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    @Rhialto Great game so far thanks for sharing, liking the atmosphere and even has status and relationships to track and play with
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    Direct Matches: Verdun 1-0 La Motte-Picquet INPF 1: The new year starts slow for most teams. Belfast starts the new year with a win, and so does Chiyoda. The latter even winning the Japanese League cup. Omedettou! A contrast is AGS who had to play four matches and had a rather.... mixed performance. With only 4 points from 4 matches. Giving her the push past dormant Tenryuu, but then losing steam significantly to reach the top.....Hood however basically copies that result with 4 points from 4 matches, overtakes dormant Lex and then stops. Conte sees this weakness and uses it. She scores 2 wins in 2 matches and gets past Hood that way. Still topbound. Leni and Moskva have to stop playing for the time being, because of the still ongoing pandemic. Our French ladies had a direct duel, which LMP decided for herself. Apart from this both only gained 2 points. Overall it brings LMP into the front pack and Verdun ploughs post some helpless competitors. She also gets to her halftime of matches played. And from the depths of the table Algerié rises. In a stunning 12/12 matchday she makes up enough ground to put herself from back end position to a comfy midfield position. And given she has even less matches than Conte, she's now in the position to strike. INPF 2: The table leader of INPF 2 seems to be always bound to start struggling. Thus Exeter disappoints with a 1/6 performance. But since she's comfy in front and her "direct" competition is asleep, she's safe for now. P-K also does her the favour of losing, but in a sudden twist o events, Canarias scores a 3 win streak an is now in 2nd, behind Exeter. Scharnhorst also doesn't too bad and scores 6/9 point, which sets her in a position to perspectively compete for promotion. But she crosses the 50%, so she'd need a strong second half for that. Nürnberg on the other hand loses her momentum already and drops dead in the water with 1/6 points. Dunkerque does the same. Köln surprises everyone with one of her rare wins, but gains nothing for now. Gneisenau had one match, got a point from it. Also dead in the water. Bearn had it even worse. She had three matches, like Köln, but gained zero points from them. All three Walküren have reached their 50% of matches now.
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    I can see Station: Merchant and Prodigy: Debate Master, but why Family: Helpful and Attentive? What part of...Pievrean doesn't sound right, Pievran? Pievren? Piev-something culture or something else makes HaA a good fit?
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    Are there any PC backgrounds, in Y1 or Y2, that should be taken as confirmation that the PC hails from Pievre? EDIT: It's been mentioned before that faculty has been involved in breaking up Cliques and the like before, either at the behest of someone's parents or for their own purposes, but has the opposite ever happened before? Has the faculty ever played matchmaker for any of their students, either at the request of someone's parents or (New Gods knows why) for their own purposes?
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    Wow, Mahan scheduled her. That was way back then..... I like the hint about Scharnhorst. Now I really want her and Lebi in one fleet together. Even though I won't hide my disappointment of Gerhard being used as comic relief. And given her sister is August... that makes for a missed opportunity. What's so demeaning about it? And if all of them feel that way -as Bellies reaction suggests-, why was the admiralty board so mean? Or crude? Or both? *plans to go rogue intensifiy* Can someone please explain to me Auld Reekie? I get the words, but who or what is it referring to? A mascot skunk? Mascot skunk confirmed?? And who killed it? Can we avenge it? And what's "barry" in the given context? On a different tune, I actually posses a written version about the events in question at Glencoe...... Talking about things familiar and starting with "Glen" (yes, I know what a Glen is, too), the last time I had Glenkinchie was ages ago, see, the story starts in 2001 and..... but I digress. Why Glenkinchie? Nearest distillery to Eddie? Only Scotch the author knew? Tell me about it. Ohohoho..... she speaks on behalf of the Town-class sisters..... so there's more than just two of them in the game? Just to anger Mr. Wells, I hope for Glasgow and Liverpool. "Of the names in their foul language from the uttered only in depths of Hell" - yeah, yeah, just say it already...... Ah yes, that cute thing at Invergordon. Worked like a charm and well "mutiny" is such a harsh word for it. Kiel was a mutiny. Invergordon was...cute. It was an ordinary strike. Cry me a river. Treating the officers with respect.....pfff.....mutiny. Also it was successful AND embarrassed the Royal Navy...so much they struck the Atlantic Fleet and renamed it. And nobody died. So what's not to like? What's warm sporran? And how does it taste? They say "och" in Scotland, too. Noice. Overall I'm a bit ambivalent about Eddie. On the one hand her positive attitude, especially towards alcohol. On the other hand I'd probably need to be tipsy the whole time to endure her skittish and apparently unreliable nature for longer terms.
