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  1. I personal just think its better to have a new thread for year 3. How about: Academagia Newspaper Collected article about the long way to 1657 (Year 2)
  2. Academagia's way to Year 2
  3. @Legate of Mineta wouldn't it be better to make a extra locked progress thread for year 2 where you post about once per month a update instead of answer question to it every few days?
  4. I think I never mentioned Punch Club here. Although you play a mixed martial artist in a contemporary setting and its real time with automatic pause when your doing nothing, its also kind of similar because you have to manage what you do over the days to improve your character. or
  5. Do you think that we get year 2 before TES 6 ?
  6. 1) Is the tuition of Contu's school raise each year you stay or is it just the first year that have a big discount? 2) If it isn't the first year you visit Contu's school the reason for the discount in year 1 what is the reason of this discount then? (Maybe its a discount for the students in their first year in Academagia?)
  7. @freespace2dotcom your sure you still can play Year 2 when you already having problems with the Steam Version of Year 1? @Legate of Mineta You know that Kickstarter need you to give a estimated delivery date right when you make the campaign that why I said it was sad as then your probably would have given something like 2015 or even earlier ^^.
  8. Sad it wasn't a Kickstarter because then we could pressure BCS for a monthly update and be angry for the release date be late by many years
  9. Six Ages probably only arrive 2019 for the PC
  10. 1) Weather play a active roll in year 2 and not just a storytelling one as it is in year 1? 2) Will the actual weather in year 2 take influence on what options you have in adventures/events? 3) Will the actual weather in year 2 change the schedule of club activities? 4) Will the current weather prevent some event to be active at the day? (I.e. during a hailstorm it would be strange to have an event that assume the player take a walk trough a park)
  11. Will the Pheme and Spell that have a risk of mutating the target be thought during the 5 years in Academagia?
  12. Is long-term magic having to fight with other problems beside that nature try to revert everything back to how it should be? (I.e. are the mutations like in Ars Magica)
  13. 1) How useful for your future live is a good foundation in all legal magic pillars build in year 1 even if you focus on just one or two pillar for the rest of your time in Academagia?
  14. Sound like the focus of Orso Orsi is Glamour otherwise he couldn't keep hidden for so long against a Negation specialist. Also because he was Spy for a long time its a other hint in my opinion for his Glamour focus.
  15. Wow the complete block answered, thanks Legate.
  16. Its a long time when I did repost unanswered questions so I put some up again this time from Freespace and me. Sorry if I posted a question you already answered or missed some..(I only did go back till February) 1) At the Workshop Days we meet magicians but the text leave it kind of open if their "magic" is pure slight of hand or real magic? 2) When was the last time a split of from Academagia students and/or workforces happened and what was the reason? 3) I am very interested in learning more about the previous regent of Aranaz, Professor Strom, Unfortunately as he is tied into the main story somehow we are a lot less likely to learn anything about him until the team chooses to reveal such info 4) Are there Historical records about spells beside weather magic or creature summoning that did level a entire city with just 1 spell? 5) Could you give me a hit if there is a good way to train the Calligraphy sub skill beside taking the class in year 1? (I talking about a action, ability or spell that give at last 1 step toward a random Calligraphy SS beside one or more other SS) 6) A mercenary was imprisoned by the guards from Mineta because he killed the child of a noble and his friends within the city. The mercenary claims that he just attacked goblins that where aiming their bows at him. Now the question would there be a investigation if there was magic in play and how deep will this go or is the mercenary considered guilty of murder because it was him who have slain the noble? 7) When changing college in year 2 will it be possible to cover up for a weak skill with a strong one? I.e. if I want to change to Avila would be a Astrology of 15 (with items) cover for a geometry of only 5 (without items) 8) Or are to join a different college in year 2 the sub skills tested instead of the skill if you didn't have it as class in year 1? 9) Could you give us the planed cycle of the already set cyclic class of our 1st year? 10) What colors to unicorns appear in? Only white? And do winged variants appear? 11) Can you tell us anything about Opossum and Racoon Familiars? Are they unheard of? Since the Familiar bond process is partly up to chance, it has to have happened before. Any good stories surrounding them? 12) Given that magical herbs and mushrooms are fairly common, I have to ask about any common recreational drugs in setting, including magical variants, as well as the Academagia's policy on usage of such items, especially those which have genuine beneficial uses. 13) Are there any sort of cliches surrounding wizards who like to live in very tall towers isolated from large communities?
  17. Just a thought could it be that the cache or GCC became corrupted because of steam autoupdate made a update during slow games?
  18. corrupted save / crash reports Edit: Maybe it would be good if the one on your Steam account check the steam forum for the related game 15-30 Minutes before your weekly meeting in case there some bug reports. (And sorry wrong thread should be DLC 17)
  19. Aranaz stil contest the Ortography part that belongs to Enchant/Artifice and so to Vernin, also the current Vernin Regent is a Revision specialist what is actual the domain of Morvidus.
  20. Because GOG now also sell VN and Sunrider Academy is already a timeslot management game I wonder if BCS plans to ask GOG again if they want to sell their games.
  21. I doubt its because of the change of law in the EU instead its probably the change wikia want to push out for quite some time now and now they found a reason to get it out to more at once. Also I suspect wikia have to cut out some dead wood to reduce the burden on their server.
  22. I know we already had questions about the magicians but I can't remember if we ever got an answer to questions related to them. 1) At the Workshop Days we meet magicians but the text leave it kind of open if their "magic" is pure slight of hand or real magic? 2) If it is real magic the magicians use can our character learn this as well? 3) Are there known schools that teach magic that isn't based on Phemes/Palettes?
  23. 1) So in year 1 confiscated items that are not found again with year 1 are lost? (Its kind of sad to see this things not returned like Professor Lupin did for Harry)
  24. 1) Are there confiscated items that we direct given back before the summer break because they are only illegal for 1st year or during our stay at Academagia? 2) Are there confiscated items that our parents decide if we get them back or not? 3) What happen to the items that are illegal by law within Mineta when a professor confiscate them?
  25. Will we have such (an) extra day(s) during our 5 years?