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    I posted a doujinshi of Mahan of Victory Belles which I issued at Comike 93. The dialogue is translated into English by machine translation.R-18. https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=20393382
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    A commission I asked done by sweetprank
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    Something I commissioned from Melisa and a reminder to vote for the Mardi Gras Belle since a commission can take about 2 weeks give or take. The girl with the green hair is Yamakaze and the one with the red is Arashi. I kinda pictured them being very angry Nautilus is a thing and has big boobs so they the made plans for their revenge. As one should know all plans of shipgirls and mice fall to pieces if the enemy is in the tactics room, Arashi from zhan jian shao nyu (Warship Girls) is not here due to diplomacy problem between Kancolle and WSG.
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    Here's to hoping this doesn't blow up. So it's been pointed out on Steam that the ingame tutorial is incomplete, the game's learning curve is steep, and the myriad of options available, while great, really doesn't help newcomers figure out just what they're supposed to do. This, I can personally confirm, is entirely on the mark. I figured I'd try and collect and explain some of the basic mechanics that the game doesn't, and hopefully shed some light on them as I go into more detail. If that turns out to be wasted effort than, eh...go read Bobbin Threadbare's LP I suppose, 'cuz I sure as Fish can't help ya'. Anyway: (IMPORTANT) F12 Function: (Advanced) Familiar Training Strategy: (Advanced) The Forbidden Arts (Imagination/Improvisation 101 required): Adventures: Attributes (primary): Attributes (secondary): Character Creation (Mechanics): Character Creation (reference lists): Character Creation (tips on creating a character): Chance of Success/Failure, Chance of Detection, Glory, Parental Approval, Re-Rolls and Skill Substitution: Class Skipping and Detention: Cleanse and Cheesemake Remake (Or: Cheese and Remake): Cliques: Dealing with Bullies: Exams (or: Study and why it's (not) important): Exploring: Merit Race: Pheme Buffing: Random Events: Research: Rolls and Color-Coding: Romance (Or: Why a Lack Thereof?): Skills (Basics and Tips): Stress Bonus:
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    This is meta gaming, but since you asked... I generally explore for two locations. The Incantation classroom, if I don't have the course, and the Imperial Palace: Grand Library. The incantation classroom (region Academagia, surprise ) informs you of the 'Theory of Incantation' subskill in turn needed to enroll in Esteban Contu's School of Incantation, the best place to learn Incantation. The Imperial Palace: Grand Library is a good way to unlock the The Library of Longshade (region Imperial Reserve), without the RNG of the Venalicium Library. The Imperial Palace: Grand Library can be found even with a fresh character, but if you want to find it in one go, some save scumming is needed.
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    Silent and concerned Lady D’Aosta is Noble and restraint No time Profintern Showed you all of her hobbies Was there shown too much? Elegant Moskva Focused on things which matter Unlike her sister? Always on the search For something new exciting Is Maille Breze Is she the finest? Kongou has seen much but is Refined Japanese? Besiege mit ihr Deine Fehler und Feinde Wähl Leberecht Maass A lot of blood seen Willing to see more of it Verdun engages Rätsel entdecken, Lösen und Wahrheit finden U-29 Im Winter sind wir. Nur kalt. Gedanken wärmen. Holde Gneisenau. A fierce warrior Takao improves herself Every way possible Stars in her eyes she Pursues them and fights with you For you Orion Aoba Goldberg Has nothing on her skill for Crafty beauty things Girl Scout submarine Serves King and country good Join Salmon your scout
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    The second part: Sleep is for the weak Parizhskaya Kommuna Work has to be done African huntress Axum dives for Italy Brings coffee with her Complete Samurai Incomplete dancer tries hard Start off the Hi-ryu Most experience Most impact most hides Yavuz Most hugged of all Loving the outside Enjoys to play with golf balls Watch out Chiyoda Ideas in mind Lampo improves every Ship with her genius Pure to most captains Traitor to one. Not easy Acting like Nerpa Can you smell what fries? Lexington prepares a treat Both for friend and foe Colour explosion Embracing the new always Nenohi searches A l’attaque Dunkerque is on our side We fear for nothing Faithful postal ship Rawalpindi bring us post Death to enemy African huntress Nubian sails for England Brings dead prey with her Can you smell something Fishy? Could it be cooking? Kitakami is
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    That's what Oan has to say about it. 'Course mechanically speaking that explanation fits about as well as a square peg in a round hole, but...
