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    Tomorrow in Philadelphia will commence the 119th meeting of the Cadets and Midshipmen over the hallowed field of battle known as Football. In recognition of this sacred tradition, I commissioned some artwork. For those who have read my fic, The Improbable Captain, you may recognize the sans-rigging Belle depicted. Her name is USS Pensacola and she gets rather passionate when it comes to the ancient interservice rivalry between grunts and squids. Note that her appearance is sans rigging. It's also sans her sidearm and some other accessories which would not have made sense on a playing field and in any case could have led to the unfortunate demise of the entire Corp of Cadets. 😏 So, ladies and gentlemen, be glad she's on your side and rest assured as long as you heave a hearty cry of GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY! 😤
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    My recommendation for where to start would be to hold out hope that Y2 and it's mod tools can do what the Y1 mod tools can't, because as things stand meaningfully adding a new set of skills to the game would be hard if not impossible. You could, in theory, add skills to the game, but getting those skills to do anything in, say, events/adventures would be the borderline impossible part.
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    I couldn't agree more with TwoHeavens. I think the more interesting question is if Sinterklass/ Santa Claus/ Saint Nicholas believes in Belles... 😉 *** It has been established that Belles who are sunk and re-floated are never quite the same. I'm curious if that is true for the Belles of ships that were lost, re-floated and returned to service before the start of the war. Such potential does exist. Consider USS S-38 (SS-143): who had a mishap in July of 1923, but following repairs and clean-up has been in active service. Another example is the Spanish destroyer Císcar, victim of the Spanish Civil War but refloated and repaired. Would it be something from her past that she'd rather not dwell on, or would there be more obvious consequences to the Belle? There is also the question of ships in the process of being salvaged at the start of the war: HMS Thetis and USS Squalus. Both submarines have been below since Spring, with salvage operations well underway; under optimal circumstances (in real life) Thetis should be raised on September 3rd and Squalus on September 13th. As of September 1st however, circumstances have become less than optimal. Are they among the first casualties of the war, or is there still hope of recovering them?
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    Canarias and Lebrecht Maass I commissioned from this guy https://www.deviantart.com/omi48
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    Created account just to make sure this happens! Been lurking since err ... I forgot when exactly. Some DLC number with single digits, anyhow.
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    Was about to comment that no one who'd read 482 words worth of disclaimer would care about a video game. Than I remembered that Academagia is a schedule-based CYOA visual novel with little in the way of anything video game-y, but possessing gobs upon gobs of text. So...carry on .
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    @Rhialto unless something was changed in the forum only the one who uploaded the file to this forum can access it so you would need to use a external place if you want to make some file public.
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    The game should do that by itself, you just have to find it. On Windows 7 it should be C:\ProgramData\Academagia\Academagia.log, on another OS I don't know.
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    If I'm reading the mod tools right it should go in the misc slot.
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    Y2 needs to hurry up and arrive so at least a few things can finally be "un[redacted]"
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    You say this election was rigged like that's something weird... Aren't elections ALWAYS rigged?
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    He created the Adventure but the Skill was actual created by the team. I think it was CremePudding who created Dispassion and to my knowledge it is the only Player created skill so far.
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    @X-RHODEN-X's eagerness about weapons in Academagia would, I think, be satisfied if we could learn whether there will be weapons subskills and skills in Y2. @Legate of Mineta, do you have any comments about this?
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    There wont be any new addition to year 1 from BCS and adding new skills via mod, if at all possible, will most likely cause problems if we ever get year 2. As sad it is your late by at last 2 year or there would be the chance that BCS added a new skill to DLC 17 if you have designed it.
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    Got the game two days ago, and the sheer breadth of skills and possible specialisations has me hooked! Anyways, I got held at swordpoint by a pirate, and then wondered... why is there no swordsmanship skill? Or a broader weapons mastery skill in general? The game has an obtainable sword, yet there's no further path for fostering skills based on it. Given the ubiquitous presence of magic in the setting, wouldn't "magic swordsmen" or "magic archers" be prevalent? In fact, there's a lore entry on an archer who's superhumanly skilled, and an event has an old man speaking of an ancient warrior who killed dragons with his axe, so clearly magic wielding warriors and weapons based combat exists. Now, maybe weapons based combat is planned for Year 2 and beyond, but why not enable the groundwork for it in Year 1? We already have family backgrounds which focus on magic skill, so why not have families focused on raising warriors? So why not expand on this untapped area? Name: Warrior Expansion Content: Two new skills, each with subskills Weapons Mastery - A skill drawing primarily upon Finesse, yet closely intertwined with Strength as well. Weapons Mastery is the livelihood of warriors; ranging from pirates, ruffians and mercenaries to the esteemed ranks of the Imperial Palace Guard and battle mages who elect to use lethal implements of war alongside their magic. Mages who plan on fighting from a distance may ignore this skill, but for those who intend to see the battle up close and personal, the art of Weapons Mastery is critical. Unlike spells, weapons require no Phemes unless you intend on casting spells to enhance them. Sword Mastery - One of the oldest and most famous skills known to humanity. The skill of Sword Mastery