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    Happy Canada Day
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    @ArcticuKitsu Happy Canada Day to you then, too!
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    KS Update 128 Well I can say three things. 1. Project 33 is definitely my kind of Belle. (I too thought she was being asked stupid questions for one, because gods know I've had questions like that at interviews before, and I would very much enjoy dining with her choice of dinner guest for two. The list goes on. At length. Suffice to say it's love at first expression of irritation with people who waste her time. Plus such lovely martial zeal.) 2. The redacted games have officially gotten old for me. Really they were old a year ago. If the game had launched on time, on target it would have been an amusing bit of fun, but as this stage I'm simply unamused and would appreciate if we could pack it in already. I'm not saying they should reveal the whole cast or anything, but if you're going to put a Belle up... Give her some proper spot light. It's been long enough for the Belles and for the fan base hasn't it? 3. However since we have a Belle to identify... J'Accuse! The Tenryuu class light cruisers were developed under the C-33 heading by the Imperial Japanese Navy, which makes them literally Project 33*. Their commissioning in 1919** puts them in excellent position to have met their true senpais such as HIJMS Mikasa, be well acquainted with their age peers, and their position/design as destroyer flotilla leaders would put them in a leadership and instructor role for new and younger Belles. I... am leaning towards this being Tatsuta for some reason. The letters give the impression as being from the big sister, but that is entirely in my head and is at best what engineers would call a WAG. *In the listing I found, there is two other project 33s. The first is project S-33, the Junsen submarine mod III, aka I-7 and her sister I-8. I don't think they're likely the Belle(s) in question for a variety of reasons, but she doesn't... talk like any of the Submarines we've seen so far. The sisters were also commissioned in 1937 and 1938, which would make them "young" and not in any position to speak with the voice of experience to their kouhais. This could be wildly off base, but barring a closer reading of the article when I am not sleep deprived, I am satisfied with my conclusions as they stand. The last project 33 is project J-33, which is the Kazahaya class oiler. For one, it's a fleet oiler. For two, there's only one of her, and for three she commissioned in 1943, and since it's still 1939 as it has been for the last several years, I think we can safely rule out a time traveling fleet oiler. **There are conflicting commissioning dates for the Tenryuu class, also muddled with "completion" dates. Some sources say 1918 for date of commission, others 1919. It's splitting rather fine hairs in the grand scheme of things.
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    Tomorrow in Philadelphia will commence the 119th meeting of the Cadets and Midshipmen over the hallowed field of battle known as Football. In recognition of this sacred tradition, I commissioned some artwork. For those who have read my fic, The Improbable Captain, you may recognize the sans-rigging Belle depicted. Her name is USS Pensacola and she gets rather passionate when it comes to the ancient interservice rivalry between grunts and squids. Note that her appearance is sans rigging. It's also sans her sidearm and some other accessories which would not have made sense on a playing field and in any case could have led to the unfortunate demise of the entire Corp of Cadets. 😏 So, ladies and gentlemen, be glad she's on your side and rest assured as long as you heave a hearty cry of GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY! 😤
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    Canarias and Lebrecht Maass I commissioned from this guy https://www.deviantart.com/omi48
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    My recommendation for where to start would be to hold out hope that Y2 and it's mod tools can do what the Y1 mod tools can't, because as things stand meaningfully adding a new set of skills to the game would be hard if not impossible. You could, in theory, add skills to the game, but getting those skills to do anything in, say, events/adventures would be the borderline impossible part.
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    You're missing the Expansion Pheme, I'm assuming.