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    Also a good chunk of "good" Mastery is now Glammour there's a difference between the two pillars then and the two pillars now. Altough I am sure they were some tensions between the two pillars when Mastery was legal, for exemple in diplomacy now uterly dominated by Glamour practicer not so much before. There's also the fact that Glammour is the most widespread pillar and supposedly the most "easy" to learn. I would not be suprised that in some Mastery circle, Glammour is the lesser Art, a gateway to the real Art that is Mastery. (a bit like calligraphy/Orthography). Altough now I wonder if Glammour/Mastery mastery was in anyway common for mage talented enough to master more than 2 pillars. The two seems to synergise nicely.
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    12. Is already clear what SS change their main skill in Year 2 and can you give us a overview about the class SS affected by this? @Rhialto 8. Alchemy is a Revision sub path from what the Legate told us so far (Also check out the Age-Stopping Potion Formula its a Alchemy formulary but say you need Revision magic beyond your year 1 knowledge) 9. Glamour actual can create pseudoreal stuff i.e. a bridge where you actual can walk over. So there is a big difference between what Glamour and Mastery can do. Edit ups missed 5. I'm not sure if the team did work it out more clear then my design what was:
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    In my opinion crafting comes down to 2 problems that y1 have. Extrem limited stock in the shops even for common materials and to have the recipe for a item you have to own it first. The first point means you probably need to use 2-4 shop actions to even craft one item and for the next of the same type you have to find new shops. The second point means items for your own usage are useless and crafting to earn money is to time consuming for questionable gain as at last my characters usual have more money then they want to spend.
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    All adventures are done through the adventure action. What dyrhet meant is that by having zoology as a class certain adventures are unlocked. For Zoology these are: Naming Beasts, The Chipmunk Problem and Splash. Never had Zoology as class, so can't tell you anything about the adventures themselves. Apparently there is talk that in Y2 there will be more random events involving your actual classes, but I'm not sure even those are as involved affairs as adventures.
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    I gave you the link to the forum thread above where the download link and additional instructions are. But here again:
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    First of all class give you skill steps not level but only once that skill step is enough to raise a full level you get a report. Then for the 2 month of the exams there no skills trained at all during class. The skills you get trained during the year in a class are all fixed in the data base but are random placed within +-3 class day around a fixed date. Over the year even if you not count the 2 months of the exam the skill gain from class slot is worse then train, that is why there if my class fix mod. (Be aware my mod only increase the skills you gain somewhat so that it at last can compare to train)
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    Take zoology as a course. This unlocks the insects subskill. Raise insects to 3. This gets you Student of the Drones, which unlocks planning. Raise planning to level 2 (in addition to any other bonuses). This unlocks Learning from Mistakes (permanent +1 to intelligence and insight). Others: Beacon of Begger's Corner trait (gained through succeeding on an insight/piety roll in the action Give Charity and Work, which is unlocked by a piety subskill level of 1 (in addition to bonuses) - this can easily be done through the action Pray at the Temple of Rostra), and researching War to level 2 (grants Understanding of Strategy (Permanent +1 to insight and other bonuses)). Finally, training Danger sense subskill to level 3 (in addition to any bonuses) grants trait Goose Bumps (Ability) (permanent +1 to Insight, +1 to Danger Sense).
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    I always focus on raising insight to at least 5 before studying at the Venalicium so that my characters will receive maximum benefits from insight based research skill-step increases gained through studying at the Venalicium.
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    There at last 2 spells that allows you to identify your own items but they also cost 1 timeslot. But I personal don't care because I somehow doubt that BCS really check all shop transactions of year 1 for illegal items sold as then they also have to look what shop it was where you sold it.
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    As a general rule you're automatically/easily informed of most of the easy to find locations in the Academagia and the Academagia Grounds, so until you get high Explore levels those two can be ignored. Once you get high Explore levels (around 10 or 15+, up to the effective cap of ~30) there's a few less easy to find locations you could try to search for there. Each Region, as they're called, contains dozens of locations. If you're getting many repeats it's either because your Explore levels are too low to find new things or you've just found a ton of locations already.