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    On a venom note, we do have a documented case of a large venomous serpent coiling itself round the turret workings of a warship of the Imperial Russian Navy, Second Pacific Squadron. Apparently the incident was resolved without too many people getting bit. It's a bit of a shame they got rid of the snake really, it probably vastly improved the combat potential of the ship.
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    Late catching up on this thread, but... Does this belief apply at all to the faux dragon species, since it has the form of a dragon, though not the internal plumbing? Or does it actually have a distinct enough form (like the difference between monkeys and humans) and only vaguely resembles dragons to a human who isn't very familiar with them?
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    Okay here's a little more sophisticated look at the video: One Morgana we can identify for sure is "Fire" on the far right of the Morgana spectrum. 0:45 reveals the front Morgana to be Dismay, the far left to be Mistrust and reminds us of Avarice (next to Fire). 0:49 shows Mischief to be left to Dismay. 0:54 gives us Despair to be to the right of Dismay. Wait had I just forgotten how she looked? And 0:56 completes the set with the last missing one to be Venom. @NinjapacmanWhat do you make of the wooden plank of the Japanese kamimaru between Lampo and probably Jaguar? I will point out U-37 was a prime predator. And looks good. :3 At 0:17 point out every shadow and win the respect and admiration of this forum. Tfw you think "wait those were only 10 nations" and they hit you with a giant Swastika!! Lebi 🥰 The teaser hands us a prime opportunity to ship Verdun with any aircraft carrier. :3 I really like the new world map. Are the Morganas depicted the local "bosses" or "just" Morganas present at that location I wonder. Regions map looks interesting. So you have an area with paths, which you can scout and progress on. Reminds me of another game in which I liked that mechanic. The resources shown are (probably) Crew, Fuel (a barrel of oil, even though my fleet runs on the power of love! Yankii developers....), Ammo, then two construction resources maybe (Steel and stones?) and the last one I have no idea. Range? Radiation? We'll find out. There also seems to be time limit. And can you deploy your ships at will or will they be auto-assigned (in the first screen 4 ships in 2x2 fleets)? There are also harbours? Hm, what purpose might they have? :3 In the second screen, the one with pupper Pupper you can clearly see Hainan imho. And yes, who is #2? She seems to hold a slingshot? What is that gold V medal on the Kirov and Aoba screen? And is that Venezuela? The cloud seems to indicate "weather". I totally love the moving chibis. I want to look at them all the time!! Oh and I notice different "waves"..... Oh, I don't think we have been introduced to Calamity prior. I'll codename her Jane. For obvious reasons. And our old flame Corruption is there too. Short musical intermission, see below for why: Next up are Sedition, Sabotage and Mischief.....followed by more Sedition and Sabotage and then Vanity, Sin (hello there) and Sedition again.....Sedition all over the place.... Is there a Sedition song? And Queen Mary gets revealed. Which renews the debate of Team SSS (2 members) vs Team QM (everyone else it seems). See my previous post. Then more Morgana enter with Treason, Despair, Starvation, Confusion and Murder. Anyone counting and keeping track? Cause I ain't! And now we have to add Venom and Asphyxiation, who we already know of, courtesy of U-29. And slingshot girl is Boiky! Morganas still not finished with Injustice popping into view....briefly. Oh and Fire gets confirmed I guess (see above). Injustice - only blind on one eye...hah! And then we have a nice change of screen: Levelling up. NO needs (counterclockwise) Special Acknowledgement, Mardi Gras Mask, King Olivers Kreole ...radio, Zora Neale houston....books, Borbon Milk, CA Pacific International Expo.....blah, U.S. Protection Kit.....which consists of papers? .... Not condoms? Feel free to tell me something about it yankii. I'm always curious. Anyway there is an honour, accoutrement, music, library, recreation, good luck charm and home front support slot in that order. So speculate at will what it could be for YOUR favourite Walküre. there is also some interesting info about NOs weaponry and what gets affected by levelling up on the right side. The equipment peak screen is at 1:03, tmi to comment on all of it. the little stars in the top left corner look interesting. Wonder what they'll be for. Also I guess the "base screens" are revealed here. Please have a look for yourselves. But what might "commissary" be? 1:04 - wait a sec, you can outfit each battery? Whoa. And QM with a FuMG. Nice. :3 Maybe Ninja is right after all. I will still not budge. Where would be the fun in that? And i see the RM-1. 1:07 reveals everyones favourite money drain: The shop! ***mis the Mayan Goddess..... HMS Artemis? AND the star stuff resource is revealed: Shop currency. Yummy. And who might our cute shopkeeper be? And you can buy Amenities and...diplomacy?? Gosh, since I saved myself -and my money- for this game, I will be all over the place. And then there is yet another new Morgana, with Disease. Love the face mask. Some fighting to round out the video aaand done. thx Mahan. @Shirogane I found the following new ships confirmed, so you don't have to read all of this or watch the teaser in such detail: British DD Zulu, Italian DD Antoniotto Usidimare, German U-37, Italian U-Boot Archimede, British Passenger Liner Queen Mary and Soviet DD Boiky.
