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  1. I'm being serious. I genuinely would like to know why wanting to be an omni-disciplinarian is considered a bad thing to be avoided in setting. Failing that, I'd like to ask you about the Y2 class list. If you can't tell it to us yet, I think the Team could at least tell us when. I'm not looking for a date even, just a "Oh, when we reach this point, we'll do it" comment. Isn't the class list finalized yet? I'm asking these questions again because I'm hoping for a new detail on these things. I've been good. Mostly. I haven't pestered you every day on this, despite my constant urging to do so. I just don't understand why you are keeping sooooo much secret, expecially since we've been waiting for so long. If nothing else, with a straight face, can you at least say that the team has a plan to make the wait for Y3 more bearable than Y2 has been?
  2. which means there's a chance that there would be? Why is learning as a generalist considered dangerous?
  3. 1. In the past, was Mastery used in a lethal capacity? Did people use it to force folks to have heart attacks and things of that nature? If so, was that common enough to suspect foul play if somebody died in a similar fashion? 2. Are there any famous Mastery mages from the past Beside Kazus that are well known even despite the active suppression of history? Kind of like how Schohanwicht was noted as being a known name despite everything? 3. Are vampires noted as being capable to eat real food, (even if they don't get any benefit from it apart from enjoyment) or are they limited solely to blood in this setting? (Would they vomit it up if they tried?) 4. Would it be easier to Incant an object exactly the way you want it? (with every detail) or just to Incant the basic object and Revise all the details into it? (assuming you had the skills for both) 5. Theoretically, if the Incant+Revision option above was more desirable for any reason, would it be possible to combine the two spells into one? And if so how would this be different (Phemetically speaking :) ) from a pure Incantation approach. 6. If a way of combining Incant+Revision in the manner question 5 proposes was found, even if it turned out more complex than a pure incantation (or even pure Revision) route, would that be desirable for overall powerful mages who were somewhat lacking in both of those pillars due to the relative simplicity of the phemes needed to cast the combined spell? Am I making sense here? 7. As I'm not in Avila, and didn't take any Astrology classes in Y1, (and might not in Y2, depending) What would Professor Badcrumble do if I hunted her down and asked a question about one of the more technical aspects of a Y2 Astrology skill in Y2? Would she be at least a little bit curious about this? Even if she knew that I was aiming for being an omni-disciplinarian thanks to all the professor's legendary gossip skills wouldn't that still be unusual enough for her to pause a bit? 8. Would the kind of question question 7 proposes be considered to be learning magic too advanced for you, since you haven't taken any classes on the subject and it isn't at all your expected 'specialization'? Or if you could prove that you indeed knew the Y1 material cold and the Y2 material decently they wouldn't care? 9. Does the expectations that professor Aventyrare won't last at the Academagia lie in the idea that she's going to get fired for her "flashyness" Or is it that they expect her more to lose her enthusiasm in the conservative atmosphere of the school and quit? A little bit of both? 10. I already know it's going to be damn near impossible to pull this off just based on how hard it is to do in Y1, and the hints about how Y2 is going to function, *BUT* if a person could hypothetically learn all of the legal magical related skills in Y2 to their unextended soft skill caps, would that student then become a subject beyond merely keeping an eye on?
  4. So long as the professors don't notice it, you can get away with just about anything. *hint^ It cant' be bulky or make noise, so some light leather seems the most appropriate without some extreme costs involved..
  5. Hell if I know. That's why I read the modbase, you have just about the whole game at your fingertips. As a side note, Legate, does the search function work better on the Y2 modtools? The Y1 search kind of sucks, requiring an exact match, which is kind of pointless if you don't know the exact name of the lore you're looking for.
  6. I broke out the modtools again. Given how old our version is, I have absolutely no idea if this has been addressed or not but... Lore: Overheard from Flore Yveuillet "No, you see I'm looking for a certain boy with in bed with a rat. He's tall and gangly and shadowy, like any rodent. Have you seen him? This rodent is quite the schemer, and you know what they say happens when man and rodent scheme..."
