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  1. I think Tale of Wuxia was already mentioned here but it took me till yesterday to buy it. Sadly in this game not everything is translated to English but it is a great game where BCS could look for inspiration. Sure its about train up a Martial Artist instead of a Mage but beside the day to day training part this game also let you visit different city where you actual walk around and the combat is turn-based on a tactical map where you can put you martial art to great use. For the daily training part I actual prefer the way Academagia handle it because in Academagia we have way more options then in Tale of Wuxia. To actual walk around some part of your home town, Mineta and/or Academagia and the tactical combat would be a great addition Academagia.
  2. Still having the planed Y2 class list together with the assumed requirements would be a great help in what to aim for in year 1 even if it is still subject to changes. Also is there any news how new students in year 2 should look like, at last from the number of attribute points?
  3. 2) The Purple Academy of Thei was a place to study the combination of Mastery and Artifice in the past and still have some negative renown today as you can see if you take this background and then try to play trough the syncronicity adventure.
  4. 1) This means VB now affect the development speed of the other games of BC or did you recruit 3 new people? (No you can't answer with simply yes or no ^^) @AscartandNew Modtools will come with or after year 2 and not earlier.
  5. 1) Will the 2 issues that the day report is missing the exam results of students that have hall sessions and that most of the exam day day report is missing on a day you get detention still be fixed in year 1? 2) How big is the planed year 1 exam adjustments for the NPC students in year 2? I hope its not more then 1-2 points or it really mess up with the player. (At last for player using my class fix mod any extra points might go over board as you can see in my last public Gradebook)
  6. Schohanwitch will take one of the time slot each working day in year 2. For Research I actual didn't invest any time into that during this year but he still have many research topic at 1 or 2, some even at 3. For Wildflower I just did enough to get trough both familiar adventure so she is not really impressive. Wildflower:
  7. Sorry that I stopped after year 6 but it became more and more problematic that I got so many boon with next to no interesting boon left to take what resulted that I would get more and more of the ultra rare exceptional books. With the rules I used you get resources each year that can be used to pay of the Build Point Losses you get. But for the rewards its better to pick a major boon and take a exceptional book then to take build points and buy the books with them (35 BP compared to 6 BP). The result from this was that for some Art I even got 2 exceptional book for the covenant what somehow make them look like they are very common.
  8. I'm finally finished with this game so here the spreadsheet as .ods with the exam result although many Zoology mid term are missing:!B9cwBabA!Hi0Vpw7B1iy2wx5Bc5bAcCNGcu_XMvbYvEdbYLLNs5o I suspect the many unfinished adventure will hurt Alex in year 2 and maybe even more the finished one as he won't have this much time in year 2. Anyway here some data on this student after the last Saturday. Attribute: Main skill 10+ inc. all his class: Other class skill that Alex didn't take in year 1: Relationship 7+
  9. In all the discussion the questions that started them got drowned on the previous page so I quoted them here.
  10. I really think my Class Fix mod should be put into the game i.e. in my current game not a single student failed Dialectic even if for some it was by less then 1%. Also in other class there at max 3 who failed them (according to the spreadsheet of freespace) and for most class there was no one who failed. At last I think that would go more along with the reality that no student will drop out from the results of year 1.
  11. @Rhialto as long she only fail the class she took beside the 3 core class from Durand it only limit the class she can take in the next year but if she fail Botany, Dialectic or Negation then it start to become problematic as the chance is not small that she fall behind even more in year 2.
  12. I think its a missed opportunity if during the selection of the class for year 2 if the students who performed bad in the core class of the college are not told "Either improve a lot this year or better start to look already where you continue your education after this year." Especial such extrem circumstances I saw in my current game where i.e. Miya from Godina is the only one who failed Music or Carmine and Courtenay both Aranaz failed Calligraphy ... I doubt von Ruprecht will take this in good grace.
  13. I intentional avoided to use Mastery, ok with the exception of one time against this stupid rat. Hopeful Lambert wasn't close at this moment or I already have to use my knowledge about him to stop spreading rumors. Why do the students of my year think I tried to learn all the dirty secret of all the Negation students and all the students in Avila? One must keep his own secret and in case it get out have a way to silent the one who learned about them ^^. (Who put a glamor on my eyes that I had put this to the wrong threat ?) Beside I current working on the Gardebook for this game and find it interesting that i.e. Miya (a Godina student) failed Music and 2 Aranaz student (Carmine & Courtenay) failed Calligraphy. I don't want to be in the shoes of Carmine and Courtenay when they return for year 2 after they failed the exams of the class their Regent gives.
  14. 1) Can you share with us who this Students are?
  15. Student Adventure Amada Kiffer 7 Investigation 7 give temporary Danger Sense Minimum what I suspect is probably a mistake, both from the skill (there is no exit roll on Danger Sense) and that its minimum.