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    I PROPOSE A SUGGESTION. A SUGGESTY SUGGESTION THAT SUGGESTS SUGGESTIVELY. In Other words I propose something that could raise morale and hype again before release. New Interviews. It would only be a couple. One a month until release. But I figure throwing a couple new belles in the mix could breathe a little more life into the remaining fandom. They could be used as notes from the devs. “The writing team’s favorite and why” the next could be the art team’s favorite and why, etc.
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    Been reading through the old updates, and was wondering if we could maybe get say a European or Asian perspective on the first days of the Morganas and Belles in an update. There's a snippit of the European side in 139 where it goes over the American side of things, but a little more wouldn't hurt.
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    Direct Matches: Aoba 1-0 Takao INPF 1: Contes team won Italian Serie A, congrats. In the end it was a closer call than anticipated, but won is won. Contes season is not over yet, since the UEFA Champions League is still on their schedule. If they make it to the final, they will be active until August 23rd which now marks the new enddate of the INPF-League season. Zenit has a pause for now, but will continue to play Russian Supercup on the 7th already and Russian Premjer League resuming on the 11th(!!), Leni will probably have no break at all. Running straight through to the next season and so will Moskva then. Which also means Moskva is just on hold, not done with the season. While Kongou made a solid 3 points, Pola did this as well in an important relegation match. Tenryuu won the day however with 4 points. Each of them take over another, defensless competitor. Kongou Algerie and Tenryuu and Pola Köln. Chiyoda, Perth, Wichita and Kumano scored zero. In Wichitas case it means end of season as the US tournament has ended for her. The last Walküre to be in it. In Kumanos case it might mean relegation in from the NJ Div 1 to Div 2. When I created the INPF League, I could not get a proper hold on Div2, but I hope that has changed by now. Otherwise the consequences will be dire. INPF 2: The US Walküren scored all they could and gain each a position as a reward. On the other hand, the Japanese ladies had a mixed bag. Apart from Takao losing to Aoba, Kaga also has nothing to show for this week. And Nagato managed at least 1 point. In a sudden plot twist, the two bottom Walküren scored 6 points each, making things down there interesting again. Season ended for: Wichita
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    I'm not sorry, but I shall agree to a truce. If nothing else this update was very informative. It gave quite a lot of useful insight into the relationship between the press and the Belles. It also gave me some useful insight into other things. For example, I feel the task force involving glorious was an example of ships that are not currently in the game as belles, and are just there for fluff. Aврора on the other hand is noted specifically as having a belle, and as one of those girls who really has to be considered essential in this sort of game... Well let's get it over with. I call for an Unredaction/Introduction for Aврора as the next update. That is, unless next update is the Game's beta announcement/next video.
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    Direct matches: none INPF 1: Conte and Leni circulate undisturbed on the top, while Moskva was able to gain some ground on LMP. Augusta, while championing the start of the season last year, now has three zeros in a row. Which naturally gets her nowhere and ruins her prospects for the catch-up calculation. That way Perth and Chiyoda are gonna put her even into the lower half of the table rather sooner than later. Pola btw managed a remarkable draw against the Croatian super power... but it still only got her one point. Wichita and Tenryuu also got valuable points in the fight against relegation, while the others drifted further into the danger zone. I.e. Saguenay lost the Canada Derby. And Kumano finally came back, but also picked up where she left with losing. INPF 2: Canarias crashed her winning streak spectacularly with two times zero. Most other teams gained points, but due to the big gap in points between Nürnberg and Kaga, nothing changed, except Nagato closing the IJN block by surpassing Axum. The exceptions can be found at the bottom. Nevada and Kitakami scored nothing and thus stay where they were. The most interesting action will probably be, if the IJN keep close formation in the end. No new teams ended their season.
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    Technically speaking it's possible to get any NPC student to relationship 13+ if you're lucky enough to be able to abuse (and ruthlessly save/load cheese) the constellation that gives you +1 relationship max with a random student. There's no telling when, if ever, that constellation is active, though. Also technically you don't need relationship anything to tag everyone and the kitchen sink with Love, you can just hit them with the Emotion Pheme until the stars align, so to speak . That said you should be able to get any given student up to at least Affection level with just Etiquette...whatever level gives you +1 relationship max. It used to be 3 but that was changed at some point. Thankfully, but, eh...don't recall what rank it was moved to exactly...
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    After I've succeeded in making Germany (and me) a bit less liked on discord, for good reasons, I really should elaborate on these two parts. Especially after I decided in late May to drop the act and be nice again. But so much to do, so little time..... First off: The critique I formulated truly is the only negative stuff I could find. Some stuff is even pulled out of the text by hairs. Me exempting two whole parts in general from all the negativity and the sea fight completely just shows in how much trouble I was. I only did it btw because Mr. Wells kept asking for any sort of review. You all (on discord) could've prevented this, as I publicly announced my act. I just wanted to fulfil his request, because no one else did. If it got you into emotional trouble over my exaggerated criticism (some might call it a bluff), my sincerest apologies. I assume otherwise you got the memo as well. Your entry is really nice. You hit me as a reader without "warning" and immediately I got the urge to find out more about her. Adding a Turkish Captain into the mix is also a nice tone and seriously a character challenge for your protagonist and his lancer. Excellent writing there. And despite me saying otherwise: It is plausible. I could only construct the "forced in" negative concept, because what I like with the sudden appearance and all, other reader actually might feel irritated. And my Turkish is extremely limited. But I checked over it. If there had been any major flaw I would've hanged you for it. As you might've noticed I exempted the fight completely out of my response. Guess, because it is a thrilling read and you had the advantage of being in a scene you could basically do whatever the frak you wanted. Trust me I tried to pin you on something there, but it was so good and so enclosed in total (believable) fiction..... no chance. And I had the ambition to give at least plausible negativity, so a defence would've taken at least some effort. Completely baseless BS would've maybe blown my act. And tbh I really like Manc after that fight. The third part, in Portugal, is a nice epilogue to the drama which happened in act one and two. The heroes (all of them) get to cool down, again your protagonist faces a challenge, but one the reader knows will not kill him. And seeing the protagonist "out of his water" quite literally is always good for delight. And you tread the line between "delight" and "silly comic relief" very well. Since you seem to have laid out your captain as a sincere character and leave the little "light hearted" stuff you put in to more lively characters like Manc this was basically him "going in" without any backup. And it was lovely. You took the scene seriously and handled it nicely. Two things though: The Canarias + Swiss Captain question really bugs me, but in a good way. Dory is a puritan t***, for reasons I stated above and uphold here. But that's not your problem as a writer, but my problem as a reader for not liking her. So yeah. It is not only a nice, but an excellent read. Well done Wells.
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    you can just withhold the DB and release the tool with the game it self if it is just about Year 2 spoiler. This way projects for y1 could be worked on again earlier.
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