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    Conventional Wisdom is that the Train action that everyone starts with is a terrible waste of time. What are better ways to improve a skill? Obviously, Sphinx, Contu's, and Iudocia represent the gold standard in skill training. The next best I found was Library of Longshade or Thoughtful Study which are a long way short of those top three. Here's what I have come up with so far and some related questions. Anyone know a more efficient way to train Natural Philosophy up to 2 to get Thoughtful Action in the early game? -Family: Graverobbers (+1 Anatomy, Archaeology, and Biology) and/or -https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Academagia:_Infirmary_Library (+1 random from each Negation/Brew/Natural Philosophy useable every other day) from completing the https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Upset_Stomach quest which you mostly want to fail because you get more skill gains that way What’s a good way to Boost Bassan to get access to Culiman's Shack? Anyone know how to unlock https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Lost_Well_of_Knowledge? Wiki claim of “with a compass” seems unlikely. Anyone brave enough to check and see how https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Question_Knowledge_(Action) really works? Wiki claims you lose 1 random skill level in exchange for 5 steps in a chosen skill which is so terrible I have a hard time believing someone actually spent the time to code it. Are there any good ways to raise zoology besides taking the class? You need zoology to be able to train your familiar to not be totally useless. Efficient training 4 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Esteban_Contu%27s_School_of_Incantation - all incantation subskills, unlocked by Incantation - Theory of Incantation 1 and paying 900 pims https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Palace:_Emperor_Sphinx%27s_Room extensively consult with the sphinx - 1 chosen, 2 random, 1 malice - unlocked by several ways, including Filing 9 or Library Knowledge 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Temple_of_Iudocia - -5pims, 1 piety, 1 prayer, 1 oratory, 1 theology - unlocked by Theology 1 or take History: Descended From Heroes at chargen then Work the Looms (niche but easiest way to unlock cleanse and remake spam) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Godina_Park:_The_Crystal_Bridge (weaker than it looks since most characters will have several of these maxed as classes or through Esteban Contu’s) - 1 astrology, 1 Glamour, 1 Incantation, 1 Negation, 1 Revision - unlocked by History - The History of Magic or by buying https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/A_Guide_to_Statues_from_the_Early_Empire_(Item) for 250pims from https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Haejar_Enthifal_Cortath,_Pages_19-22_(Shop) which is unlocked by History - The Early Empire 1 which makes this a nice way to cover the most commonly used magic skills for early game 3 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Palace:_Emperor_Sphinx%27s_Room Match Wits with the Emperor Sphinx - 1 chosen, 2 random - unlocked by several ways, including Filing 9 or Library Knowledge 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_Longshade Study at the Library of Longshade - 1 chosen, 1 random, 1 concentration - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 3 & Insight/Filing Roll v. 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Culiman%27s_Shack - 3 random - unlocked by Language - Bassan 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Venalicium_Library:_Linguistic_Section - 1 Library Knowledge, 2 random languages - unlocked by language parent skill 1 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Lost_Well_of_Knowledge 1 forms, 1 language subskill, 1 random - unlocked by ? https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Stenephan_Pastis%27_Court:_Observation_Galley - 1 wit, 1 law subskill, 1 random - unlocked by Law - Civil Law 1 (situational but wit is a good skill) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_Manetele Study at the Library of Manetele - 1 chosen, 1 forge subskill, 1 revision subskill (most characters will probably take revision as a class so maybe this should be in the 2 skill step category) - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 9 2 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Thoughtful_Study_(Action) - 1 chosen, 1 random - unlocked by Natural Philosophy 2 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Extrapolation_of_Evidence_(Ability) 1 observation, 2 random but Insight/Sleuthing Rolls v. 6 and 13 respectively - unlocked by Dialectic - Study Level 8 (need observation a lot and sleuthing isn’t bad but that second roll is really high so it’s more like 2 skill gains when its useful) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Work_Until_You_Drop_%28Action%29 - 1 chosen, 1 test taking, 1 study, +1 stress. This is roughly comparable to the Venalicium, depending on how you rate stress and relationship points, but requires a background to unlock https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_the_Mantle_of_Stars - Study at the Library of the Mantle of Stars - 1 chosen, 1 Astrology subskill by 2 - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 6 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Impart_Understanding_(Spell) 1 chosen, 1 glamour methods, also increases all clique members by 1 step for chosen - unlocked by Calligraphy - Illustration 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/From_Nothing,_Knowledge_(Spell) 2 random - Incantation - Incantation Methods 10 1 skill step or equivalent Train - 1 chosen - start with this Joie de Vivre - 1 random - start with this https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Filing_Fugue_(Action) - 1 research subskill, +10 pims, -1 stress or 1 random - unlocked by https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Club! Study skills Zoe Mellis Clique ability - +2 chosen study, 1 chosen (2 steps), 1/week https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Venalicium_Library - Study at the Venalicium, 1 chosen study, 1 Research subskill, 1 Relationship (stronger than it looks since you want the research subskills anyways)- unlocked at start https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Judge_the_Instructor%27s_Taste_(Ability) - 1 study, 2 random from Wit/Flattery/Storytelling/Syntax/Dispassion/Playfulness but needs a nsight/Character Study roll v. 5 - unlocked by test taking 2. Probably not worth it unless you have all the libraries unlocked (main thing you need research skill for) Bunch of actions locked behind high test taking subskill and so useless
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    I'd say +2, maybe +1 and +1 Poisons (describe it as Pelia unintentionally teaching that through "here's how you don't do this process, or else you end up with this" if necessary) since Poisons is such a hard skill to learn relative to Alchemical Tools/Analyse/Chemistry. Of course who knows whether that'll still be the case in Y2, certainly not me .
