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  1. *Hint* I looked it up. it's Hold alt, and press 1 5 3, on the number pad. ™ See? It's almost like remembering the phemes to a spell!
  2. How Close? Close™ Close? Or is it more like Close but almost Close? Somewhere inbetween?
  3. I recall it being said that there are no "holes" in the Y1 material for either Mastery or Gates. Is this because this level of magic is considered to be fairly self intuitive? I know you don't want to spoil on this sort of thing, but would the existence of holes in the material imply that it is impossible to learn the material by self study and intuition? Can you tell us if there are any such holes in the material of other advanced magic, as it is understood presently in setting?
  4. For 6 it was pretty much just asked a few pages ago. Polisena Briardi has her NO! face on. The Minetan Guard won't drag you away if you're wearing fey-touched jewelry, or tossing exotic glamours around. But fey magic tends to attract the attention of the Courts, and everyone understands that that often doesn't end well. Which, again, brings us back to Professor Briardi being terribly concerned.
  5. I was asking If I had the right number, mostly, that's a lot of portraits!
  6. Can you tell us: 1. If the Class list for Y2 is finalized yet? It would be an amazing Christmas gift... *hint* *hint* 2. How many tracks are in Y2's soundtrack, and how many of those are returning from Y1? (You don't have to say which, just how many) 3. With the ability to change College, does this mean that there are 7 permutations of each player character portrait to account for different uniforms? 2 male and 2 female per college means means 4 x7= 28 photos in Y1, which means a fairly alarming 196 different portraits in y2, not including any for new transfer player characters? 4. For those who want to start a new game in Y2 without loading a save, how many premade characters are the Team planning on creating? And a bonus question 5. Has a student ever Pretended to be a professor and successfully taught a class full of underclassmen for some time? If so, what is the longest that they ever got away with it? And what happened afterward? Edit PS, I just Found this piece and it just screamed "Academagia" to me. If the Y2 list is already final this one should definitely find it's way into Y3!
  7. Hmm. Thanks to the Team. And thanks to our Legate for asking. Can you ask them this follow up question/paragraph, pretty please? I don't think that they fully understood the question regarding the context because they don't hang out here. "Regarding my question about Orso, I was referring to my omni-disciplinarian desire to blend magic from all the pillars. Learning Spells like "Corner Sight" for example, which are fairly rare and I doubt many books in the library would have. Our Legate on the forums has told us that there is still a lot to be discovered regarding cross-pillar magic. My character has more or less mastered all the Y1 knowledge. I suppose that in itself isn't very impressive to Orso, but given that I'm talking about an unusual magical application, in a school where people usually specialize in a single Pillar, and about which I have been told that Professor Briardi would actively seek to thwart me on, I would have thought that he might have taken at least a passing interest to point me to the correct library, and not the school's which is closed for students during the summer, right?
  8. Legate; 1. What is the Academagia's policy on students trying to learn Fey magic? 2. Have students ever received summons to a gathering of either a dark or light court of faeries? If one did receive such an "invite", what is the recommended course of action? 3. Are Master Illusionists capable of making illusions that can fool even the fabric of reality? In theory, could you use such an ability to, say, bring the dead back to life? 4. Are there any good ways to tell whether a dream might be prophetic or not? At least things that Piaxenza might be testing out in his own dream observations? 5. How does the Academagia handle sleepwalking students? Especially those who have a tendency to cast spells in their sleep? 6. Are there any creatures known, that a dragon might give a moment's hesitation about fighting? even if only a split second? 7. How common and useful is magically fortifying real foods with extra nutrition? 8. How common is smoking in setting? I recall Orsi conjuring up a pipe with something called Dragonroot, I think? Can you tell us about that, and why it might be used over tobacco? Is tobacco known? 9. What safeguards are in place to prevent the regent from a particular college from showering their students with merit to win the races? Has such a merit race happened between colleges before? 10. I imagine Orso is far too busy to even consider helping me with my learning to be an omni-disciplinarian, even assuming he was inclined to want to help me. That said, if I could hunt him down at the end of Y1, (when Briardi wasn't looking, hehee) Would he consider giving advice for how to spend the summer? (And it wouldm't be, "This is where Polysena lives, Don't practice near there."?) 11. Exactly why is it so shocking that Professor Briardi used to date someone? Is she the perennially professionally single type? She does seem a bit too rigid at times... 12. About how long could an End of Y1 Enchanting student set up a long-term enchantment for? 13. Of all the students in Y1, not counting the player, who would you say has the most intelligent Familiar? 14. How many mages have a decent Enspell skill? It's been said that many wait until they're older before bothering with it. Can you give an example the professors might give as to why you want to Train that skill as early as possible? Exactly where does the Phemes subskill fit in compared to the main Pillars of magic? 15, Has the Venalicium ever had a fire before? If so, what happened?
  9. You'd think with the way the questions were numbered he'd have seen that. Silly Legate.
  10. 4. Will Y2 allow us the freedom to, say, choose that our character's family is closely related to other characters (Say you're a cousin or something) or at least is politically in sync with their families? Or is the player's family mostly going to be a separate thing from that? 5. As far as the Related to Traitors background is concerned, I'd like to ask if my player character's name is the same as the person who committed the crime, whatever it was? Or if the family changed the name in the time since it happened? 6. Can you tell us a little bit about College Vernin's pile of discarded enchanted artifacts? Is there a reason that they are all discarded in one spot? And how Dangerous is it to go looking for buried treasure in it? 7. What is the largest Magical Gate that was ever (known to be) created and why was it done? 8. Does Lambert Cobo ever bother with disguises when sneaking about places where he shouldn't be? Or is he strictly a stealth-first person? 9. Since the Emperor's throne is vacant, How is the Position of Captain of Mineta filled in his absence? 10. Regarding the Special Diploma that the Academagia used to give out for those students who could best all the Regents of the Colleges, I understand that that sort of thing is not practiced now, but I would like to ask if it would be possible for a very exceptional student to ask the Regents and Legate for a challenge in that vein in the closing days of Y5? Especially if the player is graduating anyway and wants to leave school with a bang, rather than leave school early as was the original intent behind the event. Humorously, on a side note, would an Aranaz student who declared that as their Final Project be taken seriously? (whether or not it would be accepted as a valid project per the school's rules has nothing to do with the rule of drama, haha)
  11. .1. Are concepts like Sanctuary for fugitives practiced in certain religious institutions? 2. While I suspect the team is unwilling to comment on the specific magic that Briardi used while floating the flooded river over Mineta in stormy dreams, I would like to ask about how possible it is to overstrain yourself while using magic? And what are some of the most common things that can happen if you actually faint from casting powerful ones.
  12. It continues to amaze me how much thought went into the lores. I love you guys. So the Captain brought in Orso, eh? This implies that Orso became Legate *after* Von Rupprecht deposed Strom, whereas VR's description implies the other way around. Can/will you confirm one way or the other? And we learned a little bit about the Chard family as well. Very interesting. Does this magical glass house housing a former legate still exist, even if it's occupants may not? And just to ask, can that sort of swapping awareness be done without Mastery? Bcause it sure seems like that would be the way to do that, unless there's something special about the Familiar bond to allow that?
  13. Legate, While there are probably lots of candidates for the best Legate of the Academagia, (and probably a little bit of bias exists, ha!) Who would be considered as some of the worst Legates in the Academagia's history and why did they get the notoriety?
  14. Oh, so the Team was being a major Tease with that, huh? That's pretty dirty!
  15. How does one acquire the Spellbreaker Steam badge, and what can you tell us about the Library of Matilda? (Just found the card page because I randomly got one)