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  1. When I say Cyve, I mean the surface world and the floating islands. What is the proper terminology?
  2. 1. Are historians employed by states or lineages, in a way akin to Chinese official histories, or are they mostly private scholars and researchers? 2. Are there issues in the history of Cyve that are extremely politicized and controversial? 3. Will Y2 and future years involve gaining a better understanding of true history, akin to the Dance of Fools Adventure? 4. are historians generally aware of and free to discuss major gaps in the historical record or knowledge? 5. Is the law in Elumia codified, or is it based on precedent/common law or a combination? 6. are trials adversarial or inquisitorial? 7. Are there trials by ordeal, trials by jury, or trials by compurgation? 8. Is oath-helping or truth-detecting/anti-lying magic accepted in trials? 9. Could a Y1 student face an adult punishment in a court? what about a person of that age?
  3. I understand that in order to have the Love Emotion, the PC needs a relationship with a fellow student of opposite sex/gender of 13. How can this be achieved? So far, it seems that even those students with adjusted relationship maximums have a cap of 12.
  4. Is there then some great taboo surrounding the elevation of a lineage's titles?
  5. Why are baronies and counties and duchies of inconsistent size? Some baronies, for example, are very large, and some duchies are very small. were they more rationally sized relative to each other during the time of the Emperors, or are all territories ranked in power according to something other than land area?
  6. Legate: That seems like a wonderful compromise. Basically, I was worried about being locked out from very interesting characters due to socially constrained Y1 play styles.
  7. I have a question about relationships. I understand that the student adventures have sequels in Y2. But will there be other opportunities to befriend students and engage in adventures with them during Y2? Will these adventures be the Y2 sequel adventures, or other adventures or even, in certain cases, Y1 adventures?
  8. That would be useful. For example, I can never remember what ethnicities my characters are.
  9. In fairness, reincarnation can be said to happen as many different species, so why not different sexes/genders? This leads me to 3 questions: 1. How common is belief in reincarnation/rebirth/metempsychosis? 2. Is there much magic that studies or deals with or tries to control souls? Mastery deals with the mind, but, for example, is there magic that attempts to bind souls to given locations as ghosts or revenants? 3. There are real life movements that urge people to abstain from natural things (such as meat or alcohol) for moral reasons. Is there any similar movement in Elumina claiming that only those who do not use magic can achieve heights of morality?
  10. Legate: 1. Are there any religious or philosophical movements that discourage the use of magic as unnatural or Draconic? 2. When do you think that you might have news? 3. Can astrology be useful in other universes that are accessed by gates magic? That is, can a competent astrologer apply the suite of astrological knowledge to gain benefit in another universe? has any done this? 4. How common is the imbuing of armour with negation magic to protect wearers against magic? or can only enchantment do this?
  11. Then does any one use such golems for real work, or are they a merely theoretical concept or amusement?
  12. Legate: Will there be any new adventures starting in Y2?
  13. A strange question for me to ask after almost 7 years of playing this game off and on, getting better all the while. But these are my general strategies: I focus primarily upon study-level raising, then upon raising skill levels in my PC's subjects, then in Research/Revision (or both; in any case, this is not difficult, since all of my PCs use and have access to the Venalicium, the Library of Stars, and the Library of Mantale), and then a few other skills that are appropriate for my character. This leaves me with little time to do many adventures or build up a clique; I consider my game to be very full if I can complete more than 8 adventures: The Main Adventure, a class-mate's adventure, Scenes from Dialectic Class, Oan's Adventure, The Thing about the Venalicium Library, the Edge of Nowhere, and A Day in Mineta are the core adventures that I finish. I really enjoy the adventures, so I have some questions: 1. Will this type of playstyle pay dividends in Y2 in so far as it will allow for greater competence in subjects and accordingly more time for adventuring? 2. Will the class mates' adventures have sequels in Y2? if any will not, which ones (so that I can avoid them)? 3. Will building up a research level to 10 in Y1 have benefits in Y2? 4. Will the Southside Pitts Gang (if that be the correct gang name) have a roll in Y2? I find the adventures with that gang to be interesting, and criminal gangs can spawn so many stories. Finally, if you think that I am not playing the game correctly, please feel free to tell me.
  14. Freespace: That is all right. I rarely bother with familiar training, etc., when there are so many other things to do in the game. I actually like Mr. Pebbles, though, as a character, on those few occasions when my characters interact with him.
  15. I take it that it was a deliberate choice on your part to ignore my speculation/thoughts about Prudence; that is fine Will there be further ways to try to deal with Mr. Pebbles in Y2? and will there be possible ways for gates mages to create or summon or have another gates mage make or summon a better familiar? Finally, how common is it for mages to use the Exchange Familiars action?