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    Alright. Bit of a long one here. I am very fond of this update and Arizona's excitement at Captain-belle relations. I do believe she is correct in that the four of them are quite entitled to hugs. For the questions: 1: No. There really isn't. ------------------------------------------------------- 2: Can you draw me riding on the back of a shark and punching a Morgana in the face while fireworks go off in the background? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- To posit another question, though Belfast could not see what the Captain sees visually, is it still possible that a belle could receive telepathic communication from a captain in the form of linguistic thoughts? I would like to see a test done with words, phrases, or conceptual thought. For those who don't speak the same language, turning left is always turning left, even if the word is different. (unless you're in an absolute direction language, but those are few and far between.) Alternately, we could just spend a day lining up belles and giving them hugs. That sounds nice. I want an update focusing on how each belle responds to a hug.
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    I would assume her spying device isn't strictly necessary to complete her Y2 adventure, otherwise how could non-Y1 import characters acquire it?
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    So I was going through the skill list in the mod tools and encountered this among the unnamed DELETE skills: Is that still a thing, or has that been removed both from the game and the setting?
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    Excellent! Happy to hear you guys had a nice read. Something simple like that goes a long way to the point I'm now hyped up again & proud to be Canadian again. Need more of that, thanks! Hope any lurking Canadians feel warm and fuzzy. They're out there, just need to be tuned into the right frequency. Just seeing that kind gesture made me so happy!~ Happy, just like that song. Well, that actually went amusingly well from the looks of things. Haven't seen any mention of Canadians on the Azur Lane Subreddit which makes me sad. I kept refreshing every few hours just to see if anybody noticed it. Nope! Canadians are forgotten & overlooked, unless on Twitter & from myself. I had a nice laugh. I was about to get outright triggered to instead gain a nice chuckle. THIS TWEET nearly had me boiling.... Why? They were about to release USN skins for July 4th while missing an golden opportunity to give Foxhound & Fortune some Canadian themed skin in some manner. Instead, I'm seeing Americans being triggered so that has me laughing. Irony here, irony there..... Games have been known in adding festive aesthetics & appearances to make them semi-themed to what they're selling, yet not quite. Seen a lot of semi-false advertising on PSN stores that I'm somewhat immune to this. Someone PLEASE take advantage of the next July 1st..... I don't care who..... Azur Lane, Victory Belles,.... Maybe even the declining 'KanColle'.... This is fun to observe. ---------- Also, Happy Independence Day! Be safe and use common sense when celebrating! Americans tend to be wild so do stay safe.
