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  1. @freespace2dotcom: What lore is that associated with?
  2. 14. Due to the role of dragons in the history of Cyve, there is a taboo surrounding the study of reptiles, if I recall correctly, explaining why reptiles are not studied in first year zoology. Does this taboo related to reptiles include a fear of snakes or association of them with evil/Dragons? 15. What would the consequences be if a Y1 student were caught studying reptiles in a way analogous to the study of other types of animals in zoology? 16. Are fungi recognized to be distinct from plants? if so, are they specially studied in upper year botany courses? 17. What were the mottoes of Icanix and Kazus Colleges? 18. Are there any procedures in place to deal with ghosts who may leak information? 19. Have ghosts of malefactors ever been recognized as competent witness in trials of their alleged co-conspirators? 20. Are there heretics (because they would have to be heretics) who hold that the old and new gods were/are just exceptionally powerful mages?
  3. @Metis "(poorly thought through) combination of Gates/Mastery shenanigans". What is this referring to? the fact that both use fitness? or some in-game story?
  4. @Metis: I know that Morvidus should not be defined by its most notorious students, hence my question. That having been said, Uliva's obsession with and rapport with snakes could be seen as creepy.
  5. 1. What are some stereotypes surrounding colleges? I know that on the forum there were/are users who see Morvidus as the college of dark mages, Godina is in-game assumed to be the college of fighters, male students who are associated with Avila are in-game assumed to be either seducers or rather effeminate, and Vernin is seen in-game and on-forum as the college for artists. But what are in-universe stereotypes surrounding Durand or Morvidus? And what about Aranaz, with its lack of current pillar and only recently having acquired history as a core subject? 2. How common is it for Morvidus students to secretly train new animals? Does Morvidus have a set policy for how to deal with such animals if they cause no trouble? 3. Do colleges ever have tension in terms of funding/program focus between competing aspects of a college? Such as Morvidus with Zoology/familiar care and revision, or Durand with botany and negation?
  6. @Legate of Mineta: Will completing Prudence's adventure in Y1 (boosting her self-confidence) help to make her less on the fast track to failure during Y2? Or by help do you mean only using the Teach Action or similar?
  7. Well, Prudence is in Durand, and she failed Dialectic. Not that that is difficult. Flore also fails that course, and getting a straight 100 in the final exam is easily the highest mark in the class.
  8. Then there is Prudence, who typically fails half of her courses in Y1: Grammar, Arithmetic, and Dialectic. I have been thinking that based upon this track record, she will probably be very easily kicked out in Y2. So maybe her Y1 adventure is not worthwhile?
  9. @isadorbg: Cool. Got any link to the specific post? @Dreamweaver: Well, only humans have luck. It is a trait that Dragons do not have.
  10. 1. Does Aranaz College (or its regent) have a special relationship with the Emperor Sphinx? because Aranaz's emblems include a sphinx. 2. Are there any polar bears in Mineta (even in zoos or as dead specimens in collections)? I ask because of Morvidus's shield's showing a white bear.
  11. Major Bug found in Bugfixing: At one stage in Emilia Picotti's adventure, the one involving guinea rabbits, pressing F12 makes screenshots on Steam, but does not reveal the adventure stage's name. With that caveat, I present the following typo: one stage in Emilia Picotti's adventure, the one involving guinea rabbits: guinead rabbits should be guinea rabbits Typos: Emilia's Blossoms-- Heal the Plants leaves start to heal, Emilia is so pleased, she hugs you tight enough that you almost think she might suffocate you, you're just glad it worked. should be leaves start to heal. Emilia is so pleased that she hugs you tight enough that you almost think she might suffocate you; you're just glad it worked. Student Adventure Ana Flavia 04: amongstAna Flavia's possessions should be amongst Ana Flavia's possessions Student Adventure Ana Flavia 05: Ana Flaviatakes you to the Closet Forge should be Ana Flavia takes you to the Closet Forge Random Event Escaped Animals 3 The catch, the only identifying item that the ad mentions is a red leash should be The catch: the only identifying item that the ad mentions is a red leash Typo/Bug: Finishing Touches: [Lore]Lore/Selection/Cloud Wood should be Cloud Wood [with a hyperlink to the lore about that type of wood] Bugs: Random Event Escaped Animals 3 One exit cites non-existent Investigation skill Random Event Disguise/Infiltration 8 One exit cites non-existent Investigation skill Spacing Error: Random Event Escaped Animals 3 Beneath Investigation exit
  12. 1. How much legal research into magically-based hypnotism (using glamor, for example) goes on? is such research legal? and even if legal, is it surrounded by taboos because of strong association with mastery? 2. Is there a deliberate effort to keep people in the Empire from knowing about the madness of Oursouk's mages? 3. Do the Oursouki speak Bassan? 4. Are some students ever sent to Academagia with their fees paid by their home towns, with an agreement that after they complete their educations, they must work in their home towns for some years?
