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    and this thing took me 4Hrs hahahahahaha hello guys got a new wacom
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    yeah poland may not have to worry about the Morganas so much for them to get at poland they have to get past the german norway and sweden navys. while poland will want to breakout into the atlantic so does the soviet fleet in saint petersburg so poland at sea at least can play a waiting game and use thier belles on land instead, In fact poland could be why the league of nations treaty came about.
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    OOOOH~ I didn't notice there was a tips thread on here due to its age. Well, I posted this on tumblr a few weeks ago, but I'll post it here too: · Play the game on easy mode unless you’re going after the normal and hard difficulty achievements. Save yourself the pain · Sterling’s route is by far the hardest, so I recommend not playing his route first. Relationships and Endings · You have to have at least 30 relationship points with a guy by Christmas to be able to activate his Dream route · You don’t start going out with Nigel or Sterling until after Christmas · Don’t worry if Felix’s dream route doesn’t feel like a dream route, it’s intentional · The 0-9, 10-19, and 20-29 relationship endings cannot be viewed in-game due to needing 30 relationship points to activate the friendship event during Christmas · There are actually 121 endings · The 100 dream endings are drastically different from the others · Approximately, the 0-50ish endings are similar and the 51-99 endings are similar Skills You Should Ignore · Poker is never used. EVER. Just ignore it unless you’re going after achievements · Riding is only used three times, two of which you can use Animal Handling instead. Just ignore it unless you’re going after achievements · Animal handling is only used seven times (which sounds like a lot, but it isn’t), and most of those you can use another skill. Just ignore it unless you’re going after achievements · Since you want your stress to be 0 almost constantly, ignore raising the stress skills and instead use inspiration cards for obstacles where stress skills are the only option Skills You Should Raise · Raise perception, deduction, and problem solving early on in the game. The best way to do this is to choose ‘Look out over the City’ in New York as it raises perception and deduction. There isn’t a good way to raise problem solving in New York until after you beat The Serpent Empire Adventure, which unlocks ‘Search for Other Raeks Artifacts’, which raises problem solving and occult lore Stress · ALWAYS start your caper with 0 stress. Always continue capers with 0 stress. Stress impacts obstacle skills drastically, especially on higher difficulty modes. · For example, if the easy obstacle should need 10 to pass it, but you have 2 stress going in, now it will take 11 to pass it. On normal mode, if it took 25 to pass it, but you have 2 stress going in, it will instead take 27. On hard mode, if it took 60 to pass it, but you have 2 stress going in, it will instead take 63. · Since you want your stress to be 0 almost constantly, ignore raising the stress skills and instead use inspiration cards for obstacles where stress skills are the only option · If you really want to raise stress skills, I’d raise awareness the most and fisticuffs the least Capers · An obstacle being ‘red’ on the caper requirements list in-game doesn’t always mean that you have to pass it. Sometimes if you fail it it just moves on, sometimes it makes you rest and retry, and sometimes the obstacles are perfectly normal and the game is just showing it in red due to an error. · You have to beat The Main Adventure in Peru for The Albino Alligator Adventure to unlock · You DO NOT have to do all of a guy’s capers to get their capers to activate. You just have to follow along with their main adventure. For example, you can view Roland’s main adventure events in Egypt, not do his Egypt caper, view his main adventure events in New York, and then do his Australian caper even though you didn’t do his Egyptian one. HOWEVER, Sterling is the exemption to this (Sterling is usually the exemption to rules). You must finish his Egyptian adventure to unlock some of his main adventure events, you must finish his Indian adventure to unlock some of his main adventure events, and you must finish his Peruvian adventure to unlock some of his main adventure events.