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    Here's a link to his channel you can pass along as well. He's very much into history as well, as well as just general war stuff. Ton of his videos are on World of Tanks and World of Warships https://www.youtube.com/user/BohemianEagle
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    Happy holidays to the team, Legate! Also, is it likely that we get even just an announcement about Big Progress before 2021 ends? I remember asking something similar back in 2018 around the same time and I just.... realized that Academagia had become some sort of a comfort game for me. So much so that I bought it on my second steam account just to support the devs again. I haven’t touched the game in 2019 but this break, I had enough time to play and it was nostalgic to play this game again. I’m not expecting Year 2 to come by next year, though I fervently hope for it, but hopefully within the next few years? I know others had been discouraged because of how slow the progress had been and the is it or isn’t it kind of answers, but I’m still anticipating because the summer vacation portion is so interesting and I think it will be fun to play.
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    artist https://www.deviantart.com/rpg347
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    Direct Matches: Tenryuu 3-2 Takao Leningrad 3-1 Moskva Aoba 1-1 Kaga INPF 1: As the year comes to a close and a VB Trailer lingers on the horizon, Chiyoda shows her skill one last time for this year with a double victory exit. She's also the first with only 10 more matches to go. Belfast had more matches and while not perfect, manages to snatch Chiyodas lead on matches alone. Tenryuu also reaches the 10 matches to go mark and sends Takao home into the new year with a win over her. AGs uses a very good 10/12 points matchday to overtake the dormant Lady Lex. Contes rise on the other hand takes a hard dampener with only 3/9 points. She rules at home, but was a bit out of her water in international waters. Hood can capitalize on that weakness with a mediocre 5/12 performance, but it probably will not last since she's already on twice the matches as Conte. Leni got rather frustrated (and the author rather delighted) with a loss internationally. She apparently vented her frustration not only on Moskvas Dynamo, but also on Moskvas Spartak, just to hammer the message home. It at least brings her past two dormant yankii, if nothing else. Moskva gets a very used matchday, not only but also thx to her sister. This finally separates the Russian siblings. Kongou lost her shot at the Empress cup in the third round, giving her at least 3 points, while Kumano sadly lost in the second round and goes empty into sleep until March. LMP puts in a real effort and now trails Leni, just like last season, but farther down the table. Verdun also has a very good matchday -compared to the season so far- and breaks contace with the relegation zone. After a cautious start, Algerie leaves Perth in the dust at the bottom with a 10/12 matchday and makes an attempt to get out of the relegation zone. And since Perth lost against Chiyoda last matchday, she has to let it happen, since she will be dormant until late January. INPF 2: Exeter has an average matchday with 3/6. How much it will save her in the end is uncertain atm, because of her huge lead in points and matches to any competitor. Like P-K, who only has one match, but at least gets a point to show for it. Kaga (and most of the other IJN Kamimaru) concludes her season for this year. She, Nagato and Takao have only 6 matches to go. Kagas end of the year is disappointing with only 2/9 points. Her duel with Aoba gains both only one point each. Takao on the other hand gives herself a nice push towards years end. Only losing one match against INPF1s Tenryuu and winning the other two. Same goes for Kitakami, so both push back into the promotion spots. Nagato only manages to score 3/9 points an thus loses contact to the IJN block. Canarias scores a win and pushes past Nevada. Dunkerque reaches 50% of matches with a disappointing double loss. This helps Scharnhorst with a round of everything (1/1/1) to take back a position in front of her. And even Nünberg saily by, with 6/9 points. Gneisenau only had one match - onoe point, okay, maybe, not helping certainly. Talking about sailing by... the fact Pola rests until late Jauary sailed past me. Bearn performs also poorly with only 1 point and Aoba seems to have already lost her steam with now only 1/9 points this time. Köln on the other hand can keep her small momntum and scores 4/9 points, getting her behind Gneisenau and of the bottom. And very bad news for Axum. Apparently the Ethiopian Premier League was cut back from 16 ti 13 teams and I can't find her club anymore. Which means she is eliminated. Which makes me really sad. It also cuts the matches to play in INPF 2 by 2.
