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  1. Looks like the last minute change of the empty Player Clique at game start brocken the clique. I managed to add Neta to my clique but I'm not informed about her and also didn't get her clique ability!
  2. Its actual 100% of the time for me on at last 10 reload, even after starting the game new. Edit: decided to send it over to the team as I suspect they will be happy to have it if they can reproduce it on their side.
  3. I have a Sunday game save where after I processed the day and then reload it, Prev and Next jump over the active week. Do you need this save?
  4. If it is easy to befriend a student i.e. because your skill is high the Gallery with the skill bonus help more, but if it is difficult the flat 10% CoS help more as you get at last the 10% chance (What also only help if you accept many reload).
  5. @MetisThe Legate told me in a more recent question that the pure chance roll are not affected by CoF/CoS.
  6. if you not reduce them, what actual means there will be more of them in year 2, then at last let CoF/CoS affect the pure random abilities/ actions to allow some different tactics in using them.
  7. @Legate of Mineta you missed this question block
  8. Can you reduce the fixed X% chance abilities in year 2? All they do is lead to frustration and reload sessions while not really add something positive.
  9. 2. Take the ban of Mastery and Gate magic and the unban of the same, this are always political and controversial. 9. Practical in game no. Theoretical sure take Gate and Mastery magic if you just started to learn you will cloistered if your knowledge is deeper you will be killed no mater the age. Only social standing will make a difference then.
  10. Also size say nothing about the worth of a territory sometimes its just unusable rock or desert while other times you have a diamond or gold mine together with a large city and fertile land.
  11. 1) What is the common belief that happen after the dead? (Nearly all of our earthly belief talk about some way of continue like rebirth or continue at a other plane of existence)
  12. 1. Did Schohanwicht, the wizard, personally (help) found the school of the same name, or was it merely named after him? 2. Is it known whether the above had any recognized children, adopted or otherwise? 3. are there some public known Gate Mages that can still live a "normal" live beside Mjolnier (or how he is called)? 4. How many mage can and actual want to live a normal live like a normal human without magic? 5. Can we get the direct edit mode again? The Visual mode is complete broken for me when I use quote and /quote
  13. 3. are there some public known Gate Mages that can still live a "normal" live beside Mjolnier (or how he is called)?
  14. Then I'm really curious how they manage to get the magic for Battle Mace so cheap that they even can sell it as toys for children as each figure must have magic on them that hold for years that can't be much less complicated then simple animation magic that hold for years.
  15. Are stupid animated dead still to expensive in creation for factories when just revision is used and resulting from this the "worker" only can be used for some years?
  16. Natural there must be new adventures or side entries to existing ones as you could start a complete new character as well in year 2.
  17. 1) The combination of Revision and Artifices should be able to create stupid golem/ animate dead that can repeat the same action over and over, or? 2) Are there factories that use such stupid golems / animated dead for their production to reduce the cost even below what a wage slave would cost?
  18. 0) There is no right or wrong way to play Academagia as long you enjoy it! 1) We know next to nothing about year 2 that why no one can tell you what way of play is the "best". Also the best way of play always depend in what you want to reach! I.e. if you want many free time best not take the Secret Background and not stand out to much (i.e. don't be the best in the exam, join any club or become the Professor / Regent favorit). 2) As mentioned before we know next to nothing about year 2 but I think in the initial release there will be at last the main adventure, familiar adventure and student adventure. 3) It was told the lore we get in year 1 trough skills and research will help us in year 2 4) I suspect they will become a continue in year 2 but maybe not in the initial release,
  19. @Freespace I was already told that for some of my adventures the team took the liberty to write their own continue, that why I suspect that for something so central like a familiar will for sure have a team written follow up in year 2.
  20. Despite the Legate said that Morgana are not up to vote they put one into a interview on request of us voter even with it not got the majority of the votes.
  21. Will the year 2 adjustment of the year 1 exam also check if the player or NPC had used equipment that boosted the score like a History book that give both study and a SS increase?
  22. Is Stress Bonus also helping with the fixed X% chance effects? (like Run a Potentially Crippling Training Route or Academagia Public Practice Room) Ohh and have I already complained that sometimes the random seem to hate me and a 1 in 10 chance not even come up in 30+ try?
  23. Half a year later and still noting new on this integration. I had 3 games at Desura that I couldn't port to a other store and because they where early access just back up the install wouldn't help also, by now I best think them to be lost.
  24. Acording to a RPS News have Bad Juju Games, the owner of Desura, filed for bankruptcy. So if you have no backups of your games there best try now to get them.
  25. Could you tell me for what class my char have to visit the Forge? Some how I can't imagine any of his class, that are Arithmetic, Calligraphy, Dialectic, Geometry, Grammar and History, will have a homework where the char have to visit the forge. (Yes you see correct no real magic pillar) Its always funny what the Re assume the char to do even if it something that probably never would happen because the char have no reason to visit this location.