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    KS Update 128 Well I can say three things. 1. Project 33 is definitely my kind of Belle. (I too thought she was being asked stupid questions for one, because gods know I've had questions like that at interviews before, and I would very much enjoy dining with her choice of dinner guest for two. The list goes on. At length. Suffice to say it's love at first expression of irritation with people who waste her time. Plus such lovely martial zeal.) 2. The redacted games have officially gotten old for me. Really they were old a year ago. If the game had launched on time, on target it would have been an amusing bit of fun, but as this stage I'm simply unamused and would appreciate if we could pack it in already. I'm not saying they should reveal the whole cast or anything, but if you're going to put a Belle up... Give her some proper spot light. It's been long enough for the Belles and for the fan base hasn't it? 3. However since we have a Belle to identify... J'Accuse! The Tenryuu class light cruisers were developed under the C-33 heading by the Imperial Japanese Navy, which makes them literally Project 33*. Their commissioning in 1919** puts them in excellent position to have met their true senpais such as HIJMS Mikasa, be well acquainted with their age peers, and their position/design as destroyer flotilla leaders would put them in a leadership and instructor role for new and younger Belles. I... am leaning towards this being Tatsuta for some reason. The letters give the impression as being from the big sister, but that is entirely in my head and is at best what engineers would call a WAG. *In the listing I found, there is two other project 33s. The first is project S-33, the Junsen submarine mod III, aka I-7 and her sister I-8. I don't think they're likely the Belle(s) in question for a variety of reasons, but she doesn't... talk like any of the Submarines we've seen so far. The sisters were also commissioned in 1937 and 1938, which would make them "young" and not in any position to speak with the voice of experience to their kouhais. This could be wildly off base, but barring a closer reading of the article when I am not sleep deprived, I am satisfied with my conclusions as they stand. The last project 33 is project J-33, which is the Kazahaya class oiler. For one, it's a fleet oiler. For two, there's only one of her, and for three she commissioned in 1943, and since it's still 1939 as it has been for the last several years, I think we can safely rule out a time traveling fleet oiler. **There are conflicting commissioning dates for the Tenryuu class, also muddled with "completion" dates. Some sources say 1918 for date of commission, others 1919. It's splitting rather fine hairs in the grand scheme of things.
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    Wichita actually has elements of all three of the witches shown in the 1939 movie. The hat of the West, the stockings and ruby slippers of the East, and the eyes and general...um...form of the North. So lots of nice touches. :-) As far as the rest, I foresee some changes coming. I look forward to seeing what the new interview writer has in store for us. 🙂
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    1. You probably succeeded on the roll. To clarify, in order to get Informed of a subskill during an adventure, you must fail the roll. Alternatively the devs forgot to actually have that check roll Reason when they added that text in either DLC 16 or 17, because in DLC 15 that check (incorrectly) used you Analyze subskill. 2. No, the game is just kinda awful at keeping your skill list updated. Usually you can force an update by either starting a new day or a quick save/load. 3. Look for actions/abilities that specifically increase those skills (Study the Venalicium Library, for instance, is an easy way to get Research subskills), look for an adventure that gives you a chance to get informed of a skill (Oan's adventure is great for this), or buff the subskill in some fashion (Phemes, items or other stuff). Say you Befriend Olivia Solari, her Clique ability will increase your Flirting, Dating, Flattery, and Romance, and in turn that Informs you of all those subskills. If you use something temporary in nature just train the skill once while the buff is active, and you'll stay Informed of the skill even after the buff wears off.
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    At last when I got a list of noble & royal she wasn't mentioned
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    'Mistake' indeed. Your mistake, Kaga, is whining to Mahan for forgiveness. I have neither forgiven nor forgotten.
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    There is that, yes. Hence why I like to study on Thursday, since that way even if the ability goes I'll have it on the weekend. As for skipping classes, there's nothing you can do about that other than save/reload, unfortunately. I do find it helps to only skip during exam months, since that's when classes learn nothing, and even if you skip two weeks in Cheimare, if you don't skip another class until Kaliri your base chance of getting caught will have decayed to 0 (or close to it).
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    That's a problem when you play the game too much. That's partially why I haven't played a full game in years. I got locked too heavily into a single path of playing. You get better results by refining your play over and over, but I feel that Academagia is just as much about the path you take as the end result. It gets less fun if you just break it down into numbers and don't roleplay at all. Just makes me all the more hungry for when Y2 finally arrives.
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    I jump on the [redacted] train here and agree with the previous writers. The redacted game was fun, but is not anymore. At least not in its old form. The next fleet exercise is overdue and in my opinion you only get off the hook, because it was christmas and new year, etc. Interviewing Kaga is an excellent idea in my opinion. She got revealed, now she deserves to be better known. And that goes for all future revealed Walküren. The here in front of us presented interview format with -presumably- HMS London and -presumably- IJN Tenryuu is indeed refreshing. Although I would like to see Kaga interviewed in the "classic" format, for comparability reasons. But the new one is excellent for foreshadowing. Love it. On the matter of who should interview: Well, if the classic interviews get revived, Mahan should do us the honour. Or Leningrad, we all know she did it in the past. For the new format, apparently the host seems decided. Another Walküre who would be suitable for the job in my opinion would be Le Triomphant btw. One question to HMS Sweeney Todd/ Fleet Street: "How do you feel about the annus mirabilis 1666?" Prior to all the research by people smarter than me, I actually theorised "Fleet Street" to be the English Channel or the Vickers Armstrong Shipyard. Last, but not least: "Fleet Street" alias HMS Sweeney Todd, specifically asked for questions. Here's some: "What is your most and what your least favourtie thing?" and "With whom would you like to share a sauna?"
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    It does read that way, but...not taking any chance on that.
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    Funny you should bring up the infamous Mother's Day Special, and those wicked, wicked subs... So there you go. I personally don't mind a heretofore unknown Belle being interviewed and remaining anonymous, but I think having a redacted Belle interview another redacted Belle a bit silly. There's over seventy known Belles not named Mahan or Belfast: press some of them into service.
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    I'm not too keen on whoever Project 33 is, too grumpy for my tastes. I agree with Two's point #2, but you guys already know my weariness on the whole [redacted] thing has been played out to the point of being super stale now (for realsies this time). Like Two said, it's been 2 years since the very last Belle interview and since then it's mostly the known Belles chattering with each other or the Captain. Other than a surprise Kaga in the Fleet Exercise video, there was been no other actual new reveals in 2 years. I'm also not asking for a full roster reveal either, but since the game has been delayed for quite a while, while not spice it up with new Belles sprinkled in every 2 or so weeks?...even if it wasn't planned because it was thought that game already would've been *out* already....seriously. BUT, I do like how they went about it this update. They focused on one Belle and gave us a few hints on her identity. It was much different than that one update where the Captain was going around to different Belles preparing for a party and there was like....15+ redacted Belles present. Like the Captain came across Mahan, [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], and [Redacted] making party decorations or something, and they barely have us any hints on the others. "Well, this one sub, named after a fish, likes making/wearing costumes!...." "I do know [Redacted] likes this certain poet", etc. So a good balance of [Redacted] and their hints is for the best.
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    Hi, first time on here, just found this awesome game a little bit ago and was hoping i could get access to the mod tools? all the links that I've seen appear to be dead, if someone could either reupload them or send me a private link, whichever, thatd be great, thanks!
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