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    So, some of you guys have probably seen my thread in the writer's corner about making a quick documentation about the warships and the belles that personify them. Here if you don't know what I'm on about. The thing is, I set the due date for the weekend and it's monday evening now, I don't like failing to keep my word as that's the kind of man I am. It has taken far more time to gather footage and write up the scripts than I originally planed. So since I'm making this for you, my fellow captains, I wanted your opinion: Do I release it as soon as possible and use it as a template to improve others in the future, or take the extra time and refine the first video for quality?
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    Well Vernin is the college of the Gifted afterall. Plus it's kinda hard to compete when the parents see our installations especially our dormitories (the first thing they check I assure you). The other colleges thus logically get the scraps that unfortunately do not meet the requirements to join the most esteemed college.
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    That's what I think as well. Maass doesn't come across as completely helpless - she just has freak accidents from time to time (like a slapstick character). That being said, she's somewhat aware that stuff tends to happen around her and is a bit self-depreciating about it. She's not a klutz who isn't aware that stuff catches on fire around her. She seems to realize it...and kinda accepts that while also trying to improve her situation somewhat. If anything, I could say that she's more of a Chew Toy than anything moe-ish.
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    I would argue that the line comes from if the clumsiness comes with a purpose. Maas has the personality of someone who accepts that bad stuff happens to her but never lets that stop her. Just as often as she fails she comes back from it. She gotten to the point she could rebuild destroyed glass vases and have them come out more beautiful than the original vase. In most clumsy moe there is nothing gained from their clumsiness other than being cute.
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    Regarding where it crosses the line from a cute gimmick to "pledge to protect cute clumsy baby"... hmm that's tough since most extreme examples of a cute klutz character i know of are in moe anime where that's pretty much their job. I want to say that the difference would be competence. Here Maass is very unlucky but otherwise seems to have herself in order, even predicting what might go wrong (though even so it doesn't seem to work out). A straight up pander character would be totally hopeless. Still, it's a narrow line to walk.
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