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  1. For 3.) I suspect it was one of the many cut to get the game out at all. Current there is no normal weekday that have no class only special named Holiday, Saturday and Sunday are without class but in the Summer holiday there would be no class Mo-Fr as well.
  2. Looks like the last minute change of the empty Player Clique at game start brocken the clique. I managed to add Neta to my clique but I'm not informed about her and also didn't get her clique ability!
  3. To make it easier for the Legate I put all questions in this posting, I hope I didn't forgot one.
  4. 10) Do year 2 have the ability to give different CoD depending if it is Class time or not?
  5. Looks like wikia think there is no Admin for our wikia on the right side:
  6. With this Save you also see that Carnage on the Fields is still in my Adventure list despite I already have Explore the Forest of the Broken Pines, so a other Adventure that could be done again if you fail the roll in the first step. Edit: Reunion Adventure 04 there is in the game a exit called "Exit 1 - Dedication" Edit2: Is there a mix-up with the Professor Name in Overheard Conversation Among Professor? I thought Professor Gammel is the Arithmetic Professor and also the one who saw the poison attack of the familiar was Professor Gammel according to Overheard Conversation Among Elementary Students.
  7. For the more or less active Editor at last read it or better leave a comment what you think about Blondetiger want to take over Admin from @Draigh
  8. Yes and No I still have the Wooden Stick as I reloaded the day and continued without using Study Wooden Stick but I'm already over 1 week later now in game. Edit: uploaded a save because I still don't get the wand. (link is in your PM)
  9. I used "Study Wooden Stick" and the Wooden Stick vanished but I never got the wand. With my Research 14 I should have no problem with the roll.
  10. 1) I wish there where at last a small explain in a lore why we gain 25 Parental Approval once we hit Forgery 11. Although one can suspect that it is a forged letter from your Regent or even the Legate but it still would be nice to know what it is. 2) If you have the Page Background wouldn't it be nice if you have to serve Comte Rodrigo de Savona during Itinera instead of visit this strange "aunt" and "uncle"?
  11. 1) Is Herald/Messenger still a job for mages with low (magic) qualification or did this practice end with Emperor Durand II? (See Epistula Vocis spell description if you don't know what I'm talking about)
  12. The Proving Ground should probably type Game/Cards and not Miscellanea.
  13. 1) Is it also problematic to have learned Gate / Mastery related research topics (and resulting from this the lore) or only the skill them self? 2) Is there a religious order that took over the job from the gate mages to prevent the intrusion from outsider like dragon and demon via gate magic?
  14. In chase Draigh not react main thing is probably the "If there are other users please start a blog post or other public discussion of new leadership before making your request and allow users at least a week to respond." part.
  15. I remember to read at a other wikia that wikia require a certain number of edits before people can become mod or admin of a topic but this wikia had still active admin and mods. Edit: about Draigh I'm not even sure he still visit this forum.
  16. 3) Will we be able to visit some of the libraries mentioned in the lore even if they are in different cities in the next years?
  17. @Legate of Mineta I Have posted the link for the download in PM if you didn't see it already.
  18. I really would love to have a way to see the used mods and selected backgrounds from a save or in a running game.
  19. @freespace2dotcom 2 Is because of A Letter from an Alumna to Regent Badcrumble (1) and (2) but don't ask me where I got it.
  20. Is there a reason why I can't get the "Expand Chance of Success - Music Performance Actions +7% "? ... at last this is the only result from the level 7 Favor I request from Professor Chastellain that I didn't get but I got 3x failure to request a favor. Skills shouldn't be a problem as the Musik skills are either 2 or 5 or not unlocked at all. (I'm only near the end of the 1st month) I keep a save of the day when I call the favor in case you need it.
  21. 2) Reading the lore about a letter to Regent Badcrumble I start to wonder how much influence former students have toward Academagia. 3) Have Astrology influence how Arithmetic work at different times (and if so have the team really thought trough how problematic this will become when i.e. 1 Apple + 1 Apple suddenly become 4 Apple at the right time of the month)? (Just read the A Child's Book of Arithmetic that say that even the result of 1+1 is different depending on the moon) 4) Is the Lore of "Engineering with Professor Matain I" & II something that happen to the char or some story told and so Professor Matain one of the Professor we can't build relationship in year 1?
  22. @Legate of Mineta it looks like you missed my suggestion above ^ With my current game I once again think it would be great if at last the first step of class adventure start automatic maybe when you reached a certain study level in this class. Edit: I also suggest you replace your Gamersgate link in the signature with a Steam one as Gamersgate appear to have Academagia removed as well.
  23. Is BCS bring out the CP within the next 2 week or can I start a new game?
  24. First some kind of Warning only spend money you are prepeared to lose on Kickstarter Projects. To my knowledge all the money you spend on such projects considered as donation to Art acording to the American law and so there isn't much you can do if a founded project turn out as a Scam or fail to deliver because of other reasons. And now to the first Project I have learned about Kickstarter (even if it haven'd started at the time of this edit) Acording to this Blog is Obsidian Entertainment thinking about finanzing a Game via Kickstarter. Now they ask for what kind of game the player whant to see from them if they do this. Maybe thats a chance to see a New RPG in the style of the classic RPGs again. I personal hope for something like Neverwinter Night 3 or other Fantasy based RPG with Iso perspective and Turn/Pause based Combat. Last Edited 05/01/2012
  25. A nice article about the costs of making a game, even if the numbers are just a rough estimate it makes clear why so many Kickstarter projects got silent or actual said the development have stopped. I think such a article would be great when the Gaming sector at Kickstarter was becoming big many years back as then it would be very obvious that $10k get you nowhere.