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    In vouru's defense I myself only start reading the first book in a series of fantasy novels after the second book has been published. However that has left me trapped in a cliffhangar for a decade plenty of times in my life anyways, with things like wheel of time, game of thrones, patrick roftfuss, etc. IMO year1 is actually a complete story. Sort of like the star wars trilogy is a complete story and the 2nd and 3rd trilogies actually didn't do pretty much anything at all to enhance the original star wars trilogy's story. (I liked the clone wars and the reboot trilogy both just fine, they were just separate stories, that was supposed to be my point, but I realized my sentence might've made me seem like a hater). So in that sense y1 is like the original dragonlance trilogy or some such and y2 is all the other dragonlance trilogies that had separate plots entirely. (And again here, the twins trilogy is really awesome imo, even though the most famous is the original trilogy in DL, again separate stories.). In other words your point almost makes sense on the surface, except that a) stealing is bad and b) actually wait no your point doesn't even make sense.
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