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  1. We from Durand are the 1%
  2. Wow and here I thought bumping my attributes to 10 once was excessive, granted it seemed to cause problems with some calculations so I never go beyond 4 and really only put Insight and Finesse at that, the others stay at 2 or 3.
  3. Yeah, I was checking mine wondering if the response had dropped there and nothing. But at least it's taken care of, especially for those who aren't here.
  4. It's cool, looks like I just got my response email. Thanks guys and sorry for the problems.
  5. Same, if I don't hear back I'll just pick up another copy eventually, just kind of bites as I'm between jobs.
  6. The OVA was kickstarted a couple years ago and was really good, now they're doing a full series. It should be fun.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone.
  8. . . . Ok, guess I'll keep coming back every few days and checking if things are out yet or not.
  9. Legate, I'm not sure if there are any rules against cross-promotion but I see other studios advertise their stuff on their own news tickers for their other games all the time. So if you write up a notice that says Academagia is on Greenlight for Scheherazade's news board it might help get numbers faster. Also, while I know it doesn't help anyone, I got to say that I'm lucky I haven't uninstalled Academagia since I bought it off Impulse years ago considering the problems people are having with it. Edit: Also my superstition tells me I should wait a bit before starting to post Miyako in reference to Y2.
  10. Well, I've voted and commented. I'm sure everything will work out fine in the end.
  11. Hmm.... Still waiting.
  12. 2/2/2020 would be great.
  13. Great video guys, hopefully the greenlight goes well. Once it's up I'll make sure to vote for it.
  14. Woah, so things are happening? Good, congrats guys. -J-
  15. Well Legate, like the Count advised Maximilian, I continue to wait and hope. -J-
  16. I'm still trying to figure stuff out in this game and have been playing off and on for years. As for colleges I'd probably have to go Durand, it was the college of my first character and most of them ever since. I don't know why, but it's kinda stuck with me and I like the my college-mates. Edit: Also I want a faux-dragon -J-
  17. Awesome, you're doing great work man. Hell, you even got me interested enough to start a new game to see how this works so I'd say that is a good thing. -J-
  18. Nope, nevermind. Just double checked and realized I'd clicked the wrong damned tab before putting numbers in. I was filling in Grammar as opposed to Glamour. Sorry. -J-
  19. FYI Free, Zorzi Galea is not listed as being in Glamour class. Still going working through midterms, but so far that is the only discrepancy I've seen. -J-
  20. Ha! Like I said, initial knee-jerk reaction. Besides, if the game has half the writing quality and attention to detail that Academagia does, it will by far be worth my money. -J-
  21. Geez, I spend this last week away from Skyrim on a major Academagia binge averaging somewhere around 12 hours of sleep over the whole week and I come on to see if there is a new patch yet and find this. o_o My initial knee-jerk response is much like Nyaa & Fortis' with a lot more WHAR SHADING! But after looking at the main site for the game, I can tell it (shading) is much more subtle and actually works with the style when viewed at HD levels compared to thumbnails or embedded video. Now as to how the art fits the time period, not sure, but I can get over it pretty quick. Especially with the video's previews of the UI doing things I was initially expecting out of Academagia. I suppose I'll have to pick this up in a couple of weeks after I get paid and get home from Con. Nice to see something new from you guys and here's hoping for good things with Y2. Good luck. -J-
  22. Name: Silus Cain College: Durand Courses: Astrology, Athletics, Botany, Dialectics, Incantation, Negation Fitness: 2 Finesse: 1 Charm: 2 Strength: 1 Intelligence: 2 Insight: 3 Luck: 1 Background: Omen: Islandquake History: Descended of Traitors Family: Helpful & Attentive Family: A Secret Heritage Prodigy: Negation Apprenticeship: Local Wizard Familiar: Exotic Inheritance: Mysterious Package Friendships: Actually, Bitter Hatred (Malthezar Mhadi) Familiar Escapade: Facing down the Bully Items: Purple Chip from Celcius' Maze Hello Father & Mother, I am writing to inform you that Oroborous and I have arrived relatively safely. We've received the usual accompaniment of stares and dark looks from people who refuse to judge someone on their own merits. Sins of the fathers I suppose, worse though is the slight problem I may have with one other student. I met a young Alesfan boy on the way, we got along well at first, our interests initially seemed similar and he even has a snake that Oroborous got to know for a short time. Unfortunately he turned out to be much like Kryos (tell old man Refelan that I apologize but it needed to be done), and our trip ended up being one disastrous argument after another. But it's not all bad here I suppose, with the exception of a couple, everyone here in Durand seems to be pretty accepting of me and our headmistress seems to be hell bent on making that universal. Today was an interesting day, I've managed to get settled into my room and had some free time to represent our college in the collegiate testing. I'm going to try my hardest to prove at least to those judgmental folks in my own college that no matter what they may have heard Silus Cain is dedicated to where he's at and what he's doing. When I was done with lunch I worked in the fields for a few hours to get some extra pims and get a good lay of the surrounding lands before I met up with my mentor. I have to say, I'm surprised that she took the job but she seemed earnest and was very nice. Now I have to tell you beforehand, I'm ok right now and no worse for the wear. But on my way back to my dorm, myself and a group of others were attacked by a black devil chicken. It was attacking one of the teachers when I came across the commotion so I cast a net over it, unfortunately the thing pecked its way out then charged me. I have some scratches but the nurse assures me that things will heal within a couple of days. Hopefully today isn't an indicator of how the rest of the year will continue and things will be nice and quiet. My love, Silus PS. Tell Grandfather thank you for the coin from his collection and that I will get a detailed report on any properties I it may have in my next letter. -J-
  23. Yeah, it looks like I'm still getting the proper amount of bumps when there is more than one necessary. I guess I'll just sad panda and sigh wistfully for the days before content patches and balance fixes. Seriously, so long as everything is working as intended I will be happy. -J-
  24. I just started a new character (running 3a), and I've been paying close attention to my skill gains this time around. I'm not sure if it was doing it earlier or not, but the Library of the Mantle of the Stars states when I use it that a certain skill has gained two steps. Currently with all my astrology skills a 1 step bump would put me at the next level of that particular skill. The Library instead of bumping two levels is bumping one and I haven't gotten to the point where two steps are necessary for the next level (I'll keep watching and edit this later). Now what I'm wondering is, if this is working as intended? -J-
  25. I've just been having that dialog sequence dump me straight to the calendar after chosing "read the letter" then I get the splash of "your familiar settles down near the windowsill and you open the letter." Basically after that point I can't even start reading the letter chain as it thinks for a moment then just gives me the calendar for the day. -J-