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    Wow, I'm glad you finally got a pixiv! I hope to see you post more there!!
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    failing that, You can look up the students on the wiki. There are some nice abilities there for the taking if you can keep the clique together.
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    Extra Credit adds to your exam score. And yes, the game is intelligent enough to assign extra credit to a class you have if you gain it for a class you're not enrolled in. As for whether it's worth it, REs don't exactly give you much choice on the matter. Take what they give you and be happy it's not just a trip to the infirmary.
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    Then check out use ability and not just use action.
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    A Day in Dialectic Class (or how it is called again) is a other adventure that can unlock some interesting skills early. When using adventure you best also check the color coding about the difficulty of the next adventure step. http://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Chance_of_Success#Chance_of_Success But be warned its only the next step and not to few adventures are direct calling a other step if you success in the first one. So at best save before starting a day with a adventure call. Although its a bit dated by now http://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Mikka's_Adventure_Guide is still helpful for new and old player.
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    Abilities can randomly be lost for a day after using them, if that happens than they'll return after that cooldown day has passed. To my knowledge there's nothing that influences the odds of any part of that, it's all just random.
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    The first thing I do in any game is to build my clique. I choose my clique members based on their clique abilities (I know, I'm a horribly self-centered and shallow person ). Some of these clique abilities are passive boosts to attributes, which I use to boost my lacking attributes. If you don't mind meta gaming, you could check this list and choose your "friends" based on it: Beware of cross-college cliques, since they tend to be more unstable and might have more negative consequences in later years. Some people also can't be fitted in one clique because they plain simple don't like each other. Zoe Melis and Milena di Montors come to mind, both good clique members, but sadly mutually exclusive.
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    Oh that reminds me: I would also like to forward the idea of Mississippi and Nagato, hostess with the mostess, East meets West
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    There's no downside to increasing someone's relationship even if you don't intend to Befriend them. For bullies especially there's actually an upside, since they tend to target people with higher relationships less. Not "never", mind, just "less".
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    You don't need a Clique to go on adventures, for reference, but as Schwarzbart noted they can be helpful to have.
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    @Von-WulfenTo raise study level, the character must either use the Study action (or study at the Venalicium) or complete some adventures that raise study level.
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    It's not mentioned ingame, but for reference, the game has pre-defined lists of subskills that classes can teach within a three day window (ignoring weekends, holidays and the exam months since those days either have no classes or cannot teach anything). If you're in Zoology and ever wondered why sometimes you get a point of Insects on Athonos 1st when on other playthroughs you get it on the 4th, it's because that class teaches Insects on Athonos 2, +/- 3 days. Correct.
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    There's not a lot of locations you can, ahem, "recycle" from, but those that exist tend to be lucrati-eh I mean...very wasteful. Y-yes, that. One of many systems that's slated to change in Y2, yes. Although I have to admit it allowed for me to concoct a plan to weaponize (what do you want from me, spellcheck!?) the Love emotion, which sadly fell through, but still, I have to respect a system that allows me to do that.
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    Generally the penalty for stress comes in the form of negative emotions. You can check this for all the emotions: http://academagia.wikia.com/wiki/Emotions It lists anxiety as requiring stress>3, Courage <4 and Schoolyard Education <5, but I doubt it is quite this simple. For example, I remember having more than 15 stress with no negative emotions, so there must be some kind of a roll on the turn you gain stress. Unless of course this a bug. Edit: Wait... was it composure that raised the limit? In any case, I'm unsure.
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    I agree with Schwarzbart. Even in setting 9 out of 10 mages agree that illegal magic is not a casual thing. When you know what you're doing, go for it, but theres no shame in knowing a little incantation and negation to deal with gates and mastery gone wrong.
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    Option 3, don't expect a crew to trust you if you can't keep them out of danger. If this were in Port I would be all for but this seems to be an active patrol or transit. No time to be caught without a rudder.
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    Ah, well the UI is not exactly intuitive and my explanations are hardly any better, so I'm not sure me trying to explain would really help . Bottom line, 'Secrets of Silence' is a good choice for a character interested in Mastery and Gates. It informs you of the skills and gives you some skill steps in them allowing you train them further. 'The Secret Heritage' is a Gates skill background only, and gives access to a good training ability, but no skill steps up front. So, overall both are viable depending on what you need. As I said earlier, no need to overly stress it.