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    Shhhh... don't tell people that data conversion isn't really a big deal or half the devs I know will be out of jobs!
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    Let me guess - a mercenary from the Cyvan equivalent of Dalmatia.
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    O Captain, My Captain!
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    I just happened to come accross a book written by italians about ships. It's a conglomerate of "memorable" ships. And since they're italian, they festure a lot of italian ships. And we have seen only 6 italian ships so far. The book gave me some pointers who to expect in VB when meeting/playing the Regia Marina. Because it is a major power fleet, which is supposed to have a lot of ships. And since I've proven to love to speculate to pass the time.... here I go (again) For a CV there is the Aquila and the Sparviero, which shared a similar fate as the Graf Zeppelin, although they were the passenger liners "Roma" and "Augustus", commissioned in the 20's before conversion started but never got finished. But since there is some speculation about a quest line regarding the GZ, so there could be a similar one in the RN. And about submarines, HN mentioned the Cagni-class, Italy had over 100 subs at the outbreak of WWII. There was also the case of the "Archimede".. or rather two of them. One was sold to Spain and became the General Mola (<- probable spanish sub). To cover that sell up one of the Brin-class ships was named Archimede and that Archimedes even circumnavigated Africa to reach Bordeaux. Another good example for a italian sub is the Enrico Tazzoli which sunk no less than 18 ships in the atlantic and set a record for longest time at sea with 80 days. Then there is the short ranged sub class Perla, which has very god manouverability. And that's only the bare "surface" of the italian submarines. And did I mention some of the long range subs also travelled to Japan? If I'm not mistaken one of them was also taken into japanese service. For above water units, we have a lot not seen yet. For example the destroyers seen so far, Folgore, Soldati and Turbine class, are only three of 11 classes in service in 39 in the RN, not counting torpedo boat classes, which are sometimes classified as "light destroyers" or "hunting destroyers"... but certainly pack a heavier punch than a Rawalpindi..... at least on paper. So yeah in theory you can have 11 destroyers in the RM and not a single sister. Unlike in the Kriegsmarine, where you only got three classes, so a lot of siblings. And then we have only met one light cruiser and one heavy cruiser each. The Pola of Zara class and the Duce d'Aosta. The Zara class is regarded by many the most beautiful ships in WWII btw. And don't tell Pola but in the book the Gorizia is taken as the representative of her class. But there is also the 1908 commissioned heavy cruiser San Giorgio which got actually refitted enough to serve inthe war and technically speaking her sister the San Marco, although in 39 she is a training vessel. And yes, if one of them is in the game this would be a ship older than Goeben/Yavuz. The third class of heavy cruisers would be the Trento class, with Trieste and Trento, both ladies got very busy during the war. For light cruisers there is a lot of fun to be had story wise. Because as D'Aosta hinted: She has one full sister and 10 half sisters. And I really hope the Luigi Cadorna and the Armando Diaz are in the game. The biggest "full family of the Condottieri class btw is the Giussano-subclass with 4 full sisters. There is only one other "italian" class of light cruisers, but they won't be around before 1940....but...but there is the "Trento" class. And they were german cruisers, given to the italians after WWI. Because Italy won that one, y'know? The Taranto and Bari were build in Germany and while Taranto saw service as SMS Strassburg (commissioned 1912, a few months after Goeben), the Bari was originally planned for the russians. She was commissioned in 1914 just prior to the war in Danzig and was then confiscated and put into german service as SMS Pillau. Both ships were given to Italy in 1920. And we haven't even seen one, single battleship. What a miss. There are six BBs in three classes around. The Conte di Cavour and the Giulio Cesare of the Conte di Cavour class. They saw service in WWI and even have already lost a sister, the Leonardo da Vinci, in 1916. The Andrea Doria and the Caio Duilio of the Andrea Doria class. They also saw service in WWI. And then the youngest, the Littorio-class. Both the Littorio and Vittorio Veneto aren't finished in 39, but already commissioned. They only need some more armament installed. R&D and tech tutorial I hear you sneaking up on me? I'd also like to point out, that, from what I've read the italians were really inventive and may have tech, no one else has. Also a looot of ships are really old, so they would fit into the "Old Dames club" and also may have some troubles being allied with germany and opposing the british now. They're certainly not so straight out personalities like Camicia Nera.
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