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    It's Canada Day, so I have to post this. I have to because nobody else will. --------------------------- Happy Canada Day! Happy Canada Day! Just seeing something simple as this honestly goes a long way. Give recognition, even on the slightest, it'll mean a lot. I'm happy to see Azur Lane developers having gone out of their way to contact a Canadian Pixiv artist to have drawn HMS Fortune, HMS Foxhound, and maybe even Bulin in the mix. Can't ID the third one to the right. Choppy chop in a French-Canadian stereotype, something I can approve of. If they start doing cheesy Canadian stereotypes of being polite, THEN we'd have issues. It's just heartwarming to see people pushing for HMCS Haida & her sisters to be added. I however wish people would also stop forgetting about HMCS Uganda & HMCS Ontario, both light cruisers on the Canadian side. Canadians who served on the two CLs loved them so much. HMCS Uganda fought in the Atlantic, Medideranian (or at least sailed through it), and Pacific. Americans told Canadians they couldn't have their Canadian identity so they had a mutiny (also because they were fighting the Japanese unwillingly), something which seems to be the case even today. Canadians. Been told "Canadians are a minor nation", something a certain someone here & elsewhere missed the point completely. It's not about balance, it's about being represented and connected. Then you have this tweet telling people what Canadian ships are hiding in Azur Lane. (Below tweet: Focus is on Artimak's tweet noting what Canadian ships are hiding in Azur Lane given from the RN. Tried to single out the tweet, didn't work. But yeah, Happy Canada Day! It's awesome seeing what sort of comments are under that tweet. Been trying to keep an eye out to see if Victory Belles developers would have done the same by releasing a simple tweet, or anything. Even SCS Software developers with a Canadian themed paint pack for American Truck Simulator, or something. Anything. Maybe the timing is off, maybe there's something other planned.... July 1st is always a good time to recognize the Canadians. It's always a nice breath of freshair when things aren't always about Americans. I honestly hope people don't treat me like a god damn circus act again just for desiring to connect with the Canadian side of things. I still have some form of PTSD & grudges from the Discord nonsense we went though. I honestly want to forget about it, it's just hard because of how I was stupidly singled out. I'm still upset about that. I also saw people didn't want to give out genuine apologies. It was more of "saving face", something which adds more salt than it really should. I honestly want to forget about that moment, it's just hard. Probably wont' understand because you weren't on the receiving end of people's nonsense. But hey, I'm just making note of that, not trying to stir up another storm. I'm simply making note of it. I'm only here to point out the awesomeness that is Canada Day and how Azur Lane gave recognition having hoped Victory Belles developers would have done "something" about it. Guess timing was off, or something. I don't know. I can't see into their office. When Canadians become their own faction that shall be glorious (in this, Azur Lane, and any other game). There is one RTS game I could play, but that's on land, called 'Steel Division: Normandy 44. Victory at Sea was also awesome... I"m certain I mentioned it, just me re-mentioning it shows how awesome they are in certain ways I also retrofited Foxhound on my English Azur Lane client (I play on both JP & En of Azur Lane because I screwed up) so that's a nice morale boost for me! Fortune is being leveled up. I can't wait to level up all the others which were noted by Artimak. So, yeah. Happy Canada Day! /Navy salute o7
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    List all the belles in Victory Belles that we know they are in the game. The list will be updated in the future and help the person creating fanfics writers and readers. United States Destroyer: USS Stewart (DD-224) USS Mahan (DD-364) USS Somers (DD-381) USS Henley (DD-391) Light cruisers: USS Boise (CL-47) Heavy cruiser: USS Salt Lake City (CA-25) USS Houston (CA-30) USS Augusta (CA-31) USS New Orleans (CA-32) USS Wichita (CA-45) Battleship: USS Nevada (BB-36) USS Arizona (BB-39) USS Mississippi (BB-41) Aircraft carrier: USS Lexington (CV-2) Submarine: USS Nautilus (SS-168) Japan Destroyer: Fubuki Nenohi Light cruiser: Kitakami Tenryū Heavy cruiser: Kumano Takao Aoba Battleship: Kongō Nagato Aircraft carrier: Kaga Hiryū Seaplane tender: Chiyoda Submarine: I-8 British Commonwealth Destroyer: HMS Nubian (F36) HMS Bulldog (H91) HMCS Saguenay (D79) Light cruisers: HMS Belfast (C35) HMS Achilles (70) HMS Orion (85) HMAS Perth (D29) Heavy cruiser: HMS Exeter (68) Battlecruiser: HMS Hood (51) Aircraft carrier: HMS Ark Royal (91) Submarine: HMS Salmon (N65) Armed merchant cruiser: HMS Rawalpindi Germany Destroyer: Z1 Leberecht Maass Z10 Hans Lody Z17 Diether von Roeder Z18 Hans Lüdemann Z20 Karl Galster Light cruiser: Nürnberg Köln Heavy cruiser: Admiral Graf Spee Battlecruiser: Scharnhorst Gneisenau Submarine: U-29 French Destroyer: Le Triomphant Maillé-Brézé Verdun Light cruisers: La Motte-Picquet Heavy cruiser: Algérie Battleship: Dunkerque Aircraft carrier: Béarn Submarine: Surcouf Italy Destroyer: Espero Lampo Camicia Nera (CN) Light cruisers: D’Aosta Heavy cruiser: Pola Battleship: Conte di Cavour Submarine: Axum Soviet Union Destroyer: Voykov Leningrad Moskva Light cruisers: Profintern Heavy cruiser: Kirov Battleship: Parizhskaya Kommuna Submarine: Shch-205 "Nerpa" S-3 "Sushka" Spain Destroyer: Velasco Heavy cruiser: Canarias Turkey Battlecruiser: TCG Yavuz Netherlands Light cruisers: HNLMS De Ruyter Poland Destroyer: ORP Wicher 79 of 128+? known Belles which are in the game.
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    think there 1 or 2 more exotic familiar where because the adventure start at the intro it can't be done when you get the familiar later in the game. (To lazy to look in the mod tools right now who they are)
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    That's still random though, and I don't know if the team fixed the issue with the Doll Familiar and it's Juvenalia intro not triggering something if it was obtained through Exchange Familiar.
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    Does that mean Y2 will definitely release before 2025? Free, you might be able to add to your old sig again .
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    Quoting wikipedia there... That's effectively 14 years. So the Team still has a little time to burn, yet, if they're trying to go for a record...
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    @Rhialto as far I can see you can register also without a Social Media account but still $19.99 ahead payment when they not even post a screenshot about the game on their own webpage leave a very bad taste.
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    I would like to point out that Sima is a surname in Chinese, so this is likely a more Sanskrit or Persian naming used as a first name. "Sima Yi" is "Sima Yi" in Dynasty Warrior or misc. Three Kingdoms game because those games usually follow the surname, first name format, the norm of Chinese -- if people were to have English name, we will make it like "Daniel Sima Yi" or with a two characters Chinese first name with spacing between them, is something like "Janice Sima Yi Xing". Ironically, the Sima family is more famous as the late emerging force(who raised from inside the infamous Wei and successfully coup-ed against the Cao family) and eventual winner of the Three Kingdoms era than the War of the Eight Princes and latter stuffs. I used to absolutely hate them because I was a Shu fanboy in my youth.
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    Here's a copy/paste:
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    *Digs through old .txt files* Oh hey, I do still got it. So Y1 classes teach the following: Maybe not as wield-y as Schwarzbart's table, but if you need it in .txt format for whatever reason...
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    Good point. That could be interesting too. Depending on how things play out, they could see you as a threat to the legality of their practice, and become determined to make sure you're dealt with before you drag them down with you. Although I'm not sure how that kind of story could end.
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    I'd like to ask how that steam engine was destroyed. Surely a good story is in that.
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    Tulia only needs you to get detention, not outright expelled. Still, bad form to tie a noose around your friend's neck.
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    Wichita actually has elements of all three of the witches shown in the 1939 movie. The hat of the West, the stockings and ruby slippers of the East, and the eyes and general...um...form of the North. So lots of nice touches. :-) As far as the rest, I foresee some changes coming. I look forward to seeing what the new interview writer has in store for us. 🙂
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    That's a problem when you play the game too much. That's partially why I haven't played a full game in years. I got locked too heavily into a single path of playing. You get better results by refining your play over and over, but I feel that Academagia is just as much about the path you take as the end result. It gets less fun if you just break it down into numbers and don't roleplay at all. Just makes me all the more hungry for when Y2 finally arrives.
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    It does read that way, but...not taking any chance on that.
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    Funny you should bring up the infamous Mother's Day Special, and those wicked, wicked subs... So there you go. I personally don't mind a heretofore unknown Belle being interviewed and remaining anonymous, but I think having a redacted Belle interview another redacted Belle a bit silly. There's over seventy known Belles not named Mahan or Belfast: press some of them into service.
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    I'm not too keen on whoever Project 33 is, too grumpy for my tastes. I agree with Two's point #2, but you guys already know my weariness on the whole [redacted] thing has been played out to the point of being super stale now (for realsies this time). Like Two said, it's been 2 years since the very last Belle interview and since then it's mostly the known Belles chattering with each other or the Captain. Other than a surprise Kaga in the Fleet Exercise video, there was been no other actual new reveals in 2 years. I'm also not asking for a full roster reveal either, but since the game has been delayed for quite a while, while not spice it up with new Belles sprinkled in every 2 or so weeks?...even if it wasn't planned because it was thought that game already would've been *out* already....seriously. BUT, I do like how they went about it this update. They focused on one Belle and gave us a few hints on her identity. It was much different than that one update where the Captain was going around to different Belles preparing for a party and there was like....15+ redacted Belles present. Like the Captain came across Mahan, [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], and [Redacted] making party decorations or something, and they barely have us any hints on the others. "Well, this one sub, named after a fish, likes making/wearing costumes!...." "I do know [Redacted] likes this certain poet", etc. So a good balance of [Redacted] and their hints is for the best.
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    The latest one that works is the DLC 15 mod base, as far as I recall. Download links are...sparse, but you might be able to find one (or pester the Legate into posting a new one, either or).
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    started to play The Scroll of Taiwu and its a great combination of RPG with city builder game as far I can say after 4 ingame years. Its except for the combat and 1 other mini game complete turn-based. (might be that there more mini games hidden that I just didn't see so far) Sadly this natural put a stop on my adventure writing -.-'
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    Seems to be a dutch variant of Richeldis itself a feminine version of Richard who's also pronounced Rickard in some languages. You can find the name here for exemple: https://heraldry.sca.org/names/earlydutchfem.html That's what 5 minutes of google gave me anyway. If you're more curious feel free to to investigate further.
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    Based on what experience I have, if you wish to call it such, your earliest creative projects are generally the ones you'll be the most embarrassed about afterwards. So if you don't care to be reminded about what blunders it took to either get somewhere or realize you shouldn't have tried it to begin with, the best place to start would be a place you can disavow all knowledge of afterwards.
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    You too? The little irony of this is that the academic study of magic presented in this game is parallel to the study of things that might as well be magic to other people (History and Law). Spend too much time in real complex fields and you keep on looking for the structure and processes. Ignore them and the human characteristics are more visible but you run the danger of ignoring the predictability and constraints that are part of being human. The game does a good job at balancing between rules for its magic system and world and the focus on character elements.
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    Again, improvement on making it read less stilted. That said it's still rather...what's the word, by the book? For a conversation between, presumably, friends, parts still read too much like it was intended as a PSA. Which I could see being the case for some students, but Prudence and friend Oan? Not so much.
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    I definitely remember correcting the Legate with saying that Y1 kids are 12-13 as a rule when I saw that Steam post, and I definitely don't remember getting corrected on that point by the Legate. If only I could either find that post of where I got that information from in the first place I'd be getting somewhere... Really though, it's just a matter of rounding up or down. Do you focus on how old the kids are when they enter the academic year or how old most are when they leave the academic year? I just tend to favor the former, since (barring special exceptions) it's true for everyone. No summer months to make things complicated. EDIT: Found it: Eh, correct me if I'm wrong, but I do recall the cut-off for first year Academagia students being 12 on Juvenalia, and only Kurt being 11 for a week and change at the start of the school year because he was so close to the cut-off that the Legate made an exception for him.
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    Prudence has an Int of 1, minimal interest in Dialectic and Professor Sido is a shoddy teacher besides, so her not understanding a dialectic analysis fits. In addition, Professor Sido's classes are basically a long string of exciting stories that build up the allure of all things exotic, because of all the cool stuff he's seen and done out in the wide open world. So I can see Prudence getting the impression of the PC hooking up with Miya/Sima as a way of getting into contact with someone who, by their appearance, are of the exciting outside world that Professor Sido so often describes. The issue I see is one of assuming part of the PC's character. If the PC is (or rather, was) the kind of character that would have seen Miya/Sima as a trophy rather than a person, than yes, Oan is as good a guess as any as to who helped the PC to grow out of it, and it's a valid question to ask. However, if the PC isn't and never was that kind of character, Pru would probably know that, and her asking that question regardless just comes out of nowhere. And a PC responding in kind would than be even more left field, because that's not an issue of the PC being racist, that's an issue of Pru being dense, which she's entirely capable of coming off as if she tries to rely on her downright abysmal Int/Dialectic scores.
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    I put the questions in front of each answer (except for New 9 & 10) for easier read.
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    I couldn't agree more with TwoHeavens. I think the more interesting question is if Sinterklass/ Santa Claus/ Saint Nicholas believes in Belles... 😉 *** It has been established that Belles who are sunk and re-floated are never quite the same. I'm curious if that is true for the Belles of ships that were lost, re-floated and returned to service before the start of the war. Such potential does exist. Consider USS S-38 (SS-143): who had a mishap in July of 1923, but following repairs and clean-up has been in active service. Another example is the Spanish destroyer Císcar, victim of the Spanish Civil War but refloated and repaired. Would it be something from her past that she'd rather not dwell on, or would there be more obvious consequences to the Belle? There is also the question of ships in the process of being salvaged at the start of the war: HMS Thetis and USS Squalus. Both submarines have been below since Spring, with salvage operations well underway; under optimal circumstances (in real life) Thetis should be raised on September 3rd and Squalus on September 13th. As of September 1st however, circumstances have become less than optimal. Are they among the first casualties of the war, or is there still hope of recovering them?
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    Was about to comment that no one who'd read 482 words worth of disclaimer would care about a video game. Than I remembered that Academagia is a schedule-based CYOA visual novel with little in the way of anything video game-y, but possessing gobs upon gobs of text. So...carry on .
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    The game should do that by itself, you just have to find it. On Windows 7 it should be C:\ProgramData\Academagia\Academagia.log, on another OS I don't know.
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    @X-RHODEN-X's eagerness about weapons in Academagia would, I think, be satisfied if we could learn whether there will be weapons subskills and skills in Y2. @Legate of Mineta, do you have any comments about this?
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    There wont be any new addition to year 1 from BCS and adding new skills via mod, if at all possible, will most likely cause problems if we ever get year 2. As sad it is your late by at last 2 year or there would be the chance that BCS added a new skill to DLC 17 if you have designed it.
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    Got the game two days ago, and the sheer breadth of skills and possible specialisations has me hooked! Anyways, I got held at swordpoint by a pirate, and then wondered... why is there no swordsmanship skill? Or a broader weapons mastery skill in general? The game has an obtainable sword, yet there's no further path for fostering skills based on it. Given the ubiquitous presence of magic in the setting, wouldn't "magic swordsmen" or "magic archers" be prevalent? In fact, there's a lore entry on an archer who's superhumanly skilled, and an event has an old man speaking of an ancient warrior who killed dragons with his axe, so clearly magic wielding warriors and weapons based combat exists. Now, maybe weapons based combat is planned for Year 2 and beyond, but why not enable the groundwork for it in Year 1? We already have family backgrounds which focus on magic skill, so why not have families focused on raising warriors? So why not expand on this untapped area? Name: Warrior Expansion Content: Two new skills, each with subskills Weapons Mastery - A skill drawing primarily upon Finesse, yet closely intertwined with Strength as well. Weapons Mastery is the livelihood of warriors; ranging from pirates, ruffians and mercenaries to the esteemed ranks of the Imperial Palace Guard and battle mages who elect to use lethal implements of war alongside their magic. Mages who plan on fighting from a distance may ignore this skill, but for those who intend to see the battle up close and personal, the art of Weapons Mastery is critical. Unlike spells, weapons require no Phemes unless you intend on casting spells to enhance them. Sword Mastery - One of the oldest and most famous skills known to humanity. The skill of Sword Mastery encompasses the use of all swords, be they curved or straight, one-handed, dual-wielded or even the larger variety requiring both hands. Those intending to engage in honourable combat against their foes using swords should pay close heed to this skill. Training this discipline will allow one to swiftly prove to their adversaries that the swords worn upon their belts are not merely for show. Polearm Mastery - One of humanity's earliest weapons against their aggressors was the polearm. The Polearm Mastery skill covers the usage of all polearms starting from the loyal spear through others such as halberds, axes