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    Having a hard time imagining that . Don't know if hockey exists in Academagia, but Rimbal should show up more prominently in Y2.
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    I believe the general consensus is that, rather than directly choosing attributes, choose options that boost subskills as well as attributes. For example, Astrology: The Comet boost Luck as well as Pure Luck subskill and the chance of success for all skills. It really depends on how much you want to min-max and how much you RP. You're creating your character based on Bellatrix, so some options might not fit in with the character, such as Family: Sky Pirates, that might otherwise be a good option. I know that certain skills can be very easily learned from abilities, rather than class, but does this affect your ability to choose year 2 classes based on those skills? Incantation, for example, is a great skill to learn from Esteban's, but it's also a skill I consider important for my character to study in future years.
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    Botany is Insight, Dialectic is Intelligence, Negation is Fitness Dialectic study mastery gives Insight I would consider Zoology as this study mastery give Fitness and Music as this study mastery gives Intelligence Revision is never a bad skill as beginner. (later when you know the game better you probably avoid it like I do) Tip for music there is adventure where you lend a book that you have to start as soon as possible.
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    Hint for Gate Magic there is the Secret Background and for Mastery is the Purple Academy of Thai both background that give you training location after completing a adventure. Although be prepared that both will ask for a price in later years you might not be willing to pay.
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    Mastery classes were abolished when the pillar was proscribed centuries back . If you want to study forbidden magic, you'll have to find it ingame.
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    Mastery is probably the most "classically" evil magic though, given that it involves controlling other human beings and pretty much everyone who practices it (with the exception of one group in one adventure) seems to be a cackling looney.
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    That text...hang on, Artifice/Astrology/Glamour/Incantation/Negation/Revision? That's six...um, that text is complete nonsense, forget about it. And no, that's not an exclusive or, illegal and legal magic aren't mutually exclusive. Illegal magic in this game, at least the most visible stuff constitutes the two now forbidden schools, Gates and Mastery. There's illegal stuff in otherwise legal pillars as well, Negating magic itself for instance, but that isn't as prominent. Both mechanically and in the story.
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    To The Entrance, if you're in Aranaz you can't commission the statue of King Durand. Incidentally, if you're in Durand you get different text for that option than if you're in a non-Aranaz/Durand college, but the rewards I'm pretty sure are the same.
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    If you want a dark arts oriented college your best bet is Durand. The facade of righteousness hides quite a few questionable characters.
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    I think it was -5 relationship or lower
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    Tried to open the new modbase, get this popup: https://imgur.com/a/8VbtZ Clicking yes does nothing. Help!
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    I do things I can do with my current workmanship, so everything may change, but it may be as it is. Either way, I will draw various things. It is possible to mail my doujins overseas, but it is very difficult to receive the price. Moreover, it is very expensive. I am considering being able to browse with pixiv etc etc.
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    -- Note, this is note BCS Tirpitz as the art for her is not out as of writing this-- **Tirpitz is on her deck at night.** The snow glows white in the Fjord tonight, not a footprint to be seen. A basin of isolation and it looks like I'm the queen. The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside. Couldn't keep it in, Furer knows I tried. Don't let them in, don't let them see. Be the good belle you always have to be. Conceal, don't feel, don't let British know. Well, now they know! Let it go, let it go! Won't hold it back any more. Let it go, let it go! Arm cannons, Torps and more! I don't care what they're going to say. Let the War rage on. The dead never bothered me anyway. It's funny how some distance, makes enemies seem small. And the fears that once consumed me, can't damage me at all It's time to see what I can do, to test their limits and break through. No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I'm free! Let it go, let it go. I sail under the ocean's sky. Let it go, let it go. They'll never see me cry. Here I'll sail, and here I'll stay. Let the war rage on. My power flurries through my cannons all abound My soul is spiraling with explosive blasts all around And one thought crystallizes like an magazine blast I'm never pulling back; the past is in the past! Let it go, let it go. And I'll fight 'til break of dawn. Let it go, let it go That perfect girl is gone Here I stand, in the light of day. Let the war rage on! Their dead never bothered me anyway...