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  1. Typos: Spirit Summoning Scroll: This scroll the summoning and taming of certain relatively harmless spirits. should be This scroll discusses and teaches about the summoning and taming of certain relatively harmless spirits. Sedentary hese boys and girls are called studious should be these boys and girls are called studious
  2. @Legate of Mineta: I just reloaded my old game in which my character discovered the teaching crystals without the background or completing the adventure, and that character can use the crystals to learn about mastery! This is apparently a bug, but I don't see it that way - teaching crystals may teach all who find them.
  3. One of my characters has the Purple Academy of Thei Background and completed the associated quest, gaining access to the teaching crystals. But that character did not study at the crystals much, and has a mastery level of 3. Will this leave such a character at a disadvantage in Y2?
  4. @Schwarzbart: Thanks for the answer. I have another question, then. In one of my other games, my character discovered the Teaching Crystals without having the background or having completed the quest. Are there any Y2 consequences planned for just knowing about that location?
  5. 1. Did Megsin Ashwood face legal punishment? could she have? 2. Why is there a strong association between mastery magic and sleep-walking while using magic? Was that a prank that Kazus students were known to do? 3. Speaking of pranks, have records of gates/mastery related pranks at Academagia been censored? 4. Are there any theoreticians of magic who speculate about how the pillars of magic are fundamentally artificial constructs by mages, with all or most pillars being linked to others and derived from the same Magical Source? If so, are such speculations ever used to argue for or against expanding the ban on gates/mastery? 5. Were there any mastery mages who used their skill with that pillar to rapidly and easily gain knowledge in other pillars of magic? 6. What are the policies or reactions within Academagia towards non-fey who want to study fey magic?
  6. I understand that the Content patch was meant to be released in Autumn 2017. Is this still on track? and how soon into autumn? I ask because I have a few bugs/typos that I want to check out and write up, and I have been toying with the idea of submitting a random event. So if either of those ideas of mine be too late, I would like to know.
  7. My latest read-through of my adventure uncovered the following typo - I hope that it is not too late to fix it: Wandering with Beatrix von Wetgen 06: “Please do not let Louise suffer alone.”\ W& [found in all 4 variants of this ending, once per variant] should be WAND [found in all 4 variants of this ending, once per variant]
  8. @Legate of Mineta: My latest read-through of my adventure uncovered the following lore-based typo - I hope that it is not too late to fix it: Wandering with Beatrix von Wetgen 05B: Brute Strength failure the insistence of Regent Orsi that First Year students cannot date without punishment. should be the insistence of Legate Orsi that First Year students cannot date without punishment.
  9. 1. I take it that it would be a very bad insult to describe Catherine Chard as the offspring of mercenaries whom the Golden Families ingratiated themselves with. But do the Chards have to deal with such insults or rumours surrounding them? 2. Speaking of such rumours or insults, would a history written outside Mineta describe (and not affiliated with the Chard family) describe the Chards as the offspring of mercenaries whom the Golden Families ingratiated themselves with? What about a history written inside Mineta (not affiliated with the Chard family)?
  10. 1. Is it more difficult to engage in enchantments that involve negation magic? 2. Are there any who want to turn Avila into a college for those who want to go into the clergy or religious issues? 3. What would Regent Badcrumble's opinion be of turning Avila into a college for those who want to go into the clergy or religious issues? 4. Are clergy expected to be celibate? 5. When was slavery abolished in the Empire of Man? 6. It has been mentioned that some students are aristocrats but do not mention this to others. Is there any formal policy related to disclosure of aristocratic status to students? Could a professor get in trouble for revealing to the class that a student is aristocratic? 7. What is the law's approach to mages who discover spells and use them only to learn that the spells contain illegal phemes? 8. Similarly, is it legal for mages to keep a list of illegal phemes and their descriptions for avoiding using illegal phemes they may come upon during their research or detecting illegal phemes?