  13. What is the adventure associated with being a page? and how useful is Elegant Service?
  14. 1. Are there animal cruelty laws that limit what types of revisions can be done to animals? 2. Is there a pillar of magic that most great military leaders hold to be best in war? what is that pillar?
  15. 1. Do the Laws of Mineta recognize and penalize stalking? Would there be social and legal difficulties in getting Joana in trouble for her obsessive behavior over Phillipe? 2. Are there laws prohibiting negotiating with dragons? 3. Have dragons been known to take human form (I am not asking about present day dragons - Morgana but about dragons as written or talked about in histories and legends)?
  16. Ha! I noticed that spacing issue and did not even think it a bug - just a strange spacing choice. That having been said, eliminating it would make the clique-reading interface easier to deal with.
  17. Well then, let me amend that statement: Joana should in Y2 (assuming that her character stays obsessed with Philippe), a bullying targeting system that prioritizes any female members of Philippe's clique (aside from herself).
  18. Joana should, if not in Y1 then in Y2 (assuming that her character stays obsessed with Philippe), a bullying targeting system that prioritizes any female members of Philippe's clique.
  19. Typo: Keeper of Words Yet for his sheltered individual…he had writ himself should be Yet for this sheltered individual…he had written himself
  20. Really? I just assumed that being a regent was a life-time position more often than not - a high point in a person's career as a mage and researcher of magic and teacher of mages.
  21. 1. If the PC bring Pelia out of her shell and persuade her to join Academagia next year, what happens to her in the mean time? is she left to live in the coffeeshop/alchemy shop? is she sent to an orphanage? to live with family? 2. Is siege warfare regarded as a branch of engineering or war? 3. How much information about Colleges Icanix and Kazus was suppressed? Would a Y1 student even be able to learn what the Y1 mandatory non-Pillar courses for those two colleges was? 4. What were the Y1 Mandatory non-pillar courses for Icanix and Kazus?
  22. Typos and lore errors: Random Event Physical Activity 9: Phillippe hits you with the hilt of his sword while his kicks you [or: RandomStudent hits you with the hilt of his sword while PossessivePronoun kicks you] should be [since swords are not taught in Y1 Academagia] Phillippe hits you while he kicks you [or: RandomStudent hits you with the hilt of his sword while Pronoun kicks you] The Forest photographs…scientists should be [because of the technology level and vocabulary of the setting, unless I be mistaken] illustrations…natural philosophers Typos: Keeper of Words Yet for his sheltered individual…he had writ himself should be Yet for his sheltered individual…he had written himself From the Collected Letters of Toterol Decimus: the ease in which they should be the ease with which they Helping a Crying Girl: just call me Ana, my parents call me Ana Flavia…gravely.”So…Quick, to the library! should be just call me Ana; my parents call me Ana Flavia…gravely. “So…Quick! To the library! Spacing Error: The in-game description of Tabin has an unneeded line break between to and say in the phrase “Maybe he just doesn’t have much to say”.
  23. 1. What happens if two colleges have the same merit points at the end of a week? 2. Before Avila College offered enrolment for boys, was there any school not affiliated with Academagia that offered an Avila-quality education in astrology and related subjects for boys? 3. What relationship does Avila College have with the Purple Academy of Thei? Do those colleges ever exchange research about astrology? do they trust each other?
  24. In my most recent playthrough, I attempted the adventure "Why is your head so fuzzy?" and repeatedly failed the checks. Nonetheless, the adventure continued and my character got the dorm key (all of this was in one session). This and other gains were reflected in that day's log of events. Yet that same log marked that I had not succeeded in the adventure! Surely when the adventure continues to the end and the PC acquires an artifact, that should count as a successful adventure.
  25. 1. Does Academagia have rules prohibiting Y5 students from marrying? or any accommodations (such as allowing them to live off campus)? Would people around that age in Mineta be getting married? 2. Is Aranaz College looked down upon for not having a pillar of magic to call its own anymore? Was there a proposal to abolish Aranaz along with the Pillar of Orthography? 3. So just to clarify, Gates allows mages to summon life and go to places. Where does creating new life forms fit in? Because the in-game lore describes gates mages as creating entirely new life forms. Is that just a short-hand fore summoning strange life (and perhaps modifying it?)?