  7. 1. If you felt that there might be a Mastery ring on campus and that some of the faculty might be involved and so couldn't trust them, who could you turn to? 2. Given that family-arranged marriages do happen in setting, I was wondering if there was a case where two betrothed children wound up going to the Academagia at the same time, and how the school would handle this circumstance. 3. While Dragons do not use Astrology, have they been known to counter it expertly if it was used against them? 4. While the histories on many things have been supressed, Would you say that Stryker, Morgana, and Diavesque are known of in history, even if there's little known about them? 5. What are some of the most popular stories that Professor Viada tells in history class? 6. How much of Professor Knoht's history does she herself know? Did the magic used on her erase her childhood memories and such too? Or was it indiscriminate and random? 7. Do Phillipe's older brothers ever hang out with him? Or do they even care about him at all aside from making sure he follows their example? 8. It's been stated on more than a few occasions that even halfway through Y1, most of our characters have learned enough magic to earn some kind of living, This is primarily a statement of how rare and useful any magic is under normal circumstances, right? Would I be correct in assuming that even a below average mage who graduated from the Academagia would find a pretty good job somewhere so long as it wasn't in a place where there were lots of mages to pick from? 9. This is a difficult question to frame, but...Will Y2 or the save converter have the ability to determine what pillar of magic our characters are most suited to learning? Realistically, wouldn't the Academagia do that sort of thing before the students arrive? Or is talent with a pillar something that needs a year to prove? 10. While we naturally get to pick our own classes because we're playing a game.. In setting, do the parents of students pick out classes or even the college before the year starts? I know that there are other criteria for joining a college but since we know that at least Vernin does head-hunting for students, it would seem to me that a lot of these things would be decided long before the year started. 11. Can you tell us anything about the Prophecies written on the Wall? At least things that are fairly common knowledge? For instance, which ones are the most famous ones? Are Astrologers really known to loose their marbles studying them? 12. While no Dragons have made it past the Wall in a long time, the Keystone adventure implies that a single one might occasionally try to land on it from time to time. Can you tell us when was the last time one tried this? 13. What is Schohanwicht's policy on Familiars? Specifically Pamela. How well would she react to this? (even though there really isn't much said on this in game, there ought to be.)
  8. Actually, if you finish Basia's adventure, everyone's scores but Basia's (and maybe the player's, depending on choices made) should go down. isadorbg, are you implying that Y2 may not get released!?
  9. Hmm. I wonder if the legate not being around to answer questions as often is a sign that Y2 is in a testing phase... I suppose that as we have only seen our First Year classmates in action, we really can't say much about the Colleges as a whole. I hope, Legate, that when Y2 does get released, you'll get the Team to release one of their discussions as a reaction to our musings on the forums. I know that you've said that we've influenced the writing of Y2 at least a little. I'd love to see a situation where perhaps we take a discussion in a way the Team hadn't considered and said "sure, why not?"
  10. Legate, 1. Can (intelligent) undead use Astrology magic? 2. Can you tell us of some buildings in the Academagia or in Mineta that give off the vibe of Draconic influence? Can you tell us a little bit about how the dragons preferred using architecture?
  11. Typical Vernin. You think you're all that, but if you were, you wouldn't need a massive cash influx to fix all those broken towers. Must have been the contruction methods used. Too much ego in the mix.
  12. I think as far as sterotypes go, I think this sums it up. Aranaz students are over-the-top in doing things. Exactly what depends on the student but damn if they aren't 150% on that thing they do. Stepping on everyone's toes in the process. Durand students are goody two-shoes, always looking to help others, or do something to benefit lots of people directly or indirectly. Hedi students seem to enjoy long winded conversations before getting to the point.. Or at least are extremely capable of tolerating them. Morvidus is extremely chaotic and filled with animals. Probably a bit unclean too. (Not evil at all, except for the bullies, and even they have their reasons.) Vernin is filled with spoiled rich kids and folks trying to compensate for... um... Something with their tall towers. Godina students are happy-go-lucky. No cares or planning needed. Let's just play sports and music, and occasionally blast some fool with lightning when it's needed.. Avila is the girly school where people learn to be sissies and learn 'soft' magic.
  13. For 1, not in Y1. The Legate already said that a level of 10-11 is within the ability of self study. Most of your skill beyond that is through magic items so again not that interesting. If we get them all, we'll be 'watched with interest' though I doubt anything will come with that... Apart from if you get caught with Gates or Mastery knowledge... for 2, we've already been told that we need to take a competency test, which may or may not be an exam on the classes prerequisites, although we've also been told that there will be a limit to this, sadly.
  14. A lot of Y1 spells and abilities are going to be less useful in Y2 simply because the higher abilities of the students means higher chances that they can negate them or otherwise render them useless. That's not to say that they can't be used, but you'll need to be strategic about them, maybe requiring spells to take down the target's defenses first. The Legate's said that the game mechanics are already planned all the way to Y5. That part is relatively easy compared to the programming and everything else. Now I just wish we could see the fruits of that labor...
  15. Not only is Enchant missing, (although you still have time) I consider an omni run to have Enspell on top of the pillars. You might also consider sync too, but that's too grey and legal for someone learning the real Mastery, imo. Honestly, I'm amazed you're doing a run like this with Gates & Mastery (even with schohanwicht's help it would be a doozy) but I'll have to ask you how your adventures are done towards the end of this run. Running up your stats to the extreme are no good if you haven't done at least some adventures. Not that I think you'd ignore them outright but on my run I certainly didn't do as many adventures that I wanted to.