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    To try and raise awareness of the game (and because I really like Gwynhwfara's stories), I programmed her alternate Ahmose Dream ending into the game and recorded it. The video looks a lot better in 720p+, so try to watch it in that if you can. Also, though this is a fan video, it does have mild spoilers for Ahmose's real dream ending (namely some Ahmose sprites), so watch at your own risk. Here is Gwynhwfara's original post: http://ohlookashinysquirrel.tumblr.com/post/137730882267/1931-scheherazade-at-the-library-of-pergamum I also posted this on tumblr and plan on posting other Scheherazade related things here: https://scheherazade-keating.tumblr.com/ Fun fact: I temporarily wrote over The Bigglesworth Adventure to make this.
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    Finished in a little bit of rush, Tried to be creative, realized that I suck at creativity Wish I could see her front view.
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    As the title says, all links to the demo seem to not work anymore. They lead to http://www.desura.com/. I checked the steam link and the official website link (there could be more links I don't know about though). I was recommending the game to someone and wound up having to upload the demo to mediafire myself so they could get it XD.
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    I knew Desura went away, but I thought maybe Black Chicken Studios themselves had plans to host the demo. Regardless, if anyone wants it, here's my upload of it: Scheherazade Demo (On the off chance Adfly pops up, I don't make any profit. Mediafire just shoves ads onto my uploads sometimes and I don't know how to make it stop XD).
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    Has anyone gotten 100 relationship points with Ahmose or more than 96? I am trying to write out how to get all 100 points, but I can only find 96. Ahmose is not involved in many capers, and I've been over those few capers so many times, I have no idea how I'm missing four points. Here is what I have: Ahmose main=10 Christmas=5 Easter=4 Ahmose Egypt=13 Ahmose Australia=12 Ahmose India=12 Ahmose Peru=11 Ahmose New Orleans=12 Ahmose Turkey=15 Kheper Conversations=2 Those are also the only capers that Ahmose has relationship points in, so there isn't much to search through. If anyone can add any information, confirm anything, or point out any errors, please let me know. I can't imagine that there are actually four Ahmose points missing in-game, but since I think Sterling has two points not obtainable (on his route anyway), I am not ruling it out.
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    Just to double check, did you get all Dream points for every character or all Relationship points? I know you can get all 100 Dream points for every character, but the relationship points (the ones that lead to friendship endings) are the ones that may not be there. I've always thought that it was confusing that the relationship points get you friendship endings yet 'relationship' implies romance, so I thought I would double check. If you did get 100 relationship points with everyone and not 100 dream, then that is confirmation that I need to go back over Sterling's relationship points as well.
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    At least early on, racking up stress seems like a good thing. Stress level controls how quickly you can train the stress related skills, and you can get upto 90-100 stress fairly easily (if you're trying to get stress) about halfway through Egypt. This means you can cap or 90+ all of the stress skills a little ways past Egypt (of course, drop the stress immediately after you're done). Your skills control how good your inspirations are, and lot of the top level inspirations end up influencing a lot of skills (plus they provide a high general bonus). So by having very high stress related skills, you can get very good inspirations quickly, which let you get through the adventures effectively.
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    After you find the skill you want to raise. You can click Sadie's picture on the map to repeat simple actions. In other words you do not have to look it up again unless you click something else.
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    If you click the "Skills" option, clicking the badges and then the specific skill you're interested in will automatically direct you to the skill-up or inspiration locations you need to go to! Perhaps this is old had to some people, but I spent a lot of time clicking every option on a map trying to remember who would give me and Escape Artistry Inspiration versus a skill up! (This setup is not ideal for those of us with poor memories ) Also, explore maps carefully. Occasionally you can gain skill points and reduce stress.
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    How do you imagine the airships? I was thinking a bit of your 1400th ships, just floating perhaps with small propellers to add an extra oomph in the addition to the sails. How much would a ticket cost from one of the further islands? (not too important really, but I got kind of curious ) Are there any signs after spells are cast? Residue, magical/pheme leftovers, or... something My next question may be a bit racial, but are all summoned monsters (through gates or other) violent and/or 'evil'. (I feel blue eyed using a term like evil but heck, everything going against my players general health and/or future is evil!)
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