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  1. Actual it was planed by me that you could discover this location in year 2 even without the background and use it then but without the adventure you shouldn't be able to use it in year 1. Still I can't tell how the plan of the team are different then what I had written. So if you can find and use it in year 1 then @Legate of Mineta need to answer if this is intended but I doubt there is any downside.
  2. 1) Is there a limit lower then 100% how high CoS and CoF can stack up?
  3. Courtenay de Surval managed a Arithmetic score of 187 in my current game with arithmetic of 13! And no I didn't help him. @Legate of Mineta do the team want a look at this save how this happened?
  4. I just saw this question, if you take this background and not learn Mastery its your problem as you still get all the spell casting related downside. Also in year 2 or 3 if you not learned enough Mastery your path in this school of magic might become blocked.
  5. Also the bug that when you get detention you can't see most of the exam scores of this day is still there.
  6. When you release the CP could you put up the DLC 16 to the open beta at Steam like Stellaris do it? Would be really helpful for people who have a old DLC 16 game and had to clear the catch or move to a different PC.
  7. Wow so finally getting close to the release of the last CP?
  8. Might be that I missing something but for Familiar Adventure Porcupine 03 Exit 2 (Swimming) I can't find how to gain the needed "Increase in Speed" memory.
  9. 1) Will year 2 manage to display the number steps needed to improve a familiar skill? 2) Will a family happy enough if the familiar is trained in the skills they want to see in the char or will only the player skill help with that? I.e. for Family: Sports if the familiar is at level 6+ in Athletics. 3) Will Sub Skills already assigned to more the 1 skill in year 2? 4) Will items like Glamour Chain be able to placed in different item slots in year 2? (The description of this item say so but year 1 not support it).
  10. 1. Is it still planed that the import tool of Y2 add the ability, lore etc. to skills that go past 11 in year 1 already? (i.e. I unlocked Glamour Methods maximum to 13 in my current game) 2. Is it still planed that the import tool of Y2 allow us to remove low level of Gate and Mastery skills from our char?
  11. 1) Can you tell us what Professor from year 1 will be no longer around in year 2?
  12. Not sure how you will handle extra class and introduction of a 1st year student to Academagia will be handled but from what I read they are some kind of favor also that only can turned in before or during the summer holiday. So I think there 2 favor lists anyway one for summer holiday and the other for afterward and then at last put some books into the favor of the summer holiday should be no problem. Edit:If it is some kind of special function to turn in favor for extra class and get a 1st year junior maybe you can add to it something for the normal Professor especial the one who are no longer around in year 2.
  13. freespace brought up the good idea in the question thread that pointing or giving access to good learning locations during the summer break in year 2 would be a good favor for the Professor / Regent / Legate at the start of the summer break. (Didn't I suggest this already some years back? ) Edit: Ohhh and lending / giving books to learn from during the summer break should also be a good favor at the start of the summer holiday (Again I have the feeling I have suggested this already )
  14. 1) So at the start the libraries of Academagia was using scrolls and books where added later? 2) Do this mean if our player find old handwritten texts in one of the library on a scroll they are probably extrem old?
  15. 1. Was the Venalicium always the main library in the history of Academagia? (At last it looks to me that it is the main library now) If not ... 1a. When was the Venalicium build and who was the regent back then? 1b. What was the main library before the Venalicium? 2. Do each College have their own library and if so how are they called?