticed that at lvl 10 it still says Maximum skill level. Even though I increased the skill max. After levelling it to 11 and finally to 13, it does not show that Numerology is at it's skill maximum anymore. It just fails to increase.
  11. I already added a few things to the wiki about DLC 13. Numerology Skill for example
  12. @ Schwartzbart Concerning your *spoiler*, which adventure would that be?
  13. If I recall correctly, most (but not all) students should have two names defined for their Cliques. Still curious for the answer though
  14. There are no official links, but it is possible to see what pages are linking to the current page. And in most cases references to other pages are linked, including attributes. Although I have to add that most adventures are yet to be added to the wiki at all. The wiki still needs a lot of work.
  15. You could check if any of the adventures in the wiki have it? But not many adventures have been written up in the wiki yet, sadly.