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    Also a good chunk of "good" Mastery is now Glammour there's a difference between the two pillars then and the two pillars now. Altough I am sure they were some tensions between the two pillars when Mastery was legal, for exemple in diplomacy now uterly dominated by Glamour practicer not so much before. There's also the fact that Glammour is the most widespread pillar and supposedly the most "easy" to learn. I would not be suprised that in some Mastery circle, Glammour is the lesser Art, a gateway to the real Art that is Mastery. (a bit like calligraphy/Orthography). Altough now I wonder if Glammour/Mastery mastery was in anyway common for mage talented enough to master more than 2 pillars. The two seems to synergise nicely.
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    12. Is already clear what SS change their main skill in Year 2 and can you give us a overview about the class SS affected by this? @Rhialto 8. Alchemy is a Revision sub path from what the Legate told us so far (Also check out the Age-Stopping Potion Formula its a Alchemy formulary but say you need Revision magic beyond your year 1 knowledge) 9. Glamour actual can create pseudoreal stuff i.e. a bridge where you actual can walk over. So there is a big difference between what Glamour and Mastery can do. Edit ups missed 5. I'm not sure if the team did work it out more clear then my design what was: