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  1. 5. Regarding Pievre's All magic Academy, Has any of the Academagia's faculty visited it, and if so what was their opinions on it?
  2. What kind of professor was Von Rupprecht before he became regent?
  3. Yeesh, if you had a 10 that would lower to a 3, you know?
  4. Gonna have to remember to write lots of letters. Honestly though it probably shouldn't drop all the way to 0. Maybe 1 or -1 would be ideal to represent that the PC isn't completely forgotten and a little bias remains. Unless it was already at 1 or something.
  5. Bwahaha! That ought to keep me satisfied for another month! Also slightly worrying at the same time, lol.
  6. Can you give an overall percentage? You've been giving progress updates on VB for a while. Can you at least say what still needs to be done? You've said that Y2 looks better than Y1 did on release. You've said that the writing is done. (It's had to have been edited for some time now, also...) You've only said that the UI still needed work, but from what we've seen of DLC17, I can't see anything being left SAVE for minor tweaks and editing, and some Beta bugfixing, but that's another matter. Considering the original plan for Y2 was supposed to be a release a year or so after Y1 hit, It has been hard waiting with no news incoming. Can you at least tell us a few funny anecdotes about the delay in development.. PLEASE!?
  7. Legate; 1. While Temporary revisions can be made to make one thinner or fatter, what kind of magic exists to help lose or gain weight permanently as needed? 2. If a person was petrified, smashed into several pieces, revised back into a whole, and then de-stoned, would the person survive? 3. Since there are examples of Mastery magic lingering in people long after it had been cast, I'm curious if Mastery has any permanence? Or is it merely that damage done by the magic can't be healed easily? Were there cases of students accidentally putting themselves into comas back when it was legal to use it?
  8. Exactly. Think of him as a high class salesman. He's capable of projecting the image of Vernin that parents and alumni want to see, which translates to pims for the college.
  9. Agreed. Days should be more like that. Not exactly like that every day, but... Closer than it is presently.
  10. No, he didn't buy the position. Not directly anyway. I doubt just anyone could do the job. He got it because Vernin is hurting financially and they decided that putting up with a non-enchanter for a few years is tolerable if he can help bring balance back into the ledger.
  11. Speaking of mastery of a pillar, I am curious about Euneycia. We know she is a powerful Gates user, and also has been referred to with the title of 'Mother' which is 100% guaranteed tied to powerful Gates users. But she has been described as having 'all the smarts of the professors at the Academagia combined' albeit more as a suspicion the player character makes. I can't help but wonder what she would know of the other pillars, especially Revision. But as for the Academy's professors, I'd agree that Aventyrare is likely a powerful Revisionist. The only thing that has been said against her is that she likes flashy magic too much, and this implies that she knows more than that which is required to do the job. Her personality traits go against the grain of the conservative atmosphere expected of staff at the academy. It didn't say she's incompetent. Knoht knows enough of several pillars to be a substitute. She's been said only to know enough to answer questions, but not enough to sound authoritative, but then I wonder how badly her amnesia negatively influences her ability. It could be that her knowledge isn't all that it once was, and so I am very interested in that, as well. And personally, I am curious about Professor Badcrumble. As regent, she knows her stuff, obviously, but her focus on decorum and tradition leads me to wonder if she was a political appointment and that there aren't any more powerful Astrologers in Avila.
  12. It's absolutely possible to master 2 pillars of Magic. I would say it's neither common nor uncommon to master 2 pillars. It's even possible to master even more, but the odds of getting all that learning done in the 5 year education of the Academagia is unlikely. I intend prove that it is possible to master ALL the pillars of magic, including Gates and Mastery! Because I believe that even the banned magic has wonderful potential if one does not abuse it.
  13. because they somehow fear upsetting us if they cut one at the last second. Never mind upsetting us for keeping us on pins and needles for years, lol.
  14. Yes. The fractures are old, but they're starting to grow exponentially!
  15. And the Legate was insinuating that it wouldn't be very hard to complete the converter because Y1 is already capable of reading virtually all saves, so the work required to put it out would be minimal. I can understand why the save converter would be the last thing to be completed. Since until Y1 and Y2 is DONE ™, the saves may not be final, so it makes sense to leave it for last. It's just that we've been waiting 6 years, the wait is starting to form stress cracks in my psyche!