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  1. Has any person ever been charged with the ecclesiastical crime of using astrology too much, or is it just a crime that is on the books but ever enforced? How much use of astrology would be too much to be legal?
  2. Has any person gotten in trouble with the religious authorities for being too reliant upon astrology? is such a crime even possible?
  3. 1. Is Professor Sido himself a noble? 2. Are there hobby or practical breeders of animals or plants for certain characteristics (for example, pigeons for meat or beauty, plants for yield or flowers)? 3. Can astrology be used to predict traits of the offspring of two people? I ask with the assumption that the parents' birthdays are known and their charts capable of being created, but the offspring would be a hypothetical. 4. How commonly used is astrology to plan or prohibit marriages or even friendships? 5. Can astrology be applied to animals?
  4. 1. Are not magical games rather rarer or more expensive than their magical counterparts (outside perhaps Mineta)? 2. Negation magic can be used to reduce gravity, allowing for levitation (and incantation magic can levitate with wind), but are there magical spells to increase gravity/exert pressure upon targets? Would those spells be incantation?
  5. Are there any plans related to a 2018 release of Y2? If not, could Black Chicken Studios at least release some screen shots from the new Y2? Or even a formal progress report about Y2? The screenshots need not be significant, and the progress report need not be long, but such releases, during 2018 or Late December, would at least reassure players of this game that it is being worked upon. See, as a contrast, the last few posts on the following steam thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/533480/discussions/0/135514507317416148/?ctp=7
  6. @Legate of Mineta: I am relieved that you are not saying that my proposal is impossible.
  7. 1. What does well-rounded mean in this context? not mastery of all legal pillars, but could it mean at least journeyman status in 1 or 2 in addition to mastery of one? 2. I could see how incantation could be used to change a person's sex. Incantation is all about creating. The cruder sort of incantation is fire, wind, lightning, etc, but possibly more advanced incantation could create flesh and organs, which could then be revised to stick to a person's body. Basically, might changing a sex involve both revision and incantation, with the incantation part being more advanced? And does revision merely alter matter, never create new matter?
  8. 1. Would that be easy enough that a 1st or 2nd year student at Academagia could do it? 2. How easy would it be for a mage to learn about new phemes or spells through watching another mage in casual (i.e., non-formal, non-instructive) magic use? 3. Can mastery mages suppress or cloud people's minds so that the people wouldn't notice their spell-casting? 4. What language is in use by most people in Thei? 5. Is it easy to learn negation magic to protect against mastery? what about to detect mastery?
  9. How easy would it be for a glamour mage to use glamour magic to conceal the fact that he/she is casting a spell?
  10. @dyrhet: I doubt that you will get an answer to that, any more than I will get an answer about why Prudence is studying Grammar and Arithmetic rather than Athletics and incantation (especially since Prudence seems skilled at incantation). But I am confident that Flore and Prudence's courses make sense for their characters, even though all details about those characters have not been released to the players.
  11. 1. Why would such study of plants be controversial? Would it be seen as less practical? Or is it the link between such plants and the effects of mastery? 2. What type of academic censure? Has any mage been so censured?
  12. 1. I take it that Durand the College focuses its botanical efforts more upon the agricultural rather than the medical or mind-altering properties of plants. Would this be correct? Also, would there be much controversy if someone were to suggest that that college should focus upon such esoteric/niche fields of botany? 2. Is there any limitation, either in law or policy, upon the poisonous plants that Durand is allowed to grow/experiment upon? 3. Would there be any ecclesiastical sanctions if a mage were to try to set him/her self up as a scholar of magic, equal to/greater than the dead authorities?
  13. Would this suggest that Tabin, with his knowledge of powerful mind-altering plants, has access to/knowledge of a very niche/rare field of knowledge?
  14. Reading the chatter on this forum, I have been seeing mention of a new modbase accompanying the next patch. I have the following questions? 1. What is a modbase for Academagia? 2. How may the modbase be purchased/downloaded? 3. Is a new modbase being developed for the latest content patch? 4. If so, is the development of the new modbase delaying the development/release of the latest content patch?
  15. 1. I ask about mind altering drugs for an Academagia Y2 story that I plan, so I wonder about non-alcohol mood-altering drugs. Is hemp/cannabis/marijuana known? Other, more magical plants? 2. Are there many mages who are also scholars of other fields, or is magic almost always considered its own field of study? Would such a scholar/mage be less skilled than a pure mage in magic, on average? 3. Is there anything equivalent to the Medieval ranking of sciences? if so, are Magic or Theology regarded as the Queen of Sciences? 4. Is there any tradition of being a scholar of magic? By that I mean a mage who sacrifices mastery of any pillar of magic in favour of speculation about, research into, and experimentation with magic (what might in game be represent by the Enspell Skill)?
  16. 2. So how would happiness-causing drugs be classified? as painkillers? 3. By practitioners, do you mean physicians? And another question: Within the Empire of Man, are almost all scholars (and professionals, such as physicians, lawyers, architects) also mages? I ask because Academagia trains students not only in magic, but also in scholarly disciplines. I know that mages are rare within the Empire of Man, but surely scholars are also rare, so I wonder if they are nearly overlapping.
  17. 1. Is opium used as medicine? as recreation? 2. Are drugs known, magical or natural in origin, that cause happiness? 3. Are mind altering and/or pain killing drugs viewed with suspicion because of their similarity to the effects of mastery? 4. Are drugs known, magical or natural in origin, that cause memory loss? 5. Is there or was there any debate in scholarly circles about which pillar of magic is best? are such debates prohibited/discouraged at Academagia?
  18. I understand that the Content patch was meant to be released in Autumn 2017. Is this still on track? and how soon into autumn? I ask because I have a few bugs/typos that I want to check out and write up, and I have been toying with the idea of submitting a random event. So if either of those ideas of mine be too late, I would like to know.
  19. @freespace2dotcom: I think that the controversy over Briardi may have something to do with her relationship with the Duke of Broken Pines: either a classist/misogynistic horror by parents that she would try to be the lover of a duke or maybe she and the Duke were involved in something more sensitive that she does not tell students but parents know about/suspect. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Speaking of Briardi's relationship with the Duke of Broken Pines, are the commoner lovers of nobility regarded as disgraced/socially ruined once the relationships end? 2. Would any Y5 students be formally taught how to use time travel magic to get to class on time, or would they need to learn how to do it on their own? 3. When gates magic was legal, were there efforts to great fully functioning brains? Was this even legal? 4. Is it possible to use revision magic, enchantment, and perhaps alchemy to create organs for transplants?
  20. @freespace2dotcom: I will also do this, as best as I am able So excited. @Legate of Mineta: Roughly when will the beta release? Can it be opted into on Steam?
  21. I have finally competed my second random event. Next week, I hope to start working upon a short adventure dealing with the Triplets. Any feed back about this random event would be very welcome. Random Event – Puppet Show
  22. Any feedback on any portion of this adventure would be welcome. Requires Relationship > 5 with Beatrix von Wetgen, PC does not have Heritage: Staadan. Wandering with Beatrix von Wetgen 00 and 01
  23. Well, I am thrilled that the new patch is ready. When will it release?
  24. Typo discovered: Wandering with Beatrix von Wetgen 04 You’re hear as my body guard should be You’re here as my body guard
  25. 10. How does dueling etiquette handle situations where familiars are utterly unmatched (say, one mage has a blood hound, the other a rabbit)?