  11. @Legate of Mineta: I have discovered a major typo in my text, stage 06: Beatrix frowns, her face caught between caught between relief and annoyance should be Beatrix frowns, her face caught between relief and annoyance
  12. @Legate of Mineta: Three quick comments about my adventure: I hope they are all right. 1. The adventure is meant to be continuous. 2. I hope that I did not err in thinking that Miya would be someone who would drop hints (probably very exaggerated) that she is involved in criminal enterprises to fellow students such as Beatrix. 3. I hope that it is not too late to add something to the adventure "Wandering with Beatrix von Wetgen": a Memory called something along the lines of "Loyal to Beatrix" for characters who choose to stay with her to the end (with Eliana). This memory could be a trigger for further adventures in Y2 and beyond, including possibly one written by me.
  13. 1. Are these patron-client relationships linked at some level to lineages (so that the some of a client is expected to serve his father's patron, etc.)? 2. Are there any stories of mages using revision magic to turn into dragons during the wars against dragons? 3. By civil laws, do you mean civil lawsuits for such things as causing panic, or do you mean local criminal codes? 4. Related, how different are the criminal codes within the Empire of Man? Are extradition treaties and diplomatic immunity treaties known and used to avoid having citizens of one polity fall victim to laws of another polity? 5. Aside from using knowledge of Draconic anatomy to help with revising a target into a dragon (which I assume would be very complex magic beyond most mages), are there other reasons, practical and/or superstitious, why study of draconic and reptilian anatomy is so restricted?
  14. @Legate of Mineta:Thank you so much. Just so that you know, I on Sunday evening made a few very minor changes to stage 6 in response to Metis's feedback and my own thoughts: The option [PC has Memory Beatrix’s Secret] “Professor Pachait was not the only person who wanted a secret purchase from the imperial reserve.” [auto] had its second varient's description changed from [PC has Completed Adventure The House in the Bog] to [PC has not Completed Adventure The House in the Bog]. Also, the penalties for sticking with Beatrix until the end were changed from -2 Vitality, -2 Stress to -1 Vitality, -3 Stress.
  15. 1. Luck is the only in-game stat that cannot be easily tied to a real mental/physical trait aside from being lucky. In-universe, however, are there are magical techniques that are used to detect people's luck or thought to be able to detect people's luck? 2. Is there a distinct patron-client relationship system in Mineta (and perhaps the Empire of Man) akin to that in the Roman Empire? 3. Are there laws restricting the use of revision magic to turn a mage into dragon? 4. Would there be punishments and/or legal actions taken against students of Academagia who research the day-to-day operation of Icanix and Kazus College? what about professors? Would the reaction change depending upon the aspect of day-to-day operation (e.g., innocuous: how large the enrollment was; slightly suspcious: who were the great students and teachers of those colleges; suspicious: how did often were Kazus College's members accused of enslaving others, and how were such complaints dealt with)?
  16. "It" being my adventure? If so, thank you so much!
  17. I have finally completed my adventure. If it cannot be accepted into Y1 (and I would well expect that it cannot), feedback about how to change it into a Y2 adventure would be much appreciated (aside from the obvious, such as references to their being in Y1).
  18. New Game+ would be good enough for me.
  19. @Metis: Thank you for the useful feed-back. I really it when Academagia adventures take into account PC status by presenting other options, so I followed that in my last stage of the adventure. I take it that you know the connection between nobility and Beatrix and nobility and Knoht, so I figured that the adventure should reflect that.
  20. Any feedback on any portion of this adventure would be welcome. Requires Relationship > 5 with Beatrix von Wetgen, PC does not have Heritage: Staadan. Wandering with Beatrix von Wetgen 00 and 01
  21. @Legate of Mineta: I have edited the Relaxation 10 Research lore again. This is the final version from me. @Metis: I have written the final chapter of the adventure. It is more reactive than the other ones and so too much longer. Wandering with Beatrix von Wetgen 06
  22. @Legate of Mineta: Thank you for your acceptance of my writing. I editing the version that I posed in this thread (so this thread contains the updated version).
  23. The Non-Adventures of Young Orso Orsi (10)
  24. @Legate of Mineta: I have written the tenth lore. I have posted it in my thread in the writing forum. Feedback about the tenth lore would be much appreciated.
  25. Typo: Main Adventure Captain 02 who don’t give enough thought to who they talk to should be who don’t give enough thought to whom they talk to