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  1. If I remember right the spell of this mod was added with DLC 15 to a School Survival SS or Animal Handling and so I don't think the mod is worth it any more.
  2. Looks like the last minute change of the empty Player Clique at game start brocken the clique. I managed to add Neta to my clique but I'm not informed about her and also didn't get her clique ability!
  3. @starcrunch I suggest you give my Class Fix mod a try. You can find it here: Just keep in mind there is nothing anyone can do about the exam months and to keep a backup of the mods you use for year 2 import.
  4. Adventure: Your Past Always Catches Up Elegant Service gives 3x +1 Relationship to a Professor of your choice and inform you of a Student of choice once every week. Its the best tool I know for player that want to use Favor a lot.
  5. At last Frontino have to be this close or 2 adventures would be wrong.
  6. If you compare this with the Mineta map you see that the complete surrounding outside the walls is missing. I.e. Frontino should be direct on the other side of the lake or from south the city buildings should be nearly direct at the wall but there is lot of empty space in the Academagia map. Could it be the map is a few 100-1000 years older but then the exploding tower wouldn't be there.
  7. Depending on the performance of the horse I suspect some would even look where the donation box is ^^ (there some ways to make it look like the horse is talking at last one non magical that I think its a not to unusual street trick to earn money just maybe with smaller animal that are easy to train like a pig or dog)
  8. I love this map! I suspect the team also already have a new map art for Mineta and a "world map" to be used in year 2, at last if they really use the classic mark the movement on a map in year 2.
  9. From what it reads in the description the bridge its actual a sculpture out of crystal, so I doubt she actual cross something except of some ground of the park.
  10. The temporary increases of Calming Air missing a space between clique name and skill name. (All Students in My CliqueRelexation Skill Level by 1) Also I thought that helping your clique member would have some chance to increase the relationship but looks like this was cut out in a update.
  11. Because you ignored my question regarding the lore "Misunderstood Master Arts-Instruction" I put it up here as it looks like a bug to me but I'm not sure. If after this consideration you feel your changes are justified it is important to next choose what ink and hand you will need in order to make your forgery believable. Oftentimes a particular ink is used for particular inks. It would be best to have the paper you wish to forge in front of you in order to be sure on what strokes and colors you should use.
  12. 1) Could a player whos parent live in Mineta go home each day in year 2? I.e. to visit the library he set up at her/his parents home. 2) Could a player with the secret background easy visit her/his parent each day in year 2? 3) Will Schohanwicht offer a location for the player to set up a library? (it is probably at a other place then the school it self and the keystone will cost the player) 4) Will Schohanwicht claim the books back we "lend" in year 1 or ask for a compensation in case the player no longer have them? 5) Will Schohanwicht claim the wand back we found there or in case this is not possible ask for a compensation in year 2? 6) Will some of the visitation rights we got in year 1 withdraw in year 2? I.e. the Gorithnak’s Personal Workstation. 7) Will we be able to set the Schohanwicht School as place to explore in year 2? I think there probably some more library and gates to other places to be found there if one start to look.
  13. 2) Can you tell us already more about the year 2 research? I.e. how a privat library help compared to the normal one we already can unlock in year 1?
  14. From Godina I like the Elemental Warrior and The Godina Retreat adventure. (But I dislike 2 of their fixed class skills) Hedi actual have an interesting adventure for me also with the Dream Adventure.
  15. 1) Can someone give me the meaning of the bold part in the quote below from the "Misunderstood Master Arts-Instruction" lore?
  16. The Legate mentioned that player who manage to enter Schoanwicht without the background will have to negotiate about the cost for joining their teaching in year 2.
  17. For me Godina, Morvidus and Vernin have interesting college adventure the other college not so.
  18. We probably will get the new modbase with the planed Content Patch or "short" after as it should be the last modbase.
  19. 2) Is it planed that a adventurous player can manage to stay out of the big factions over the years? (I suspect taking the side of Orsi in the main quest of 1st year will do the trick for year 1) 3)I think we already got a answer what happens when a player refuse to do any main adventure path in year 1 but I don't remember it. So could you answer this again? (because of new page I moved my questions from last page to this.)
  20. With DLC 17 and the Steam release the Updates in the linked forum are only for people that bought the game at BMT.
  21. 2. From how I understand the adventure there is a big legal problem if this magic is spread as each and every mage who learn this magic need to and will be close observed. (So if you plan to learn Gate or Mastery also best stay far away from the official teaching of synchronicity)
  22. One problem for this research issues could be that skill max increases fail if the skill is not unlocked so far.
  23. 5) Because there some people who want same gender love relationship in the game I wonder what the laws regarding marriage and adopting children are for same gender pairs. (I suspect its probably more liberal then what even many democratic countries today have)
  24. @Legate of Mineta you just answered to the single question we picked out to give a answer but missed the whole question block. (I even wanted to quote this post when I saw my posting is on a new page but this didn't work out in the edit thanks to the stupid forum software)
  25. 3. Was the ban on Mastery and Gates retroactive, punishing people for magic that had been legal when they used it? From what I understand people who recently learned gate or mastery before the ban was killed or cloistered but actual master of this schools where just told not to use it and teach it any more.