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  1. 13. Would astrology be the easiest magical way to identify a person/distinguish an imposter from the real person? I assume that the imposter is not using glamour magic, just making claims that cannot be easily disproven.
  2. Fair enough, but even so, there must be some professors who would be more eager to passively prevent students from knowing about their lives that others.
  3. I just realized that my proposed fix for a typo created another typo. So I write another version: The Layman Biologist The layman biologist…From you dear sir…The many gave Farmer Trent should be The Layman Biologist…From you, dear sir…The man gave Farmer Trent
  4. I find most research lores to be very boring, since they do not tell a coherent story, but just give snippets of in game information that is often disconnected from the setting, but the lores for researching Relaxation are one of the few that I enjoy, since they provide hilarious insight into the characters of Briardi, Orsi, Flore, and Prudence, all while telling a funny and interesting story about Orsi's rise to power. The Lore Level 10 bonus is not broken, either, and is useful (+1 Fitness) which is an added in-game bonus. Speaking of which, Question 11. Are there any professors who would actively discourage or even punish students for researching their pasts? Question 11. Are there any professors who would encourage or even reward students for researching their pasts aside from Massioti, whom I assume would love to be known as a champion archer and dagger thrower?
  5. @freespace2dotcom: The chain of lores uncovered by researching relaxation reveals that Orsi was a Verrnin student. And while negation would be useful for exposing impostures based upon glamour, I was thinking about impostures in which no magic were involved - say, a person claiming to be a long-lost heir to a fortune.
  6. Would astrology be the easiest magical way to identify a person/distinguish an imposter from the real person?
  7. @Schwarzbart: problematic in law or problematic to one's reputation? @Legate of Mineta: With aall the talk about an Oath of the Peach Garden type scene in a future Academagia game (may our waiting not be in vain), I was wondering: are peaches known in Mineta? Do they grow in Mineta?
  8. 1. Are any characters in Y1 from Valvili? what region/country on Earth does it correspond to? 2. Aliviera Battori is said to be apparently a former regent of Godina. Why would this be doubted? Are former regegents such obscure figures that people cannot be certain in Mineta whether a person was a regent? or does this only apply to Godina College? 3. How did the Journals of al-Ghadoor get to Mineta? were they seized on suspicion that al-Ghadoor was in the Empire of Man as a Draconic agent? Are the diaries not propaganda? They seem to confirm very neatly the idea that Oursoukis are agents of dragons. 4. Do the constant suspicions that Oursoukis are Draconic agents make it difficult for them to do business in Mineta? Would persons in Mineta (such as Academagia students) doing frequent business with them be tainted by this suspicion?
  9. Fair enough. I guess that the wiki is inaccurate.
  10. Thank you for the answer. Is Professor Pachait formally a member of Morvidus?
  11. Maybe. I am just quoting from the wiki.
  12. According to the wiki, there is a bug in training level 10 music related to its increase in the maximum level of the Music Appreciation skill. I have not tested this.
  13. Does Professor Pachait have his office near Regent Storey's office?
  14. A, right, the shopping interface. So difficult for me to use that my characters rarely buy anything. Any other UI improvements? I can only think of the Character Creation Screen, but that should undergo a complete shift in content for Y2, I would think.
  15. What would the UI improvements consist of? the Steam Release of Y1 really improved the UI substantially.