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    I understand the importance of cordiality in customer service, but I feel I must voice the concerns of many on the discord, which I fear is the entire base of the few supporters you seem to have remaining at this point. The release is no longer something to be discussed with laughs and cheeky banter. That was amusing 2 years ago, when we were all thinking it was getting close. But Being told “It’s definitely close this time!” since 2016 has certainly soured the sentiment. I believe it would be less frustrating for the 20 or so people who still actively follow the development of this game if you would kindly stop using emotes and “haha” when replying to honest and rather concerned questions. It’s frankly alienating and at this point, borderline condescending and rude. I understand that your tongue is tied for us Legate, but at the very least, pass my unmitigated sentiments to the entire team so they may understand at least partially the frustration of 4 years of almost literally laughing at every attempt to gauge the time we must anxiously wait for a snippet of actual help.
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    Instead of an answer... 😂🤣 You Anglos and Yankii and your superficial goals. 😘
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    One more question to fight the good the fight against lazarus’s spotlight, and speaking of spotlights, we are aware already that belles are to a certain degree, media personalities. Do their home countries choose which belles become highlighted in the media, does the INPF have a say, or do belles tend to choose for themselves? I know it’s not difficult to make a capital ship like hood or Kongou famous, but what if a destroyer like Stewart wanted to be the face of the fighting fleet back home? Does she get a say or would she be undermined for a more powerful ship like Nevada to carry the banner?
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    side note i was recently watching Victory Belles Kickstarter Actress Reel. could we have a second one please
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    Because I haven’t done this in a while, I’ll just think of a lore question right now to push Laz out of the spotlight.😉 Often ships are given reporting names in the papers, which allow the news to publish exploits without breaking secrecy or pissing off the military. How much of a say do the belles have in their own reporting names? Do the papers pick for them and hope they don’t suffer the wrath of a warship misnamed? Also in regards to names, sometimes in the interest of secrecy, ships operating with other countries (specifically US ships operating with Britain in the early war, and vice versa) were given fake names to hide their true home country. Considering how belles seem to have an innate connection to their actual namesake, how much would USS Robin take on a connection to that name?
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    I have to concur with my colleague Pac. I'm glad BCS is going to be here. I'm just not sure how many of us will be left. I know I will. I know Pac will. Dr. Y, and a select few others, but we're the most die hard of the die hard, and even we're starting to suffer morale wise. I can only imagine how harrowing it is on the studio end. We can all hang alone or we can all hang together. Without the discord, which is very much us backers hanging together, and has itself been suffering a slow, but steady stream of casualties over the last two years... well. I'd still be in. But again I'm not representative. On some level I understand not wanting to disappoint everyone. I get it. I really do. I've bought in entirely, I have a personal stake in this game going off like the DM-2 launch. At the same time... I think it's okay to let us in a little bit. We've stuck with you for four years now. A peek under the hood, no matter how messy the engine compartment is presently, is not going to scare anyone away. But literally what you just said in the last post is enough if presented officially! "We're doing pre-alpha testing, here's what we can do in that build, blah blah, lame that progress gets wiped at the end of the week. Things are going better than not, everyone's really tired and putting a lot of heart into this but we're committed to see this though to the degree of quality or better than we promised." That's the type of thing people are asking for. It doesn't need to be grand gestures, sweeping promises or wide scale anything. Just... "Hey we're hereish."
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    To address each response in turn: I believe you are, but I also believe the entire team has a dreadful apathy about the situation. I feel they are mistakenly assuming you have just as much support now as you did 4 years ago with the initial campaign. They seem to assume everything will simply work out. Under such a repetitive routine, many of the voices of your fans have cried for a long time that they are not heard. This I do believe, but I fear that among the 20 people I am actively in contact with who follow you, less than half have the same enthusiasm. Finally, I do not mean to curb your enthusiasm, nor to shame your generous vocal contribution. I feel however that the use of such mirthful expression was out of place, particularly in response to Mig’s very serious address of the player base’s concerns. The tone of your response was not in keeping at all with the question being asked in that instance. Please do continue to be the Legate we know and love. Understand that we all appreciate your efforts to keep up a conversation with the voices of your beleaguered fans. I apologize that as the middle man you are bearing the brunt of this frustration.
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