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    It's not mentioned ingame, but for reference, the game has pre-defined lists of subskills that classes can teach within a three day window (ignoring weekends, holidays and the exam months since those days either have no classes or cannot teach anything). If you're in Zoology and ever wondered why sometimes you get a point of Insects on Athonos 1st when on other playthroughs you get it on the 4th, it's because that class teaches Insects on Athonos 2, +/- 3 days. Correct.
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    The study action is the basic method. They are others more efficient methods such as Impressing with Graphs and Charts (Action), but that requires a difficult roll, especially in the early game. Maxing test-taking subskill is recommended for this. Yes, school class skills. For you it would mean at least Revision. Test scores are calculated using study levels * skill level. For example, a study level of 5 and a skill level of 5 in Revision would give you a score of 25. 50 % * 50 = 25. Note that midterm are weighted differently per subject on the final grade, for some getting a lousy score in midterms is only 1% of the final score. So practically irrelevant. If you're interested in the details, you could check freespace2dotcom's gradebook here: Because of the weighting in midterms I hardly bother to train class skills, because by final exams they'll have had ample time to level "naturally" without me doing anything.
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    There's not a lot of locations you can, ahem, "recycle" from, but those that exist tend to be lucrati-eh I mean...very wasteful. Y-yes, that. One of many systems that's slated to change in Y2, yes. Although I have to admit it allowed for me to concoct a plan to weaponize (what do you want from me, spellcheck!?) the Love emotion, which sadly fell through, but still, I have to respect a system that allows me to do that.
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    Generally the penalty for stress comes in the form of negative emotions. You can check this for all the emotions: http://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Emotions It lists anxiety as requiring stress>3, Courage <4 and Schoolyard Education <5, but I doubt it is quite this simple. For example, I remember having more than 15 stress with no negative emotions, so there must be some kind of a roll on the turn you gain stress. Unless of course this a bug. Edit: Wait... was it composure that raised the limit? In any case, I'm unsure.
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    Yup, failure is not always the end of things . Depends on your max stress, with a max of say 3, one bully action from Joana can lead you to Infirmary, but otherwise Rest is a wasted time slot. Generally stress needs to accumulate to more than 3 to have any consequences, unless your max is lower than said 3, and if your max is, say 15 or more, even that 3 may not have any consequences. In my last playthrough I rested only once, but this requires reloading and meta game knowledge, so depending on play style this may not be a option.
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    1. That's actually a good question,as I never found out the answer for this. 2. No. Edit: Ignore this, false. 3. Failure can inform you of a skill, thus allowing you to train it. In rare cases, it may even give you skill steps. 4. Depends on how dire you feel the situation is... getting caught trespassing will lead to detention, failure to do physical stuff can lead to lost Vitality, failure to answer a teacher's question can lead to stress. There's all sorts of small consequences, and they are not always logical so it's difficult to tell. 5. Unlocking effective training location is a good plan, but it does require meta game knowledge. If you don't mind spoilers:
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    I agree with Schwarzbart. Even in setting 9 out of 10 mages agree that illegal magic is not a casual thing. When you know what you're doing, go for it, but theres no shame in knowing a little incantation and negation to deal with gates and mastery gone wrong.
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    I personal think familiar, gate and mastery magic should only be focused on after understanding the basics of the game. My suggestion is play one character just to understand and experiment how the game works maybe till midterm exams so that you also see how much time you have to get your study up.
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    Not nearly enough to die for it. All speed north. Make port in a nice Northern port and I bet we can pull this off without putting ourselves on a silver platter for a Morgana submarine. Or as the Captain, err. We. said, borrowing a handy iceberg. Containers to keep beverages warm are a thing.
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    Option 3, don't expect a crew to trust you if you can't keep them out of danger. If this were in Port I would be all for but this seems to be an active patrol or transit. No time to be caught without a rudder.
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