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    Tomorrow in Philadelphia will commence the 119th meeting of the Cadets and Midshipmen over the hallowed field of battle known as Football. In recognition of this sacred tradition, I commissioned some artwork. For those who have read my fic, The Improbable Captain, you may recognize the sans-rigging Belle depicted. Her name is USS Pensacola and she gets rather passionate when it comes to the ancient interservice rivalry between grunts and squids. Note that her appearance is sans rigging. It's also sans her sidearm and some other accessories which would not have made sense on a playing field and in any case could have led to the unfortunate demise of the entire Corp of Cadets. 😏 So, ladies and gentlemen, be glad she's on your side and rest assured as long as you heave a hearty cry of GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY! 😤
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    Canarias and Lebrecht Maass I commissioned from this guy https://www.deviantart.com/omi48
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    I couldn't agree more with TwoHeavens. I think the more interesting question is if Sinterklass/ Santa Claus/ Saint Nicholas believes in Belles... 😉 *** It has been established that Belles who are sunk and re-floated are never quite the same. I'm curious if that is true for the Belles of ships that were lost, re-floated and returned to service before the start of the war. Such potential does exist. Consider USS S-38 (SS-143): who had a mishap in July of 1923, but following repairs and clean-up has been in active service. Another example is the Spanish destroyer Císcar, victim of the Spanish Civil War but refloated and repaired. Would it be something from her past that she'd rather not dwell on, or would there be more obvious consequences to the Belle? There is also the question of ships in the process of being salvaged at the start of the war: HMS Thetis and USS Squalus. Both submarines have been below since Spring, with salvage operations well underway; under optimal circumstances (in real life) Thetis should be raised on September 3rd and Squalus on September 13th. As of September 1st however, circumstances have become less than optimal. Are they among the first casualties of the war, or is there still hope of recovering them?
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    Created account just to make sure this happens! Been lurking since err ... I forgot when exactly. Some DLC number with single digits, anyhow.
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    Was about to comment that no one who'd read 482 words worth of disclaimer would care about a video game. Than I remembered that Academagia is a schedule-based CYOA visual novel with little in the way of anything video game-y, but possessing gobs upon gobs of text. So...carry on .
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    @Rhialto unless something was changed in the forum only the one who uploaded the file to this forum can access it so you would need to use a external place if you want to make some file public.
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    The game should do that by itself, you just have to find it. On Windows 7 it should be C:\ProgramData\Academagia\Academagia.log, on another OS I don't know.
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    If I'm reading the mod tools right it should go in the misc slot.
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    Y2 needs to hurry up and arrive so at least a few things can finally be "un[redacted]"
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    You say this election was rigged like that's something weird... Aren't elections ALWAYS rigged?
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