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  1. Yes there will be upsides and downsides in be the best. First natural there will be students envy of you and might do everything to replace you as best in year 2. Then have a look at my year 2 topic about the planed extra class
  2. The thing is fixing this issue in the code will also fix the same issue that we have in the backgrounds (i.e. don't have character at the start and Prodigy: Life of Avarice lose its downside) and the less likely issue that some level 10 and 11 rewards not working.
  3. Looks like Favor that give skill max increase for skill you didn't unlock so far still result in a failed favor. At last that I only have mammals unlocked so far from Zoology is the only reason I can think that my Favor with Regnault Pachait fail over and over.
  4. @Legate of Mineta must be the test client as I play with the current most up to date version at Steam and there I still had to name my clique at start.
  5. Some Adventure have split paths depending on your choices earlier. Especial some Familiar Bound adventure have 3 path one good, one neutral and one evil.
  6. its a active ability that you have to use once to get the permanent passive if I still remember right.
  7. Its actual 100% of the time for me on at last 10 reload, even after starting the game new. Edit: decided to send it over to the team as I suspect they will be happy to have it if they can reproduce it on their side.
  8. I have a Sunday game save where after I processed the day and then reload it, Prev and Next jump over the active week. Do you need this save?
  9. If it is easy to befriend a student i.e. because your skill is high the Gallery with the skill bonus help more, but if it is difficult the flat 10% CoS help more as you get at last the 10% chance (What also only help if you accept many reload).
  10. @MetisThe Legate told me in a more recent question that the pure chance roll are not affected by CoF/CoS.
  11. if you not reduce them, what actual means there will be more of them in year 2, then at last let CoF/CoS affect the pure random abilities/ actions to allow some different tactics in using them.
  12. @Legate of Mineta you missed this question block
  13. Can you reduce the fixed X% chance abilities in year 2? All they do is lead to frustration and reload sessions while not really add something positive.
  14. 2. Take the ban of Mastery and Gate magic and the unban of the same, this are always political and controversial. 9. Practical in game no. Theoretical sure take Gate and Mastery magic if you just started to learn you will cloistered if your knowledge is deeper you will be killed no mater the age. Only social standing will make a difference then.
  15. Also size say nothing about the worth of a territory sometimes its just unusable rock or desert while other times you have a diamond or gold mine together with a large city and fertile land.