and staves. Those intending to serve in any formal military unit will have to be well acquainted with these weapons, and consequently, this skill. The skill can also aid Mages interested in taking the battle closer to the enemy, and even for those wizards who shy away from melee combat, training this skill can teach many methods of utilising magical staves against an opponent dangerously close to oneself. Shield Mastery - The best offence is a good defence; or so some drunk Paladin said. The skill of Shield Mastery allows one to use all manner of shields, from the tiniest of bucklers to towering greatshields. A good shield can save one's life, and a good shield and a skilled user can kill someone. Tales abound of skilled users not only parrying blows and even spells, but of them even bludgeoning foes and sometimes even throwing shields! Whether the tales be drunk ramblings or not the performance of the Knights, Paladins and Mages who use them cannot be denied. Throwing Weapons Mastery - A good throw can often catch an enemy unaware, and a lucky one can even kill them. The skill of Throwing Weapons Mastery includes simple stones and daggers as well as full implements of war such as javelins, throwing axes and spears. Warriors seeking to harry their opponents at range should train this skill, and even Mages seeking to add an unexpected tool to their repertoire would be advised to hone this discipline. For if two Mages of equal speed duelled, the one throwing a dagger would naturally strike before any spell by the other. Light Weapons Mastery - The skill of utilising weapons light enough to be used one-handed. Be it sword, dagger, axe or mace, any weapon that can be wielded in one hand while leaving the other free is dependent on this skill. Rogues, assassins, Warriors using sword and shield and even Mages calling themselves Spellswords are all connoisseurs of this discipline. After all, having a dagger up your sleeve could be the last thing an opponent expects. Heavy Weapons Mastery - The discipline of true Warriors, and the rare breed of Mage. The skill of Heavy Weapons Mastery encompasses all weapons heavy enough to exclusively require both hands to use. Battleaxes, greatswords, halberds and warhammers - weapons capable of beheading a dragon with a good enough swing - are all under the purview of this skill. Those intending to smash through enemy defences or make them cower through sheer intimidation should train in this discipline. Pirates, Warriors and even Mages will often be wary of one who has a heavy weapon strapped to their back, for unlike other lighter weapons which can be worn by anyone, a person wielding one of these knows how to use them. Martial Discipline - A skill drawing mainly upon Willpower, but closely intertwined with Fitness as well. The art of Martial Discipline transcends the boundaries of Warrior and Mage and has been honed by all who pursue battle in a lifestyle which civilians can only dream and write tales of. The skill is honed by those intent on duelling and those pursuing warfare and battle. Mages who intend on never seeing combat need not bother with this skill, but for those who seek to serve their nation or pursue their ideals through the ancient rite of battle, the skill of Martial Discipline is necessary. Pain Tolerance - Any Warrior worth their pims has learned the skill of Pain Tolerance through many gruelling hours at the practice yard. The skill is somewhat required for not only Warriors, but also Mages with an interest in duelling and especially Mages interested in fighting for their nation in real battle. A low proficiency in this skill could make one vulnerable to particularly painful attacks or spells inciting agony, while a high proficiency may allow one to ignore blows that would fell lesser people and keep going, often beyond what their Vitality would normally allow them to achieve. Mental Fortitude - Fighting in battle is not only about the physical, but also the mental. If one does not have the courage and fortitude to bear the horrors of war and seeing comrades fall, then one cannot fight as effectively as those that have these things. Those intending on seeing real battle should hone this skill to a tolerable level so that at least they do not faint at the first sight of a dead body. Those unskilled in this discipline may find themselves vulnerable to psychological attacks or even brought to their knees by a fearsome war cry. But those proficient in this skill are capable of weathering the most gruesome sights and psychological assaults and of soldiering on past adversity to limits others thought impossible. This is the general idea for it. In fact, just in this much there's a metric load of content and I haven't played the game enough to think up skills and actions associated with these skills. Imagine adding Phemes for all these. Anyways, any suggestions for more, or a discipline/aspect of the "Warrior" side I've missed are welcome.
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