encompasses the use of all swords, be they curved or straight, one-handed, dual-wielded or even the larger variety requiring both hands. Those intending to engage in honourable combat against their foes using swords should pay close heed to this skill. Training this discipline will allow one to swiftly prove to their adversaries that the swords worn upon their belts are not merely for show. Polearm Mastery - One of humanity's earliest weapons against their aggressors was the polearm. The Polearm Mastery skill covers the usage of all polearms starting from the loyal spear through others such as halberds, axes and staves. Those intending to serve in any formal military unit will have to be well acquainted with these weapons, and consequently, this skill. The skill can also aid Mages interested in taking the battle closer to the enemy, and even for those wizards who shy away from melee combat, training this skill can teach many methods of utilising magical staves against an opponent dangerously close to oneself. Shield Mastery - The best offence is a good defence; or so some drunk Paladin said. The skill of Shield Mastery allows one to use all manner of shields, from the tiniest of bucklers to towering greatshields. A good shield can save one's life, and a good shield and a skilled user can kill someone. Tales abound of skilled users not only parrying blows and even spells, but of them even bludgeoning foes and sometimes even throwing shields! Whether the tales be drunk ramblings or not the performance of the Knights, Paladins and Mages who use them cannot be denied. Throwing Weapons Mastery - A good throw can often catch an enemy unaware, and a lucky one can even kill them. The skill of Throwing Weapons Mastery includes simple stones and daggers as well as full implements of war such as javelins, throwing axes and spears. Warriors seeking to harry their opponents at range should train this skill, and even Mages seeking to add an unexpected tool to their repertoire would be advised to hone this discipline. For if two Mages of equal speed duelled, the one throwing a dagger would naturally strike before any spell by the other. Light Weapons Mastery - The skill of utilising weapons light enough to be used one-handed. Be it sword, dagger, axe or mace, any weapon that can be wielded in one hand while leaving the other free is dependent on this skill. Rogues, assassins, Warriors using sword and shield and even Mages calling themselves Spellswords are all connoisseurs of this discipline. After all, having a dagger up your sleeve could be the last thing an opponent expects. Heavy Weapons Mastery - The discipline of true Warriors, and the rare breed of Mage. The skill of Heavy Weapons Mastery encompasses all weapons heavy enough to exclusively require both hands to use. Battleaxes, greatswords, halberds and warhammers - weapons capable of beheading a dragon with a good enough swing - are all under the purview of this skill. Those intending to smash through enemy defences or make them cower through sheer intimidation should train in this discipline. Pirates, Warriors and even Mages will often be wary of one who has a heavy weapon strapped to their back, for unlike other lighter weapons which can be worn by anyone, a person wielding one of these knows how to use them. Martial Discipline - A skill drawing mainly upon Willpower, but closely intertwined with Fitness as well. The art of Martial Discipline transcends the boundaries of Warrior and Mage and has been honed by all who pursue battle in a lifestyle which civilians can only dream and write tales of. The skill is honed by those intent on duelling and those pursuing warfare and battle. Mages who intend on never seeing combat need not bother with this skill, but for those who seek to serve their nation or pursue their ideals through the ancient rite of battle, the skill of Martial Discipline is necessary. Pain Tolerance - Any Warrior worth their pims has learned the skill of Pain Tolerance through many gruelling hours at the practice yard. The skill is somewhat required for not only Warriors, but also Mages with an interest in duelling and especially Mages interested in fighting for their nation in real battle. A low proficiency in this skill could make one vulnerable to particularly painful attacks or spells inciting agony, while a high proficiency may allow one to ignore blows that would fell lesser people and keep going, often beyond what their Vitality would normally allow them to achieve. Mental Fortitude - Fighting in battle is not only about the physical, but also the mental. If one does not have the courage and fortitude to bear the horrors of war and seeing comrades fall, then one cannot fight as effectively as those that have these things. Those intending on seeing real battle should hone this skill to a tolerable level so that at least they do not faint at the first sight of a dead body. Those unskilled in this discipline may find themselves vulnerable to psychological attacks or even brought to their knees by a fearsome war cry. But those proficient in this skill are capable of weathering the most gruesome sights and psychological assaults and of soldiering on past adversity to limits others thought impossible. This is the general idea for it. In fact, just in this much there's a metric load of content and I haven't played the game enough to think up skills and actions associated with these skills. Imagine adding Phemes for all these. Anyways, any suggestions for more, or a discipline/aspect of the "Warrior" side I've missed are welcome.
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    Is it a blanket penalty or does the game account for students who'd care more or less about college loyalty? I can't imagine Neso Ulleri objecting to an Avila students as much as Tulia Faspalla would object to an Aranaz student.
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    @Schwarzbart: "The chair was created as a masterpiece by a Hedi student in his last year who hated that his College members used glamour magic mostly to look better. When he demonstrated the effect of this chair by letting a very beautiful young woman from the same year sit on it, she turned into the ugliest creature whom most people in the audience had ever seen. Half the people present had to puke because the woman simply became unbearably ugly. As until this point the Regent had not even realized that the woman was using glamour all year to keep her good looks, both got full points for their exam. This would be the end of the story of this chair if it did not show up every few years again in Hedi College –despite being added to the list of banned items long ago. But it became the bane of all the vain people of this college and one of the most dreaded items cursing this college."
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