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Found 8 results

  1. As the title asks. Will this have Y2 rewards? Also, must one be the top scorer in the exams to get any in-game reward, or is it sufficient to be near the top? And will there be rewards for each course so excelled in, or is it only for overall performance?
  2. I have a question about relationships. I understand that the student adventures have sequels in Y2. But will there be other opportunities to befriend students and engage in adventures with them during Y2? Will these adventures be the Y2 sequel adventures, or other adventures or even, in certain cases, Y1 adventures?
  3. A strange question for me to ask after almost 7 years of playing this game off and on, getting better all the while. But these are my general strategies: I focus primarily upon study-level raising, then upon raising skill levels in my PC's subjects, then in Research/Revision (or both; in any case, this is not difficult, since all of my PCs use and have access to the Venalicium, the Library of Stars, and the Library of Mantale), and then a few other skills that are appropriate for my character. This leaves me with little time to do many adventures or build up a clique; I consider my game to be very full if I can complete more than 8 adventures: The Main Adventure, a class-mate's adventure, Scenes from Dialectic Class, Oan's Adventure, The Thing about the Venalicium Library, the Edge of Nowhere, and A Day in Mineta are the core adventures that I finish. I really enjoy the adventures, so I have some questions: 1. Will this type of playstyle pay dividends in Y2 in so far as it will allow for greater competence in subjects and accordingly more time for adventuring? 2. Will the class mates' adventures have sequels in Y2? if any will not, which ones (so that I can avoid them)? 3. Will building up a research level to 10 in Y1 have benefits in Y2? 4. Will the Southside Pitts Gang (if that be the correct gang name) have a roll in Y2? I find the adventures with that gang to be interesting, and criminal gangs can spawn so many stories. Finally, if you think that I am not playing the game correctly, please feel free to tell me.
  4. I understand that in Y2, backgrounds will play a role in summer activities. This makes me wonder, however, about those characters with multiple backgrounds. My most recent completed character has the following three backgrounds, for example: Family: Graverobbers, Family: Sports, Family: The Secret Heritage. Furthermore, my game involved my character studying Gates through the heritage but looking forward to a summer with athletic family Are there any plans to further restrict how many family backgrounds may be chosen? Or any plans to define certain backgrounds as having priority over all other selected backgrounds for Y2 purposes?
  5. I never really bother with familiars in my games, except for when I will occasionally play Mr. Pebble's adventure. But in all of my playthroughs with Mr. Pebbles, at the end of the school year, he wanders off, and the Player resolves not to look for him (or it). But my question is whether this is avoidable if the player build a strong bond with the rock familiar. Even if it is unavoidable to lose one's rock familiar at the end of the year, what sorts of consequences will this have in Y2?
  6. I hope that I am not violating a rule here with this topic. But I would like to ask questions about Academagia's 2017 development. Feel free to answer those of them that you will, and reprimand me if any of my questions are improper. 1. Was the release on Steam a commercially successful move in terms of increasing sales, improving the game's profile among consumers, improving the code? 2. I read in the thread about the Modbase that there will be another content update later this year. What sort of content will it contain? 3. I read also in the thread about the modbase that the new modbase will be released in late Summer 2017, after the new content patch. What will the benefits be to modders and non-modders of this new modbase? Will the new modbase be a key step in releasing Y2? 4. I have read rumours that Y2 will be released some time during 2017. Is this still a likely occurrence? 5. Roughly what stage in making Y2 is Black Chicken Studios on? is story content still being written? features still being coded in? is it now a matter of bug-fixing only? etc. I have great faith in Black Chicken Studios, but hope that the answers that they may release will increase my faith and the faith of others.
  7. So, I loaded one of my most successful autosave profiles to look back over my achievements during the course of that game. To my surprise, I saw that the game now allowed me to play further in the year. I did this, through such things as choosing adventures. I attach proof in the form of a save game that I made during that time. If any questions arise, I will be happy to answer them. lushan.ams
  8. Firstly, I hope that I am not breaking any rule, either formal or informal, with this question. Secondly, I personally have trust in Black Chicken Studios. They release amazing games of very deep quality, and it is to me not surprising that they would take so many years for their out put. With these caveats aside, I have a question: Why does Black Chicken Studios not release screen shots or video footage of Y2? These could highlight improvements to the game, continuing stories from Y1, new stories from Y2, new skills, new art, etc. Certainly, these previews might not reflect the final state of the game, but they could serve at least 3 functions. 1. Advertising Y2: self-Explanatory. 2. Boosting the confidence of those who are aware of Black Chicken Studios: Footage/images from Y2 would be an excellent way to demonstrate to people how far along Y2 is. They could then no longer allege that Y2 is a pipedream. 3. Providing a Basis for Feedback: By exposing portions of Y2 to those outside Black Chicken Studios, Black Chicken Studios would be creating a situation in which outsiders might provide useful feed back about interface, etc, depending upon how much of Y2 would be shown.