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    Wicher decided to give the Polish Rectified spirit 96% a shot of the Belles that had just risen on the floor and those who have just started to drink . The next day are capable of fighting Russian and Polish Belles.
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    I gave it a bit of thought before deciding on this. As today's Veteran's Day, I thought I'd share the man behind Captain John "Jack" Falshaw from my fanfic. A soldier in the Duke of Wellington's Own Regiment, not much is known about my great grandfather other than from a newspaper scrapping and a picture of him. He went to Canada shortly after the war and it is unsure what happened to him after that. I also happen to have from his son (my grandfather, also named John) his leather dogtags, handmade Christmas card to his sister, handmade leather wallet, record of service paper, and his diary complete with two photos of his wife In the pic, he's the chap with the mustache.
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    I don't really know about carols, but one thing I can tell you is that in Spain the streets get their Christmas decorations as early as... last weeks of October... A "common" joke about it is something along the lines of "If they're gonna do it like that, why even bother removing them?"
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    When we sing songs? Uhm, from the day after the sunday which is called "death sunday" (around 5 weeks before Weihnachten) until the 26th, which is 2nd Weihnachtstag.
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    Don't fret. @Lolwut has that covered, if I'm not mistaken. Also I'll reinstall my Christmas pair of Leningrad and Pola then. And for DYM's Mardi Gras thing..... *inhales slowly*.....Köln..... *exhales slowly* if that's not possible I'll second Leberecht Maass.
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    Jojo returns in this NSFW Mahan fanart
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    Truth be told I was just planning to commission only one artist but more fanart and its the Winter Season so I splurged and any excuse for Nautilus and VB fanart in general is a win.
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    I have two artists taking up the commission both, of course, have Nautilus one has Garf Spee the other Nerpa One is Melisaong who has done Pacific work (kancolle fanfiction) and Kancolle art she did the Bucky fanart with the 3 Fubuki's and Bucky Barnes (winter soldier) And the other one I just found Aka Zai (does mostly porn not that mine is NSFW anyway)
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    She looks like adult version of yukari akiyama
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    and its done all 12 days on the 12th day of christmas my flagship sent to me 1 Mahan in a pear tree 2 USS Mississippi 2 ice doves 3 Ark Royal 3 silly puns 4 Chiyoda 4 Holes in one 5 Boise 5 gun turrets 6 lexington 6 chickens a frying 7 Axum 7 cups of coffee 8 U-29 8 new mysteries 9 Nerpa 9 woven baskets 10 Surcouf 10 secrets santas 11 La Motte-Picquet 11 festive snaps 12 Rawalpindi 12 christmas cards now i just have to practice singing it and if anyone would mind doing some art for the days that would be awesome
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    On 4, read through Reitz von Traitor's adventure.
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    Pardon me the katana is not straight hahahahahaha
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    I know it's November but here in my country they decorate early for Christmas hahahaha Santa Mahan needs a help I think
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    I think how "romancable" a certain Belle will be, will be depending highly on her character. At least I hope so. A lot of them will put duty first, but a few come to mind who will probably try to get a shot at the captians heart. All the more fun if it's a Belle you don't really want to do so.... And how much @DrYuriMom dreams about a certain thing leaves even me cautious to even consider to talk to the turks for the danger of suddenly getting a certain ship and invoking jealousy. *sweats* All in all a nice update as a reminder to keep "it" in your pants gentlemen. Or as they say in my hometown: "Erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnügen." (First the work, then the pleasure/joy) And the war against the bri... I mean the Morganas is a lot of work for sure.
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    I have a question! I wish to know what the myth behind the morgana is! What sort of stories have belles and people made up to explain the origin of our mysterious foes? This sounds like a perfect one to be presented by the equally mysterious U-29!
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    (Pats back) Is okay, there may be some who could be in to it.
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    i know it kinda kills the fantasy that some of us have but judging how VB has been doing things kinda had the feeling they would take the close to real life approve without hampering immersion and fun. (cries in a corner for no Harem T_T)
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    I'm always sad how much a certain liquor is mispronounced in the world. To help you all train to pronounce it correctly I deliver you this. Please consider it a PSA. Also please tell me if you can't watch it, I'll put up an alternative source then, but this one is best quality.
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    New Orleans for Inktober. (I'm honestly a much better digital artist than traditional ;w;) I've been posting more Inktober stuff over at my twitter, but mind your step as I sometimes post or retweet ~sexy~ pics.