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    The conclusion to the previous comic
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    A commissions Melisa did for me what do you mean this isn't how Chiyoda's interview went down both marked and unmarked
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    Here is a commission done by nashirasauce for Admiral Teofilo Hurtado to celebrate the new year
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    Something that I commissioned for 10 Euros the artist lisoe R.N Axum one with background the other not
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    A commission for the sake of our Canadian captains art is by erickfata
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    Bunnygirls Hood and Velasco I commissioned from Melisa marked and unmarked (Naughty Lass comic unmarked)
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    hello guy's any big update this month?
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    @Shirogane I'll be honest with you: "Ognia!" sounds much to elegant in my ears for such a fierce command. And before I have even figured out how to say "Nieprzyjacel", let alone figured out to pronounce it the right way, said enemy will have blown me into tiny bits. It's just too complicated. Also thank you for sharing those bits and I look forward to the upcoming lists.
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    When Player characters have ability scores low enough, related subskills will require more than 1 rank (and there are some subskills, such as gambling, that will require 2 ranks per level regardless of ability score). In this context, abilities that all;ow training of multiple ranks are useful, even though for characters with higher ability score, such abilities are less useful.
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    Option #2, because I admit I would love to give that order to any british Walküre at any given time. For everyone who likes good speculation.
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    For all of next year I will commission one fanart for each season. Spring will be Bunny Belles, Summer Bikini Belles, Fall Halloween Belles, and Winter Christmas Belles. Two Belles for the other commissions and none can be repeats @Dmnt and @Lolwut can get first pick due to helping me find artists. To get a Belle pick you will need at least 5 votes for said Belle do keep in mind Dmnt and Lolwut will take first priority in any one of the (excluding Winter which are already picked) seasons. Once they used their first pick they cannot use it anymore, they can give up their first pick powers is they choose to. Everybody can pick two belles per season those count as votes. Edit: I've change my mind and decided to free up next year Christmas Belles, so you guys can pick next years Christmas Belles. Velasco and Chiyoda still off limits though. @DrYuriMom Wants to commission a Mardi Gras fanart it will have New Orleans and another Belle that we will vote in. Each commission will be during the season its stated in. Mardi Gras Belles (New Orleans) (Free to vote for x2) Bunny Belles will be commissioned around Easter (free to vote for x2) Bikini Belles around June (Bearn) (Diether) Halloween Belles around Halloween ( Free to vote for x2) Christmas Belles around Christmas ( Free to vote for x2) Off limit Belles are listed below New Orleans Nerpa Graf Spee Mahan (plan to do a special commission with her and allow for other Belles to get a chance) Nautilus Chiyoda (plan to do a special commission with her) Velasco (plan to do a special commission with her)